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  1. I mean in all reality it is their right. It does cost money to run the venue, to hire the live singers or djs, and region costs to also play a part in it. Would I go? No, but I think it is totally okay.
  2. I mean if this person is uploading a substantial amount, such as that. I don't see how it would hurt them at all. And this whole fee thing is doing jack crap to me. However, the exchange fees and exchange rate is doing more to me then a simple 9.99 on Linden purchases.
  3. Yeah armour like that is pretty hard to find, especially when all the armor out there for women is like scant and very revealing. How will that protect you?
  4. I am currently watching people taking down those phone scammers.
  5. Shower, I can't stand baths. You are sitting in your own freakin germs. I mean sure you could have a shower before, but still no. Then you are just wasting water, and water costs money on ones electricity bill. Lol
  6. Canada is in a third wave and Ontario is under another lockdown. I am not a social person, but this is driving me insane.
  7. I have been talking a lot about volumetric parcelling. I think it would be the next best thing that LL could do. Especially if you have multiple properties on one parcel.
  8. But the problem I have with Gamification, is this. People are just gonna log into SL to essentially "achievement hunt" That and you basically turned SL into a mobile format of game, that has all those systems.
  9. Yes but the thing is, that your idea is like our parents telling us we need to go outside, or we need to socialize, and them going. If you do this, I will give you 20 bucks. Same with this idea, if you go and do this, I will give you free stuff just for doing it. I feel like people shouldn't be made to feel like to do any of that. And that we promote natural healthy and positive interactions, without the need for an incentive.
  10. If you need an incentive to log in. Then do you really want to be on SL in the first place? I think this is the worst idea ever. I mean like cmon, people log in cause they want to login. Not cause they are incentivized to. That is basically stating I don't want to login, but if you give me free stuff when I continually login. Then I will.
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