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  1. something glittery for Lelutka evo *Booty's Beauty* [Lelutka Evolution] Tipsy HD Eyeshadow
  2. this is heartbreaking. my condolences and hugs!
  3. also when i watched Fisica o Quimica,there was some episodes where college made a game "for students to communicate" and there was sl of 2008 i think
  4. hellooo☺️ everytime before log on in firestorm i see advertise thing,wtf
  5. i just love light settings at this sim. *Booty's Beauty* [Lelutka Evolution] Baby Glam HD Eyeshadow
  6. *Booty's Beauty* [Lelutka Evolution] Dawn HD Eyeshadow
  7. I feel like my mother and me are on the edge of short war,and we will end up never talk to each other.
  8. I am the peace kitten today. Give me whiskas😂😂
  9. was at the beach wearing that dress and got a loot of compliments)
  10. Play with Genus HD makeups)
  11. random home pic. i started to think about try Belleza since 2017...really like that i got the shape even closed to my rl...but still
  12. Somewhere in 2011 i tried Russian game Avatarika(the game was uckin weird, avatars looked like ghosts,chats were full of spam). Places were only clubs and gardens.Once i talked to one dude and he said that secondlife is much better and it have more freedom to move and edit avatar. I was sure SL will be 1 day thing for me just like IMVU,Avatarika.But after i signed up as Panteleeva,i decided to explore ) and here s screenshot of Avatarika,lol
  13. *Booty's Beauty* [OMEGA & BOM] Flirtation Lips
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