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  1. Hi all! I was really hoping my first post of the new year would be more jolly, but here we are. Happy New Year, though! For a couple of years now, we've had automated tools, aptly named "Grid Poking Bot" (GPB for short) responsible for doing region restarts, and this has been working quite well - most of the time. Very unfortunately, there was a problem with the GPB over the holidays, and due to a combination of events, it took us much too long to notice - and we finally caught it in part thanks to this very forum thread and a certain vigilant "Spray Can". We're now actively pursuing the least disruptive ways to address this problem as quickly as possible. We'll have a more detailed postmortem blog in a couple of days as well. We're very sorry about souring your holidays.
  2. Hello again, and happy Tuesday! Premium Prepay is now available for anyone whose billing date is up to 2 years out. To take advantage of this, you will need to 1) Change your membership type to Annual if it isn't already 2) Select the option to pay $89 and have your next billing date be current_date + 1 year 3) pay the cashier We're sorry that the limitations on Prepay had not been initially communicated. To make up for it, we've now removed the limitations. ...I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today...
  3. Hi! There are, we have found, two different confusing things going on with Prepay: 1) If your membership is currently Monthly or Quarterly, you will first need to change it to Annual and click "Change Membership" (you will not be charged at this point). Then you can chose the Prepay option and confirm the $89 charge and pay that to extend your membership by another year. 2) If your membership was prepaid at the last promotion and the current review date is more than a year out, you will not currently see the promotional offer. However, since we didn't make this obvious from the start, we're going to extend this offer window to make it possible for our most loyal members to take advantage of the promotion. That change will go out next week and I will update in this thread once it's live. P.S. On a personal note, I'm thrilled to know that the Prepay feature has been so popular. It gives me the warm and fuzzy feels. Thank you!
  4. Hi NikiBluee, we actually said: and we will have this feature rolling out really soon indeed! We'll post an update to the blogs as soon as it's ready.
  5. Apologies for not updating the gridstatus bot. There was no SLS roll indeed, and we're going to cancel the RC rolls tomorrow. The hamsters poor underfed serfs QA are going as fast as they can to validate the latest build.
  6. We're on it - trying to figure out why those messages aren't getting sent out. I'm only the grumpy face sharing with you the diligent efforts of others. I don't deserve the credit. But it feels nice to get it anyway :)!
  7. We know the problem of automatically unlisting some marketplace items due to matches against a filter of banned or copyrighted terms has been a significant issue, especially recently. Some people have even had the awful experience of having entire stores delisted. As we mentioned earlier, this was primarily due to an overly aggressive matching system which flagged items that appeared “similar enough” in an unexpected way. We've been working on addressing this issue and have recently deployed some changes which should alleviate (though not entirely remove) these problems going forward. In particular, we have made improvements to the matching system to make it better adhere to the intended outcome. We have additional work in progress to enhance the enforcement mechanism in the future, so that we are able to consistently protect unintended matches from unlisting. It’s really quite unfortunate that we have to talk about this process in such a roundabout way. We hate that we can't give you all the details! Unfortunately, due to the abuse potential, we have to stay vague. If you find that your legitimate items have been unlisted, please contact our Support Team for assistance. The best place to do so is: contact support. We really are sorry about all the frustration this issue has caused.
  8. I love pleasantly wronging pessimists, so we both win. You can chose to change your First Name, your Last Name, or both First and Last in one fell swoop. It's possible, sure. That new name is yours to keep regardless of your future membership level. Obviously we hope one may find Premium a valuable enough proposition to stick around :)!
  9. You do not lose your name when you cancel premium. The one time name change fee gives you this new name for good. Unless you decide to change it again. Which you could - no limit on name changes.
  10. details were here: but oops, we never updated the KB. we'll do that shortly.
  11. Definitely working on it. Keep an eye on https://status.secondlifegrid.net/ (or better yet - subscribe) and we'll update there before we update anywhere else. Sorry for all this keeping people from time inword
  12. Hiya! We're also hoping to be able to resolve this as soon as possible. Of all the people having no fun at all with this, I'm pretty certain our Ops team is having the least fun of all. Send them some love and hang tight. So sorry this is messing with everyone's weekend
  13. Very strange indeed. That free pony must have been freed by some animal welfare scoundrels while in transport. We'll ship you a replacement right away.
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