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  1. It was the butler. With the candlestick. In Ahern.
  2. Definitely working on it. Keep an eye on https://status.secondlifegrid.net/ (or better yet - subscribe) and we'll update there before we update anywhere else. Sorry for all this keeping people from time inword
  3. Hiya! We're also hoping to be able to resolve this as soon as possible. Of all the people having no fun at all with this, I'm pretty certain our Ops team is having the least fun of all. Send them some love and hang tight. So sorry this is messing with everyone's weekend
  4. Very strange indeed. That free pony must have been freed by some animal welfare scoundrels while in transport. We'll ship you a replacement right away.
  5. Absolutely. It will be personally delivered by a shirtless @Patch Linden. All for the very reasonable price of ... ONE MILLION DOLLARS hehehe
  6. Apologies for the late notice. User group will move to next Wednesday, September 11. See you then!
  7. pssst actually, this one is maybe quite exciting:
  8. Oooh! Single Linden is a great name. /me adds to the sekrit list
  9. IANAL and also INACPA so no comment on the intricacies of taxable income. But Tilia Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of Linden Lab, and Tilia employees are Lindens. Chic, the policy has not changed. I'm not sure which reports you are referring to, and even if I knew any details, I certainly wouldn't be able to comment on any individual account's circumstances.
  10. "Internal Script Improvements" are rolling to all RCs today. Sorry we dropped the ball on release notes.
  11. Rya, if you had already submitted your ID to us in the past, I would recommend waiting until Aug 1 - we may be able to import everything into the new system and not need anything else. However, some regulations for information we need to collect to verify identity may have changed since 10 years ago, so it may be that we'll need you to do this again. If you have questions about your specific account, it's best to file a support case. While Lindens do hang out on the forums, we do not generally make any guarantees to follow all forum discussions. p.s. it's a ms. grumpity but I'm certainly not offended either way
  12. So... until Aug 1 you're good to go. You could request a process credit today. As of Aug 1, if you hadn't submitted your ID yet, you will _not_ be good to go - you'll need to go through the verification process. If you had submitted your ID in the past, you will need to wait until Aug 1 to know for sure, or if that was a few years ago and you want to be ready to request a process credit right away, you could go through the process now via https://accounts.secondlife.com/submit-kyc. I hope that was helpful, and realize that it's confusing
  13. So, uh, this is a little awkward. Here's what happened: We deployed some changes in preparation for August 1st, and those changes were generally good ... but just right this moment had a less than great side effect - the check mark you see in billing info now reports your _current_ ability to process credit. Since you do not _currently_ need to submit ID to do so, all will see the green check mark. Oops. The downside of this is, come August 1, you may once again see a red X and need to submit your info if you want to process credit. Fortunately, you can still submit the info via this link: https://accounts.secondlife.com/submit-kyc. If you have already submitted ID, you do not need to do so again. We agonized about this for some time, and decided that fixing this now would introduce additional risk. Last thing we want to do is introduce new bugs - so we ended up sticking with the second to last thing we wanted to do - introduce confusion.
  14. Hi Esmeraldazs, You're seeing the Tilia Account labeling in preparation for the official launch on Aug 1. You will not need to accept the Tilia Terms of Service or verify your ID until then. However, if you have a USD balance on Aug 1, you will need to accept the Tilia Terms of Service to access your account. You will only need to verify your ID information if you decide to process credit. If you're going to be using your USD balance to pay for Second Life services, you will not need to provide further ID information.
  15. Fixed! Looking into that bug. @Lindal Kidd could you get a screenshot? We believe there's always been a link there. In other news, we have a message directing users to disable their ad blocker if the form is not displaying going out shortly.
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