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  1. The official Tilia FAQ in the Knowledge Base has been updated for posterity with information most of you here have already seen either in the forums or in the townhall. We'll get translations up before August 1st as well. I see the Tilia Security Blog from Soft is already old news here Have a great weekend!
  2. 1. No 2. You agree to the new Tilia ToS come August 1, and hopefully never give this another thought. If the day comes when you decide to take some of your earnings out of SL, you will have to go through the ID verification process before you can get your money. 3. I hope those are satisfactory
  3. Hi! We're putting together an FAQ (first asked questions!), which will go up on the blog shortly. Please KEEP CALM AND ... oh just kidding. Anyway, clarifications in response to your questions in this thread and elsewhere coming shortly.
  4. Thank you all so much for these last 55 pages of feedback (!). I've made a valiant effort to read through as much as possible, and answer where I could. A couple of notes. 1) We've decided we are able to continue offering Quarterly premium payment options to new signups for several more months, until we are ready to unveil the new SuperDuperPremium plan. 2) We are going to have several Meet the Lindens events during the SL16B celebration, where a number of themes repeatedly brought up in this thread (and elsewhere of course) will be discussed.
  5. We have approximately 90,000 basic members with 36 or more groups. We have approximately 10,000 premium subscribers with 55 or more groups. This is not a 1:1 change. Does that help with the confusion?
  6. Blueberry, you're right. We do think about this, quite a bit in fact. We've actually made changes a few years back to make the process credit fees more "fair" - where we used to charge an effectively higher % from small amounts than larger ones (by having a cap on the fee), we had been disproportionately charging the little guys. I'd like to point something out, because I understand that it's really not obvious. There's a lot of conversation about people with basic accounts spending just as much or more than the cost of premium. That's awesome, and you can chose how to spend your money! However, not all the money you spend in SL is equal to LL. When you buy L$, you're buying them on the LindeX, from another resident. Linden Lab takes $1.49 fee, regardless of how much you spend. When you spend L$5000 on the marketplace, Linden Lab takes 5% of that, not the full amount. The rest goes to the creator. When you spend it inworld, we take none of it (however, the store owner pays us for land - either directly or through a landlord). OF COURSE we want our creator community to thrive. We have been jumping through regulatory hoops year after year to make sure that Second Life continues to be a place where you can make money and not just spend money - and this has come at a cost, which, unfortunately, we are partially passing on to those who are making money in SL. With that, it's late. Thank you to all who have been willing to engage in conversation. This thread has grown very long, and I cannot promise to continue monitoring it. I'll do my best when possible.
  7. I would be the last person stopping anyone from making feature requests in jira! But in reality, it's not the most practical of Rez Day gifts. However, cool Rez Day gifts should be a thing.
  8. There will be a new and shiny premium level, which you would be able to upgrade to from your old yet still pretty awesome premium level. The specifics of how upgrades (and downgrades) will work are going to be announced at a later date, but the general idea is - you will get credit for the "old" premium towards the new shiny.
  9. Their billing date will be pushed forward by a year if they pre-pay for a year. They would then get charged on the anniversary date in 2020.
  10. Maggie, you're going to be able to pre-pay for another year in June. That will move your next billing date to August 2020.
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