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  1. PSssst... you know what else will retire? His bear. Don't miss that opportunity... just saying. ❤️
  2. It's definitely for realz true: no VAT on annual membership fees. There are no changes to UK VAT charges, but we will update the language to Brexit it out of the who-gets-charged-what descriptions. Thanks for the nudge!
  3. Second Life Server: Version 2021-01-08.554824 (No release notes available currently) Scheduled Friday 2021-01-08 12:00-16:00 PST Second Life RC: Version 2021-01-08.554824 (No release notes available currently) Scheduled Friday 2021-01-08 9:45-12:00 PST On Region Restarts: We're restarting the grid due to a recent outage with our service provider (AWS). We don't anticipate this being a regular occurrence, and have engineers actively working to develop solutions to ensure that grid rolls will not be required when we encounter situations like this in the future
  4. Could you try clearing your browser cache and cookies and see if that fixes the login issues for you? If that fails, please try rebooting your computer altogether. These issues seem to affect only some (sizable) subset of residents, and we're working on figuring out why. Thanks! If one of these suggestions helps, please comment here to let me know!
  5. The status blog has a handy "Scheduled Maintenance" feature. It's super useful except when we don't schedule the window just right to close _after_ we're done with the maintenance.
  6. Hi All, We understand the hesitation to move to the cloud - the warnings of possible performance issues are no joke! The unquestionable benefit of doing so early is that it allows you to raise specific issues that your regions are experiencing to our team and help us fix them before all of the grid moves to the cloud. Our goal is to move as much of a representative cohort as possible so we can see realistic performance. Just today, because we migrated a large(ish) number of regions, we've identified and are in the process of fixing a bottleneck. However, if your regions have been mov
  7. I'm with you. Pineapple should only appear on tacos Al Pastor.
  8. Oooook here we go. Marketplace is back up! There may be some residual issues with transactions placed between 10:55AM SLT and 1:30PM SLT. If they are not resolve-able, please file a support ticket. Thank you!
  9. Alright, we've got a fix out. Most of us have many limbs crossed ...
  10. Hi! We're working on it. Please follow the status blog for updates: https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/bntfy597f1hb
  11. Hey all! We're having a pretty bad day over here, and we know that means that all of you are having a bad day. We're working these outages, and will try to get this train back on the tracks ASAP. In the meantime, send us good thoughts and pizza.
  12. We are not aware of any cases where the Issuer (Bank issuing the Credit Card) was mis-classifying the transaction as a Cash Advance, only if it was done via PayPal. Despite PayPal earlier disavowing any knowledge of changes, it was, indeed, a change on their side which caused this issue. Now that they have rectified it, we're working with them to identify all affected transactions. If you have an issue with the Issuer (Bank) classifying your SL transactions as a cash advance, please contact our Billing Support.
  13. Hi All. Our legal team has successfully pushed back on PayPal changes which led to these transactions being classified as cash advances. We want to be very clear that this change in classification was not initiated by LL, nor did we benefit in any way from this. We have been assured that this should not occur going forward. We’re working with PayPal to see if there’s a way to make our users who were affected by this whole.
  14. well, you know. you file them - we fix them. sometimes anyway
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