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  1. Thoughts on the Town Hall meeting?

    Ok, yeah, sometimes we're lurking! While we do try to keep an eye on the forums now and again, none of us can keep up with all the things, so remember that the best way to reach us is still to say it with Jira!!default.jspa
  2. A Conversation with Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg

    Why yes! The Land team has been selling previously abandoned land left and right, staying late and working overtime. We've seen a fantastic response from the community since the Mainland price reduction was first announced (we called it project Tiericide internally ;), and the requirements for getting a parcel of "abandoned" land have been relaxed. If you find a parcel you like, file a support ticket with details (and a screenshot of the map might help if it's an oddly shaped one) - and you might find it set for sale to you in just a day or two .
  3. A Conversation with Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg

    There's no such work currently planned, but this would make a _great_ feature request. Stranger things have happened
  4. A Conversation with Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg

    We do not currently have plans to work on temp upload capabilities. While we understand that using the beta grid may not be ideal in all cases, the complexities of demands of a temp upload project make it unlikely to win over other important undertakings already on the roadmap.
  5. A Conversation with Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg

    Updating the system avatar is on the roadmap. It's competing for resources with several other avatar projects, so there's no active development on it right now.
  6. A Conversation with Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg

    You bet! Kudos to Brett for putting this together on the weekend. We're quite committed to lowering land prices across the board. Carefully To be fair - we did run the buy-down program a couple of years ago, and that was quite popular. Stay tuned for more changes. We do not expect to introduce even more land products though - the current scheme is confusing enough! All of them, hopefully! A better SL experience is a healthier market for all. The best way to support SL is with a premium membership and, of course, land! It seems you're asking whether it's possible to buy shares - but we are not a publicly traded company. Nothing useful to say here right now, but we're looking into it.
  7. A Conversation with Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg

    Oh how I dream of a world where such a feature would be meaningful! Unfortunately, all our experience (and industry wisdom overall) says that no one reads warnings. Even in bold, brightly colored letters. Even with Scary Consequences. Anything short of the world shaking is unlikely to get people's attention, and if we overuse the shaking, that will start to go unnoticed too :).
  8. A Conversation with Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg

    Our early implementation suffered from being too early adopter. Every time the SDK changed, we had to start over. Our own problems were compounded by the growing pains of the VR technology - so we got burned and now are more focused on improving rendering and performance for all. However, now that the tech is more mature, it's something we may consider focusing on again in the future. Unfortunately, only a small % of current SL residents can take advantage of a VR implementation, and so we have to balance the difficulty of implementation with the measurable impact.
  9. Marketplace Changes Upate - Jiras, Last Names and You

    You know, this is all not unlike RL, where one doesn't always get to chose a non-ridiculous-sounding last name either...
  10. Regiongs blanking out today

    Hi animats, Would you please file a jira when you see this sort of trouble in the future? It would allow us to follow up and investigate the problem. In this particular case, a support ticket for a restart would be great, since these are mainland, and anyone can ask for a restart. Thanks!
  11. Transactions Page shows multiple days transactions

    Ohai! check out those good looking filters in your transaction history...
  12. The new Marketplace Features coming - Merchant Survey Requirement

    Thank you all! I'll try to answer as much as I can without giving away what I can't : 1) You'll be happy to know that a significant number of changes and improvements listed in this thread are also listed on our roadmap and got there from multiple sources, including those conversations in UG, which Whirly links to above (, as well as Feature Requests in jira. 2) A survey is a great idea, and we'll look into the best way to do that to make sure we get a statistically relevant result. If there's one thing we continuously learn, it's that SL is vast and our Residents' interests and needs are vast and varied as well. 3) We're being upfront with you about our plans to shift revenue sources because our communities are our partners. Not all changes will make everyone happy, but none are going to be made lightly, and all are made with a goal of the continued health and success of Second Life. 4) We're hiring.
  13. Transactions Page shows multiple days transactions

    I'm gonna venture a guess that you bookmarked a URL with a date, not just the link which would take you to the default. But that sounds to me like you would be happier without that opportunity for error
  14. Transactions Page shows multiple days transactions

    Alright! while we're on a roll, tell me please: is there still a (strong) use case for the URL on the transaction page to change when the selected date range changes (basically allowing you to bookmark a specific date range). for example: because it's going to get increasingly messy with the selected quick-filter and looks, in general, to be superfluous. Now's the time to tell me how much you hate _that_ idea
  15. Transactions Page shows multiple days transactions

    There's a change coming shortly. You will have a choice of quick date filters (today, 1 day, 7 days, 28 days) and the page will default to the last selected range. Now's the time to tell me how much you hate that idea.