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  1. Hi Shawn! This mystery took a bit of head-scratching to figure out! I believe what you are referring to is https://community.secondlife.com/settings/devices/ ? IF so, this is not a list of computers / devices used to log into Second Life - only into the forums and blogs part of the website (community.secondlife.com). It is provided by the service we use for these forums and is legitimate - but only as it relates to your activity on the community website.
  2. Hi All, We rolled out an update to the marketplace which includes a change to image processing. We believe this should address the issues with image quality discussed in this thread. Thanks!
  3. Alright, we believe the issue is fixed and shouldn't happen anymore. Sorry all for the scare. These were not due to any security issue, so please rest assured that your accounts are safe. We have fixed the database associations, so items can now be redelivered to the proper accounts if needed. If you have questions on any individual accounts, please file a support ticket.
  4. Thanks all! We believe we've identified the problem and will have a fix rolling out shortly.
  5. Hi All! There are several issues being reported here and we have fixes in QA for 2 of them: the caching problem with updates not refreshing (we're addressing those manually until the fix goes out) and the problem with listings having blank fields in some languages. We don't have a repro for the third issue some of you have reported here, and we haven't seen a bug report in Jira yet either. If someone who can reproduce the issue could create a jira with a description of the problem + attach original image + screenshot of what it looks like uploaded in the listing - we should be able to track it down. Many thanks! p.s. how to report a bug article in case you need it:
  6. An account which first upgraded to premium before the flood a particular date in 2006 will continue to receive the higher stipend every time that account upgrades to premium. The particular dates are described here, in the KB:
  7. Hi All! Sorry if that wording in the blog came out awkwardly. Second Life continues to be powered by Tilia, which continues to be a fully-owned subsidiary of Linden Research, Inc. Fun fact: at a recent all-hands, Ebbe was wearing a Second Life hoodie, which, when he unzipped it, revealed a "Powered by Tilia" T-shirt.
  8. Just a quick update before the weekend. We're reviewing our assessment process and what we can do to make it less painful for all the legitimate parties involved. We all agree that the impact to the merchant is unfair and unwarranted in cases where they are also a victim of the fraudulent activity. We obviously won't be able to make sweeping changes in a day, but we are working on doing better and making things right with the merchant in these situations.
  9. Hi All! Unfortunately, we cannot comment on individual cases in the forums. We're looking into the various issues discussed in this thread, but since there are several events in discussion, I want to be very careful to correctly address the separate concerns. I absolutely get that this policy is frustrating, and we've often talked about what could be done to make it less painful for the merchants who get swept up in fraudulent transactions through no fault of their own. Give me a bit of time to give you all a more thorough answer please. I'd hate to be an elephant in a chinashop in all of this.
  10. Karma, quite to the contrary, your information is more secure within Tilia. It is certainly encrypted. Soft Linden wrote a blog about it, describing the additional layers of protection built in to the Tilia design. To quote in part: Our engineers created a new “personal information vault” project. This vault uses modern algorithms to encrypt sensitive information in a way that would require both enormous computing power and an enormous amount of memory for an attacker to crack… if they could even get a copy of the encrypted data. These algorithms are specifically tuned to defeat expensive decryption acceleration hardware. And all of this new encryption is wrapped around the encryption we already used - encryption which was the industry standard at the time. These are entire new layers using encryption technologies which didn’t exist when Second Life was new. Even after all of these changes, the old protection remains in place at the bottom of that stack. Figuratively speaking, we locked the old vault inside a bigger, stronger vault. We chose an approach where we didn’t need to decrypt information in order to enhance your protection. There is another key part of this project: Our storage mechanisms for sensitive customer information are now isolated from Second Life. The information isn’t stored at the same physical location anymore, and hasn’t been for a while. But the difference is more than physical. Second Life’s servers do not have direct access to Tilia information that isn’t required for daily Second Life usage. Even developers who have worked at the company for a dozen years - developers who have full access to every last Second Life server - do not have access to the servers that store and protect the most sensitive information. A policy of least privilege means fewer opportunities for mistakes. Even within Tilia, key information is further segmented. This means that compromising one database inside of Tilia is insufficient to decrypt and correlate sensitive data without compromising a different service. We have deployed numerous commercial products which help monitor for access, abuse, or data copying attempts for data that is made available to Tillia employees. This means that even an attacker with all employee access credentials, access to employee multifactor authentication tokens, and all Tilia access permissions would still face some challenges in avoiding early detection.
  11. I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of a hose or rabbits chewing wires or uh cleaning people knocking over buckets of soapy water ... sorry, what was I talking about?
  12. This is a different issue than the problem with logging in too fast before a logout was completed. Fortunately, we believe we're starting to recover. The hamsters are running as fast as they can to bring SL back up to speed. ETA: as an aside, we deployed a fix this morning to the issue people had been seeing with "Account already logging in" error.
  13. Hi all! I was really hoping my first post of the new year would be more jolly, but here we are. Happy New Year, though! For a couple of years now, we've had automated tools, aptly named "Grid Poking Bot" (GPB for short) responsible for doing region restarts, and this has been working quite well - most of the time. Very unfortunately, there was a problem with the GPB over the holidays, and due to a combination of events, it took us much too long to notice - and we finally caught it in part thanks to this very forum thread and a certain vigilant "Spray Can". We're now actively pursuing the least disruptive ways to address this problem as quickly as possible. We'll have a more detailed postmortem blog in a couple of days as well. We're very sorry about souring your holidays.
  14. Hello again, and happy Tuesday! Premium Prepay is now available for anyone whose billing date is up to 2 years out. To take advantage of this, you will need to 1) Change your membership type to Annual if it isn't already 2) Select the option to pay $89 and have your next billing date be current_date + 1 year 3) pay the cashier We're sorry that the limitations on Prepay had not been initially communicated. To make up for it, we've now removed the limitations. ...I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today...
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