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  1. Hi Aethelwine! Please explain. In the attached screenshot you can see that I am unable to select "Allow group ... with no restrictions" unless I first uncheck "Anyone can visit (Unchecking this will create banlines)". Is there additional clarification that this requires? I know that the confusion you describe had been a problem in the past, which is exactly why we made those changes to the viewer UI. In 2017. These changes came as part of the updates which allowed Estate Owners to override parcel level public access settings (a big hit with the Sailing community :))
  2. On a more serious note - We're thrilled that there is so much interest in the initiatives which we had announced in the 15 for 15 post - and have been working on ever since. We're going to open the Town Hall with an update on those, and will hopefully be able to address (to the best of our ability) the major questions and concerns about each of them, including the questions asked in this thread. Therefore... please also consider topics that weren't on this list, and think of what we may need to pay more attention to in the future.
  3. Not to worry, we'll put out some megaprims to catch the droppings. All our ponies are guaranteed to be stable stable stable. Like a genius.
  4. I'll ring the post office and file a formal complaint. Losing ponies left and right, it seems.
  5. You mean you did not get it yet? I swear, the pony is in the mail.
  6. You mean you didn't get it yet? The pony is in the mail!
  7. Grumpity Linden

    Recent Marketplace Deploys

    Charlotte, we don't have a timeline for this yet. If we find a good way to do this, we'll be sure to mention it at the next user group
  8. Grumpity Linden

    Current Premium Gift - camp fire & tent

    yeah, that stuff is gnarly.
  9. Grumpity Linden

    Marketplace Listing Issue: Related & Demo Items

    The change requested in BUG-225317 is pending release with the next batch of Marketplace fixes (and Wishlists! and other stuff!) Stay tuned.
  10. Grumpity Linden

    Recent Marketplace Deploys

    OptimioMaximo, do you mean as a merchant or as a gift recipient?
  11. Grumpity Linden

    MP Changes?

    heyyy yeah there were a couple of bugs in that deploy. They're getting fixed! also, notice all the awesome other things in that deploy:
  12. Grumpity Linden

    Recent Marketplace Deploys

    You may have astutely noticed that we had released a number of changes to the Marketplace recently. Some of them were unintentional (more on that below), but here’s the good stuff: Gift email was missing if the gift message was blank. Everyone should get a gift email! Residents with the last name Resident couldn’t leave product reviews. That was bad, and is fixed. Character count of product description included newlines and so was obviously wrong. Righted that wrong. Favorites which are no longer available are now marked as such, and can all be removed with a single click Email changes on SL now propagate to the Marketplace. Allow merchants to choose to list multiple "Custom Avatar Brand Names" Retain “Sort By” preferences between pages and sessions. Makes sense. You can now remove items from the Related Items popup. It’s “Land Impact” not “Prim Count” The Mesh Quiz is a thing of the past. It will stay in the past, but will surely live on in our memories. But wait, there's more! Coming soon: Wishlists, Favorite Sellers, Autocomplete brand names, Fix for BUG-225307 (Related inactive items) , Fix for BUG-225309 (Sorting bug)
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    Somewhat Serious Poultry
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    Totally UP TO SOMETHING. As usual.