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  1. Hey everyone, I haven't abandoned this idea, life just got in the way! I'm still thinking about it, its glad to hear there is some interest.
  2. Are there ANY historically accurate medieval sims?
  3. An interesting thread. I've been contemplating building a historic themed sim, but was reluctant because of previous experience with smaller communities, it always felt like what I had done was not *enough*, even after a lot of time and money was put into it. I think people forget that for sim owners, they are here for the fun, just like anyone else, and being constantly told what you did wrong and what people want YOU to pay for gets old. I think this has convinced me to just give up the idea.
  4. I'm thinking of building an Edwardian era small town, c.1900-1920ish, and wonder how much interest there would be. I don't think I want a strict rp place, but place where people could do that if they like would be fun too, a small downtown area, some houses on residential streets, maybe a museum or fairgrounds for changing exhibits. The only thing that was like this was Philomena, which is now sadly gone. I'd love to have your feedback.
  5. I've been away for a few months, but getting back in the groove.
  6. Taken at my photo studio in New Toulouse, if you'd like me to take one for you in the same style, let me know, I'd be happy to do it sometime for no charge, I'm having fun!
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