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  1. Gareth Kanarik

    Roleplayers, What Would You Like To See?

    Thanks. I know the folks at Philomena and even had a house there for a while, a really cool place!
  2. Gareth Kanarik

    Roleplayers, What Would You Like To See?

    This. I've been interested in Edwardian era roleplay as a concept, (I'm considering doing a town build of some kind) and have cobbled some clothes together out of bits and pieces of things. Thanks to Deadwool I can fake it with suits, but it would be great to have other options too. Sport clothes, like a tennis sweater or football outfit. Pajamas. Undewear. Sweaters. Like all clothing in SL, the men have very little to choose from, and tank tops and sweat pants just won't do it.
  3. I need a new computer and spotted some HP ones for sale. https://www.walmart.com/ip/HP-20-c023w-Dreamy-Teal-All-in-One-PC-with-19-5-HD-Display-Intel-Celeron-J3060-Processor-4GB-Memory-500GB-Hard-Drive-and-Windows-10-Home/51397796 https://www.walmart.com/ip/HP-22-b013w-Snow-White-All-in-One-PC-21-5-Full-HD-IPS-Touch-Display-Intel-Pentium-J3710-Processor-4GB-Memory-1TB-Hard-Drive-Windows-10-Home/51397793 https://www.walmart.com/ip/HP-Pavilion-24-b223w-23-8-All-in-One-PC-Intel-Core-i3-7100T-6GB-Memory-1TB-Hard-Drive-Wireless-Keyboard-and-Mouse-Windows-10/55470368 Obviously, they are not all the same price. Would any of these do the trick? Why would one of the more expensive ones be better? I admit I know nothing about computers, I turn them on like the microwave and pound the keys to talks. I run SL on mid to high graphics, but not ultra, I don't need anything extraordinary, just to be able to play, my old one is not running it at all, I can't move if I sign in, even in my skybox. Thanks for any advice.
  4. My guess is the seller thinks this IS a fair price, good luck finding another waterfront, road protected parcel of adult land this size.