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  1. Not really pet peeves,but some memes about sl😂😂
  2. Lol,had that too. My sl ex were telling me,that he loves help women with their problem,and once I met him at the beach having 3some😂😂
  3. Genys gead have omega already installed in head,if I remember right
  4. 1)behind young girl avatar can be 50 years old dude(sometimes you can see it even by hia style of talk). 2) very positive person in sl cam be extremekyt depressive on rl 3)If friend starts to say what I should wear or how should talk-mute and forget. All that just by my own experience
  5. Oh send some my way😂😂 It's so important to feel safe and happy on rl , so please enjoy your rl and be safe and happy [support hug]
  6. Did you got a box,which needs to be unpacked?maybe reunpack will help?
  7. When my fav skins group started to make new omega appliers, renewed skin tones, and most of new skins make me look like a person, who didn't have a shower for a couple of months) also owner of this store bans mods from another popular skins store: P
  8. the HUS moment is..it s laggy as **ck.and even no nails appliers,like slink and maitreya have.
  9. Now i can say that i tried body at home and finally i see all default shapes,i like 3 of them,giant ones are weird for me,) and i love how hands look and move
  10. looks like it have update(i believe body was 1.0 at first?)and now i see demo of 1.1 on MP https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Try-On-LEGACY-The-Ultimate-Meshbody-All-New-Next-Generation-Hyper-Real-HD-SL-UV-Closet-Compatible-Bento/17495698
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