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  1. when Hair in No copy,so redelivery not possible and creator not even responds
  2. Cleo is akeruka anniversary gift, it's full deluxe head(like you the same functions if you buy head for 5000l)but Cleo is 1l for group members
  3. Lara skin applier is BODY ONLY to fit the DEFAULT AKERUKA SKIN that you see after add the head.Lara hud skins are NOT FIT AKERUKA head skin. Because lara hud includes glam affair okd skins.
  4. this guy gave me nostalgy vibes of my ballroom times somewhere in 2006
  5. O I enjoyed to read troll posts of evenios,popcorn with chocolate was yummy
  6. Ok,in some cases person's computer is not very strong and can be lag no matter how many people there:) I wish to be not laggy at normal place)
  7. Ck crazy kitty group had drama about Mm and lucky chairs thing and today owner removed mm board,so oeopker made drama again.lol
  8. People who complain about mesh heads price or vip groups fee are best drama queens😂
  9. That people getting so hysterical after theur send me lm of freebie galaxy and I say 'no thanks'.😄
  10. You can just delete this kind of friends and tell anyone who will want to add you just never im after seconds you logged on:)
  11. Because events are laggy and person can be not able to move or even fast log off😂😂
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