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  1. I joined SL many years ago,and deleted my avi after heart attacks and sl don't seemed very interesting too. But now I m back and everything is good even if I walk alone around sims))
  2. Crazy lag at little bones and local chat spammers. But hairs are amazing
  3. i consider myself a fluffy forest monster with depression
  4. I don't see any stsrter avatars,just choose if gender
  5. I think I like this pic,and now I can't stop looking at...water behind you😂😂
  6. I talked about SL mesh heads and their support groups,where people asks for help with their mesh heads. Peace😂
  7. When people starts to hate any mesh head after they was banned from this head group support . And oftenly I see this hate in their profiles,like it will change the world😂😂
  8. I don't think newbies will walk around naked with these starters.but yes , last sets of starter avatars bodies looks awkward))
  9. I'd like to see updated versions if older starter avatars,like vampire avatar jade,male and female goth avatar,male/female student avatars,I remember some years ago on the sign up page there was circle of avatars,I liked the view,hehe,even if older avatars don't had AO
  10. sorry for not nice quality of pics)))
  11. When guy takes mama alpa hud too serious😂😂
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