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How does your avatar look today ?


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17 minutes ago, Kai Lyvingstone said:

I finally have a Bento head and hands for my human avatar, it's a Christmas miracle. Still working on matching the skin tone for the hand since the applier I have for my skin doesn't seem to effect it but yaaaay no more weird splayed-out fingers.


Really cute one, too!

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Never will understand why I can't get this kind of pose when trying to take a profile picture- but showcasing the eyes it's a whole 'nother story.

2019 calls for a change. I've grown as a person - so Leesha must as well. Switching skins is one thing, but since 2010 she's had Heterochromia iridium. While it's not much of a change - color wise - the style changed to Central. :)



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3 hours ago, Angelina String said:

Cowboyin' around tryin' to get some work done :DSnapshot_649_cr.thumb.jpg.a55b8d590d32193ec1508bcdca6d3f51.jpgSnapshot_651_cr.thumb.jpg.f839d1308c73c7163e8caa83ad50d1eb.jpgSnapshot_642_cr.thumb.jpg.7d631ad135810ca3c3c0c78b76953d17.jpgSnapshot_646_cr.thumb.jpg.f6cc5a16cf51c35e56266d8dc39b6180.jpg


(Need to work on my poses though - my only excuse is that I've reached my creative limit doing other stuff :D )




Working on a ranch in white boots?  They look great but they wouldn't stay white long on my ranch. LOL

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Stray Dog, Bakaboo, and VoltHair for Man Cave.

Skin: Stray Dog - Zaro (Catwa - tone 04)
Suit: Bakaboo - Luka Suit (set B)
Hair: VoltHair - Bill (B&W)
Eyewear: Bauhaus Movement - Verlain Monocle (gold)
Bracelet: Legal Insanity - Zen Bracelet
Eye appliers: A.D.D.Andel! - Sunstone Eyes (Omega, mesh, system)
Brow appliers: Alaskametro - On Fleek Eyebrows (Omega, system)
Nail appliers: Alme - Metal Lines (black glossy)
Makeup: Alaskametro - Soiree Eyeshadow (Omega, system)
Ears: L'Etre - Horn Mesh Ears
Piercings: Catwa - Face Piercing*
Head: Catwa - Skell*
Poses: Wrong

*review copy

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My friend, Azure Dragon. Unlike other cultures, Chinese Dragons are symbols of fortune and luck, they are kind and honorable.


The Blue (Azure) Dragon, in Chinese astrology, symbolize power and strength. It is one of the most mysterious guardians. 


2012 was the most recent year of the Dragon (Chinese Zodiac rotates every 60 years when combined with earth symbols, I am Fire Tiger, for example).


This is a Guqin, a 3000-year-old instrument, European history ain't all that. LOL


(This is located inside the Pagoda at Chinese Garden Refuge for Peace - lots to explore there)

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On 1/4/2019 at 6:29 AM, WhiteDrifter said:

Thanks for the Advice!

 Here are some more images with shadows, i'll have another play around with the Sun/Moon shadows, thanks again!

It did take some editing in photoshop to get the harsh tone out but I'm excited to get some more cool looking shots, i'll probably suck at making my own shadows though.


These are fabulous shots! You have got a great touch with light!

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