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  1. Just Offer Christmas Krackers Soon HOHOH
  2. Clearly my alts dont exist outside SL. So how come I was with one in my dream last night? Spooky. In that dream she was my daughter. Even spookier. The first time she's crossed over. But I'm real. The forum is just like any other forum. A kaleidoscope of life experience, opinions, hopes and dreams. In world is a bit different. Like calling in the local bar to see who's around. And then snatching time with friends and sometimes strangers. They all seem real to me.
  3. BelindaN

    Skin talk

    I bought Salty Newell the Genus Powder Pack a while ago so she could test it for us. For a while she used Amara skin, but yesterday she had a makeover and now has one from 7DS. What recommendations do you have for olive freckled skin? The sisters use Skinnery, but might change. And brows, eye shadow, and lippy for Genus??? Thank you all !
  4. Plain red or pink for this country girl.
  5. *Blows Whistle* Come on, season of goodwill???? Democracy is organic. There will always be consequences which can't be foreseen. Add to that politicians who's self belief exceeds their ability and away you go. This is where we are in the UK and this farce can be traced back to the Cameron/Clegg/Brown shambles. Our Parcel Force delivery man has the habit of taking everything to the local post office, then whipping round, quietly pushing cards through doors without being seen. On Friday I got a card, went to the PO, and it wasn't there. He delivered it the next day all apologetic.
  6. I'm OK today. A lot of chores to get through, but it's not raining, and I have a clear head. I get migraines quite often so a clear head day is a great day. On the subject of being wanted, my father abandoned me and my mother before I was three. He lives nearby, but he's a stranger to me. His selfishness has defined who I am. His absence was a black cloud right through my childhood, and yet, I know I was better off without his malign presence. His reputation locally is appalling and few people know he's my father. But I managed to gain strength through adversity, but also real compassion for those with similar life stories. Life can really suck, so try to stay strong. Don't be a prisoner of your own thoughts. Try to be strong, and live the life those who loved you would want. That's what makes me who I am.
  7. I like it a lot. It's brooding and atmospheric. Maybe a Moll just visible in the background with a lighted cigarette would add to the story !!
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