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  1. If its like my bedside table it will never get cleared.
  2. Thanks Maddy. I think I get it, but its a bit confusing. I'll dye my hair brunette and look again.....
  3. I posted one onto flickr this morning (12 hours ago) and it was ok, but login sometimes takes a bit of messing, even with the correct pw.
  4. Just been over to Bella Moda in world store...……….. Group Gift for Easter is...………… a bunny outfit! Just saying
  5. I took Ellie to the Blueberry store earlier so she could join the Group and get some Group gifts. After that, Agent Smith took her to Lutz and stayed in the library for some photos...… Of course Ellie always knows best so they had words...……..
  6. Having read all this, I think that "Peacemaker" may be my next Superhero. Even if she bears a passing resemblance to "Hawkgirl"
  7. I do wonder if the fragility of Marketplace is somehow connected to the tech issues with tp. I still don't buy gifts on MP after it stopped working recently. I still get things dropping from my basket when trying to pay, and sometimes I get page not available, which then clears after going back one page. It's manageable but has been like this for several weeks now.
  8. When I kick started Ellie about a month ago, I chose the girl with the hat and the dog in a bag. I was tp'd to a Gateway sim which I hadn't seen before. Funny thing was, it was infested with this avi, and maybe she is the default you get if you don't select one. I couldn't wait to leave this clone ridden site!!!!. And the same day I traded up.......
  9. Well, more work in progress, as a starting point. I wish it was as easy in RL to mess with shape and look as it is here.
  10. Yeah like a 50% reduction ray gun...... 😛 I don't have much experience *coughs* but the ones I've seen at the nude beaches (where I'm never walking about naked by the way), are laughably enormous........ Guys.......at least make it realistic in size...............huh?
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