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  1. I certainly see the parallel with the religious interpretation because both ideas theorise that a "Higher Being" or "Spirit" inhabits a corporeal body, in the case of a simulation, by choice. The simulation theory also suggests that your RL (simulation) lifetime may pass in the blink of an eye in the "reality" elsewhere. Having been unconscious a few times, I also know that in that state, time stands still, so in that sense, absolute death stops the clock. As an aside, check out Time Slip stories. Most are not recent, but there are some interesting experiences out there, whethe
  2. During lockdown, You Tube is my companion. It seems that there is a growing mindset that reality is likely to be a simulation. If you haven't come across this theory, just search for "Are we living in a Simulation". The basic theory is that before long, VR will be indistinguishable from reality. So a super advanced civilisation would have the ability to create what we see as a recreational VR. There's a lot more to this, and a lot of academic speak, but since we are using SL as a recreational VR, it's an interesting conundrum to discuss? Stay on topic please if thats possible.😜
  3. Any advice you need on updating your avi, just ask in the avi section. There's all the help you need on the forums if you decide to mesh up and use BoM.
  4. Sadly in the UK the level of covid stupidity remains at a high level. It's on the news every day, and we know people who interpret the rules to suit themselves. I suppose it's a combination of absolute stupidity, mixed with arrogant complacency. Over 1600 deaths today alone. When police broke up a house party, the attendees all said they never watched the news and were unaware of covid.
  5. Never caring what others think is a luxury of getting older. Relish that thought. Generally speaking, visually eccentric people can be more interesting and more fun to be around than fashion age conscious stereotypes. I think I stopped caring in my twenties. And I've never been a victim of fashion since.....
  6. I like my red furry slippers. @Saskia Rieko @Eva Knoller @Scylla Rhiadra @Laurel Aurelia
  7. Most of the wrinklies I chat to, and by that I mean over 12 years, have taken a break or breaks. More interesting would be the oldest avi still here who hasn't taken a break other than a few days here and there. That would be some commitment to this life.
  8. At least I got an apron. So I could walk out looking fabulous.....😜👈 In my red furry slippers.
  9. @Eva Knoller @Scylla Rhiadra @Saskia Rieko @Laurel Aurelia At today's lazy Sunday morning collab. All screenshots, no editing.
  10. Question... Guy: "blah blah blah blah.. and I like small breasts...." SO.... compliment or insult?? (Lara slider 60) 👈
  11. Before we get into tea wars, the point I was making was that if I'm concentrating on doing pics, or doing an outfit, my mug of tea can get stone cold. It's annoying, but then I get to bump the pot, and it's hot again, and with more chocolate, obviously at least 80% solids...
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