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  1. I went back to Bumrose Beach just now with Ellie to try and get some more photos, but it didn't work out...…..laggy and I couldn't get a good background...…... Then as I was about to leave...….I got this portrait....not even windlight, and the second image is how the water looks without my settings...……...
  2. Nobody does it better (than Zeta) Makes me feel sad for the rest...……. Tra-la........🎶
  3. I took the girls down to the beach earlier, with a new pose hud to test. Boy it took a while to get things sorted, and the light as I wanted it!! If you don't know already, it's Ellie, Belinda and Salty...…….
  4. Ooooo! Pink AND orange..........whooooo! 🌝
  5. I went back to Salt Water earlier and met up with Ellie in her Lara Croft outfit. Here's the result. We need to get Salty something other than Hawk Girl...…..haha!
  6. And now you can never leave......🤗
  7. The last one really gets me going........and normally I'm like an inert gas...
  8. I like those pants a lot, and I like that fur jacket a lot and I think I may have to go shopping. Of course some credits might shave a few minutes from my expedition, although my expeditions tend to be like moon landings......once down I stay in store until I've looked at Everything...........or run out of air.... Oh.....and I didn't know you could see the Northern Lights from the railway station at Lutz.........
  9. You can add me if you like, Joia. I know some pretty and deserted sims myself, where I sometimes go alone for some peace!! When you read the forums, you might think we're all out partying and socialising, but really, I, and others do spend a lot of time alone, working on outfits, taking photos or just shopping.
  10. You don't understand love until you find it. It has no name. It does not announce itself to you. To love a parent is not the same as to love a spouse. To love your child transcends all love. It will sneak up on you quietly, and it will invade your thoughts. It will reveal sweet dreams whether awake or asleep. But it can hurt you more than anything else, and the more you embrace it, the greater the pain. That's love.
  11. Belinda is a perfect version of me. She is more daring and adventurous, but carries my moral compass, at least to a degree...(haha). I came here as me because I didn't know any different. Here I've learned things about myself I didn't know from RL. My two alts are the perfect sisters I wish I had in RL. I've fallen into RPing them, but I love them like real sisters. I get a real sense of release, freedom and relaxation here in SL. I never expected it to be like this. Oh and the Forum Angels are such good company, whether we meet up or not. I wish RL was a bit more like this.
  12. Wow I do quite like that look!!! Thankyou!!!.....I look quite normal in fact hehe! How can I not have this as my profile picture????? I really love this look...………….Vanity? Maybe haha!
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