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  1. I need to lie down in a darkened room..... To contemplate in silence the range of issues raised.
  2. Twelve noon SLT...…………..that's the problem!
  3. Forum Angels is the group I set up for the fashionistas Selene......free to join, blah blah, but we don't make enough use of it. The one day when about ten of us were in world, and it would have been perfect for a school photo, I had no time, and time zones play havoc anyway...………..especially when I can't stay on after 12.00SLT. I always feel I'm missing out when the USA comes out to play...…….
  4. I know, it makes perfect sense. Thing is, I'm a social animal, so I encounter lots of avis. And I'm selective believe it or not. If the initial chat doesn't pass muster that's it. But it seems that the charming chatterboxes, the one percent, the ones who don't offer a tp home, still conceal that predictable agenda, and none want a loose informal hang out occasionally friendship. Which is what we have with the Forum Angels.... we chat in world occasionally, we hang out very occasionally. We have fun. That's it. No obligations, no expectations, just informal. Not good enough for the vast majority of guys. I'm not really complaining because there's plenty to do anyway without that crap. Tomorrow I might just have a clearout.
  5. Just now.... guy I've seen on and off for a while sends IM. Wants to meet up. I don't have much time left in world, but offer to meet him for a dance. No reply, he just logs out. Now that has peed me off. He didn't relog so it wasn't a crash. I think he was after something else.......and I think he needs a recalibration. It ALWAYS goes that way.........
  6. The way they turn on a dime always amazes me. You can have good, intelligent chat for ages. Sometimes for several encounters. Then suddenly it ramps up into entitlement/expectations/possession, and this is always the kiss of death, after a short final exchange which turns sour and remains sour. I would put that at 98% of my experiences.
  7. I've never derendered anything. I prefer the cluttered splendour which is SL. I use my my own Windlight for photo shoots, otherwise I'm lazy and usually set at sunrise/sunset/midnight from the world menu. Occasionally I might use the quick Windlight button bottom right. There's been an odd griefer I wish I could have derendered, but they never hang around long enough. For that I want a disintegration ray gun.
  8. This is brilliantly succinct. I love it!
  9. Look behind you! Either the tides coming in or thats a tsunami.........
  10. I really love this look, a sort of soft focus angelic look!
  11. /Me agrees......nothing wrong with that look at all!!!! Obviously working the sliders never ends, but your look is great already!
  12. I thought I was losing my mojo...…….I've hardly taken any pictures lately and when I have, I've struggled with lag and atmosphere...……….. Then today's been a bad day for internet...…….. And an acquaintance on here has had her account blocked, I don't know why...…... So I went out feeling melancholy, and found my mojo!!!!!!!
  13. Not too bad again now...….but this cache thing? I wouldn't know where to look!!!!! Seriously!!! 😜
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