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  1. Here in the UK, summers are getting longer, warmer and drier, winters shorter and wetter. The year on year trend shows this, but its only a small window. The argument about electric cars to me doesn't address the issues at all. They still affect climate as they are produced and then scrapped. Some countries are utterly car dependent, but the future should be walk, cycle or use public transport. Here in the UK that's feasible, but we see SUVs on the school run, and in supermarket car parks........when on line delivery is now easy to set up. Plastic pollution is appalling in some place
  2. Sometimes you will see yourself sitting OK, but others will see you sitting on the floor. So just flip your AO off when you sit. Annoying but that's SL!
  3. Nothing wrong with granola and prunes. On topic, being called "f" meat in a guy's first line to me. Guess who got blocked.
  4. The problem I've found at shopping events is that the gift function is often unreliable unless my alt is already in world. So it then takes a bit of time doing a redelivery later. So I end up bringing them over to the event. That's not always so easy. Then giving them the money, so they can buy the item. It can get long winded. Having said that, I've started to go to more shopping events, even though I don't buy much stuff there. Just the odd must have.
  5. I'm getting TP crashes occasionally, but nothing like it used to be. No more than a couple of times a session. Sometimes not at all.
  6. In science, all that matters is having an open mind.
  7. Just got Lelutka Avalon, and managed to keep my look!
  8. Having said all that, I once was pushed hard in a hair store, and suddenly I was on all fours when I moved. Revoking permissions stopped it, but I never accepted anything.
  9. It's a bit different in a BM. We have a brand of Yorkshire Crisps, (chips), and the Henderson's Relish flavour are very nice.
  10. In Yorkshire, we say Wuster. Wuster Sauce. BUT.....We have our own. Henderson's Relish. Google it. Much better!
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