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  1. First time I've had that for a while. He was brimming with opinionated crap.
  2. Anyway..... A guy at the beach just told me that only guys have multiple alts. After opening chat with a line guaranteed to pee me off. I thought you all should know.
  3. They comply unconditionally when required, that's a fundamental Alt Rule. No ifs, no buts, I pay I say...…..just get on with it...….haha.
  4. Alts are worse than Subs...…….they demand everything and you can't shake them off...……….😁
  5. Flan flinging originated way back on a UK kids saturday morning show, called Tiswas. There was a Phantom flan flinger, who appeared from the wings and shoved a large foam flan/custard in the face of the guest. https://www.google.com/search?ie=UTF-8&client=ms-android-samsung&source=android-browser&q=what+did+tiswas+mean%3F
  6. ^^^^^^YES YES YES Go on any course or seminar and look around the room. Make judgements on appearance...……………. THEN...…..as soon as they open their mouths on the intro session......it all flips on its head. Been there done that.
  7. Maybe too much wine, BUT...... I never go name calling or flan flinging. I always post as if you're across the table in a coffee shop. I never engage in playground spats. SO.....Do I qualify as HTT???? Can anyone beat that? Maybe its time to run for cover.😛
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