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  1. I've read (couldn't ignore) the OP. I've checked that the OPer is still around. This was stressful. I've read the last couple of posts with no epiphanies whatsoever. Do I want to read the rest of the thread?
  2. Considering taking a plunge.
  3. < nurturing sadness, but with no love lost xx Who I am has to remain an honest, protective, loving filter. A question for those who enjoy questions: What are your personal limits that you cannot compromise on without losing your sense of self in a relationship? All serious, sweet, silly answers are especially welcome x
  4. Dissolution of privilege. And partly necessarily through the efforts of those willing to raise others up. This can often feel like oppression to those unwilling to let go of their privilege and treat others with respect, so it's a long, slow, painful process, but it is happening. Another process is when our own circumstances and suffering force us to accept uncertainty and insecurity in how we experience the world, and can lead to us having empathy for others when we recognise their suffering.
  5. I just thought it odd that they're all in a line. I've seen that on the map before and assumed it was bots or something.
  6. What does it mean when there's a line of avatars on a sim in Map view? And could this be to do with why I can't enter the sim (I get a 'teleport failed, sim is full' message)?
  7. Trying for the 3rd day in a row to visit a popular sale..
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