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  1. I didn't read any of it and I still know my response is 'nope'.
  2. I mean, I wouldn't mind a silly adorkable relationship..
  3. Wait...are you a feminist? Do you prefer tea or coffee? How many cats do you have? Do you prefer femme or butch or something else? And which are you? What's the last book you read that made you feel affirmed? Do you think women are put off studying STEM disciplines by the misogyny in those industries or by their female inclinations? What lippy is that?...message me if you feel like it 😉
  4. 24 to 36 single girls? One at a time? Do they get to take turns? Can they make out with each other whilst waiting in the queue?
  5. Let's see, erm, a lifestyle founded upon patriarchy and misogyny where women aren't supposed to have sexual expression that isn't for the gratification of men and men aren't supposed to display or express ant traits that could be considered effeminate or submissive has an abundance of, is rife with, in fact, homophobia. And we'd like to know why that is.. Sorry, beats me. I haven't a clue o.0
  6. And if you meet any nice Mommies tell them I erm, blush, quite a lot xx
  7. I'm so glad to hear it's working for you Belinda and I totally didn't click on this thread in the hope of some other kind of frustration 😊
  8. Trying to look inconspicuous at an adult venue.. And yes, I may have identified with Allison from the Breakfast Club at some point..
  9. I've read (couldn't ignore) the OP. I've checked that the OPer is still around. This was stressful. I've read the last couple of posts with no epiphanies whatsoever. Do I want to read the rest of the thread?
  10. Considering taking a plunge.
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