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  1. That sounds fine with me, to be honest. Restart the world with a level playing field after 12 months of introspection and tease & denial 🤣 I'll leave the next person to decide which wish to respond to.
  2. Granted, but they were thought up by someone else, and you will always feel like a charlatan. I wish platonic intimacy would become normalised.
  3. Granted, but it's you. I wish I had a secret extra day each week.
  4. Some Unknown Genders Are Rising. T R A N S
  5. At the moment: there are a couple of boards I slap that I don't actually give a toss about. In the past: creating, building, learning how to do stuff, banter and affection with friends at social events.
  6. I'm trans in RL and having a female avatar in SL is part of my self-care, as well as becoming an extension of myself and my personality that I feel very natural and comfortable with. My alts are female too, although we each have at least one male mesh body and head for times when that might be useful for photographs ~ which hasn't actually ever happened yet 😂 I'm tempted to experiment with either masculinising a female avi or feminising a male one at some point, to create something androgynous and see how it feels, but I think I'd still be happiest as female.
  7. Hug Our Adorable Sweet Loves F I R V B
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