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  1. sometimes people choose the open relationships after they were hurt many times and they don't want to fully commit to anyone else. It doesnt't work for everyone in RL, but it can be easier in SL.
  2. Blueberry sale still on for a couple of hours more
  3. because this rule working for items which leads for non demo item. and in search you can see demos which do not have link to full item.
  4. They maybe lost their passwords,just left Secondlife or use their alts (with that people not always search for old original friends .
  5. Chus! she was making eyes and poses ,closed her store because of hralth problems. If i rememeber correctly,she didnt started chus again.
  6. I had very long healthy hair till 2010 and after extreme +42 summer of 2010 needed to get rid of that long hair, still Don't know if i need to try to grow hair again or not.LoL
  7. for a second i thought you called me food,LOL.But yes owner of that place done good job with decorate
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