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  1. will you make BOM or only appliers?looks very interesting
  2. When i see anyone ,with whom i were friends ,sure they ignore me like never knew me,but when i see person i knew ,all the memories are in my head and i can't stop think about it.So now i m tired(
  3. Hello Dave will be closed soon inworld,so i decided to take a pic for memory)
  4. Pink Fuel system skin+Izzies Feet&hands fixer,and Cheerno 2012 outfit
  5. I have Dekstop PC.)today was in service and service guy confirmed it s power supply problem and it needs to be replaced.I had looong troubles with my previous one, but never were in a guarantee for all 10 years.)And this time i was nervous to go to guarantee,because i don"t knew how it should happened.But it was better than i expected,service guy was good and allowed me to watch how he do diagnostics)) p.s but day started with broken taxi in the middle of the road,lol.And in heavy snow-wind weather i was waiting for another one.But then after guarantee visit KFC saved me).
  6. this is what i like about system eyes) Updated Akeruka head
  7. After a couple of tests i know it is something with computer .So i will visit guarantee in moday morning
  8. Update:Today happend the same thing,it turned ON from 10th time. I am too scared to call guarantee service,since childhood i am too scared to call anyone,loved messages more,I will try to message guarantee at first. I will see what next
  9. my new computer is 3 with something months old.Today when I press the power button ,pc tried to start and then turns off.Tried 4 times,then replugged in everything i can(that's what i do when i'm in panic ,LOL)and computer turned ON normally. I have no idea what it was, and now i will panic everytime i turn computer on,i so don' t want it to happend again.Also because i don't want to deal with guarantee service ,cause it will be around 45 days of their diagnostics time and in my country its normal thing to get "NON guarantee case" as a reply.Quality of work depends on guarantee staff,but still..
  10. BOM try. Plastiline rose rain skin from 2012.
  11. found it in my inventory,thats how i met my Jan at Twink town:)both classic avatars
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