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  1. still working with mouth and eyes, made shape a bit more slim.And confused with face animation,even if i clicked to turn smile animation OFF,avatar still smile. Is that animation error or HUD is a bit laggy?
  2. before mesh days , 2 versions of me 1) femboy,2) Twink. Both from 2013 taken at my linden home.
  3. after long work with Catwa i decided it s not for me,so i just updated my AK))
  4. i tried Asian male skin (supposed to be for classic avatar)and no eye problem https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Lee-001-JaeHo-Lee-2-skin-2-shape-Male-pack/3279510 .For female one i use femboy pale skin https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Bento-Femboy-Skin-Pale/6618038
  5. I don- t had much time together in SL or just talking in messanger with Jan,i feel like he got used to it. tired to message him firts in last 1,5 year.
  6. I have silly quastion,where did you got this hair?
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