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  1. old sl friend is bacl to sl, the first things he asked: -Are you still alive? -Why none of my old LM dont work?
  2. my name is a mix of 2 names :Blaine+Kurt is a couple from Glee tv show.
  3. simple pic of us and pic at his photostudio.
  4. the man i love for already 6 years left me cute gift at home 😂😍
  5. enjoying sounds of the sea with my fluffy friend.
  6. can t stop looking at this girl on the left
  7. after i was tired to try to make my pic,i made a pic of sl moon:P
  8. Akeruka sim is very full and laggy now,because creator releases new anniversary gift!(costs 1 L with group). and this head Cleo is full bento , works and looks much better than Maia.the one problem for me are appliers, but for now i m totally happy)
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