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  1. after i was tired to try to make my pic,i made a pic of sl moon:P
  2. Akeruka sim is very full and laggy now,because creator releases new anniversary gift!(costs 1 L with group). and this head Cleo is full bento , works and looks much better than Maia.the one problem for me are appliers, but for now i m totally happy)
  3. i had nice friend from twinktown Jimmie - in rl he was 18 years old,but in rl looked like 8 years old boy (i don t remember how this condition is called).He spent lots of time in sl because his life was between hospital and home. and in one day his heart just stopped.and thats was final.Twink town became very silent then. He was truly sunny kid,who always believed in love and kindness
  4. when some people thinks that ALL femboys are women in rl.. and they start to insist like :you are girl or old woman!omg it s 2019 and my blacklist is sooo long now
  5. sorry for low quality.)) and here s no May theme for pics?i saw only march and April
  6. anyway at TMP i saw only newest body
  7. i thought tmp was the whole body with hands with feet
  8. spending time with my Jan before his new shows schedule in rl
  9. yes!finally i have good time for that while holidays 😀
  10. logged on in forum and seet my pic have 21 likes,wow. -Hugs forum- p.s i do not see any reason to discuss the likes thingy,i just believe that all of us not click like randomly, and ones,who are not able to make professional pics (even me) are do their best and wanna show their avi look)
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