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  1. The most common reason is because there is not enough LI (prims) available on the parcel to rez the entire group. I have never seen a coalesced object ever fail because of scripts - if there are too many scripts in the group, then the simulator will should simply adapt and slow down scripts.
  2. I will iterate that I never said it was fair or right, only what it actually is. My retorts were, are, and will be toward those who proclaim any sort of "rights" with regard to the subject of this thread, my intention is on edification toward that claim, though some take it as some sort of offensive gesture on my part, that's their issue. Sometimes truth hurts. How we deal with any hurt is on each of us to live with. If it makes people feel better to scream out loud, even with diatribe that is not only inaccurate, but blatantly false, then let them scream. Because it is a public forum, my comments are intended to serve other readers in general. This is how debate and tit-for-tat goes, right? This is what I say, simply: it is what it is until it isn't.
  3. Fine Linen That's LINEN, folks, not "Linden" LOL
  4. Check to see if you have any Gestures mapped to the M key. I use M all the time to pop into and out of Mouselook on my Mac. And F to fly. And if you're using a mini keyboard (like those on the MacBooks) then hold the Fn function key with up or down arrow to act as your Page Up and Page Down commands.
  5. Yes, definitely take a ride. It's basically like those old style carnival haunted houses - you sit in a cart and it takes you through. Part of the issue I complain about with the Glytches is that they are way over-done. The "less is more" rule was definitely not followed for this one. LOL
  6. This is an ancient thread. Did you read this comment from Whirly Fizzle?
  7. It's not the first time that my, admittedly obscure, attempts at humor was taken seriously. Sometimes, though not the example you describe, words hurt. I choose not to reply to those. Sometimes truth hurts, I will admit when I am wrong, as painful as doing that can be, but I will do it. I also will apologize when it is warranted. On grounds where I am confident, I will assert my purview, though that purview can be changed with convincing evidence. In the case of my position on the subject in this thread, I will stand like a rock because I know for a fact I am in the right on it. However, I do admit I could have and should have been more clear that my stance is based on U.S. law and may not be a "global" fact in that regard. Because Linden Lab is a U.S. company, those laws apply, though I think it also is a (perhaps bad) habit that most of us make our comments in all forums from our own local experience and often forget this is a world-wide stage. One area where I may be hypocrite in this regard is how I often harp on Viewer tips given where the tip only applies to one viewer and no others; I will call them out for not explaining that their tip only applies to the one. My hypocrisy falls into that genre where, even in this thread, I am not making it clear that my comments are based on U.S. law, and others around the world may be taking my statements as meaning to be a global thing, where it's surely not. For that I do apologize. I know I can do better at the clarity of my statements and position on things.
  8. I fly, sail, motorboat, drive, and railroad almost every day all over the grid. I provide genuine troubleshooting questions and your response is to take a defensive stance with a knee-jerk attack by presuming I do not do these things? LAG is almost always a local computer issue, latency is a network issue. As for the subject of the thread - there are a lot of moving parts and the Second Life grid is about 30% of that, 60% of it is at your end and the rest is out of everyone's controls (the space between you and the SL servers). So if attempting to insult me (you're not) is the best response you have, it may be better to not respond at all. A favorite quotes goes something like this: "It is better to let people think you a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."
  9. A stove is a product, not a service. A Warranty is a promise, not a contract. Shipping is a service, not a subscription. Though your point is well-made.
  10. I concur with this. Though, everyone is saying the same thing over and over. Importantly, you "raise your voice when you should reinforce your argument". If all you can do is toss labels around, it does not lend value to any credibility you may have. For example, it diminishes one of the best statements you've made on this subject, which is: This is the main issue at hand. I stand by every statement I've made in this discussion, albeit from a legal standpoint in the United States; other countries have different legal standpoints. Though Linden Lab is a United States company, so United States laws are what apply. Thus, I refer again to my statements above with regard to getting oneself legal representation. All it takes is an attorney to send a letter asking questions. As for "paper thin" [sic] skin, go ahead and throw anything you've got at me. I generally laugh that stuff off, so feel free to throw your best shots.
  11. I refer to what I've already said above. To which, no one has done, yet, because if they have and they won the case, by law that win must apply to everyone. ~shrugs~
  12. Haha, that's the point! They are "comical" and that's why it breaks the immersion for me. I know it's likely not your department, I tagged you with the not-so-subtle hope you can pass the word on LOL. OH, maybe I should have tagged @Patch Linden, huh? Hahahaha! I wanted to complain about it last year and forums didn't occur to me. ANYWAY... I love that build (and all the Moles and Linden builds) - it's just poo-poo now. ~snorts~
  13. Not sure what you are describing. Catznip 12.3 is running like silk on my 3GB computer - even with any "viewer-settings limitations). Perhaps run some maintenance of your PC? Just thinking aloud, here.
  14. Sure. If any of us were signing any sort of contract. Though we are not signing anything with Linden Lab, as I've stated: show me a signature any of us put down anywhere regarding Linden Lab. No. Such. Thing. Even the link you point to specifically mentions signatures. This is my entire point. So go ahead, plonk me, it doesn't change the fact the Linden Lab doesn't owe any of us anything whatsoever.
  15. Consider this official feedback. The Halloween Haunted Tour is among my favorite Linden/Mole creations and I like to visit every year. It is amazingly creepy... except for the Glytches. Seriously, the Glytches ruin the entire experience - lose them, please. Or maybe put them into the "Clown" zone, because that's what they feel and sound like: clowns or clown toys. I don't know who to express this to, though the introduction area shows @Dyna Mole - I also know it's a large team effort. Well, there's my current impression of the Halloween Haunted Tour. If anyone wants the throw in their perspective, then please do.
  16. Bahahah! If there's any contract, show me my signature. Or yours, or anyone else's. Go ahead... show me. A contact is an agreement between two or more parties for the expressed protection of those parties from one another according to that agreement. That part in the Linden Lab Terms of Service that says [paraphrased] "We may deny you service [access] for any or no reason..." makes it explicitly not a contract in any way, shape, or form. So if anyone believes that Linden Lab owes them anything whatsoever at any time, in any way, then it gives the very clear impression they have an entitlement attitude when they have zero entitlement whatsoever. So if that's "bs" [sic] then whatever rose-colored glasses anyone must be wearing are be pretty thick. Go figure.
  17. Rezzing a fresh horse... well, that's kind of a duh, isn't it? Okay... ummm, I thought of that while I was there but I was testing you. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Bahaha!
  18. Okay, plopped one at my Camper - Come trick-or-treat, I'm sure you'll love the "treat" (Similar products sell for L$5000 LOL) if you're tricked first, just walk away then approach it again! Or even if you want to see the trick! Hahaha https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lake Tatakaka/223/57/36/ You'll be asked two questions in chat. Just answer to get your treat... or trick! Oh, the first question is if you want to play - the answer to that one should probably be a yes. LOL
  19. Hardly. It is amazingly presumptuous of you to think so. Here is where you are misunderstanding or otherwise ignoring the point: Everything you and others describe, with respect to being unfairly "jilted" in it: You refer to legal contracts and how they are handled in first life. This is Second Life and there is no contract. Because there is no contract, there is no requirement, imagined or real, that one must give any prior notice that you wish not to continue the non-contract. Furthermore, though each year a premium subscription will renew, it is still an upgrade that you must proactively choose to acquire. So when you downgrade you are doing precisely that: downgrading. It is not a "non-renewal" or "cancelation" of services, it is an explicit pro-active choice and action on your part to downgrade. When I say "it is what it is" and I am laughing, it's not at you or anyone else, but rather at how the beaten dead horse even still exists. I am not going to change your mind and vice-versa. If you genuinely believe it is a legal issue then you need to contact Linden Lab about it and any recompense you believe you are owed, either directly or through a legal representative. This is the one and only way your issue can be resolved to your satisfaction. Otherwise it is what it is and always will be what it is. And I'm still laughing that you or anyone else is still beating this dead horse.
  20. It was Linden First Land - before land-flippers existed. ~sighs~ Those were the good times. I still have the original Land Mark.
  21. Well, the thread in more than a year old, so I'm not sure you'll get an answer. Though I don't mind "necro'd" threads (I just laugh) - but it's always helpful to at least add something useful. Since I already commented back then, I'll just refer to that:
  22. You can already do this by shift-clicking or CTRL-clicking to elect multiple items then right-click for menu and your selection will apply to all. Also, a really fast way to detach anything, no matter how deeply embedded in multiple folders, is to right-click the folder and choose "Remove from outfit" (paraphrased) - this will detach anything in that folder and any folders inside that folder all the way down. I'm not trying to debunk or belittle your idea, just providing alternate ways of achieving fewer clicks to accomplish some things.
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