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  1. The Bento version is wearable. The Animesh version is both: rezzable (rez and ride like a vehicle or wander, follow, etc.) and also wearable. Just pointing this out because Bento version is multiple attachment points, Animesh version is just one attachment point. Important if you are Apache role-play with lots and lots of feathers and warring regalia that is necessary, you know. LOL Oh, wow, an epiphany: I shall go riding though Bellisseria in full Apache Warrior face-paint and regalia as though it is 1819 instead of of 2019. /me have scalping tomahawk, will travel.
  2. This is the wearable Bento version, there is a newer Animesh version and so on: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/WH-Bento-Riding-Horse-Western-Quarter-Horse/11342155
  3. Ghostships and boats are often all over the place in Blake Sea. I'm not sure what causes it or exactly how it happens, though based on what I DO know, I suspect it's because the region thinks the owner/driver is still there and present or some flag or checkbox that shouldn't be checked still is or vice-versa. It usually happens during a "bad" region border-crossing.
  4. Another SL glitch LOL (that was @Marianne Little that said that). AND YES< we know that. That is why it is called privacy, so if it is turned off then it should be pretty obvious there is no "privacy" - which I am not concerned about. Because PIXELS. Anyone can remove (derender) your dress or non-applier clothing anywhere, any time they choose. You are stark-naked for a few seconds (even minutes) when arriving anywhere after a TP (and vice-versa for you: everyone else is stark naked). Prudishness is as prudishness does. Go ahead: turn on that privacy setting at your home, the only reason is so no one else feels cuckolded while you romper in the romper room. Other than that it is a futile effort that gives you the worst kind of sense of security: false.
  5. I don't blog, but this weekend I got to play with the newest Teegle Animesh that spits out from their new rezzer. I own WH Animesh (and Bento) version. Comparing the rez-and-ride of both - The Teegle has nice sounds, the WH does not have any sound (or too quiet that I don't hear them) - I like the rider animations on the Teegle better than the WH (the hip-sway while moving forward.) The Teegle has an awesome swimming animation when you go into system water, WH does not. Teegle can also sit three and pass the reigns between them, the WH only sits two (and I haven't tried to pass reigns so I don't know about passing reigns). Though the sync of rider animation to horse animation is amazingly disappointing (such as rearing up, bucking, etc). WH wins this category hands-down. However, the Teegle is horrendous at border crossings and I mean horrific. The exact same border crossings are handled at least twice if not three times faster and smoother by the WH. Beyond these difference they are amazingly similar in abilities and quality of horse animations. Though, in truth, the wearable versions are always a superior experience. Which is why I am interested in investigating the Teegle Animesh horse, I cannot find it in Market Place and I hate shopping in-world. (MP link is requested if anyone is willing to provide). Mostly because I always like to know all options, all competitor's stuff and make educated decisions. (For example the Realistek Animesh horses: save your money).
  6. It's usually this. However, it is a fact that you cannot plan the future by events of the past.
  7. Wow. So... Somehow the barebones statement "I keep SL and RL separate" tells you I am an emotionless robot? Bahahaha. You really don't have a clue that this refers to *information* and has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with feeling or emotion, do you? Remove the rose-colored blinders, the world a lot larger than what you're seeing. Some of my pet peeves: People just like yo... ~sighs~ Nevermind. Precisely. Though one could proclaim "common sense", but comments like the one I quote above prove time and again that common sense just really isn't always all the common.
  8. I'm really curious how the hell "may" turned into "planned". It's a proposed change. When did "proposal" turn into "planning"? Enough with the hysterics and scare-tactics. At this point that's all this is.
  9. I have mine turned off also (and allow rezzing with 5-minute Auto-return) - though someone camping under the boat for more than a couple minutes without any contact is a good reason to play with the eject button (not a ban, necessarily, but the eject - because those are fun to watch).
  10. One of the lesser-known brands that are excellent (so you may want to try their demos) is Atelier Pepe. I know they have some of their stuff on Market Place, but not all. Last I looked they support Catwa and Genus heads, and most bodies.
  11. Heads-up that Safari (on Mac) and Vivaldi (All platforms) do this also. Vivaldi uses Chrome engine without the Google spyware for anyone concerned about that.
  12. So... A *Premium Subscriber* is entitled to a Linden Home (or any 1024 parcel on the mainland) and all land-use fees (a.k.a. "Tier") are waved, making it entirely and totally free. But if I didn't get one of the newer Houseboat Linden Homes, I can *rent* a resident-owned facsimile from you (where you are in control and can eject and ban me for any or no reason at any time) for $8.00 U.S. per month and I get only half the space and prims I would have (2048 m2) if I paid that same amount directly to Linden Lab. Got it. So, this is a great deal... how? //JUSTASKING.
  13. Yes, it was "first land" - and LL would "unlock" a new region once every few days (or maybe per week?). I *STILL* Have the very first landmark I ever created, which goes to that little parcel in the Glenboon regions (First-land is just one of those memories that will never go away for me LOL)
  14. Four words (parenthesis don't count) Evil Eye
  15. Sure there is a way. The way you described in your original post. Well there is one thing... Based on the way you desribe the situation in your OP - the no-copy script is means it is no-copy *for you*. In that case the only solution is what we have descibed above. If, however, it is a full-perm script for you but no-copy for next owner, then you could just select the linkset and use the Set Permissions feature to stt all of them the way you want, including linked object contents.
  16. The easiest solution is to grab a "Cleaner" or "Scrubber" script off marketplace. What those will do and clean the entire linkset of any and all scripts. Of course, that means you will have to replace scripts in any house controls you want for lighting, doors, etc. That, however, is a lot easier and less time-consuming that trying to manually hunt down a stray srcript by checking each of hundreds of linked onjects one-by-one. Because time and effort are valuable.
  17. Sounds like a personal issue. It's what you get when you leave and don't bother coming to the meeting.
  18. Even on World Ma Even on world map and especially minimap you can often tell when it's bots. On world map a single dot evenly spaced apart in some general pattrern and on minimap a large stack of dots way up high. I don;t think I've stayed longer than three seconds when I see those.
  19. Bug. It happens sometimes where the name is updated but the dispaly in the list is not. When you relog it redraws all that so that's why it seems like it requires a relong. But many things in SL require a relog to correct.
  20. They are by law in many U.S. states, including mine, the only waiver given to 501c.3 non-profit organizations. Unless it's run by the state, of course. Because they don't have to suffer the very laws they create that they dump on our backs. LOL Edit to add: You DO know the post you reply to was a joke, right? At least that was the intentional meaning of "Devil's advocate version".
  21. And the derail begins. Which is funny because thr train has already crashed seveal posts ago. LOL
  22. The Devil's advocate version: A lottery would be "game of chance" which is against ToS. Your ability to click through the claim web site could be considered a game of skill. ~snickers~
  23. That is a good point. Making more than $10,000 off L$1 demos, cashing out and going on international vacations every month. 👍 That you think it's because of greed speaks volumes about your mindest. But nothing wrong with being a curmudgeon.
  24. Then it's a principal about being cheap. Demos are designed to be trashed; they are demonstration versions for demonstration only. But just the same, if you're too cheap to spend L$1, by principal or otherwise, it's no skin lost off that creator's nose. There's nothing wrong with being cheap; it's a choice. That's what makes capitalism do great. As for your last sentence, go shopping much? LOL
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