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  1. You may be sitting for a long time. This cliche statement has been used and overused since at least 2006. Just saying: get comfy.
  2. Try flushing browser cache. If that fails, try another browser. If that fails then create a support ticket.
  3. I'm curious why this would matter; it's called a downgrade, not a cancellation or non-renewal. Downgrade means precisely that and when you did it, you did it intentionally.
  4. AppTamer puts background apps to sleep - if they are sleeping, they are not using any more RAM than they already suck-up (I mentioned it because of the Book issue you mentioned). Here is how I would approach your scenarios - First, change-out a couple. apps: Vivaldi instead of Chrome (Better browser, exact same functionality, better features regarding RAM among other things). Use NUMBERS instead of Excel - at least for this process (Pages and Numbers and Keynote are outstanding Office alternatives and much better RAM management). Some people need Office, I get it, but for *this* I would use Numbers (then export to Excel is required) - and you already have it as it comes with ever Mac. Linden Lab Viewer (a.k.a.: LL Official Viewer) - it is much less memory intensive and a much lighter footprint. Unless you must have RLVa enabled during this process? It's also a best practice to keep a copy of LL Viewer around for troubleshooting Firestorm or Kokua (i.e. if it works on LL viewer, then the problem is with Firestorm.) I'm not sure what your process is or why you need all these apps open simultaneously as it seems there would be other ways to scrape the data you need, but if I were to do what it sounds like you're doing, this is how I would do it.
  5. I have the Orient Express. "Have train, will travel." https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Express-d-Orient-luxury-long-distance-train/8741012 //Grinz
  6. My solution is to try this: https://www.stclairsoft.com/AppTamer/ (unlimited two week demo) A couple other questions: Other than the three apps you mention as being a requirement, what other apps do you have open (Your screenshot was also showing Preview)? With Chrome, how many tabs do you have open? (Each tab can suck up memory like a pig - on any OS) - Try Vivaldi Browser (It is Chrome without the Google Spyware, but more importantly: It puts background tabs to SLEEP) - https://vivaldi.com SL is a pig of the most high. When doing what you're trying to do (as a necessary requirement thing) Then it is best to keep only the necessary apps open and necessary browser tabs open and close or shutdown anything else not needed. (Regardless of which OS you are using; it's just best-practices). Oh, and the putting computer to sleep is NOT a solution for "I'm done for today" - the idea of putting it to sleep is so you can close it, pick it up, go to your next location, open it up and continue using it. When you are done with it for the day, SHUT DOWN (Otherwise you shorten to life of your computer - go ahead, ask Apple, or Dell, or HP...)
  7. I read on computer, also. Though I rarely, if ever, bother to look at any video posted on the forums because, for me, most are a waste of time. Though whenever I do watch any video I always go full screen because it's easier to watch and no distraction from all the other page elements. Either way, the size of embedded images and videos are set by the forum system. The only way to have them smaller is if the video or image is actually smaller.
  8. I totally agree with you. Though, let us also put some perspective on this: there are only a few Linden Lab employees (a.k.a. "Lindens") who work the governance teams, and the Market Place Team is likely dealing with hundreds of take-down demands a day. Since the law is that a take-down must be completed "immediately" there is no time for vetting anything; they must do it quickly and move on. So, I *presume* that the email is a canned, prewritten message that simply inserts the listing that is being taken-down. Here's another aspect to it all, and this is IMPORTANT: I have made a couple DMCA Take-Down demands myself and in that demand, I do not have to say WHY, I only have to say WHAT and also provide my full real life information and verify that I either own the right or I am an agent of the owner. I never have to explain what part of the item is offending my I.P., only that the listing is offending it. Thus, having a better description of the offense would be better, but it is possible (and most likely) even Linden Lab does not have *that* information.
  9. Perhaps submit a support ticket to Linden Lab asking why, since they are the ones who develop the official viewer. I'm pretty sure no one here can definitively explain why, other than throw out hypothesis and rumor.
  10. ZOMG!!!1!!111!ONE!! You said a NOTTYWERD! But do concur with fervor. LOL
  11. Noooo! Acuz bumpin' necro'd thredz iz moar funz! I absolutely love to have a good hearty chuckle every time someone complains about a so-called "necro'd" thread being revived. Dun likit? Den dun reedit. I DO concur with this, though.
  12. Trouble Movie (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6772524/)
  13. Then quit the business or file a counter-claim the way I described in my OC - follow the rules or don't play the (legal) game.
  14. LL has no choice but to do this: it's the law. Even if I proclaimed the OP bikes are offending my Intellectual Property for Barbie Dolls and demand a take-down, LL *must* take it down, by law. Then it is up to the accused to file a counter-claim (basically calling Bulls**t on the take-down) - then I have to prove my take-down demand is legitimate by filing legal action. If I do not, then 1) The OP can demand LL put the taken-down items back and 2) take legal action against me (plus a $10,000 U.S. fine for filing a false take-down action). YES: It's all B.S. to the maximum. BUT, it is the way the law is written and all our hands, especially Linden Lab, are tied and they (and we) must comply. So Linden Lab cannot be blamed for any of this.
  15. Seven Eleven (7-11 - 24 hour convenience stores in the U.S., not sure about the rest of the world - good for you if you don't have them!)
  16. Just always remember that "Derender" is short-hand for "Emperor's New Clothes".
  17. The owner of that market place store should have received an email stating that items were taken down under the DMCA Take-Down Notice (A law in the U.S.) That person now has the right to file a counter-claim against the take-down. They must provide full information to Linden Lab, including legal name, address, phone numbers, etc. (Read there wiki page for all the details of what must be done and how.) That RL information is then sent to the person or people who made the take-down request. They then have 14 business days to take legal action. If they take legal action, they *must* provide proof to Linden Lab that they have done so. If they do not take any legal action, then after two weeks (14 business days) you can demand that Linden Lab replace (put back) those listings on Market Place, which they must do by law. DO NOT Put them back by yourself! Linden Lab must do it. Read the wiki page that you were directed to THOROUGHLY and COMPLETELY and understand your rights and do it correctly. OR: You can just leave those items off-line and never sell them again.
  18. Is because you have the Super-magnetically-automated keyword "Bellisseria" in the title which the Lindens have set the forums to auto-move into Linden homes forum. Honest ans for true! Try it: create a new topic in any forum can call it anything but include that in the title. Something like "AFK Sexpots with Big-butts Role-Play Anywhere but Not in Bellisseria Discussion" and Boom-chaka-laka-laka: Linden Homes! Hahahaha!
  19. Well - this is the thought that often goes through my mind every time I see those ten-gallon, gravity-defying torpedo ti...er, boobs which seem to be the status quo all over the grid.
  20. I walked around there again yesterday and this time I went inside each. Those things are a lot roomier inside than they look, I was very impressed. I'm considering abandoning my house to go for one of there. It's not bout the size of the parcel to me as it is about the aesthetics, the mood that this theme brings. And here's a fact: no matter how large or small your SL Home is, Linden Home or not, how much non-AFK camping time do you really spend there? I'm thinking one these little plots and a 512 on Mainland would be the way to go (for me, obviously).
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