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  1. I was going to find a film to watch but the radio took me back here..
  2. language, and it's uses to express the diversity of love where it is needed
  3. Consent culture, as a means to negotiate loving connection with others, according to mutual needs 💕
  4. Online communities (in my case Trans and Queer Twitter)
  5. I'm not a US citizen but I don't mind. The most important thing is that this will be last chance America gets to vote in an election unless trump is removed, and the ramifications of this are global.
  6. Ayoni played, recorded and mixed this at home with just a mic and her computer:
  7. ( and for @RowanMinx) Pass The Dutchie was an adaptation of a song called Pass The Kouchie recorded by reggae group The Mighty Diamonds. "Kouchie" was Jamaican slang for a "pot in which marijuana is kept" and "Dutchie" was a "Dutch stewing pot" in the same "patois"
  8. aww, what a blast from the past! I loved this as a kid I just looked up the meaning, and it means what I thought it meant, but the derivation of the patois isn't what i expected
  9. "My world crumbles when you are not near"
  10. Post your faves! I just heard Macy Gray on the radio: "I try to say goodbye and I choke I try to walk away and I stumble Though I try to hide it, it's clear I wear goggles when you are not here.."
  11. Not really, but I have come across a few RL Queer/trans friends who used to have accounts in the past. They tend to be people who found SL helpful to explore their identities at the time but have since been able to move that into RL fulfillment.
  12. One I return to every now and then, sometimes to wallow, sometimes to rid myself of debris, like autumn leaves or cobwebs.
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