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How does your avatar look today ?


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2 hours ago, Stranger Hoxley said:

WAAAAH He got me!!! Can anybody help me please.......?


Always happy to help. Take very deep breaths when it starts it's "death rolls"! You're welcome and good luck.  👍

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I DO love my DeeTaleZ skin, but it is quite high maintenance - have to exfoliate all the time to keep it smooth and shiny ...

And those pesky bags under my eyes - what ever I do, they never go away! Have to have a chat with Izzie about that, seriously!!!

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10 hours ago, kiramanell said:


You know I always think your gorgeous, dreamy avi is stunning. But here the flowers arrangement, I must admit, is equally beautiful. ❤️ It's a scene I would leap into in a jiffy. :) Whatever beautiful world you got yourself into, you absolutely belong there. 😍

you know how i will respond )))

*fluffy hugs and thank you*


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After a long long night, I find myself here? The other dude behind me doesn't speak so..? hummm? Can anyone guess where this place is? XO ~S

Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 12.39.40 AM.png

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You guessed it...it's standing around looking pretty time.  Today's ponderings include...should I get off my butt and make myself a hot chocolate, what song should I use for my latest blog post, I really need to change my jeans, am I hungry, and damn, my last assignment only got a "pass"!

UPDATE In case anyone is wondering...I did make the hot choc and decided on a blog post song =D


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Did an update...just in case anyone cares.
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19 hours ago, Panteleeva said:



It is such a dull and dreary day where I live in real life, and I was not fully awake until I saw this rather striking photo of yours - it truly has woken up a part of my brain that three cups of coffee had failed to do.

Gorgeous colurs - and your avatar, the pose, the hair, all are glorious and uplifting.  Thank you. 

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