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  1. Well, what a super question. I thought I was a good girl, but when I think about it, I would, if SL were RL, be charged and convicted of the following crimes: Possession of an illegal firearm Dangerous driving Trespass Actual bodily harm (including deforming, setting fire to avatars, blowing avatars to bits, paralysing avatars with my Kiss Me Deadly HUD ) Arson. Public nuisance, like in this video from six years ago, when someone in the neighbouring sim said to me "Please don't use a Linden Ocean as a sandbox" while I was just testing reflections and windlight settings.
  2. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! (And in my experience, all the crap she has on her profile will (a) make only her look bad, not really you; and (b) serve as a loud warning bell to other guys (if they have any sense) to leave the ***** completely alone).
  3. Or just me and me - or you and you - or me and .... oh wait now, I'm tied up in knots.
  4. Well, if half the current SL population is alts of you, and the other half are bots (or are you the bot half?) then which half am I and my (lost count) alts? Or am I an alt of you too two too? (turning into an owl now).
  5. Definitely cheese and piccalilli - a bit stinky with an acidic edge. Well, some of the time anyway. Other times I am a sugar butty (far tooooo sweeet).
  6. Stay as you are, perhaps use in world searches for coffee houses. I've found people in such places are mellow, there are sometimes quizzes and reading groups and film nights. Or if you like carnivals and funfairs, go look for those. Every time I have visited a fairground, I have more often than not gone alone, but ended up with a bunch of great people, that has led on to us meeting up and sharing our favourite in world destinations. As much as we can love our partners - real or virtual - no one can spend 24/7 with anyone without it become toxic (there are exceptions, but mostly I believe this to be the case).
  7. I found when I used my male alt with no hair I didn't get hit on so much! If I had "sexy" hair, then I would get swamped by offers from (presumably) female avatars.
  8. Of course, being me, I Googled your avatar's name. Being forthright in opinions and standing firm and fast in them can alienate people. Real life or Second Life. (I am guilty of being honest and forthright too, and am like Marmite). Anything said on the internet, remains on the internet and is associated with your name unless/until you get it erased. Muck sticks, as they say. Fortunately, in Second Life, it really is easy to begin all over again, if your intentions are true. Create a brand new avatar, begin your new Second Life, and perhaps learn to be more tactful, think for longer before clicking "send". It's easy to be cynical, wise to be wary, but better still to give others the benefit of the doubt and focus on the good in them. If you chase butterflies, rather than wasps, you won't get so badly stung. (And if you can read this without wanting to smack me in the chops, then well done - you really are ready to move on, minus your reputation.)
  9. Oh that looks messy; you get a sense of the scale with your av lookin' so tiny.
  10. Poor b4gger must have some bigger issues going on somewhere in his life. Was the pen1s bigger than his store - is it *that* massive?
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