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  1. I find it deeply touching, and who knows, maybe your mother's spirit watched over you as you performed that ritual. It seems respectful to your mother if anything. _____ _____ Dave Allen, Irish Comedian, he could tell a good (bad) joke, create a sketch, that undoubtedly was offensive to a lot of people, but then I've known nuns who have had quite a dark sense of humour. One who drove me and my friend, when we were 10 years old, to a summer school, was driving like a getaway driver, and we were terrified, and she actually said to us "don't worry my children, God is on my side!" Sounds like a joke, offensive to some undoubtedly, but it is a true story. You just can't please all of the people all of the time, but if you go out of your way to offend people, then the devil will take care of your soul, and karma will whupp your arse!
  2. Oh, cool. I might just be getting my giant snail racing cossie back out of the mothballs then soon. Great stuff! Glad you solved the mystery, animats.
  3. Not offended in the slightest. But that's just me. I think, if there was a god, he/it, is playing the funniest "joke" on all of us right now with the covid malarkey. And that, for what it is worth, is my two penny worth. My ex-boyfriend went through a phase of looking like (apparently) what Jesus Christ looked like. Even his bath water parted for him!
  4. I needed space and total peace and quiet late last night, and found myself somewhere on the teen grid of all places, and just listened to the gentle lapping of the water against the shore.
  5. If I'm travelling around the mainland, I usually go from either Morestello/Peraut, or Lyonet, or Ranunculus where there are rezz zones. You are right, it can be fun. I love your bike.
  6. Your photos always uplift me in those threads, and you are so right how inspirational they are when it comes to finding new destinations to explore. Positivity breeds positivity, and I love that every day I still have a list of places to go and things to do in Second Life.
  7. I thought I saw something about the upcoming SL18B, wanting vendors to come forward.
  8. Thank you so much for that - it is a wonder my visiiting starlings aren't all sounding like this currently.
  9. I just love the real life memories we all have with our old photos - and you dealt very well with being caged, especially as a newbie.
  10. This is absolutely stunning. So natural-looking, but in a very good way. I actually walked past a young woman in my home town yesterday - at a social distance I might add - who looked a lot like this, perfect eyebrows, the sweep of freckles, understated makeup. Eye brows in real life, certainly here in the UK, have got ridiculous - they look like stuck on plastic things. And the contouring thing, that is madness. So your photo is just so absolutely beautiful. And those tears, and the feelings of sadness conveyed in those eyes. You've done a good job.
  11. The differences are subtle, but you always look very classy with a sense of fun, Cristiano.
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