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  1. Your SL Memories

    The patience of my original mentor, the inspiration the first few people I met in SL gave me, hanging out at a place called Boonootoo where we would dance and randomly get paid L$, but where good friendships were made. A really fun wedding night, although that relationship did end quite badly and really should have never been.
  2. Your SL Memories

    I'm just not able to log in any more - modern technology has overtaken me completely - but sometimes things out in real life will give me a warm fuzzy feeling of SL nostalgia. Often it is a music track played in a shop or on the radio. AC/DC Thunderstruck and Hells Bells, Beyonce's If I Was A Boy, to name just three. The sky here was a strange orange colour on Monday, and the sun was weird and round and red, and kind of reminded me of Second Life, the old graphics of 2007/08. The smell of fresh mown grass and plywood, that also makes me think about Second Life, I suppose it was because the original prim always rezzed as a plywood cube and I always built on grassy land. Looking at shoes in shops that I would never actually wear - really high heeled, sparkly ones - they always remind me of SL where you can actually wear the most outrageous footwear without incurring blisters.
  3. Fortunately, this is something you did within SL, so unless you were silly/naive enough to give him any real life details, you can block/mute him and forget about him - move on, and don't do this again! No matter how skint you are. Unless you want to do *that* for a living - and frankly, for 200L$, all I would be prepared to do is leave a bot avatar hanging on a dancing pole somewhere (I did this accidentally once, just parked my avatar while I went for a real life number two, and when I got back, I had a really long IM from an obviously lonely, but really quite sweet older guy, and nothing at all pervy, he just chatted away for a while, then said he was sorry to have bothered me, thanked me for listening, and slipped 400L$ across to my avatar!)
  4. Your Biggest SL Disappointment

    Darkfire isn't a name that resonates in the same way with me. Spitteler, Avro, and Aero where the ones I used to see a load of. However, I had a dig around and found this: I found it interesting. More interesting though was the last page - Marigold UnitTestObsequious would be a bit of a pain to log in with.
  5. Your Biggest SL Disappointment

    The photo was taken a long time ago - I suspect defecation HUDs have even become more sophisticated since that time, as well as skins
  6. Your Biggest SL Disappointment

    Don't be disappointed - this does exist - and to defecate, you don't even need a toilet (or am I missing something?)
  7. An SL relationship, what are your thoughts?

    Sounds like the guy probably has a little thing going where he has a lot of "wives" who all don't know about each other. Otherwise he'd be proud to be public and publicly partnered to you. Give him the ol' heave-ho.
  8. Objects of the dead

    You should write a book, or books.
  9. Kid Avatars on Adult sims

    They are getting away with it only while no one is reporting it. Just like with real life police, they can only know about what they actually see themselves or what is reported to them. Second Life is a large world, and while many Linden Lab employees have God powers, they are not actually like God, they are not omnipotent. And so it is up to us, the residents, to keep our corner of the world (real or virtual) clean and tidy and crime free. Rather than approached child avatars or offending adult avatars yourself, you should consult the menu options at the top of your Second Life viewer screen."Help" at the top of the screen drops down a menu, within which is the "Report Abuse" option. Always ensure the box is checked/ticked next to "attach screenshot" and what you see on your screen will also then be seen by the governance team at Linden Lab. Do not expect a response, other than an acknowledgement, once you have submitted the report, just please trust Linden Lab to investigate further and take appropriate action.
  10. SL songs

  11. Wearing things by accident

    Oh how I wish you had taken a photo of this - it sounds very amusing. A goat, is the new coat.
  12. This topic is about SL: Forum crushes?

    crushes ... I've had a few ... but then again ... too few to mention. I think most of the crushes I've had on the forums have been pretty public. Except for one, and he's gonna remain my. little. sekrit. Sshhhhhhhhhhhhh
  13. This topic is about SL: Forum crushes?

    Photos or it didn't happen (joking)
  14. Problematic sim crossings. We were practicing for a Relay for Life Giant Snail Race, as I attempted to cross over a sim, my huge a r s e got stuck in the road. There was RacerX and Waelya my trainer attempting to pull me out of the road (had to be teleported back up).
  15. Embarrassing moments in your SL

    Sweet of you to say, Maddie. Even my blush isn't staying within the lines of my face