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  1. Get it over with sooner rather than later, if you can. They are only over-burdened with other people in a similar boat to yourself, and the hospital staff are extremely good at what they do - you need the treatment. Imagine how much better you are going to feel afterwards.
  2. I hope you get the peace and quiet that you require, some rest and some good quality blissful sleep.
  3. I feel a whole bunch of emotions too - ended up clicking the like button. We should be able to click as many emotions as we need to on some posts. Vile vile media coverage on Amie Harwick in USA and Caroline Flack in UK, both preventable and shocking deaths. Every woman on this earth is someone's daughter or sister, or mother, or auntie or friend or ... and men too of course ... and to be reduced to a media commodity is very puke-inducing. I felt so many different emotions reading your post, I applaud you for wording it so well, but had to click to like, although incredibly sad also, and very very angry with the media's response, and even the way someone gets to update the Wiki almost before the news is out. (Who even does that?)
  4. It is hard with parents. We are so close to them in DNA and everything, it's no wonder there are clashes. There was war with my own parents, them with each other, me with both of them. I have absolutely no regrets that we did end up never talking to one another again. They give birth to us, but they give a whole lot of other stuff to us too. If a problem cannot be resolved any other way, it can be the best thing to have silence. I had counselling, many years of counselling, before I took the decision. It was the right one for me. I cannot advise you the best thing to do. Sometimes we are damned if we do something, and damned if we don't But I sympathise, with what you must be feeling right now.
  5. I have thought about trashing Marigold Devin from time to time, for various reasons, but usually I just shove her in the wardrobe for a while and go offline until I can get my head back together again. Her (my!) inventory is ridiculous, but not as huge as some, and I haven't really got on board with all the mesh stuff, and I don't enjoy putting together outfits - I am a wash and go kind of girl in all my lives. I identify with this main avatar. She is me. I am her. I cannot trash her. I have a few alts, rarely used, but with very tidy inventories, and on odd occasions I have really enjoyed logging in as them because they feel less cluttered. Yes, I know several people who have started a new account completely. I don't have any particular feelings about others chucking an account away to start a brand new one. They all appear to have their reasons, and one of them is no doubt the type who would leave all their clothes on the beach and fake their own death in real life if they thought they could get away with it! I think if you have any doubts about starting over, I would advise you to keep the main account and just start a brand new one. We can all have several alts anyway, and it is fun trying out new identities.
  6. I haven't seen this happen for a while. Have you checked your graphics card drivers are updated to the latest version? And ensure you are using the latest viewer for Firestorm.
  7. I genuinely hope you find what you're looking for.
  8. As long as it's not a piece of skin with names and bff together tattooed on that's been gifted to you. Now THAT would be impossible to regift without a few raised eyebrows!! Skip the fruit cake - let's have brownies instead
  9. I really wish I could. I have been hampered by technical problems for a long time, so am rarely able to log in for long enough spells to explore as much as I would like to, but coffee houses and fun fairs and themed places were tops for finding like-minded people to hang with. Log in, go into Search, and good luck!
  10. Pop yourself into Second Life, the world itself, and locate a coffee house with people in it, or pop yourself into Second Life and create something, or explore, or take photos, or ... if you feel too bored to do any of that, you may just be tired or hungry in real life.
  11. I'm coming into this thread quite late (as is often the case). You sound like so many people, needing some kind of instant gratification - and I am not having a pop at you for this in any way. It is just that a lot of people who are properly established in Second Life will not be able to deal with what may come across from you as new person enthusiasm. Also, I have found in my own Second Life, that the level of chat I get will depend very much on the venue I am attending. For example, a place that looks very sociable but is in fact geared up for couples would probably see me getting involved with 0-1 avatar (whoever would be brave enough to approach me to ask me for a dance), and I might also be engaged in one or two more private message conversations at the same time, but rarely has this been the case. On the other hand, a coffee shop venue, where there may be a live band or a quiz night has always provided me with more than enough company, with the very sociable open chat that always ensues with a quiz night, and also private messages from individuals that are like-minded. As for blocking anyone, I fail to see how it would be relevant to block anyone, just for not engaging in conversation. It seems a tad juvenile, even spiteful, especially if you are (IF you are) the type of person I have come across who actually says "you are blocked/muted" before blocking/muting. The most idiotic blocking I received was from a sailor I met as a ghosted avatar on the Blake Sea sims. He was grateful I had helped him to find his stuck avatar, and we got him back inworld, but then he asked to go on my friend list, and I was fine with that, but he seemed to think then I should be contacting him on a regular basis, and after a week, when NEITHER of us had approached the other for any kind of interaction, he sent me a private message to say he was throwing me off his friends list AND muting me. Why? I mean, I laughed in real life. Just purely idiotic.
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