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  1. Yes .. there is a chance still. Different Second Life Beta group members are logged in at different times of the day (and night), so some days you will drop more lucky than others on the information you can receive in response to an enquiry. You could drop lucky and find that one of the Beta Lindens is online and can advise you further on this. (Or @Whirly Fizzle , do you know how currently to access Beta grid - it used to be change password and wait 24 hours but I am going back a few years.)
  2. Several reasons for this. If they have never visited the profiles, they won't be listed. You will notice that your own forum profile date is different (later) to your actual Second Life real age details. Also, if you are trying to look for a person by their Display Name, again, you will not find them.
  3. Sera Lok also has a nice selection, all laid out in her in world store as room settings. (Check out her profile picks for location.) Worth a look I think. Don't be overwhelmed by the size of her store; there are teleportation boards to each department in each section of the store.
  4. Regarding that particular issue, have you had a chat with the people in Second Life Beta group chat? You used to have to change your password then wait for 24 hours, but I think that changed. Someone in the Beta group will advise you on current situation.
  5. Hello, pearlapis Although generally we're not able to advise on specific products, it does sound like the hoodie will have come with some kind of HUD or texture panel, and rather than dragging the texture onto the hoodie itself, you would need to drag the texture onto a spare space on the HUD/panel. Instructions of how to do this should have come with the hoodie, but if you cannot find these instructions, please contact the creator to ask.
  6. OK, another suggestion. Do you save chat and IM logs to your hard drive/computer? I've just been having a look through some of mine and when people have sent me things, it registers in their IMs.
  7. I thought you possibly already did, and coming here was the last resort. Sorry to hear your friend is dead in RL. No wonder the house is so much sought after; sentimental value and all that.
  8. I know this is going to sound silly, but do you not still have a notecard or a box or some kind of something in your inventory connected to this house? Or did the friend gift it to you directly from their inventory rather than from a store/vendor? If the latter was the case, then maybe the friend still has some document/information notecard in their inventory.
  9. That person is a shallow a-hole (but there are a lot of them about!) You'll change your avatar if and when its right for you. This avatar of mine has changed a fair bit since Day One, but at the moment I feel I have got it to look how I want it to look. For now. Sorry I didn't respond to your post earlier, but I have been away from computer for 24 hours or so.
  10. Unfortunately, none of us here on the Forums/Answers can help you with this (apart from making suggestions like - Did you write the password down anywhere? Underneath your keyboard on a scrap of paper?) You need to contact Linden Lab support direct, by creating a case. They will try to jog your memory, but will need some information from you. https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/ Good luck!
  11. I looked through my stuff, and knew I had visited the place before, but it seems not since 2012 - The Queen's Diamond Jubilee year in fact. As no one spoke to me when I was there (I was not in as Marigold, but on an alt exploring), I got the feeling a lot of the avatars I saw pole dancing etc., were alts just to pad out the figures. The distribution of avatars does seem to have changed since the time you took a break from SL. When I logged in on Saturday afternoon (in the UK - it was around 8am SL time) there were 48,000 avatars logged in, which sounds like a lot, but when you divide that number across all the sims that exist, and take into consideration there are sims that are fully populated, it does mean a heck of a lot of sims are ghostly quiet. (There aren't even ghosted avatars any more !) Did you take your break from SL before or after Zindra/Adult Continent appeared? When I most recently logged in, I was checking out some of my old landmarks, and found a lot were no longer even on the grid. Its like starting all over again. But there is another thread that might interest you (it interests me) No guarantees about the destinations at this time, and its a new project by the avatar who has posted that informative thread, but its an alternatively to the official Second Life Destination Guide (which still is interesting of course), but Saul is endeavouring to build up some good quality places to visit. Word of mouth and personal recommendations always being the best way to find out where is worth visiting - in any world.
  12. Having a chuckle to myself remembering when I was ejected and banned from a newbie-friendly sim, when I was a newbie, because a friend teleported me in and I landed in the middle of what appeared to be a dance floor, and literally came face to face with a naked female crotch, which I stated in open chat to the friend who had TPd me in. It would appear the owner of the land was also on the dance floor, took immediate offence at me chortling about landing face to stranger's crotch, and I remained banned for quite a long time. An old friend of mine was in a sandbox and thought weapons HUDs were fun, and didn't really care about silly rules, so caged a random bloke, who happened to own the railway lines in/near to one of the well-known sims on the SL mainland. We found out he was banned quite by accident when we tried to visit the trains one day, and my friend's name was there on the banned list, and found out the hard way that caging strangers is never acceptable. Some of us ain't bad people, we just do things that other people think are bad
  13. I am glad if you have cheered up a little; I have been very bent out of shape mentally by some of the (mostly moronic when I look back) situations I have been in; misunderstandings with some people, general fall outs (which turned out to be for the best), and certain situations even have me laughing out loud many years later. You have done really well to get to nine years and never having felt like you didn't want to bother with SL any more. I've taken quite a few breaks, the last one being for a good couple of years (I am still not back in world properly - doubt I ever will be). But, it would be a great shame if one person's attitude was what put you off Second Life. One day even that particular sim, as popular as it may be now, may disappear off the face of the map of Second Life. Some truly fabulous and tremendously popular places have. And for sure much better places with much more amenable people will be found again. Take heart.
  14. Sitting here with the automatic refresh showing the rate at which the spammers spam. I have a headache.