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  1. There is probably even more shocking stuff hidden away in other sekret places yet to be found
  2. Not yet, but as the word "Stan" has just entered the Oxford English Dictionary anything is possible.
  3. M is most definitely most entertaining - and mischievous
  4. Burp-le
  5. To see whose on currently, quick link is (great for stalkers ) Who is most fun/popular/entertaining/informative on these forums?
  6. Its a much nicer place (on the "new and improved" forums, but for some of us the favourite colour is still purple
  7. The odd thing is, people have been saying that for all the time I've been in SL (and probably before that) - but it ain't dead yet, and earlier when I attempted a log in, there were just as many users as ever logged in. Creativity isn't dying. Some of us dinosaur-types disappear for a while after grumbling about all the new stuff that our dinosaur computers can't cope with, but other people come back, and others join as new residents. So where is the proof SL is dying?
  8. Next event he attends where cheerleaders are involved will be saying "Gimme a "C" ... "Gimmee an "O" ... well, you know the rest
  9. I don't think the dead-cat hairdo of his will ever catch on though.
  10. Just catching up and reading through this entire thread and this post might be my favourite post EVER - can't stop laughing at the ginger "minge" ! This was my favourite glitch too. Shoes and hair up the rectum. (And that was my favourite dress in my early days in SL - but on my av it seemed to expose half my nipples.) Ah the good old days
  11. "Weird messages" ... how goes those?
  12. I don't think it was modifiable, but for sure you could have funny fun with friends (one person's griefer tool is another person's fun toy); I still laugh when I think about this device (it was a spell HUD I believe) that my friend had, with all the options - and I was always the easy target
  13. I had a friend who had a HUD that used to throw the word "Noob" all around me ... until I teleported to a different location. Still makes me larf
  14. Rats get such bad press, but they're lovely - and I love this photograph of your lovely boys. I used to have a doctor who kept rats, and whenever I needed to see him about anything, he'd ask me about my best c o c k in the world and then would show me a couple of recent pictures of his pet rat on his phone. He had several over a period of years, and each one had their very own unique personality - a lot of people don't realise this. P.S. You didn't ramble at all - and I am sorry and sad for your loss of Touille (short for ratatouille?) .
  15. Ohhhh very cool