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  1. Even got a good selection of poses built into it all. A nice place to take friends for a fun hour or two. The Moles have done such a lot of decorating and the new Linden Homes sims are really nice.
  2. Oh lovely! I know where this is, when I was very hot in real life the other week, I was exploring and found this, stood my avatar in the nearby pool and listened to the water, it made me feel cooler. One of the SSPE sims yet to be finished off. (SSPE1199?)
  3. You need to get that entered via Flickr if you have an account, as I am sure it would be chosen for Photo of the Day. What a great idea!
  4. I would have said that you are actually original - certainly in Second Life you are unique, the way you put your avatar together, the photos you take, not like anyone else, unique and identifiable. I loved reading your comments about each aspect of your personality. It made me go back into mine and edit to add more details. I never get the impatient side of you - you have never come across as that at all. I know, context is key.
  5. I wanted to read more about you. On Second Life we think we know people, but we only know a tiny part of them. Edit and add more if you get the time. (Because I am interested and - oh see my personality type. Hahaha).
  6. This video is just fantastic - the lyrics are ace. I love her, I want to be her, I'm coming back in my next life as her. NSFW
  7. Definitely ISFJ-A Apparently - see below - and this is true - I am the least likely of all the personality types to want to ever travel into space. DefenderPersonality ISFJ-A Explore Your Type Introduction Strengths & Weaknesses Romantic Relationships Friendships Parenthood Career Paths Workplace Habits Conclusion Premium Profile Insight of the Day Defenders are the least likely personality type to want to travel to space so
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