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  1. Whupps, I meant got not bot ! Bots on the brain.
  2. Firstly, welcome to Second Life Answers, Fabuluz. Secondly, you are on a public page, so absolutely everyone on the internet now has bot your email, so I suggest you remove it. Thirdly, The quarterly rate special offer may have expired (always read the small print).
  3. Spock called - wants his ears back!
  4. I laughed, so I liked.
  5. This I have never heard of before. If a sim is unavailable all that is usually visible from adjacent land is a vast blue nothingness until a sim is restarted and reappears again. Screenshot if you have one please.
  6. I had a go on one of these in world a few years ago, and drove around on it until I felt travel sick in real life. (I had a go on one of these when I worked on one a few more years ago, and drove around on it for 20 minutes, and I WAS travel sick in real life ) Great fun though
  7. Yes, subject to a premium house being available, all premium members are entitled to have one premium house. Obviously if you also have a parcel or parcels of land elsewhere, it won't be free, it will add to your 512m of land holdings.
  8. I haven't got a hat head Looks like I might have to go through another bald phase.
  9. In theory it sounds like a fantastic idea. I am sure if we could sort out our inventories offline, we would at least get a little further through the task than when we are in world with such easy distractions. Having said that, I really need some help with my real life inventory, which seems to have got out of hand! (My new year's resolution this year was to de-clutter, a corner at a time - and I am afraid I haven't got very far.)
  10. Just in case you are still looking for a position, please have a look at this new post/thread.
  11. I wonder if this horse and yourself might like to meet.
  12. I checked the link. I was logged in. It worked fine for me.
  13. The closest I've come is watching my friend build up his tropical fish tank, adding a new fish here, a piece of coral there, and the latest addition is an anemone. Its such a relaxing hobby, colourful, definitely feeds the pleasure centre of his brain. Costs him a fair amount, and worth every penny for the joy it gives him (and I am sure if he could he would love to shrink himself down, climb into that tank, and live among the clown fish). I used to live in an underwater tank in world, complete with mermaids and sand pools and tropical plants, but being in Second Life, we had this place 3000m above ground. I've said it before, but I'll say it again, when we are old and losing our marbles a bit, there are going to be some crazy memories. If I tell someone I used to be a mermaid, or I could fly and had feathers (I sometimes am a cockatiel avatar), they'll just put it down to dementia!
  14. Heck, all the magazines and books and chocolate (and sims) I could buy with that amount of money!
  15. Well good luck to you. Isn't at all likely to happen to me though, because I've struggled with taking and maintaining a relationship that began on these forums just as far as in world! (editing again - just realised how old the original post was - hope you're both still together and very happy.)