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  1. Just lazy journalism. A decent reporter would make half an effort to get a good view inside the game. Look on YouTube for veteran players who are up to date and know their way around SL and question them on what it's like and get them to show the reporters avatar around for a proper look!
  2. People buying me stuff when I'm not expecting it (steam games "just because" for instance!). Discovering I have a bit of money left after paying the monthly bills. Sex (rare these days unfortunately) or Porn and it's associated activity. Not necessarily in that order! Edit: Forgot a )
  3. Usually that they have it and I don't!
  4. Ahh! Ok, my bad. Thought she was offering the guy on what he should buy! Will STFU now, lol.
  5. He has about as much money as a 2 day old 'newbie' wandering around outside sex clubs begging for L$'s to buy a pen *s!
  6. People actually marry people who spell that badly? She must be fantastic looking and a demon in bed. May be the reason he was wearing her panties as a mask!
  7. Your sister? Wife? Mother?.....depends what day it is really! 😆😜
  8. Yeah...bloody expensive ways knowing you! 😜 Hope you're well and good, been a while.
  9. He'd say - "Why the hell are you still carting that pen*s around with you? You've not had SL sex since 2008 you clown! 😂 me - "Emergencies?....ya' never know right?" 😔
  10. If the time you caught them happened to be the last time, you'd have been sleeping perfectly fine in that bed after all the previous times! Why ruin a perfectly good bed? The mind can be a real b1tch sometimes can't it? 😉
  11. The latest firestorm update has been causing some people a lot of trouble. However, they're still going ahead with forcing all users to update to it very soon....go figure!
  12. It was a 'porn' parody of the James Bond film - Goldfinger.
  13. Lol, Lorena Bobitt - cut off her hubby's pee pee with a knife for cheating! (he had it sewn back on and ironically later became a porn star!). My view on the subject - If you can't tell your respective partner about what you're doing for fear of anger/ divorce/ loss of important parts etc, it's "cheating". Porn is something else entirely! I have spoken!
  14. Maybe the planner's had the same spelling ability as yourself? Love, a "Manc'"! 🙎‍♂️
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