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  1. If the time you caught them happened to be the last time, you'd have been sleeping perfectly fine in that bed after all the previous times! Why ruin a perfectly good bed? The mind can be a real b1tch sometimes can't it? 😉
  2. The latest firestorm update has been causing some people a lot of trouble. However, they're still going ahead with forcing all users to update to it very soon....go figure!
  3. It was a 'porn' parody of the James Bond film - Goldfinger.
  4. Lol, Lorena Bobitt - cut off her hubby's pee pee with a knife for cheating! (he had it sewn back on and ironically later became a porn star!). My view on the subject - If you can't tell your respective partner about what you're doing for fear of anger/ divorce/ loss of important parts etc, it's "cheating". Porn is something else entirely! I have spoken!
  5. Maybe the planner's had the same spelling ability as yourself? Love, a "Manc'"! 🙎‍♂️
  6. Jesus! This is like reading the complete works of Shakespeare, the difference being I can understand some of Shakepeare's stuff!
  7. A famous person once said..."A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step"!...Just needs someone to take that step I guess? "Build it and they will come"....(another famous person!).
  8. I chose # 1...but had to also hit the woman at the bustop that was holding it, all the screaming was hurting my ears! It was just a little pudgy kneecap for God's sake, no need for all the dramatics! .....Does it still count? (pizza shop was closed).
  9. The only game 'intro' I never skipped before playing. The music and the cinematic really got the juices flowing before playing a great game (probably just a "guy" thing?). It's a great shame where the series went after this original!
  10. "When all reasonable options have failed.... well, just slaughter the bas****'s!" - Sun Tzu, the art of war.
  11. Seems obvious to me who your cold water thief is......case closed! 👮‍♂️
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