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  1. This kind of reminds me of those black people getting convicted by an all white jury! 😐
  2. Each to their own I guess mate.....each to their own! lol
  3. Does it sound anything like this?:
  4. People who walk into street lights and things while p1ssing about with their phones, then pretend it didn't happen as the blood pours down their face!....It happened!....We saw it!....You're a dickhead, OWN IT!
  5. We need a "Boo!...stone her!" smiley face for Lindal's jokes...Jeez! 😐
  6. "Unfortunately you didn't win anything this time. However, in a few minutes time you'll be able to play again"! 1,000 innuendo'd and perverted jokes incoming!!! 😆
  7. When I avoid posting on a thread for 2 days because I notice the Linden's sharpening the axe, then make one tiny 2 sentence response and BAM! Another thread locked that I'll probably get the blame for! 😐
  8. Yeah, I've often tried sitting/lying on things and being completely baffled why they won't work...until finally "DOH!" 😆
  9. That goes for 98% of anyone who uses the internet! 😆 + ("Experimental tests" and "these are facts"...bit of an oxymoron no?).
  10. Wasn't this answered yesterday? I'm having deja vu! Anyhow, TL:DR version: YOU MUST VERIFY YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT THROUGH YOUR BANK! (takes 2-3 days).
  11. 1/ Try turning off your AO (if used). 2/ Your "dock" might be owned by one avatar and your new "alt" if such, doesn't have permissions granted. Both problems I have with my main and alt's, lol.
  12. Canada's on the 1st...Panteleeva's on the 2nd....mine on the 3rd....USA on the 4th. Makes me feel like a 'border'! 😆
  13. "Par.zomg"?...Sounds like something scooby doo says! 😂
  14. There was a TV series some years ago (BBC I think) - "You're amazing!". Probably a very similar subject, on all the amazing things about the human body. Might be worth tracking it down if possible Ceka.
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