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  1. So three days ago my friend met her perfect man in SL. They were starting to build a life on his sim, were enjoying learning about each other and having fun. Last night his account was banned for "violating the terms and conditions" of SL. He'd been reported by a vindictive ex for "playing with personages not of age". He appealed, but he is out. No telling him what he sposedly did or giving him a chance to defend himself. This is a man who spent hundreds of RL dollars every month in SL. So if he can be tossed aside and lose everything without warning or explanation, anyone can. I almost don't want to interact with anyone inworld ever again if this is what can happen.
  2. Rogan Diesel - Diesel Poses (I still use his walk animation as my AO walk in SL) Dick Wiesel - WoE (my fav go-to jeans place back in system layer days!)
  3. Neighbours who have objects with obnoxiously bright flashing lights rezzed at their homes that light up your home as well, so you have to play "hunt out the pain in the butt object" and derender it! Yes I found it and sent him a biting my tongue to stay polite message!
  4. Disclaimer - not read replies. Personally I don't think its possible to be kind in responses here on the boards to certain people cos... 1 - I end up getting reported and sent into time out because people can't just suck it up and move on, they HAVE to tattle cos their "widdle internet feelings got hurt cos someone disagrees with them". 2 - It ends up wandering into "not on topic" territory and is therefore deleted. 3 - Some people just don't deserve kindness. That being said, my biggest kindness here on the boards is just to block you or just ignore your posts altogether! As for inworld - I simply say "thank you" if complimented on my avatar. All other kindnesses from me include just ignoring, stopping replying or just logging out. Cos if you ain't got anything nice to say...
  5. Omg I did that last week too...exact same movies!!!
  6. Maybe not so historically correct, but such a gorgeous production. Absolutely in love with the costuming and jewelry!
  7. So I was talking to someone the other day and they said something, I responded to it in the context of what I understood they had said (which is what all of us do after all)...and they ghosted me all yesterday cos apparently I didn't respond how I should have and they're pissed with me over it. This is why talking to people peeves me!
  8. I did not call anyone here that, cos I don't stoop to name calling when I disagree with a person. It was a generalisation of some men that you can find out in the wilds these days.
  9. I think the problem is that people have forgotten how to communicate, hold conversations, know its okay to disagree and still like each other. Mobile phones and the pandemic really have done a number on how people interact with each other and its quite sad. I enjoy a good conversation or debate, but these days conversations inworld are like pulling teeth - painful and a challenge to get through, so I tend to tap out and not bother with them. As for disagreements or debates? You're labelled a "-phobe" or an "-ist" if you disagree with certain opinions or viewpoints, so again, what's the point? And yet I am still hopeful one day I will find interesting conversations and healthy debates.
  10. I'm still trying to ditch the one I made from here...cos he's a butt! *eyes @Orwar *
  11. I never thought I would give up my Catwa head cos I just loved how I looked with it, even though it was 6 yrs old and "outdated", I still loved it. I switched to a Lelutka head back in December when I did the whole "new name, new me" thing and no regrets. I love how I look now too! I am going through a whole boxing stuff I no longer use phase and a few weeks ago boxed up my Catwa stuff. I went down over 5,000 items just from my skins/makeups alone!
  12. It could be...but with added bangs?
  13. I don't discriminate. I just don't like anyone! Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd...
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