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  1. On my way to the Home&Garden Expo to support Relay For Life . . .
  2. My pleasure - After all, I have my reputation as a Hair Hoe™ to live up to!
  3. Wrong style - next page on the hud and choose style A - EDIT: Style 1 https://gyazo.com/68470b558c3f4d9d8241a91cb1f8a314
  4. If you dont think the hair in the first picture is Monso Yaska - you do not want the hair in the first picture - because that hair IS Monso Yaska... Any visible differences is due to light, resolution of picture, viewer settings, hair color, head shape etc... QED
  5. I have a weak spot for DeeTaleZ - this is the "European" skintone. For lighter tones, "Celtic" and "Nordic".
  6. Trying to look as norwegian as possible in Let it Snow! A Winter Wonderland
  7. I've become spoiled after i got the new laptop, so I run around with everything maxed out all the time Dropping from like 80 to 60 in moderately busy places with all the bells and whistles, so I probably do not have anything to complain about (spoiled brat, I know it!) - but I am paranoid about everything that brings my framerate down. I did turn off/on the occlude thing, and that took the loss from 20 in avg to 10 in avg, so it helped a bit
  8. I kind of like the EEP as such, but not the 20FPS framedrop on my RTX2060
  9. FWIW: Here's what I found for MT Applier skins: If you do BOM, then I found these (that Marianne mentioned) to be the same as the ones above: Heres an illustration of what Maitimo said above, why it blends in with almost any BOM Body skin: As an example, Lelutka Base Face 02 with the systemskin from the Bitsy starter avatar: I LOVE this - neckseams are dead, long live BOM
  10. Straight outta the box (almost) - minor tweeks to the lips and the nose, skintone 02 from the box and eyes/makeup from the HUD. Loves it!
  11. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Frogmore/130/98/21
  12. I really like the expression in this pic - this is the unedited crop... And I intended to keep it that way, but me being me, I ended up with this: So there you are - and that's it, I guess!
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