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  1. Maybe I have a soft spot for these kind of things, but this thread hitting 1,000 pages is kinda cool if you ask me! Also, that fact that our milestone is corresponding with the end of the 2010’s and beginning of 2020 is amazing! Is anyone planning or thinking of a special post? Maybe a selection of Picts that you posted here? I’ve been posting in this thread almost daily for over a year and a half now and was just wondering what if anything you guys were thinking 🤔? Remember the Bunny 🐰 poster?! 😘 Haha 🤣 ... that was fun
  2. Love this photograph Taya... wow, great everything:)
  3. Here ya go... THE shoes Oops... almost forgot: Azoury - Kardia Heels
  4. new outfit...and you should see the shoes...OMG!
  5. To you guys who are repeating your stories, thanks, I find it fascinating learning some additional background on many of you whom I follow and admire! And, Belinda, not boring! 🧘‍♀️
  6. I’ve often wondered what the story or inspiration was behind your Avatar names... ??? So... ??? I’ll go first 😬 Saravendi is a manufactured, made-up word (no surprise there). Years ago, my interior design group was designing a Spa retreat and pitched the client the name Saravendi Spa. It was to be a traditional Spa with Yoga, a retail store etc. They went with another option, but I always loved the name and Sara was alway my favorite name, so when I got the chance to name myself when enrolling for SL (just Sara was obviously taken) Saravendi became it!! I often wonder if ppl think I’m Indian in rl because of the Sanskrit ending “vendi”... nope, just a California girl who loves Yoga 🧘‍♀️ (does that count?) Namaste ~ Sara
  7. Sunny... how about you share that auto script with me so I can like all of your posts!!! 😉
  8. So @Angelina String and I decided to meet up this summer, and since she was coming from Norway and me from California, we ended up meeting in Miami. So here we are sitting on the veranda of a kinda crapy Motel. Both of us are deep in thought going...hummm what do we do now.? Ended up getting a beachside place, so everything turned out great!
  9. Yikes!!!! New me hangin around MAR 2018. I guess I missed this thread when it started, so I'm a bit late to the party, anyway.... I started with this version of me about 3 years ago... but took me a while to figure things out. NOV 2018 NOV 2019
  10. I am crazy out of my head shoe shopping at GOS!
  11. Friendships, shopping, photography, events, discovering cool sims, shopping, building, shopping 🛍
  12. I was looking for a SIMS like VR to explore. I’d seen 3D 360 immersive games and liked the idea of a sims worldwide community environment. That was in 2015... however, the tech was hard for me to pick up and I really didn’t understand how to do anything! Buy clothes and throw objects to the ground, sandboxes, unpacking.., all of it was confusing. I left for a year, then came back in Oct 2017... started watching YouTube how-tos and I started to get better. Once I bought my mesh body... it was all over! I was hooked. Discovering the forum (especially “how does your avatar look today “) thread gave me a community to connect with and make friends, and the rest is history!
  13. Biking in the rain... look... no hands 😱
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