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  1. always had shadows enabled...hummmm... I'm adjusting the WL as set by region and manually, both seem to not fix the problem... Thanks for trying to help!
  2. After my Bunny burn out, I picked myself up and drove to my parents home for more bunny time. Happy Easter everyone! 😘 🐰 ~ S
  3. HELP! I’ve noticed in the last month or so that my viewer experience is very dark, especially indoors and at my linden home. I know... I checked my graphics setting in preferences and all seems normal. I’ve messed with windlight and time of day sliders in settings, and it does shift and change light quality but something is still very off. Is anyone else have this problem? Can someone post basic slider positions in preferences here? This is very frustrating.... errrrrr 🤯 ~ Sara
  4. I love this photo! The hat.. gun...cig...great. Where did you shoot this... kind of looks like EOD club...???
  5. I’ve been spending toooo much time on my computer, with my own work for RL and a project I was working on for the forum. Had to stay off the Mac 🖥 all week to recover. Much better this weekend & I hope to be back next week. Until then my only SL outlet in on my iphone on this forum. Re; the “project”, Maybe I’ll start to unveil it next week... depends upon my recovery. Thank you soooo much for your kind words. They are so appreciated. 😘 to all! ~ S
  6. Scylla- this is brilliant! Love 💕 this photo of you!!!! For me, this is your best work.
  7. I may be a bit bias, but I think this picture is absolutely fabulous!!! Taya looks amazing, great expression, love the plat hair, the white formal and ... the Wings!!! Then the Hollywood diva glasses, omg 😮. Great composition, great juxtaposition (angel, contemporary diva vibe) and the title Last Hurrah... damn right on, the diva angle strutting her bad self maybe for the last time. Sorry guys, I don’t thing this title had anything to do with the 1958 Spencer Tracer movie. This should have been at least 30 likes ❤️ Its why I follow Taya! Yay! ~ Sara
  8. Hi Colleen.... for the poster that I put together it is, however @Orwar is putting together a magazine on another thread.
  9. KI appreciate Tayas support of my efforts putting together the bunny poster. It is true, and she is right, I did feel a bit pushed aside once the whirlwind regarding the book started to take shape, and especially being omitted from the original post and story of how this thing started. I kind of had the significant role in its evolution. Anyway, that said, it was never ever my intention to own anything or get anything other then my personal enjoyment in giving our community another way to engage with each other and a fresh way for us to see ourselves as a super creative community. I think that the bunny poster worked because it was spontaneous and organic in its nature. Zeta, Taya and Alice posts... I post the four of us... another jumps in and off it went. I just finished everyone today at 32!!! I never expected it to grow like that... we drew out some outliers and newbies that rarely post and that helps threads grow and thrive. The important thing is that it seemed like everyone enjoyed the process and their inclusion into the community. Yes Orwar, I did support your & Zenns idea and I think that if you guys can dedicate the time, it could be an awesome project. My only concern is that after a while it might become more & more work, like a job and demanding of our time and when that happens, the fun starts to fade fast and it can fall apart quickly. My intention moving forward (prior to this project) was to organically feel out the desires from the thread... it seemed like the Superhero thing was bubbling up and I thought i might run with that if that felt fun for the group. However, now I’m not sure how to move forward? Zenn- thanks for the inclusion. I’ll help where I can... the poster thing is definitely a fun project for me to do, so just let me know. Lastly, I’d love for this to become super successful, but for me... not at the expense of “hows does you avatar look today” thread. That’s still where you’ll find me hanging out. ~ Sara
  10. Sorry for spamming the thread...just had to say to Nastasha... cool Superhero! I Love it .... who is this? I mean Superhero wise? Are you Nastasha Girl?
  11. Thank you Zeta for starting the trend, Taya for the inspiration, Maddy and Skell for making it fun, and everyone else for having fun with this! Happy Easter..... bunny
  12. I think everyone is wonderful, but I think Maddy is my personal fav!!! I mean a pitch fork AND ladybug slippers!
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