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  1. And THIS is the greeting I get coming home!??
  2. For some reason I keep getting left at the alter? Maybe my new hair scared him away?
  3. Still soaking in the last bit of summer sun... Happy to be back and posting again! Hi Everybody:)))))
  4. This is a memorizing! I just love this Walelu. As for my absence from the thread... I was away on a holiday for the last 2 weeks in rl and it was a wonderful relaxing time 🌴🧘‍♂️☀️... but seriously missed you guys! Haven’t yet been in-world since Sept, so nothing new to post yet..., but in the meantime catching up with everyone’s amazing post!!! Plus it’s scary time... so there’s that too! ~ Sara
  5. Great animation... just need you in your little black dress, black hair slicked back, red lips! I tried some time ago to get the Robert Palmer “addicted to love” band going with Belinda .... maybe now?
  6. I’m sure this wasn’t lost on many, but we are definitely marching towards a thread of 1,000 pages! That will be 25,000 posts from our relatively small group, that already has passed 22,500 posts so far! ~ 🙂 Does anyone know if this is any sort of record for a thread? 🤔
  7. Victoria... with a proposal like that, how could you say no???? 🤣
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