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  1. just what I looked like today...zero editing
  2. My vote is number 1 (left to right 1,2,3)... No on Glam #3.... DeetaleZ is good too! IMHO
  3. I was shopping yesterday at Uber event and saw this BUNNY chair!!!!! Remember the Bunny Poster that I did about a year ago... anyways, I HAD TO HAVE THIS! This is me trying it out at the event. Sorry, but you guys will probably see another photo of the chair from me.
  4. My very Unconventional Fairy Uniform...(and I'm sure the rainbow doobie isn't kosher either)
  5. Amazing agin and I love the all white look... Great shot Scylla, love the set-up and mood. Looks like a rl photo!
  6. This photo is dedicated to @Scylla Rhiadra... B&W rules! Location is the Venice SIM... St. Marks Square
  7. So can my pink bubblegum double as a face mask?
  8. Taya and I sitting around wondering what to do.
  9. Hiya everyone! I've been totally self absorbed the last few weeks with everything... So I just wanted to pop in and post something so you all know I'm fine and haven't disappeared. XO Sara
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