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  1. Hey Victoria... I couldn’t resist! Lovely
  2. I really love this photo! It looks soooo rl! Is the background sl or rl? Lighting is great too!
  3. Here ya go!! I took the liberty to put you on the beach... ya know.... character motivation!! 🙂 PS: just noticed the masking oops.... did this from my IPhone 📲, and isn’t it the smile that counts anyway!? um..hum... you know it is
  4. I’ve got your back love!!! Post here and I’ll pick it up and repost you all smiley 😊!
  5. A change of pace... got my alter ego Sara's out for a new film called" Sara and her sisters"... maybe three shades of Sara...LOL!
  6. This is one of the funniest and wittiest post I've ever read!!!! LMAO! LOLOLOLOL! Still laughing!!!! OMG... Orwar and you have a new career as a comedy team 🤣
  7. So... I thought that I looked weird at first because I've never seen me smile like that! I have the Lelutka Face HUD and even with that tool, my smile is totally creepy...I MEAN CREEPY and weird.... strange, odd and fundamentally WRONG. So, to see myself with an authentic smile was strange, but kind of liberating from the brooding aloofness I'm usually sporting. I will also say, the paid version of the app allows for much finer detailing and I think looks a lot more natural. ZETA & SCYLLA... I think this is what you both look like in your happy places You are both beautiful and lovely, brooding or not, IMHO.
  8. I know what you mean, I’ve gotten use to years of the sultry or neutral vibes... but, it’s kind of exciting to see the smiles, it kind of brings out another emotional side, and more authenticity a reflection of me and my personality in rl.
  9. Thank you Scylla!!! I agree... really surprised me at how naturally the software renders the faces and so seamlessly and quickly.
  10. Maybe they do have the app for Android??! Not sure.... but my question is, why can’t the AO programmers not produce natural smiles? I just accepted the limitation, but visually speaking it can obviously be accomplished. And yes... I know, we’re talking about 3D, wireframes, mesh... bone 🦴 structure etc... but, does anyone have any insight into how such an obvious emotion... probably The Emotive didn’t get addressed?
  11. Last one... you can also take the expressions sad, but sl AO does a good job at that already, so say ..."cheese". *snap
  12. Hey @Scylla Rhiadra and @Eva Knoller...the story goes, that I was backlogged trying to catch up posting into to my Flickr account... so, I got sucked into that whole thing and came across an SL post with the Avi smiling. I starting reading the comments and discovered it was an IOS app called...FaceApp (apple app). The way it works is that you import your avi image into the app (easy), and the rest of the user stuff is simple and intuitive. You can adjust makeup, backgrounds, hair color, styles, smiles, beards (guys of course), you can also add old or young aging to your photos, etc... It's intended for RL photos but works amazing for AVI. I had a blast digging up older posts and seeing them with alternate expressions. The added benefit for those who are going for lifelike images is that because the software is adjusting RL photos there are fine details added into your shot that boost the realism in the skin infections etc... You do have to do a little back and forth dance bringing in the image and then saving to photos and then posting, but definitely a fun app. Below are a few examples. All images on the left are original posts and only modified with FaceApp on the right. My Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/155460000@N05/
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