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  1. @Catrie Love this photo! Composition is great. BTW- love the movie posters and those shoes!
  2. A very dreamy and wonderful post! Had to repost it 🙂
  3. Love this photo of you Talli!!!! That dress is amazing 😉 ...or is it the tattoo?
  4. I just tried the new Lelutka heads and for my taste they just didn’t look enough like my me-ness for me to change. I wear Lelutka May and love 💕 her. I did like some of the new HUD options however like the, AO and moods! I wish they would update the previous HUDs. Oh well 😊
  5. Victoria...? I’m a little disturbed that neither of you guys are drinking your chocolate shake? You know it melts, when it’s super hot... 🥵 ... and speaking of hot, who’s your friend? 😉
  6. I’m super happy with my Maitreya Laura body. I realize you already bought Slink, but for anyone else reading this thread with the same issues. first off, it’s a beautiful mesh body that you can completely customize to your liking. Secondly, nearly every clothing developer/vendor makes versions for Laura or exclusive clothing. Thirdly, the HUD is very intuitive and easy to use. Nothing but love for Maitreya Laura.
  7. I love both Jordan and Jaylah... very cool names. IMHO Happy New Decade 2020’s! 🎆
  8. The whole plan was to take the gondola under the Rialto Bridge at midnight, on New Years Eve 01-01-2020 (weird to write that date) and I’m still waiting....! (first post in the SL community in 2020...yay?.., not sure if that’s a good thing 🥳)
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