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  1. I had to Google to find out what a brony is. I feel an overwhelming need to mock you for knowing this @Orwar!
  2. As I said at the start of my post...I live in a country with 27 active cases of Covid and all of them are people who came into the country and are in managed isolation, so right now (at least) the risk of not being vaccinated is kinda low. Will I change my mind if things change? We shall see.
  3. Or the "I'm leaving SL if we ever break up" only to be at Teqis trying to pick up women 10 mins AFTER the breakup! Or does that just happen to me?
  4. One of my guilty pleasures is watching cat rescue videos, especially ones where they look after pregnant feral mother cats before fixing them and the kittens and adopting them all out or adopting the kittens and returning the spayed mother to her feral colony. My "wow" is always watching how the blind wriggling furry jelly beans turn into wobbly kitten shaped beings and finally into lively, mischevious mini cats in a matter of a few weeks.
  5. I'm still on the fence about getting the vaccine. So far I am holding out against it, and have the luxury of living somewhere where it doesn't have a big community impact. That is one reason for my reluctance. The other is that vaccines usually take many years to be approved for use and side effects are often know by then. I don't believe enough is known about possible reactions to this one and that makes me nervous. Time will tell and until then, I'm staying on the fence.
  6. You mean you don't know the huge Curio debacle? I wouldn't show my pixels after that!
  7. I stay on my skypad, rarely venturing out...cos people...
  8. I think they are complaining about people posting their "amateur" pictures in store groups Flickr groups?
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