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  1. My first avatar is about to turn 14 years old in SL and my greatest accomplishment and skill...I can make a box! Still struggle to walk through doors though! #makedoorsphantom
  2. I limited myself to 20 items from Apple Fall, so only spent 1,000L. I'm such a shopaholic that I already own everything I could want from the stores in the sale, so don't need to buy anything from them and instead just cursing that fact instead of shopping.
  3. Much as I have griped about lockdowns and wearing masks and crap like that...I am actually thankful for them in the end, because it means NZ has kept virus numbers low and quite contained to the point we're not restricted....and that means I get to go to the funeral of the woman who was more of a mother to me than my own later this week.
  4. Hiding out at the linden trailer while the sim reboots.
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