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  1. Just me, as usual, standing around looking pretty and pondering what to do today. But I bet I'll still be here in 3 hrs time...still standing around and looking pretty.
  2. I'm not very good at that particular style of photography. I think it's cos I am not really artistically minded. I like simple pictures that showcase the items I am blogging that will (hopefully) make someone go "Omg I want that *item* now!"
  3. Quick reference! I have rented from Teagan for many years now, and still do, and could not recommend her parcels highly enough! The parcels are gorgeously landscaped and she is a delight to have as a landlord. Helpful, patient (especially when you are a pain in the butt like me who moves from plot to plot regularly and need my rental moved over) and just the best! All my thumbs up!!
  4. To me, this equates to the type of pictures I do when I am blogging. For me, my priority is showing off the outfit to its best. I tend to take my pictures as close up as I can without cutting out too much of the outfit, and because I hate full body (head to toe) shots. If I have to do one, I try to find a sitting pose that will work for the outfit as I find that easier than trying to fit my full avi into a standing shot. I heard once that you shouldn't cut fingers or toes out of pictures as that is a disturbing image, and also not around the knees, so I always try to keep that in mind when I am framing up a shot. 1. Accessories - choosing bags, jewelry and hair that doesn't cover it up and compliments the look I am going for. 2. Pose - One that suits the outfit, doesn't clip/hide the texture or features of the outfit and makes me want to buy it if I saw it on someone else's blog. 3. Background - Do I want one that will make the picture part of a scene, or just a simple backdrop that will make the look the focus? This is usually the part that takes me the longest. 4. Windlight/Shadows - I tend to use these to add a little extra to the pictures, but sometimes things look better without them. It all depends on what look I want for my picture 5. Editing - I tend not to do much editing to my pictures because I spend time making sure they look as good as I can inworld, that often I don't need to fix anything. But if I do, it's just little fixes like hair/body clipping, alpha conflicts etc. Then I simply blur, add my current favourite filter and then I crop the picture to what I think looks best. A couple of examples... P.S. EYES! I always make sure they are looking either directly into the camera to "connect" with the audience, or if they are looking away, it's because it suits the mood of the picture.
  5. Have you tried asking the creator behind DP YumYum?
  6. Sorry, don't know the skin, but good luck finding it!
  7. Click on the World tab at the top of your screen, then go to Sound Explorer. It will list all the sounds currently playing around you. Highlight the one that is annoying you and then blacklist it. You can also turn all your sounds off by going into your preferences and muting them in the Sounds & Media tab. Or you can inspect it, find out who owns it and if your home is on rented parcels, ask them politely to go into their land settings and tick the restrict sounds to parcel in the sounds tab. I would probably do that anyway in case they have any other noisy stuff lurking about.
  8. Nowhere does it say in the TOS when you sign up to SL that you HAVE to be the ethnicity you are in RL. I find the world we are now living in a very scary and sad place.
  9. I left the skypad!!! Had to take a photo cos it is just such a rare occurrence. And yes, that's Orwar being put to work.
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