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  1. This is me as the defining BAD example of being a Fairy God Mother! (for starters, I need to stop smoking while on the job)
  2. So I'm breaking my rules 🥵 BUT this is how I looked a while back
  3. Posing in front of my ZOOM background Oh... also, its great that everyone is jumping in and posting to this thread! TY TY TY!!!! So much fun:D
  4. exhausted after an all nighter 🍸
  5. And I'm seriously screaming...STOP.... Taya...Stop! Finally...whew. I think she enjoyed this.
  6. This is literally what I look like now!
  7. I'm sticking with the bunny ears theme:)
  8. I don't know why I just LOVE this outfit....but I DO!!! Maybe it's my bunny ears?
  9. Another version that I posted (elsewhere) yet< I just love love love the yellow and textures!
  10. I'm just LOVING these new FLAME sun glasses! I want to wear them EVERYWHERE!!!!!
  11. Thank You guys for jumping in and supporting this thread so quickly!!!!! XOXOXOXO - Sara 🥰
  12. After an AMAZING 1 million views, the original thread "How Does Your Avatar Look Today" has, shall we say... evolved. The Intention here is to give everyone a venue to show off and showcase your avatars! YAY! A few basic "agreements" if you choose to post here; 1- This is a photography centric thread based on you/your avatar in SL. 🥰 2- Please keep comments supportive, friendly and/or constructive. 3- All disagreements and personal issues should be aired privately and NOT IN PUBLIC.😡 4- Please keep reposting limited to special posts (in your opinion) and please be considerate to others by NOT SPAMMING THE THREAD. 5- Lets' keep it a FUN place for us all to create and discover Art, Community, Passion and Inspiration. ~ SARA So I took this a month or so back and posted it cause...well, I forgot too! I think it was at Drune? I'll figure it out and edit this before it get locked down! So excited to see your photos!!!!
  13. I believe I fell down the rabbit hole?
  14. @kiramanell And @Panteleeva... re: please stop. I’ve said it before, she doesn’t get that there is the virtual environment, Second Life as well as this forum which is the SL support community. Thanks @Lillith Hapmouche I checked that post out... kinda confirms my suspicion. This is a major reason why you’re not seeing many posts from me here. I use to post here everyday for years and personally struggle recently with all of the off topic stuff. My Solution: I think I’m just going to block her from my feed. ☹️ Sadly ~ S
  15. SIM is Hand By Bryn Oh - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Immersiva/18/111/24. A totally immersive environment. Use their WL and Ultra Graphics and go exploring:D
  16. After a long long night, I find myself here? The other dude behind me doesn't speak so..? hummm? Can anyone guess where this place is? XO ~S
  17. This is an epic shot!!! Love it 💕
  18. Hiya guys!!! Thanks for keeping this thread going and oh so interesting! I love ❤️ everyone’s posts! TY!!!! 😘
  19. This is me earlier today, trying to figure out how to fit the piano into the new the club (that’s taking forever to finish btw)... Errr... I’m thinking maybe I’ll put in a stage and buy a bunch of instrument like drums, and find players, and a singr.... never mind... whew 😥... my ADD is acting up again... DJ is fine.
  20. This is classic Victorian age styling
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