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  1. Hi everyone! It's been a while since I last posted in forum. Everything is great, hope you all are staying healthy and safe!
  2. Hiya everyone! Been super busy in rl, but wanted to come by and say hi!
  3. Hiya Everyone! I've been so busy in rl that I just haven't had a sec to post here lately! 🙂
  5. Just went shopping today!...(as always)
  6. PLEASE GUYS... HELP KEEP THIS THREAD FREE OF... 1- SPAMMING 2- PRIVATE CHIT CHAT (Do that in prvt message, please) 3- OFF TOPIC CONTENT (as in photos of you/your avatars, not rl photos) I'm specifically speaking of @PermaRuthed, @Bagnu, @Talligurl @So Whimsy... just in case you were wondering... THANK YOU. As you know this isn't personal, (Talli is a friend) but myself and many, if not all of the posters here are embracing this thread because of the mutual agreements set forth in the leading post (please read if you haven't). It has so far made for a super enjoyable thread that hasn't devolved as others have. I feel like a mama bear protecting her cubs. Errrr.... SO, If you plan to continue posting here, we all appreciate your support. - SARA
  7. I've been kinda busy but wanted to check in on everybody! Hiya! 🙂
  8. This is me lounging on my clam chair in my closet!
  9. I think I saw a lady out there on a floatie with a Martini... this could become a serious lifeguard problem for me very soon!
  10. Hey there everybody! This is me NOW
  11. Well I admit I didn’t read everyone’s post on this so, I might repeat here, but it can also give a company (Linden) a huge cash infusion and new resources to grow better. Without being in the boardroom, it’s hard to predict. I do know that an asset like this being a membership it’s our loyalty, time and efforts that the we the “players” put into it. Doesn’t make sense because you can’t really dismantle it like a bricks and mortar biz. Do the only play is to make it better, faster, more robust in order to attract more paying customers.
  12. I feel the need to chime in here publicly. @BelindaN and @Amanda Dallin are EXACTLY 100% correct. I've been posting (almost daily) to "How does your avatar look today" thread for nearly 3 years! That thread, (HDYALT) I believe, had survived as long as it did because of the community support, friendliness and professional like attitude of those of us who were participating. However, the thread as of late, (IMHO), has degraded into a bickering, mean spirited high school level clique of sorts, to the point of completely changing the tone of what I believe was for years a very mature level of participation. Many of us have retreated into the shadows or Flickr because of that toxicity. I felt that a new thread (with some ground rules) would give sanctuary to those of us who preferred simpily posting our photos without having to wade through constant reposting, grandstanding, spamming, personal fights in a public forum and bickering. To @Paul Hexem... if you had read the formation/originating post, the ideals I'm speaking of were written there. As for posting the exact same picture multiple threads...??? I can't say anything other then I believe it is fairly understood that when posting to any of the "look at me threads" (Vanity, HDYALT or WDYALLN) that you should upload a unique photo, not the exact same one. That only seems reasonable to me. Regarding@Coby Foden comment, I am only posting in this thread because of the aforementioned comments along with ppl like BelindaN and @Laika Ravikumar and @taisiyakarpenko etc... (and many others) of who I'm sure are not inclined to have the two or three threads merged into one giant mess...(not that it would even be possible). If anyone wants to take issue with me on these comments, please private message me so we keep it out of the thread. Sara
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