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  1. Re: Orwar post.... I think some of the newer people to this thread, in particular may feel a bit chastised, as evidenced by Careolle and Kira response. So, this is my attempt to bring some clarity. I’d like to share my experience being a frequent contributor for almost 2 years, having created over 600 photo posts, several all inclusive thread posters and personally reviewed over 20,000 posts in order to identify the Top 60 posts (Not that I’d recommend any of you put yourselves through that.) what I’ve learned is this; The rules are basically this groups collective understanding of the rhythm, banter and overall experience we have all come to expect over the years, however subjective that may be. There is really no defined leader, no established rules or regulations that were ever set with the exception of the general forum wide modifiers like foul language, nudity etc.. set by LL. I do however echo Orwars comment and for me it is a real concern. I’ve been a daily contributor to this thread for years and there are many of us who have been contributing to this particular thread daily since the beginning like Talli, Rhonda, Littleme, Catri, Skell etc, who are some of the original posters and followers. This is a look at me thread, Titled: “How does your avatar look today”. This particular threads popularity and primarily it’s point, is for us as a SecondLife community, to photograph ourselves, photograph our friends and photograph our experiences in SL, and then share/post photos of our daily looks, our SL adventures, friends and families! Many of us in the process have become friends. There have been times however, when the thread goes haywire and a bit off topic with comments going back and forth that are more appropriate in a texting string, then a photo string. In over 20,000 posts (I’ve actually have counted and been through all 8-900 pages), the tone has sometimes deviates away from photos, however within only a few pages or so, the tone of whatever subject that led the departure, always extinguished itself and we naturally drift back to its normal rhythm of primarily posting photos with comments of course, peppered in. Many of the newer contributors to this thread are obviously not new to SL and certainly not new to other general forum threads that are primarily discussion threads, where chit chat, banter and debate is the norm, and we totally understand and support that dynamic, in that context. However, most will soon discover that what makes us so unique and so successful is the emphasis on the actual artwork of yourselves and the quest to developing your SL photo skills and sharing them with us. Fun!!!! 🙂 like Orwar, many others in recent days have shared with me privately their feeling and concerns of our thread is changing in focus. I have been sitting on the sidelines for weeks watching and waiting to see how this would all unfold and I have been getting fearful that the threads direction is getting a bit skewed. My personal feeling is that too much commenting back and forth on multiple posts, quoting, re-quoting along with copious compliments (that always requires a reply’s in kind) is pushing the native experience of this thread into the realm of a typical discussion thread and away from the unique photo-centric format that’s focus is on photography of yourself/avatar/alts. There have been pages and pages of back and forth between a lot of us, that is more appropriate as a private conversation then public discussion. My advise to anyone new to this thread is to watch for a while until you begin to understand the personalities and styles. Dip your toes in by posting photos of you! Don’t worry, we are a super supportive community here. Ask relevant questions either in public or use the forum email to have a more I depth conversation with us! We love 💕 to support you in anyway we can. Quote when someone posts photos that are really inspiring or amazing, “like” posts, post your photos, and just be SENSITIVE about not DOMINATING the conversation and SPAMMING the thread. For newbies... go learn, observe the thread, buy poses, practice lighting and shooting techniques etc, meet-up with some of us in world and shoot more and start posting pictures of yourself weekly or daily... then, you will gain broad support and a collective desire for us to connect, advise and share with you in your progress and growth. I hope everyone reading this far hears this in a positive and forwarding way. I’d love nothing more then to become a fan of EVERYONE here! Anyone can get to a Skell or Scylla level here, but it just takes time, patience and work, work work. Thanks for listening... I know this was long winded, awkward and hoping I didn’t step on too many toes. 😬 Hugs, S 💕
  2. Ok.... me again at the Hair Event! Only got 1/2 through it, however I will be back and the lag was bad 😡
  3. Yes!!! Taya wins the big hair prize... it is Mavis 2! yay and you win this huge bag of money 💰
  4. This is a fantastic headshot! I’m impressed
  5. To answer a few questions about this composition....no big surprise... definitely a PS project. Basically 3 core layers, Taya and myself shot at her photo studio against a black background. A rl screenshot of Times Square from a perspective closely matching the angle of the shot of us, and a sunset sky. I erased the black background from our shot, erased the blue sky from the Times Square shot, the basically layered in all three. The only other significant tweaking was to 1- Add a shadow to us by duplicating our layer and free transforming it to lay flat on the ground, then remove all color so that becomes a black figure, bluring that image then reducing the opacity to 10%...shadow! 2- Added the screen shots of Skell and Kotelle from recent posts of theirs (free transforming the shapes to fit the billboards, plus added Skells name with an outer glow applied). Finally, using the Dodge tool with Highlight set to about 25% hit various parts of the Time Square photo to brighten it up. Like the white puppet/bear or ?? the various handbags, the signs etc... that popped the background photo, so it feels as if the color profiles matched us. That was also the reason for replacing the sky... I needed something darker and way more colorful to fit our clothes and to give the scene a more vibrant feel...so sunset sky with those amazing clouds fit in here perfectly. Our composition and posing fit in perfectly...happy accident I was actually was super happy the way it came out! Almost looks like a great SL SIM. I wish we could actually wander around here! THANK YOU TAYA!!!! (Angelina String)
  6. Taya and I visiting Times Square to catch @Skell Dagger and @Kotelle new Broadway shows! So very exciting!!!! It's funny to think that Times Square NY is probably the only place outside of SL where we blend right in!!! 💘
  7. You never want to meet yourself walking down a creepy dark alley...eeek
  8. Taya (Angelina string) and I messing around at the Basilica (talk about post processing...lol)
  9. These are a few of my favorite posts: this week. ~ S
  10. Crystal shoes (new), Red leggings and top (new), free hair (yay...new)... New Me!
  11. Talli... awesome 👏🏻 love this pose and your hair... credit?
  12. Welcome Susann... great composition and style. As for pain... nope, too painful
  13. Maybe this is a stupid question, but with 530,000 views ... 20,400 reply’s/Posts, it amazes me that we just recently hit 100 following this thread? 🤔 ~S /me slinks to the back of the room to await the verdict
  14. Kaia... this is fun... reminds me of the original planet of the apes! Where is this?... Oh yeah... New York City... stupid question 😐
  15. I discovered someone using the FaceApp in a Flickr stream a month or so ago. It’s actually designed for rl photos but works amazingly well with sl avatars. It brought a whole new perspective to many of us. My Lelutaka face HUD can’t come close to a natural smile. I’m even using my FA it in my profile picture. Anyway... problem is that the app asks you permission to access your photos... you go yes and, ... we’ll its all over the news here in the US that sketchy people might be behind the App. Its a use at your own risk kind of thing nowadays 😬
  16. EPIC picture! Love this so much 😘
  17. Agree... Vihmakass smile is just beautiful! Love this shot Orwar! Great newer look! I really like it on you. Is it new hair???? Did you lose weight?
  18. I have to totally agree with @Scylla Rhiadra.... I just wanted to add that I love the palpable connection and emotion between you two... it’s like the viewer is ease dropping on a intimate moment. Wow. I also love the color palette 🎨 of the photo. Thank you for posting ~ S
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