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  1. Sorry for the blurry repost of my headshot from my phone, but I’m using it as a rouse to make my point regarding the “likes” thing. First off... go back about 500 pages or about a year ago and we had a very lengthy discussion about likes. My opinions however have changed a bit. I was very much in alignment with Scylla... but I’ve diverged. To me I liken it to a relationship... guy is cute... all goes well ... like, like like then I get blasted with ego and negativity. I’m sorry, your attitudes and niceties make a difference for me and if I don’t like the person creating the posts I will NOT like their posts period. Mean ppl ruin it for me and it casts a bad taste. So, for the most part, I like what generally moves me or I applaud the efforts and involvement. When my like is expected... nope 👎 I draw the line there. Lastly, aggressive ppl... men, women, robots, cats 🐱 whatever, who disrupt and disturb our community that many of us have been contributing too for YEARS just don’t get my likes. Like @Laika Ravikumar I’ve starting blocking a few on this thread whom have been jerks to either myself or my friends. Lastly, I do like the vote of approval from those whom I admire... like @Scylla Rhiadra @Catrie @Angelina String @momomoonusagi @Eva Knoller and Victoria, Belinda, Tati, Zennessa, Orwar, Sunny, etc... love all of their work.... newbies too. Just, efffing assssss wipe, douchie bags get a big pass from me.
  2. So, this is me today... finally connecting the BoM dots. I can see how the potential layers can make a huge difference. My problem is that one of my tattoos developer/store is gone and I don’t think there is a system layer for it.... ugh.
  3. Left to right... @TatianaNikolay @Saskia Rieko me, @BelindaN @Orwar @momomoonusagi @Angelina String (hidden behind BelindaN is) @Scylla Rhiadra
  4. I suspected something was up when Orwar crashed the party!!!!!
  5. Fantastic portrait, Elettra Are you in the far back there? 😉 Looks great Scylla! Now, can you teach me? Oh, Princess Victoria of Grwd.... I bow before you.... you could seriously be in your own Marvel Movie in that outfit with the god rays of light reflecting off your trusty unicorn steed with your shinny and powerful scepter! In what SL universe do you reign?... And Those clothes, ...OMG, ridiculously beautiful... oh, yes.... one last request.... can I please get your silver nails credits on your previous post (in jeans)? Your humble friend - Lady Sara of Vendi 🧚‍♀️
  6. @TDD123 So, cool hun! 👍🏼 Both on the same page 🙂
  7. First off... this is Total awesomeness Momo... color, texture and the little ones, great again! For both you guys (and anyone else interested)... I went into the forum angels and looked to see if anyone was online that wanted to pop over... so I roped in Zanessa ... so she came by. I’ll start an email thread here and invite you guys so there can be a place to get news about get togethers.... anyone else who wants to be included just shoot me a PM note 📝 BTW- only pict of me was the back of my head... in a towel. @Scylla Rhiadra I was all ready for my close-up 😉
  8. Another cool photo... IMHO- I read your reply on a thread I started Re: the story of your SL name, and I think Glue is super cute! Very original and zero negative connotation to me! But, I’ll use Manu (if I can remember)... 😘
  9. Glue: Love the attitude, your hair and that cig holder is just badass awesomeness! 🧚‍♀️ Looks like you’re sayin “Sara... you better not be seriously considering wearing those nasty sweat pants to the club tonight, really?” And I’m like “No problem Glue... changing now!”
  10. Wow... Taya, and holistic dog food at that!!!! I’m sure Boxie is very appreciative 🐕
  11. Does anybody know wHEn??? the new last name will be released? 🙏🏻 I may change up my name, cause everyone just knows me as Sara anyway. 😘
  12. Zeta... I just had to repost this amazing photo! The mirror reflection in the floor is wonderful detail ... the lighting is amazing too 🧚‍♀️
  13. A bit of a different look for me today
  14. Bravo!!! Wonderful, beautiful, dreamy photography!!!! LOVE LOVE THEM!
  15. This is how I looked yesterday 02-02-2020... fun fact, a palindrome date, reads the same backwards and forwards. Last time was 909 yrs ago on 11-11-1111 🤯
  16. Wow...you guys, the quality of the photography and your avatars is amazing! Love it ~ S
  17. Speaking of shopping... I love that dress...(and you look amazing in it) credit pleeeeaaasssseeee!? thanks 😘
  18. Love love this post... and the hair, OMG! Can you provide me credits please?
  19. Ok..ok...ok, I know the rest of you guys are probably tired of our self indulgent coffee clutch photos today.... (BTW- great job Eva, Tati, Scylla, Taya, Belinda and Saskia) BUT, I'm posting this to let you all know how much fun it was and that the next one will be announced in this forum so anyone who wants, can attend! This was kinda a trial run and kinda happen at the last the minute.. Next time will probably be hosted at our property... I'll keep you all posted, so that everyone can connect IW! Maybe next month. Exclusive to this threads contributors only.... It would be great to see everyone all together (guys included ) BTW- Its' really great how I'm able to put my hand right through my leg...Ouch! #DammThatAO
  20. Yay! A finally page devoid of BD Technobabble! hint ... this thread is called “How Does Your Avatar Look Today” Not “Everything you need to know about Black Dragon”.... please just move this conversation to another thread, where it belongs Thanks 🙏🏻
  21. Yay! @Amanda Dallin your awesome!!!! Thanks 🙏🏻 Love you too @Scylla Rhiadra
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