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  1. Still soaking in the last bit of summer sun... Happy to be back and posting again! Hi Everybody:)))))
  2. This is a memorizing! I just love this Walelu. As for my absence from the thread... I was away on a holiday for the last 2 weeks in rl and it was a wonderful relaxing time 🌴🧘‍♂️☀️... but seriously missed you guys! Haven’t yet been in-world since Sept, so nothing new to post yet..., but in the meantime catching up with everyone’s amazing post!!! Plus it’s scary time... so there’s that too! ~ Sara
  3. Great animation... just need you in your little black dress, black hair slicked back, red lips! I tried some time ago to get the Robert Palmer “addicted to love” band going with Belinda .... maybe now?
  4. I’m sure this wasn’t lost on many, but we are definitely marching towards a thread of 1,000 pages! That will be 25,000 posts from our relatively small group, that already has passed 22,500 posts so far! ~ 🙂 Does anyone know if this is any sort of record for a thread? 🤔
  5. Victoria... with a proposal like that, how could you say no???? 🤣
  6. I’m usually sitting around 80-100. Sometimes when I’ve got a speciality outfit on, I’ll get into the 150 range but I usually then start to value engineer in downwards. I have some items that push my complexity numbers like these sun glasses I have that alone are 50k! So, I just never wear them anymore. To me it’s not worth the lag, Rez time and not showing up to anyone when I’m out, to have complexity above 175 + For me, I can get by in most outfits sitting around 100. Regarding my body HUDs, yes I keep them active because I’m usually shopping 🛍, thus trying on stuff or photographing myself and I need access to Alpha, mask layers, foot positions, base hair etc... I have never seen anyone in the 500-1,000 range, not that FS would render that!
  7. Was checking out Red Earth by TONAL. Very dramatic sim... feels like you're visiting US National Parks like the Grand Canyon. ❤️
  8. I think I may have posted some version of this photoshoot a few months ago, however, this is cleaned up and tweaked a bit.
  9. Amazing photo.... amazing hair...LOVE the color! Credits? Saskia.... unmask yourself...who's Alt are you???
  10. *blushes* Wow, Taya, that is super creative!
  11. New brows, new hair! All is good with the world
  12. I’m available for body work if you need a hand
  13. My third trip back to the Hairfair.... whew... tired 💤💤💤 oh yeah, I changed... (into my new glowing hair).. Ta-Da!
  14. This is how my avatar looked today, So 100% on topic! But, I've got to confess that with 30,000 items in my inventory, I really don't have much of an excuse for not changing for this photoshoot, other that to say it was Sunday and I was just lazy!
  15. I’ve read though all these reply’s and it seems as most of us either don’t like, do or deplore voice. I put myself in the deplore category. For me it ruins public spaces and gathering with kid like stupid stuff and sound effects being blurting out of nowhere and it literally takes over the environment. I tried it twice, first time was awkward weird and the second time was simply not enjoyable and I quickly learned that it just took the fun out if the experience for me. To me, we have a magical world to play within and there is a deeper richness akin to reading a great novel then watching a movie in the way we communicate in SL. For me my creation of myself and my imagination is what makes SL what I love 💕 so, adding my voice or hearing others voices, has always degraded that dynamic and experience regardless. I’ve come to the point where voice is turned off, so I never have to deal with the interruptions. SL is like a living novel and voice overs just plain ruin that for me. So, I don’t like voice, I don’t do voice, I don’t miss voice and am very happy like this (plus all I do everyday is talk anyway) ~ Sara
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