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  1. Welcome back I recently came back after a long (10 year) absence and I still feeling like I'm adjusting to everything that has changed. I'm in EST as well and generally in the evenings. My user name is also the same inworld. Feel free to add me if you'd like someone to talk to you. I enjoy exploring places, finding new music, shopping, photography and lots of other stuff. This time around I'm just about having fun in SL and not taking things too seriously.
  2. I may have bought a french bakery at some point for reasons...
  3. Lovely, but we talked about the lack of bunny ears.
  4. It was difficult for me to switch to a mesh head initially because I didn't like most of them. They all seemed to look like angry steroid cases. This was my non-mesh av circa 2018: I ultimately went with the Catwa Victor head: I liked the Catwa head - it was very expressive, but something about it felt a little off to me. This past week I switched to Lelutka Skyler. I was hesitant to try Lelutka as I'd not liked any of their head when I tried them, but after a lot of tweaking, I ended up loving the new head. It feels more realistic and less cartoony:
  5. So what I am getting is my previous av looked old and depressed?
  6. Thank you - I've not quite adjusted to my new av and keep tweaking it to death, but I can't get over how much more realistic the Lelutka head looks vs. my Catwa one. I was leery to change again (and it was expensive), but I'm really happy.
  7. I went through the same issues you're facing when I came back to SL, and experienced them all over again just switching to a new mesh head. I'd be happy to help if you want to talk to someone inworld - you can add me as a friend.
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