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  1. So I should not post those gyazos I have of you?
  2. We desperately need better inventory search. Give us tags, give us a search that is more intelligent than having to match exactly. It has never been improved.
  3. For me, I convert a demo to a full if I want it. If I haven't bought it, there was a reason, so no reason to hang onto them.
  4. I finally went all in on it. I searched on DEMO and just started hitting the delete button. I watched to make sure I wasn't deleting something I needed (like an example hud in a hud maker that I bought), but otherwise it only took a few minutes to purge nearly 1800 items.
  5. Thank you for such a wonderfully honest answer. I have talked to others who present as exclusively child avs, and many of them have said something similar. It is a way to live out a childhood that they feel they missed out on for various reasons. A long time ago when I had an animation business, I made a pregnancy AO. I would often meet people who were very into SL pregnancy, and they would often have a similar story. They couldn't have children in RL, or they lost a child, or something like that. SL gave them a way to experience something in a way they could control and enjoy in a safe way. I think that is the beauty of SL and something that has kept me here for 21 years. There are so many similar stories of people being able to overcome something or experience something in SL that they are not able to in RL. That gets lost sometimes in the arguments about different communities, avatars, etc. There is a power in that.
  6. I was going through my disaster of an inventory today deleting everything with the word DEMO in it, and after deleting 1700 items I still have 105,000 left. How big is yours? How do you keep it organized?
  7. I completely agree as someone who has also used PBR Firestorm since alpha. The idea that it was rushed by Firestorm is absurd. They went through an extensive testing phase as you noted, and the Firestorm team resisted calls to release much sooner than they did. A case could be made that LL rushed it last December, which is in part what caused Firestorm to hold the line on getting LL to fix some pretty major blocking issues. They deserve credit for waiting and testing so thoroughly.
  8. I am really impressed with the beach pack upgrade. The sand finally looks wet fully, and the texture is better. I am not looking forward to redoing my entire beach, but it is worth it. https://gyazo.com/85edeb31f27dfd4982920b0fa29aebd9
  9. I think probably the safest bet is to assume anything marked as having pbr materials is not, unless otherwise stated. Still, I would hope on the signage/marketplace listing, it would explicitly say you need a pbr viewer to use the item as shown, they way they did when mesh came out.
  10. Nope. That seems strange just from a customer service perspective.
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