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  1. That phrase "a second life" is used a lot, which also doesn't help. SL was always a terrible name.
  2. One thing I've noticed as I've explored other virtual worlds lately like VRChat is that most people I've talked to have not even heard of Second Life. I'm sure that seems like an alien concept, but I don't think LL does a good job of marketing Second Life to new users.
  3. We are having a black and white holiday ball to celebrate the launch of VirtualVerse.one (formerly SLUniverse.com) and the holidays. Join us from 1 PM SLT. Dress is black and white formal. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mavericks/196/54/22
  4. Another vote for a dark theme. This one is blinding at night.
  5. There was a huge outpouring of grief over the loss of Siggy on SLU,. People donated to the GoFundMe to help Neph and attended the inworld memorial service for him, myself included. The thread about his death was in the SLU Community forum, which is not visible unless you are signed in. There is also a thread on the new site as well memorializing people we've lost, including Siggy.
  6. I have to admit, pixel bumping has never been my thing. More power to you though.
  7. That was always the draw for me as well with Second Life. I have met so many people who were able to experience a life without the limitations they have in the real world, and that is inspiring. It's a powerful thing.
  8. I have a bit of experience with mean people. I'll be alright
  9. My time in SL has been complicated by also having run SLUniverse.com for 15 years). As my interest in SL decreased, I was still connected to it by the site. As you can imagine, running a community about SL has not been without it's drama and challenges. Having my closest SL friend pass away also made returning to SL more and more difficult, as has the loss of several other people over the years. When I do go back into SL, I do have fun - there are just so many other distractions that it doesn't seem to hold my interest anymore. I'd like it to, and I try to reconnect, but so far, I've not had much luck. Granted, the past few times I've been in SL have been for memorial services, so that doesn't help either.
  10. What keeps you actively involved in Second Life? I was involved with SL for a very long time (starting in 2003), but in the past few years my interest in it has waned completely. I still have land and sign in periodically, but I tend to just look around a bit and sign back out and not come back for months. Obviously 15 years is a long time to stay interested in anything, but I keep looking for ways to reconnect to SL.What keeps you in SL?
  11. I have an alt account that has a Dec 2002 date on it, but I never used it much because I didn't initially like SL at all. I came back a few months later and made this account in beta in May of 2003, which ended up being the one I stayed with.
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