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  1. I was talking with a friend about needing to organize my inventory, and he said I should make two folders - "shorts with bulge" and "everything else".
  2. Understood - but a majority of users do have at least a mobile phone in addition to a PC, so being able to access some aspects of SL on the go or even just while you're lying in bed and you don't want to fire up your computer would be nice.
  3. We were getting along so well, and then you added an h to my name
  4. Your pictures here are stunning - I'm glad I discovered this thread.
  5. I don't think a full blown viewer for SL is realistic for moble or consoles. Hell, they can't even optimize for PC correctly, and the bandwidth on mobile would be prohibitive too. That said, I do think a mobile app where you could do things like organize your inventory, read notecards, be in chat somewhere even if you can't sign into SL fully, send ims, etc... would be nice to have. There have been some third party attempts at it, but only LL could really create a mobile app that would support all of this. This would especially be nice on a tablet like an iPad.
  6. It really depends on the situation. When you have time to think about what you want to say, you often think of things you didn't think of in the moment when interacting live with someone, which can be good or bad. People often tend to be bolder in writing posts than they are interacting one on one. Neither medium is really less fraught with potential for drama.
  7. Text chat, whether live in SL or in the form of forum posts, always has the risk of not conveying meaning that you can perceive in RL face to face conversations with someone. Tone, body language, etc.. do a lot to inform meaning. In text we are left to make those assumptions based on the words alone.
  8. Having run a large SL related forum for 16 years, I can definitely say that having the time to write more carefully and thoughtfully does little to mitigate drama and misunderstandings. If anything, it makes it worse when you can stew over something for awhile and then pound out a giant screed on the forums. Real time conversation has its own perils, but having been through 8 gazillion drama bombs over the years on forums, they are not any better at fostering thoughtful conversation.
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