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  1. ... where she has spontaneously combusted
  2. I don't even remember posting on the Write Your Own SL Obituary thread, but looks like I killed it
  3. /me hugs you back. Am reading all and being educated.
  4. Thanks, LittleMe, for explaining. I am a little (a lot) out of touch. Just a shame a compromise isn't possible on this one. Linden Lab can't risk a lawsuit, and we can't risk losing Second Life over anything seen to be illegal, immoral ... (oh my!). My head hurts
  5. I thought the gacha machines were just like those bubbly gum machines my mother never let me put my money in when I was a kid (because dogs peed up them, not because they were a device for gambling). Of course, when I was a little older and had my own pocket money, I made a beeline for this machine that sat with another outside our local shop. There was no gamble as far as I could see, just like in Second Life. You put in really a small amount of money and got something back out. The beautiful thing about the in-world gacha machines has been having transferable items that people have put onto their own market stalls, just like a garage/car boot sale. I thought that added to a sense of community whenever I've seen this happen. If it is gambling because some of the machines have a particularly desirable item inside just one of the 'eggs', then yes, it's gambling, but surely that element can be removed, and it can just be a machine full of regular items all of the same value. I've really enjoyed popping a dollar or two into these machines over the years, just to cheer myself up with a little surprise on a rainy day. Where is the harm in that?
  6. Why, are you pregnant with his child? Seriously, if he didn't give you the information, then he doesn't want you to know ... or he will be in touch with you if and when he's good and ready. The man just may need some space for a while. (Welcome to the forums, by the way!)
  7. I love the nostalgia of a necroposted thread. I am such a dinosaur. 10 year old video, I was sooooo excited about being able to make reflections in the water. Ahhhh nostalgia.
  8. Violence breeds violence, and sadly with a narcissist, a broken nose and black eye would make them play the victim for a while and then a bigger rage would ensue. But it is a bloody great shame a big massive truck didn't get him before he murdered your mother. I went out with a "really nice" radio presenter/DJ when I was 16. Beautiful baby blue eyes, loved his mother, did a lot for charity. But he had narcissistic personality disorder, a raging temper to the chosen few behind closed doors, I dumped him because of it, but forgave him six years later, only for him to come to me for solace when his girlfriend left him for another man. I had his head in my lap hearing him pouring out his heart to me. Five weeks later he killed the (ex-) girlfriend, the other man poisoned himself in his car with exhaust fumes, and my 'friend' hanged himself while on remand in prison. Makes you wonder why these things happen sometimes. Narcissists/sociopaths/psychopaths are all on the same spectrum, like ticking time bombs waiting to go off.
  9. I read somewhere - wish I could remember where - that as many as one in one hundred people may actually be considered to be somewhere on the autism spectrum. I just tend to think that some people are more 'touchy feely' than others. And if you look at dogs and cats, not all of them want to be petted, they have very individual personalities. We're all individuals, and it's a shame we feel the need a lot of the time to fit in with what other people expect of us.
  10. They can do some good things. They can make very good police officers for example, as not having empathy makes them more objective and able to tell folks their relatives have been found dead in several plastic bags at the bottom of a river. They will seem to generously give blood, because that makes them look so good to their peer group (this of course does not mean that people who give blood are narcissists!). It is a very interesting condition, but not classed as a mental illness as such, something has not properly developed in the brain, causing a disorder. The mildest narcissists are self-centred, unlikely to truly care for others, and at the other extreme of the spectrum there are the psychopaths who believe it is OK to be serial killers. A good example of this is Dennis Nilsen, who murdered at least 15 men in the 1970s/80s. He actually was a policeman for a short time, but left the force and I think at the time of his arrest he was working as a civil servant in a jobcentre. Whatever compelled him to do what he did was normal for him, and to the outside world he looked and acted in the main like a very average man. Narcissists are all around us, and the covert ones are the worst ones, looking to the outside world like perfectly normal people. I did not find out until late in my life that my own mother had narcissistic personality disorder. It's far too personal to talk about, and in the end I had to cut her out of my life. Many doctors were baffled by her behaviour, used to just prescribe tranquilisers, which of course did nothing of any benefit, as narcissism is not a mental illness, it is an incurable brain disorder. I'm not a doctor, of course. Far from it, of course, but a couple of near death experiences at the hands of covert narcissists has certainly taken the rose-tinted lenses from my eyes! I used to think narcissists were people who just liked to look in the mirror constantly, or were always brushing their hair, or kept taking selfies, but no, there is much more to it than that. They need constant attention, even negative attention will feed them. My mother was a freakin' nightmare, and she will not be resting in peace! A lot of people believe to be an abuser you have to have been abused, but this isn't true either. The narcissists and abusers I have known in my life have all come from what would be deemed to be a good background. They just did not receive the right type of nurturing in their formative years. They don't know how to give or receive love, but can fake it if they can find other ways of obtaining attention. And knowing these people exist and struggle so much on a daily basis makes me sadder than anything else.
  11. True narcissists actually hate themselves, and envy others for what they have; money, status, good looks, etc.
  12. It's not for me, but if it was I guess I'd go for Marigold Matriarch. Only available for another three days. It will be interesting to see how many new Mums/Mamas/Matriarchs we have. I know it will be someone's longed for dream come true. And bless all those who sail in her.
  13. Yes, red flags galore on this one. Rushing and pushy, seeming disappointed when he can't get his own way. Trying to work out how much of a soft touch/empath that you might be. You're right not to trust him, he'll be doing the same thing with other people too.
  14. Welcome to Second Life forums, ProKarola. While you can log in on one PC with multiple accounts, you are not permitted to log in with another person's account, and your friend should not really be allowing you to do that. Go into menu options at the top of your viewer's screen: Select "Preferences", then "Advanced" and from the options click on "Allow Multiple Viewers". Please note that logging in with more than one avatar at a time will put a strain onto your computer and may mean slow performance for each avatar logged in.
  15. Isn't this enough for you? https://community.secondlife.com/leaderboard
  16. Ohhh this is so much fun. As my Second Life self is already a cartoon, I just tried it with my real life self from now, and from 25 years ago. Pretty bl**dy scary, but I laughed!
  17. It's more than likely someone is using an Online Tracker device. If the person saying they can actually SEE your avatar, but you are unable to see their's, then they might have an alternate avatar logged into a separate viewer that they are watching you with.
  18. I lost my heart very early in my Second Life, in December 2008. He was my mentor, friend, and someone very special in Second Life who has never been truly replaced. He was - still probably is - quirky, funny, helpful, annoying, and I was loving, funny, hormonal and moody. Never a lover of computing generally or even video games, I found Second Life incredibly difficult to learn, and if I hadn't met him, I would have left before the first fortnight was over. We haven't spoken for the best part of 10 years, and probably never will. But the memories he helped me to make in Second Life - good and bad ones - are saved for all times on disk and usb flash storage (which may seem old hat now but I don't trust the cloud).
  19. Second Life photos = real life memories. These are proper works of art, like they should be framed in a gallery! You've always had a special eye, can see something a lot of us just cannot. I don't think I will ever get rid of my collection of photos/memories from Second Life. I doubt many/any would be worth framing, although one or two I did have sent to me as glossy postcards and they now serve as bookmarks.
  20. Group dancing was always so much fun. (Probably still is!).
  21. @Undertaker Colman (I will learn German one way or another )
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