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  1. Well, I did cheat a little... I mostly had the shape the way I wanted it already because I had decided on the head I wanted months ago. And I had stocked up on a few of the Alaskametro freebies that were mentioned on the forums a while back. Then I figured out that adjusting the blender sliders changed the shade of what i had on into so many other variations... well, mind blown. Now I can wear those that I thought were too dark for me.
  2. I was lucky enough to get some Mother's Day lindens and I finally got my first bento head, Lelutka Bianca. I'm still acquiring new makeups, here's my first day with it.
  3. New hair from the Saturday sales and new necklace from FLF.
  4. Thank you. I assure you, this was purely by accident. No post processing, just one of the pre-packaged windlight settings in Firestorm. I am so amatuer. I just fumble around until I get something I like. I was taking shots, trying to get my pose to my liking, and then I turned around and bam! the light hit just right and I had to get that last shot in.
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