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  1. A few goodies from weekend sales... glasses, choker and top
  2. that's a problem I'd like to have... I've been eyeing a white tiger for some time now.
  3. 60L for a fatpack of all colors, can't beat that
  4. Lovin this new hair that I got at Kuni for the Happy Weekend sale.
  5. You could do a search for Second Life blogs as a starting point. I use http://seraphimsl.com . If you see something you like, just check out the store and see if they offer group gifts and if there is a joining fee or not. I don't have a lot on money myself to spend in world, so I mostly look for the freebies & dollarbies on marketplace and follow the weekly deals of Fifty Linden Friday and The Saturday Sales. If I buy $5 worth of lindens on payday, I can pay my parcel rent and get a couple new items of clothing.
  6. I also have a Lelutka head and if you want to experiment for free, try some of the Alaskametro testers from the marketplace. They have wearable demos that let you try one of the colors in the pack for free. This combined with the blender slider in your LeLutka hud will let you get a wide range of color variations out of every pack. They have Lelutka, Catwa and Omega.
  7. Thank you. This was taken in SL on the grounds of Oceana live music venue. I used one of the Strawberry Singh settings in Fire Storm's windlight options. No external editing,
  8. My very first gatcha ever and I got the rare headband
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