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  1. Oh yes, this is perfect, just picked it up! Thank you all very much!
  2. Hi all! I’m hoping someone can help me out, I’ve scoured far and wide on the SL marketplace & have come up with minimal results I am looking for a new home for one of my roleplay characters, a witch & I’m looking to buy a house (preferably fully furnished, but unfurnished is ok too). I’m not looking for a gimmicky, scary Halloween witch house but something a little bit more along the lines of a medieval witches hut? Or perhaps a tower? Just something… arcanical and magical? Something with a cauldron, magical potions & arcanic runes etc scattered across the place.. but also enough room to Rez a bed and a dresser! Lol.. apologies I’m not sure how best to explain what I’m after, but I’m trying!! (English is not my first language) Does anybody have any suggestions or know of stores that specialise in fantasy- buildings & furniture? TIA ❤️
  3. Awesome, thank you so much. Now to figure out how to get that texture....
  4. Hmmm, okay, thank you.. what if I were to (somehow) get the texture and just shove it onto a default sphere in second life?
  5. Not sure if the title makes sense here... I feel like the easiest way to put it would be could I create something in Unity3D and then import it to second life?? I came across this and really wanted to try it .... Forcefield Shader using Shader Graph in Unity3D - codinBlack but I don't know the first thing about building/scripting... I'd really love to learn though. Thanks in advance ❤️
  6. I think I may have confused people (apologies, my wording is not the greatest..) I'm not fussed about the shadows being pixelated, my problem I'm having is the actual fuzzyness with the purple and green lines in the bakcground, they shouldn't be there
  7. Yup, I already have that option unchecked >.<
  8. Hi all.. I'm trying out Black dragon but for some reason the background is super fuzzy and pixelated... any idea how I can fix it? I've gone through all the settings and fiddled with everything.. not entirely sure what I'm doing truth be told.... TIA ❤️
  9. Aaah, didn't think of that, thank you >.<
  10. I'm looking for a very specific hairstyle but apparently it doesn't exist in SL so I'm wondering if there's any hair stores that would be willing to take a comission for it... Incase anyones wondering, the hairstyle in question, lol. TIA! ❤️ Screenshot by Lightshot (prnt.sc)
  11. I don’t know how to explain this too well but I’ll try my best >.< I’ve seen a few outfits in SL have two ways to wear at the click of a button I was wondering if there’s maybe a gadget/hud etc that allows you to play a transforming affect when you change your saved outfits if that makes sense?? I.e when I use my mermaid outfit it looks like I’m magically transforming instead of just detaching my legs and popping on a tail 😂
  12. You might have to elaborate a little more on what the issue is before anyone can help better ^^
  13. Omigosh, well now I just feel like a total idiot >.< you're right lol, it's identical. Thanks so much! ❤️
  14. Maybe I'm just nitpicking but it looks a bit different in my eyes?
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