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  1. Casual get up today. Enjoying some morning coffee before I get the day started.
  2. Omg.. it’d be like two worlds colliding. IM DOWN !!
  3. Aaand we are now officially moved into our place together!
  4. Alright, who’s been messing with the bot machine at work?! Come on.. own up!
  5. We have so many pictures for this thread, so I’ll start off with my favourite. Not much of a story to tell, just three best friends celebrating a birthday. But I just love how this picture came out. And they helped me have such a great day & I’m forever thankful to have these two in my life. 💕 It’s crazy, we’ve only been hanging out for a few months but the three of us have said we all feel like we’ve known eachother for a life time. The best kind of friendship imo. I love you girls ❤️ @PixieGirrrrl @JenniexKim
  6. Careful where you swing that thing @JenniexKim!
  7. I had the best birthday I could’ve hoped for thanks to these girls. @PixieGirrrrl & @JenniexKim I love you both so much, thank you 🎈
  8. Ohh awesome. Thank you guys! I’m still seeing my old name on here and in world but some people are saying it’s updated sooo I guess it’s just my computer being slow. Thanks guys!
  9. Hi all. (Not sure where this would go,, please move if needed) I’ve changed my in world name (finally) now known as Alexis.Kiyori and I’m wondering can I change my name on here too?
  10. Once again, trying something new with the editing. Hehe. The second pic is me & @PixieGirrrrl yesterday at the SL 17B event, we danced until the sun came up!
  11. Most stores offer the same skin but in a variety of skin tones (if that makes sense?) so your best bet is probably to just look around for a skin you like! Some of my favourite stores for skins are 7 Deadly S[K]ins MILA Pepe Skins Among sooo many other stores to choose from. I’m sure you’ll find something to your liking. Also, just want to say that your avatar is absolutely gorgeous as she is!
  12. I was a dumb edgy depressed 17 (I think?) year old 🙂 now I hate it
  13. Seriously love your pictures so much, Sunny. Would love some landmarks where you shop too!! ~ Trying out the pigtails. Have I told you guys how much I love Magika hair? Because I do.
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