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  1. Howdy strangers! Haven't posted on here in a while...I hope everyone is keeping safe and well ❤️ can I have your opinions please? Which hair colour looks best on me? TIA!!
  2. That one is a liiiitle out of my budget range, do you have a link for the vista one please? ^.^
  3. Hi everybody,, hoping someone can help me out here >.< I'm looking for a facial expression hud compatible with Catwa head for my photo's with natural looking faces? Not really looking for sex ones.. I have this one ; https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Blow-Up-Bento-Open-Mouth-Tongue-HUD-V12/11556759 But I really need some with more natural smiles etc than the ones built into the Catwa hud... TIA!! ❤️
  4. Oh sweetie, thank you for this, haha. But as an openly honest trans woman I can safely say I'm well aware, you just learn how to weed out the bad ones ❤️
  5. Hi everyone, I'm looking to join a furry community & make some other like minded friends, I have the kemono avatar. But I wouldn't have a clue where to start.. any help would be appreciated. Tia ❤️
  6. Not sure if this is the right place to ask but I'm hoping somebody here can help me out? As the title states I'm looking to start my own clothing line. Specifically just uploading my own textures to stuff.. though I have no idea where I'd start? I've seen alot of items in SL do look the same just with peoples owns texturing/designs on them and I'm wondering how exactly that works? Is there like a template database for stuff? Really, I just want to design a cropped hoodie with halloween decor on them. TIA ❤️
  7. Hi loves, I was looking through my old photo library and came across my IMVU avi and I was wondering if anyone knows how I could attempt to recreate the look in SL? Mainly, I'm looking for the skin (or at least one that looks similiar) the makeup and the hair (or again, a similiar one)? TIA! ❤️
  8. I just adore this picture I created.. ❤️💫 @PixieGirrrrl @StaceyBliss
  9. After some weeks away dealing with my mental health.. I’m baaaaack!! (Again)
  10. After a pretty 💩 mental health week, I’m baaack!
  11. Cosplaying my all time favourite super hero today!
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