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  1. I don’t know how to explain this too well but I’ll try my best >.< I’ve seen a few outfits in SL have two ways to wear at the click of a button I was wondering if there’s maybe a gadget/hud etc that allows you to play a transforming affect when you change your saved outfits if that makes sense?? I.e when I use my mermaid outfit it looks like I’m magically transforming instead of just detaching my legs and popping on a tail 😂
  2. You might have to elaborate a little more on what the issue is before anyone can help better ^^
  3. Omigosh, well now I just feel like a total idiot >.< you're right lol, it's identical. Thanks so much! ❤️
  4. Maybe I'm just nitpicking but it looks a bit different in my eyes?
  5. The Monso one has a parting at the front, and it's a little looser than the one I'm looking for
  6. Neither of those ones Thank you guys anyway! ❤️ I thought so too but I have that hairstyle, they're slightly different >.< thank you though! ❤️
  7. Title. I love this hairstyle and would love to wear it in SL. TIA!! ❤️
  8. Howdy strangers! Haven't posted on here in a while...I hope everyone is keeping safe and well ❤️ can I have your opinions please? Which hair colour looks best on me? TIA!!
  9. That one is a liiiitle out of my budget range, do you have a link for the vista one please? ^.^
  10. Hi everybody,, hoping someone can help me out here >.< I'm looking for a facial expression hud compatible with Catwa head for my photo's with natural looking faces? Not really looking for sex ones.. I have this one ; https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Blow-Up-Bento-Open-Mouth-Tongue-HUD-V12/11556759 But I really need some with more natural smiles etc than the ones built into the Catwa hud... TIA!! ❤️
  11. Oh sweetie, thank you for this, haha. But as an openly honest trans woman I can safely say I'm well aware, you just learn how to weed out the bad ones ❤️
  12. Hi everyone, I'm looking to join a furry community & make some other like minded friends, I have the kemono avatar. But I wouldn't have a clue where to start.. any help would be appreciated. Tia ❤️
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