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  1. One of the first outfits I created when I upgraded to mesh. Thought I’d dig it out for a photo. 🤫
  2. Spot lights I just about get, but glossiness? How would I do that?
  3. Hmm. I guess we all have our own definitions of realistic. Personally I really love & would love to know how people make the ‘realistic’ images I see plastered over Flickr with the reflective lighting, almost making their avatars look wet or shiny. Admittedly, a lot of what we see in pictures comes from editing & learning windlights. Heck, I’ll even admit my favourite pictures I’ve taken I’ve edited the hell out of. But for what it’s worth, @BbyMuvaht I think you’re just gorgeous how you are.
  4. Testing out the new pool today. It’s warm once you get in!
  5. We’re training to become dancers now @PixieGirrrrl @JenniexKim
  6. Hi everybody... me and my roomies could really use some help. We started using terrain tools trying to build a pool and we've kind of,, screwed up. I've spent the past hour trying to flatten and revert it and neither of us have any clue what we're doing,, lol. Would really appreciate somebody to help us out? We just want to flatten it back to how it was >,< TIA! ❤️
  7. Happy belated 4th even though this picture has nothing to do with America ❤️
  8. Hit 300 followers on Flickr today. YAY!
  9. Casual get up today. Enjoying some morning coffee before I get the day started.
  10. Omg.. it’d be like two worlds colliding. IM DOWN !!
  11. Aaand we are now officially moved into our place together!
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