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  1. How many SL users use the opposite gender for an avi choice than your real life gender? I've heard so many different answers to this question! From 90% of girls in SL are guys in RL, to 50%, to 40%. But the fact is there is no statistical analysis on this so its all complete speculation! From personal experience I would say there are a lot fewer guys playing as female than people think (I speculate the reason people often think it's more is because they assume any girl who doesn't share a pic or want to voice is a guy, which is completely false). And from what I've read on the
  2. Hell no! It's SL! Be who you want to be! I would judge anyone who had a problem with it. If someone prefers not to share their RL gender either, thats fine too. It's clear the only people who do have a problem with it are the ones using SL as a dating site and hoping to transition a relationship into RL. Otherwise just enjoy the virtual world in whatever body you feel most comfortable in.
  3. I think it's 7/8k + lindens for a good quality nice looking female avi and 10/12k+ lindens for a male one. I say this because i put together a decent looking female alt for about that much, and I also looked into building a male one and worked out that's roughly how much it would cost me. It is a little bit of a "how long is a piece of string" question though cause people might quote you less (if you pick up this free body, group gift head here etc) and also much much more if you want to go top of the range everything.
  4. It's difficult. You have to enter into a serious relationship, host your own club night and successfully raise a virtual pet.
  5. This sounds like loser talk to me. I've just completed level 43 and on course for a record highest score.😜
  6. Most people admit to having between 0 and 3, although I know others have a lot more. Many people I know don't have any at all. When you invest time, effort and $$$ into one avatar it can be a disheartening prospect having to build up an entirely new inventory and friends list all over again.
  7. Sure! But England is a part of Britain. It's also a part of Europe! So identifying as English, British or European are all correct I'm all those things! As well as one of those unfriendly mean Londoners.
  8. @JenniexKim you forgot about the occasional games night, and the odd orgy here and there. 😜
  9. Hahahaha yes! So true! Harsh! And only partially true . Its wonderful and awful in equal measures. There's 9 million people crammed into this city, some are lovely, others less so! But anywhere with that many people is of course going to be less personable and friendly. You can't nod, smile and say hello to the hundreds of people you encounter on the way to work every morning.
  10. Exposing me for the pervert I truly am 🤦‍♀️ *hides*
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