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  1. If you're looking for a relationship that is both SL and RL, I would say you would have more success finding someone in RL then introducing them to SL. Rather than finding someone in-world and then transitioning that to RL. Just my thoughts. SL is great for SL relationships. It's not impossible, but very difficult to develop that significantly to RL I think?
  2. I could totally see how SL would work as a really good platform to explore this type of relationship. Not to say people arent in RL, just that SL would be a good way to try it out if you weren't sure to see how you'd feel about it. And also considering people's logging in and out times, it could be nice having people in different timezones etc.
  3. Could I BE any more excited? There better be a big sofa and massive coffee cups
  4. love it babe..so hot. have you changed skin...and shape?
  5. Physically I am roughly the same except in SL I have a cuter face, bigger boobs and thicker more voluptuous hair!
  6. I have always thought that people's avatars/characters in SL are actually a truer reflection of themselves than their RL selves. It' is who you are, stripped from the inhibitions and conventions imposed by society and the restrictions of your given physical form. It is who you truly are inside. I'm surprised how many people say they "play a character". No matter how hard you try, I feel like it never lasts long until your true self comes out. For better or worse. The main different between me and my SL self is that I am way more social in SL, because I am less self-conscious,
  7. You should at least hear her out before deciding how to react. It could be a simple misunderstanding, or it could be completely what it looks like. But everyone at least deserves a chance to explain.
  8. @JenniexKim we need some new pics for this thread!
  9. For! Especially with butter on toast. Mmm.
  10. 100% FOR! It is heart-breaking when a series you love is cancelled before you get a resolution to the story arc. Staying up all night to watch the Super Bowl then calling in sick the next day?
  11. Nope, most of my friends are girls. I have lots of guys on my friends list too, but honestly a lot of them just get in touch to flirt (perhaps hoping for more) so I wouldn't consider them genuine "friends". In my experience girls are way more likely to friend each other and spend time in-world just hanging out, chatting, exploring and shopping together. A lot of guys I meet just park themselves in a sim and send out unsolicited IMs. I find that most the guys in SL tend to be lone wolves too. If I meet a guy who has no other guy friends, I get immediately suspicious of their motives. I'm n
  12. Looks like an SL club I went to about 10 days ago. Maybe I'm going to the wrong places
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