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  1. I agree with a lot of the above! 100L feels like a lot more than 75L, and although it's only a 25L price rise, it will make me think twice before purchasing. However I totally understand the reasons behind why creators want to charge more. It does make Happy Weekend sales way more appealing though. I expect like others have said above, I will just be more careful with my spending. 100L items will add up quickly!
  2. Marketing/PR, previously for an animal protection charity and now for local government.
  3. Haha, thanks @Anna Nova, I don't know if I would block something for this faux pas, but it always makes me rage 😡 If there is someone in-world I want to speak to/hang out with and they don't reply to my IM straight away, I might be a little disappointed, but I rationalise that they're preoccupied, or that it isn't a good time for them, or that they're not in the mood to talk or whatever. All these reasons are perfectly justified! So I respect their right to reply to me when they're ready! Please can we all perpetuate this attitude! Haha.
  4. Just throwing this out there in the hope that this approach catches on, but... Could we all start acknowledging/treating IM messages in SL the same way we would on our phones in RL? What I mean by this is: don't expect someone to respond immediately. If you receive an IM in RL sometimes you might respond straight away, other times if you're busy or with people then you will respond at a later time when it is more convenient. This is how I think everyone should start seeing IMs. I am so fed up with the: "Hi" 2 mins later "??" 1 min later "guess u must be busy" Why is there this expectation that an IM must be replied to immediately? If someone didn't reply to your text in RL STRAIGHT AWAY you wouldn't freak out about it would you? So why do that in SL? It's different if you're in a sim standing next to someone. The fact that you're in each other's presence/company I think makes an instant interaction more obligatory. But otherwise, sending an SL IM should be like sending a RL IM. You message someone and then wait for a reply when it's convenient for them. That's just what I think, and it would make me happy if others agreed! Hahaha. But curious to hear other people's thoughts on this too. 😄
  5. Same. I've never even thought to look at that. I get that come people are cautious about engaging with alts, and suspect the worst, but for me, anyone who checks payment info first = a bit of a red flag!
  6. I'm not sure. I often think SL is more similar to RL than people acknowledge. In an RL club, if you try and strike up a conversation with strangers, some will be open to chatting, but many aren't, as they're just having fun with their friends and don't want to be disturbed, or simply you're not their type etc. I don't ignore guys who try and chat to me, but sometimes I shut conversations down pretty quickly when it's obvious to me we're not compatible or looking for very different things. Nice thing about SL is that you have a profile which offers an opportunity to give a little insight into who you are and what you're about. It's more important than some people give it credit for.
  7. I used to check out all the events and occasionally buy one or two items at full price. Now I do the weekend sales every weekend and think nothing of spending way more, paying 60-75L for every item, always from a wide variety of stores. Naively I thought I was actually contributing more this way, but am I actually hurting designers/the SL economy by shopping like this? I'm definitely spending way more than ever before, but I rarely pay full price. Should I go back to buying much less, but always paying full price when I do?
  8. Haha, yeah clearly that was just her opinion. There's a multitude of reasons why you might not have received a reply from someone that particular night. People being AFK, engrossed in other IM chats, on voice, or just not wanting to be disturbed etc. I wouldn't take it too personally. As long as you are respectful and polite, people will be happy to talk with you. One suggestion though is maybe not open with an invitation to dance. I would much rather someone engaged me in a conversation first, and then if we hit it off, maybe move to the dancefloor afterwards.
  9. This is the type of conversations I am fascinated by! How we are judged and how people interact with us based on appearance. It applies to both RL and SL I think. For the record, I am quite a sociable person on SL and I will happily IM someone, regardless of gender or species, if there is something interesting about their avatar that has caught my attention, or if there's something relatable on their profile. Occasionally people might think I am being flirty, but often you can be pleasantly surprised with a fun chat or make a new friend, so it's totally worth it IMHO. In terms of how people react to me, I present myself as petite, cute and sexy, so as expected I get some attention from guys and sometimes from other girls. I obviously dress for myself, but I know how I look can prompt a certain reaction and that's fine, as long as people are respectful and nice. If not, then that's what the block button is for!
  10. Mommy, daddy, look at me. I went to school and got the Big D.
  11. 😴☕😐💻💻💻💻😴💻💻💻💻😭💻💻💻💻🤷‍♀️😎
  12. Could I BE any more excited? There better be a big sofa and massive coffee cups
  13. love it babe..so hot. have you changed skin...and shape?
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