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  1. your two pictures look good, especially the second one. the neck of the turtleneck looks a lil messy. where did you go on your time away?
  2. I made friends in SL and so have a lot of other people. One problem is people who say they want to meet friends but really want to meet boyfriends or girlfriends.I'd like to meet people to hang out and explore SL.
  3. If you are unhappy about low income or joblessness you can be depressed. Real depressed. Taking a pill can numb you or block you feeling bottled up but I don't think it's gonna cure you. Poverty is reality of life in the world today but it's rarely talked about. People are getting poorer and poorer and the answer is take your meds? Diew lay!
  4. Ai-Ya! You got a lot of posts! What is a calling card? Can we ring strangers bell and start a conversation?
  5. A handmade card? Flowers? A phone call? A cruise? A check! Some could afford whatever they see in the store window, other write a poem or song. What are you going to get or do for Valentines day?
  6. Turquoise is a sacred color for Native Americans.
  7. what is the name of the little boy, the prince? hmm is he a prince?
  8. Not our business. Let's take care of our country first. Good luck to andrew.
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