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  1. I actually demo a lot especially hair maybe because I’m picky when it comes to hair because sometimes the hair or clothing whatever it could be looks good on the ad but when you actually try it on your avi it doesn’t look like what you thought it would cause there were times I just bought it without demoing and when I wore it I’m like “oh no why did I ever buy this?”. I demo a lot for sure and then I decide if I’m going to purchase or not.
  2. JenniexKim


    Like they mentioned haha Doux is super popular and they have tons of different styles! There’s also Rama Salon, that have tons of varieties as well! But also I think if you search up hair in inworld search they usually list hair stores and could always check some out!
  3. JenniexKim

    Genus Heads.

    Nope 😢. think this time it might be longer since the owner wants to put a stop to this once and for all lol.. hopefully soon! My head has been non stop animating and it's all buggy..
  4. Omg I’ve actually had a dream where I was in world, building and decorating but instead of controlling my avi through keyboard & mouse I was able to actually walk and move as if I was my avi.. weirdest dream ever..
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