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  1. Yep. Not 'trompe l'oeil', the store, but 'trompe l'oeil', the literal 'tricking of the eye' (in French).
  2. Really loving that bedroom and kitchen! ❤️ Especially that trompe l'oeil 'break-out' decal on the bedroom wall is amazing! 👍
  3. If this is 'broken', then maybe you shouldn't try and get fixed, as it's gorgeous! ❤️👍
  4. Totally love that image! Priceless! 😛 And rather artistic, really.
  5. Hehe, I had a bit of a Nathan Fillion vibe here; so I'd say you did exceedingly well with him. 🥰
  6. Hehe, the moment I saw this, I thought "Wow, that's something Scylla could have made!" ❤️ Then I realized it really was you.
  7. Beautiful composition! And very wel matching poetry! ❤️
  8. Hehe, another erudite composition. And for some reason, you look real good in an office setting, commanding both beauty and power! ❤️
  9. Awww, wonderful as usual! And LOL, you're so literate! 🥰
  10. An absolutely magnificent 'film noir' shot! ❤️
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