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  1. I remember you made on of the first houseboats, and one of the best too. Gotta say, you haven't lost your touch! This is amazing work! ❤️
  2. Nr. 1 is very beautiful, but appears to lack some 'warmth', IMHO. Nr 3, the name despite, while still glamorous, feels distant a bit. So, Nr. 2 it is for me! Playful, relatable, and beautiful, all in one! P.S. You look incredibly like someone who used to post here, Angelina String. 😉
  3. Another delightful composition! And sooo endearing! 🥰 And the way your eyes, and that of Riley, are interlocked at each other, implicit trust, and a mother's unending watchfulness and patience. Magical 'mother & child' theme. 👍🤗
  4. Gorgeous avi, as usual. But, again, I'm impressed by that mystical, beautiful, snow-white lighting. Even that white band on that wall works wonders!
  5. With the help of many good ppl here, I found some good hair for my Choe, back wben: I never met a pie I didn't like Today, I decided to use some void space behind a wall of what was once the ReBourne 'Dubai' skyhome. I literally totally gutted it, where only the outside outline still looks the same, LOL. Anyway, what was once their bathroom had some hidden space, that I used to create a lovely, red, and cosy bedroom for, for my Chloe. She now stars on the back wall, in red too, and forever in my heart. Sometimes things work out so well.
  6. Amazingly done! That yard is gorgeous! And entirely fitting the home environment. Astounding spot too. I do not recognize the type of home, though. Is it new?
  7. Ever feel overwhelmed by the world?! Always wanted to do this little idea. It's called "Little soul, big world." (Starring my Chloe)
  8. Stunning work, as always. ❤️ Absolutely amazing composition. And that roof-opening (as evinced by the light falling down) really adds a nice touch.
  9. Magnicifent pose! 👍 Been trying to make a still today too, but it won't be like anything you do! ❤️ You're getting better and better at this, dear! 🤗
  10. Ooo, I'm loving this! The lines of that musical bar in the art work so nice mesh withe horizontal lines in your dress (as do the downward hanging cords). And, lest I forget, your whole avi is beatiful, and equally well (color-)coordinated. 👍
  11. Oh, you do your own magic, believe me! ❤️ And I haven't even dreamed of trying to replicate it!
  12. Such wonderful light and composition! This could be a painting! ❤️
  13. As an art teacher of mine once said "It's always about the light!" Lovely, lovely, lovely! 👍
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