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  1. Not sure if it will help others, but confusing for me was the whole 'Day Settings' thingy. I kept trying to Apply old, saved windlights (converted to EEP). They would show, but would never take (Firestorm).** Finally someone suggested I drag & drop an EEP object into the 'Sky Altitudes' area (like to the right-hand side of 'Ground'). Then it took! In fact, I did nothing with 'Day Settings', really. Just dropped in my converted windlights, and that eventually did it. ** My guess is that I got confused trying to press that 'Customize' button, which then tries to load a Day Setting, for
  2. Caught a glimpse of my Chloe again this morning.
  3. Love this! ❤️ Beautiful avi; but also interesting and mysterious backdrop: some scifi lab or something. Makes you think.
  4. So much fun! Until Jennie pulled that big knife. Then the party was over.
  5. While we're on the subject of reflections, here's "Lofty Thoughts"
  6. "X-Rated" EDIT: Fixed the weirdly rolled eyes. Long live @Eva Knoller and her Lelutka HUD tip!
  7. Since ppl confused my Chloe for Max (what with her non-blue, short hair and all), here is the real Max, still at her photography hobby: "Still At It"
  8. Thank you for this new thread, Sara! And for the clear guidelines/rules governing this thread: it creates clarity.
  9. Let me explain this to you. At first, like many others, I thought she was just trolling or something. After all, these things happen on a forum. She made an empty post, then quoted her own empty post, etc. Then it was @LittleMe Jewell who first alerted me to the possibility we, aka me, might be judging her too fast, and I backed off. And she was more right than I imagined even. Here's what BeautifulXu said about herself, a bit later: her own words That should say it all. At least to me, it was a stark reminder there's almost always more than meets the eye. Beth recently said somethi
  10. Zactly. You don't get to play the 'Boo-hoo, I was just timidly voicing my opinion, and now ppl are mean to me!' card, when you are yourself the bully. Doesn't work like that, Laika. Nor does "I was just saying what I know other people think." Other ppl can speak for themselves just fine, thank you. Own your own words. Other than making a few light-hearted comments, BeautifulXu has done nothing wrong. You don't like what she writes? Scroll is your friend.
  11. I wasn't talking about you, Fairre. I was referring to Orwar's comment to me, to be precise. And I like your recent participation in this thread, and your works.
  12. And, likewise, I think people should be able to voice a frustration about others constantly judging other posters in this thread. Personally, I'm sick and tired of this small clique, constantly seeking the opportunity to judge other ppl. Take this, for instance, posted by Laika: "I am polite I asked you nicely to stop commenting stupid stuff so did other people." 'Stupid stuff?!' That's where we're at now?! That is neither polite, nor supportive. It's just outright mean. And I'm sorry, we can't all be Scylla, and write beautiful prose. People just give what they have.
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