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  1. Or automate the process. See Auto-Refresh Plus (and onward) People are in fact abandoning these homes, but it's rare. Yesterday, with the auto-refresh tool, took me about an hour waiting time, when I went for the houseboat. But you CAN grab one thay way.
  2. Yeah, as Gabriele said, those were not Linden homes (in the traditional sense of the term), but it was themed land nonetheless, they were selling off. My point just was, that I don't think they'll be doing a fururistic theme again any time soon, because of Horizons. Although, since Linden homes are a separate category, a girl can always hope.
  3. He/She is probably paying a monthly fee. It gets cheaper if you do a quarterly, or year plan.
  4. Obviously. But mainland != Bellisseria. And putting up a home of your own, means eating into your prim allowance.
  5. Could actually be interesting... to leave your house derezzed. Then you could put something else on your plot. Although, in all fairness, what LL offers at Bellisseria is pretty darn good, and their homes don't eat into your prim allowance.
  6. I have to say I really think you nailed it here.
  7. O, I'll take that beauchouse! What store is it from, please? So gonna buy that!
  8. Faux windows! What a clever idea! Especially with the projector light. Ingenious! 👍
  9. That is really impressive! The location and the lighting of that kitchen (+ block) are awesome! As well as the clever use of room dividers. Chapeau!
  10. That was one massively impressive photo-shoot! But this kitchen nook really takes the cake! What an incredible idea to put your kitchen there. And the light falling on that table... so cosy! Yesterday I saw a place I said I could die in. After seeing your kitchen here, I'm saying I could live there! ❤️ Just wow!
  11. My, you're a real wizard with light too. Seriously, never seen someone do such lovely wonders with these old, cr*ppy homes! Maybe I should go back to an old home too!? Nah, got me a houseboat to decorate. 😉
  12. Wow, can't believe you made an old home look so good.
  13. Ah, now I get it. Me, I just did a positive search for 'bellisseria'. At first, I figured I'd be clever, and search directly for 'houseboat'; but then it dawned on me, that the term might not show up if Bellisseria isn't the first item listed. Gratz on your Traditional home, btw!
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