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  1. Hey thank you for offering your friendship please feel free to IM me in world
  2. Well never thought id be looking for someone in here but here goes hehe... Hello, I'm Aaliyah but you can call me Ali or Lia I have been in SL for 9 yrs now I've tried the dating game and even been married but it never worked out is why I left for 4 yrs and returned just 2 months ago. I enjoy exploring cause I have yet to see everything that SL has to offer and would love to have someone to explore it with. I also enjoy window shopping, going to events. going to concerts and going dancing at clubs. When I see a guy I'd enjoy being with I see a nice loving and caring guy that might have some things in common with me, understanding, easy on the eyes hehe and want to protect me and id do the same for him. If you are interested please IM me in world or contact me here Thank you
  3. Thank you Orwar that means a lot and I look forward to hearing from you
  4. Hehe sounds like when someone gets drunk and the next day.."never again" they say and then at it the next day lol
  5. Thank you so much! Hmm that is something to really think about when you say something about what others might be into like well I am crazy about Gacha things hehe I love the machines and the different places they are sold in stores I really like the animals on SL like breedables like horses and the meeros and even dragons hehe thank you for advice I will look into some of the groups of interest
  6. I have been back in SL for 2 months now and I have met a couple of people which have been nice but I have not been able to make any more friends within the world I used to be able to find friends so easy back when I first started but it seems these days people have their own cliques and if I try to engage someone in a conversation no one ever seems interested and eventually stop talking. Or some think I'm trying to pick them up which I am looking but right now I'm looking for friends if that right guy comes along fine but I'm not right out trying to pick them up hehe. Maybe I am giving up too easy I don't know its just not fun exploring and going through SL alone I even thought about leaving again but I am going to give it one more try I love making friends really good ones that will last a long time and a loving family as well one day and a nice man wouldn't be bad either hehe Thank you to anyone that reads this I hope it gets someone interest.
  7. Since I've been back I have enjoyed getting back into SL and making friends before I left SL for 4 yrs I had a family but I left cause of a broken heart so I left everything behind...So now I'm looking for a new family Mom and Dad some siblings would be nice I am loving and caring I love window shopping, exploring hanging with friends, taking photos and going to listening to music at clubs it's just me I don't have anyone in my life yet...If this is something you are looking for feel free to message me here or SL thank you...
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