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How does your avatar look today ?


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13 hours ago, Walelu Summerwind said:

Looks like 'someone' got the naughty chair 😙

IKR? Totally unfair.

Well, sod that for a lark (as me old Gran used to say)!

The Sitting 3


13 hours ago, Walelu Summerwind said:

(hope you're feeling better, hugs)

And thanks! Still sick, but feeling a bit better. I'm almost convinced now that I'm not actually dying. 😉

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No secret that I like pink...…….quite a lot really. I also like knitted tops, which look like crochet...……...so this older outfit, which I've just revisited fits the bill, matched with leather Tali pants, also in pink. And it catches me in a melancholy mood...……..9_9

Maybe because I loaded up my account last week and can't find much to buy...………..




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41 minutes ago, Scylla Rhiadra said:

Hmmmph. Your bedside manner could do with a little work!

I'm retired. As my work ethic fades into the mists of memory, my bedside manner will probably get worse.

Enjoy me while you can.

ETA: Did anyone else offer you Chicken Juice?

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So I went ahead and got the Legacy mesh body and with it, a new Genus head along with a new skin for them (I'm not going to diss on the other body I was using, but suffice it to say I was getting tired of not being able to unsee the major flaws of it). This is also my alt, Not Alyona Su. LOL

So new head with Deetalez "Bailey" face (Genus Baby Face head):


And new Legacy Mesh Body, shaped as I like it and wearing Lagacy-fitted undies (SFW-Blurring of boobies LOL):


ANNNDDDDD! With an included automatic DEFORMER allows the wearing of a Maitreya-only swimsuit (Slight narrowing of the hips and butt, but (see what I did there?) still totally acceptable!


So, new high-res mesh body without the major flaws of the "cheap" one (and I don't mean price, but that, too) AND I can still wear a majority of mesh outfits made? High-price for it all, but no-brainer to me.

Thusly: this is how my avatar looks today!  Hahahaha!

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