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  1. As a matter of fact, you put her inworld, so she could be seen as your daughter. I only wonder who would be the father....
  2. Drama? Dispite of the fact that the word "drama" comes from the old Greek word for "acting", I more like to call it "experience"! (Ps. Well done Belinda for making your deadline 🖒)
  3. Was the pub full when you came in and did you scare them away?
  4. This is the text I put in my profile under picks what I think about sex: Haaa! now i got you attention! ;-). I say it it one more time: No i am not looking for sex, it just happens so once in a while! Walking naked does not mean i want sex! (talking about prejudice). I either dont see anyone as prey and i dont want to be seen as one. I like to flirt, like to talk to women but that does not mean it will end up in a sex position. I got ladyfriends with whom i never had sex with and i love them. Someone here said to me there are three reasons to have sex: 1. produce, 2. love, respect and romance, 3 lust. I say there are two more: 4. economic profit and 5. under pressure. Because producing avatars is ridicules number 1 is out. 2. is nice but you need to know eachtother better then. So 3. is the most obvious reason to have sex here. A legitimate one, why not having fun here! But that does not mean it has to be empty. There must be some of number 2 in it. Number 4. i respect, but i dont pay and i dont want to be payed. Reason 5. is horrible: Sex should not be done against someones will Ho heard at a beach somewhere: SL is like a bad pornmovie. Every plot seems to lead into a bad sex scene at the end......
  5. Very impressive, I get the shivers already......
  6. Hey Belinda. I responded to your input with a "sad" face but actually it is tears of joy when I read it. Many people would turn it into a problem after such a traumatic experience and be sad for the rest of their lives. You made an advantage of it and you became an independent woman. How to turn something negative into something positive. Maybe that is your strength!
  7. You make a better picture from the surroundings then Linden 😁
  8. Try to remember that when we meet again love
  9. I love being there. Just the details. They give away how much love there is in it.... Oh no kitchen? Good we can order some deliveries 😉
  10. Sorry I don't use pickup lines. I just want to dance with you...🤗
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