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  1. I was hoping there was some kind of community in place. If we get enough people interested, maybe we can start a group of our own Have like meetups and such
  2. I've been having a lot of fun bumming around SL and seeing where it takes me. I have given up my property and have a few places for changing and rezing what I need. Just curious if anyone else out there is a hippie/vagabond sort. Wanna share tales from the open road? Is it possible to live a fulfilling life without a home? Are there any groups out there or meetups I should know about? Pic of me in my current squat (I always clean up after myself, cause I'm not a d-bag like that)
  3. I tend to go more hippie goth these days Oubliette has some great witchy/goth clothing items and some furniture. I think they have a sale that runs all weekend. Free gifts for group members too.
  4. Playing around with my new pose stand, still early days, but I'm loving it
  5. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chagall/15/186/22 Just a simple beach property in a decently decorated area. Perfect place for newbies and old. Selling only because I can't afford premium atm Must be sold by December 3rd, so don't wait on this opportunity.
  6. Stores: That's pretty vauge, but Fallen Gods if you're into fantasy skins. Vista Animations for AO's. TRUTH for hair (try the demos EDCOT park is something nifty to check out. Keep in mind some things can be glitchy, but overall fun as heck especially with friends on voice chat. If you fall off into water or have ride glitches, you can always tp back I'm new, but enjoying the wandering Backdrop City is awesome for photography scenes, my current prof pic was taken there. Another suggestion is to go to the events tab and check out live singers. There are some really good live performances out there.
  7. I mean, neopets is still kicking, so I think SL is safe.
  8. https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/312-inworld-employment/
  9. I feel you. I came in a month ago and with direction of friends bought mesh everything. It's been an insane learning curve for sure. Youtube has been my savior for actually seeing how people apply and what to click. It is worth it though. I went from looking like Fiona from Shrek into a goddess. What helps is to get naked and get your body right how you want it. Then, save that as an outfit. Then if you mess up and remove something, you can go back to basic. Save a couple outfits even if they arent your favorites, that way you can quick change too if you need to without the frustration.
  10. I feel like I could have gotten it a bit better, but sleep deprivation took over.
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