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How does your avatar look today ?


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Still kinda sick, so I'm not getting out much lately, although I did have a nice chat with Belinda in-world, and a quick wave at Taya.

Here's a very quick and dirty pic of myself and that adorable little bundle o' sulphur and coal, Maddy. At Authors Point.

If she looks like she's languishing or having a hissy fit, it's probably because she moved before I could snap the pic, and I made her get back up again.



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Sorry, I've been busy building and with the flu too.  So, no background set or anything.  But, sometimes I just feel so free being a Dinkie, I just wear all kinds of colors and don't care.  lol  I made the sweater jumper texture - The Bat, and am also working on the shoes...these are my first shoes.  I may put a little more details in them yet.   One of these days I may have time to do some photos but right now busy with Halloween and going to a few shows is about all I have time for right now.  

Snapshot_735 (3).png

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