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  1. Small update: I don't have any allergies. I'm leaking brainwater instead.
  2. Time to chime in. Don't have that particular problem, but sometimes when I have too many tabs open, it doesn't really register my like, and I have to redo it. Any member of a company that calls their free users parasites is a clueless ignorant btw. First, they're not mandatory, meaning they simply can dissallow the ability to have a free account, thus get rid of them pretty quick. They don't do that, because free accounts have a purpose - bolstering the numbers for investors and advertizment (Both kinda don't like small numbers), and they create content that is important for the paid users, because they need something to consume. Free users are often times the bait for the paying ones. So crapping on them is not the brightest of ideas. Free Accounts usually only get the barebones version of anything - I think that's okay, that's the price they pay for not paying. Nothing is really free. Also, if something is free, you're the product. Mainly for ads and stuff. Or your data gets sold.
  3. Thank you so much. Now I'm gonna cling to that hope for the rest of the month and hope that's it.
  4. Gonna ask that here, since I dunno where else that'd fit Can anyone tell me if allergies you once had can come back later? I know I had an allergy against dustmites or something like that when I was a kid, but it never was strong, we didn't do much about it, and over the years, it apparently just.. vanished. Starting in february, I got a really annyong drippy nose, that went for a week, and was gone.. then, in late july, it started again, and since then it's just dripping non-stop. Talking about losing 300ml of fluid per day here. >_> Google wasn't particulary helpfull, since no matter how I phrased it, whether is was in german or english, it just gave me the ol' "Yeah, you can get allergies later in life". I know that, and I'm really hoping it's not what I suspect. Might be pollen, but then it should have become better at this point - low pollen now, lots of rain to wash it out of the air.. So, if it ain't pollen, and it might not be possible to be dustmites again.. it'll be my cat. Needless to say, I desperately don't want to be allergic to my cat - since I only have a small apartment where my living room is my bedroom, so I can't keep her out of it. I do have an appointment with an allergy-specialist.. that's at the end of september. Apparently, they're pretty fine with having you wait for over a month while you're developing asthmatic symptoms. Also, to make things worse, I got a cold on top, so I have fever and oh boy, you should hear me hack and wheeze my lungs out over here. >_>
  5. I think that person has trouble with words in general. And thinking, since, well, someone with a brain would've used a spellcheck. Or watch what they type. Jeez.
  6. 2 - I own a mainland-parcel on a relatively empty region. I don't really care about Belli, none of the homes is my style, and the communities seem too clique-ish for my taste. Also, I build my own homes, or rather scenes, since they're clearly no traditional homes, haha. Like, for the longest time, I had an enchanted pond with a swimming garden. Now it's a small pond (I like water) that is nightelf-themed, with a little temple and nightsky-environment. I should finish that at some point. >_>
  7. Dunno if there's money being made with that. On some level, sure, I mean, there's people you can hire to build entire Sims for you. But smaller scale? Maybe, but not that big a buisness, at least not from what I've seen so far - but that may be due to lack of exposure or something. (I do decorate some rentals on the sim my friends build - that is a free-of-charge-service I volunteered for, because.. I love decorating, and I have much more cool furniture than I'd ever need. Some isn't my personal style, so it's nice to get that out. I also theme them a bit if needed, and I usually state that if someone wants a specific item, they can talk to me. If I like it enough, I'm willing to buy it and rezz it for them. But yeah, I buy it with my own money, and it stays mine. But not giving away edit rights, instead, I'm on-demand if they wish to change anything. We had some people rent out the pre-decorated ones, but not all, and in general, I think the ones we did was because they've become pretty unique.)
  8. I'd not dress that way in RL. I prefer comfy clothes and not freezing. On a more dark note, it'd likely also put me in danger. Sad to say, but that's how it is.
  9. That's why games like Medal Of Honor where blacklisted here, because the models in game had swastikas on their arms. Later one, games would require to either change the textures of the models here, so it's not a swastika anymore, or risk being banned. However, there was some change, if I remember correctly, that now allows the depiction in games, but under certain circumstances I think.
  10. I put on completely different textures at times. I have a very pretty Toga that I got in a few different colours because I really like it, and it's mod - so I retextured it to look like a galaxy. Looks great, love it, and it would have been impossible for that outfit to exist without modrights. I wish some creators would understand it's sometimes less about making it better, but more about making it different. And chances are, I still wear the item as is, because if I didn't like it in the first place, I'd not have gotten it. And no, Huds don't do it. Most of the time, they're clunky and not as precise, and often, the settings I want to change can't be changed with them either (The tinting of the speccmap, or the values for it, for example) Literally not a single picture I have taken would have been possible without modrights to items.
  11. This isn't really about compliments tho. More about rude comments.
  12. I think there's a difference between accepting possibilities and outright inviting them.
  13. But in that case, just plain existing would be an invitation to comments as well. And for some people, that is the case. Of course, most people are fine with compliments, and only react to the rudes ones - but I know people who'd rather have no compliments as well. They just want to be left alone. Also, I'm more at the "who's to blame" - and for that, I think it'd be important to examine what an invitation actually is.
  14. So you say the state of dress, i.e. a revealing dress, is an invitation to comments, and should thus be okay with the recipent?
  15. Lol no. As long as everyone has the "I'm right, no matter what" stance that cannot be shaken, political discussions are moot, because they end in NOTHING but fighting. Everytime. That is not something only in this forum, that's happenening with political discussions in general. Because people only argue AT people, not with them. Guilty of it as well, of course.
  16. So, after having had a little fun on a now deleted thread, it was bought to my attention that I am now featured on sl secrets. I'm not peeved about that, at all - I simply don't care about the opinions of random people, but I *do* feel kinda flattered I occupied someones mind enough to drive them to go this much outta their way for me, heh. And it's propably the nicest try someone did to get at me! https://gyazo.com/1f38bcdeb4af288c47d51de51d848bf1 What I am peeved about is that - to me - the signature in the corner implies I made it, lol. 1) the space between top to picture needs to be the same as from side to picture. 2) I'd use a non patterened background with a more muted colour that fits the picture better 3) make the text one line, centered under the picture 4) don't just make the text black, that's just too strong for it 5) if I sign anything with my avatars name, I always use the full name 6) use words I have in my regular vocabulary, I had to look up the translation of cherish I am surrounded by amateuers! *hairflips*
  17. I'm SUPER interested. I'm on european timezone as well, don't like wall of texts, love exploring and dressing accordingly.. this is my jam. Like, this fits me like a glove, lol. Pick me. PICK ME. Used to do a lot of roleplay in WoW, never really in SL because I never found the right kind of people. I do best in smaller crowds. Downsides of me are: I never really roleplayed in english, so I'm insecure about that, despite being pretty much able to converse very well in english, lol. But that's about it. Pick meeeee
  18. Makes me so angry. It's clearly still a gacha, and yet it got greenlit, and worse, we'Re forbidden from calling it what it is - why? So it doesn't catch the eyes of whomever makes the laws? If it quacks like a duck, I'll not call it a dog. Extremely dissapointed they just want to do the barest of minimums and even then they fail because, well, still gacha.
  19. Well. What can we do if LL is adamant about allowing conveyorbelt-gachas? Not a rethorical question.
  20. That's something I use in arguments about Gamepublishers/devs becoming "evil", like ActivisionBlizzard, Bethesda, etc. They all start out with fun games, passion projects, and then they gain success. And in come the people with the suits. Those are bad news. They don't see users wanting a good game, they see numbers and those need to become bigger by any means. But the worst is when the psychologists enter. Because that is when they tend to become anti-consumer, and try every trick in the book to exploit people so their precious numbers rise more and steeper than before.
  21. So... basically the difference between a regular gacha and conveyor belt style gacha is that with the later you know the first purchase (and that it'll always be a common item, since nobody would leave the machine when it's something more worth than the pullprice) I'm pretty dissapointed. In the same way I was dissapointed when I saw that a game I used to play, that has an extremely predatory itemshop, now featured a way to earn their stuff ingame. Didn't figure out that implemented that due to the new legislation around lootboxes and stuff. The thing is, they made the rates at wich you earn the credits so abysmal low, you gotta be extremely patient. Cheapest stuff to buy starts at 2000 - which are the commons nobody wants, and you can earn up to ....60 a day. I hate this, this is obviously just the barerst of minimum, just to be on the safe side. But it's a big fat middlefinger to the spirit of the law, and says a lot about what they think of their users.
  22. I find it interesting that I - as someone who screeched pretty loud about my dislike for gachas - am apparently: -pissed I didn't get the gachas I wanted - believing I'd now get all gacha items, including rares at pull price - angry at the success of others - hating fun. Heh. Keep going.
  23. I wish it'd be something that is *fair* - but as long as the scripts inside those machines cannot be looked into, and creators trying their best to screw over their customers, I'll still be against that. The same dishonest scripts can be put into a conveyor belt style machine. I never had something against the simple gachas. You know, where it's an item in different colors, or different items, but they all had the same chance. Nothing more. I was okay with adding fatpack rares. Heck, I was okay with having rares in general, if they're not having an abysmal low chance. But they have. Have you read what scripters and people with extensive knowledge said about those scripts in those machines? Abysmall low rates, ADDED in chances of getting a duplicate the next pull (wich I had assumed to be a glitch, but apparently, it's not), that you only can get a rare after so many pulls, and more dishonest, exploitative crap. Most people who defend and want to continue gachas are creators and resellers - some users as well, but I cannot understand those at all - most consumers don't want this. I know it's more lucrative for creators - nobody would pay 5k just for a pair of horns, yet you have people putting in more than that to get them, because sunken cost fallacy, and because it'S harder to track how much you put into it if you play a bit every day/week/month. I want creators to make money. If they need to raise their prices to better reflect the worth of their work, so be it. I am all for that. But not so much that it becomes a get rich quick scheme where the topdogs get 1000's of real life dollars because thause they sell 1 item for 20 real life dollar. That's just greedy. I want some respect for their customers, and exploiting and using human imperfection against them isn't exactly respect.
  24. I hope it's ot, since that's still gacha with extra steps. We all know that it's about the randomised chance to see what item will be next.
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