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  1. What if you work at night like me? You still can grow that out there is hope for you. I great full when people react honestly then reallyise what they did and trying to explain it. And then I think I know I'm stupid but not that much.
  2. Because of self censorship I don't answer. But it's pretty disgusting.
  3. Why you putting rosted pumpkin seeds on your friends windowsill?
  4. Not a well known fact but the English channel network was cover up. The original plane was to dig around Manchester and one cloudy night push it the whole city of the main island. And lat it float away. Nobody knows what went wrong.
  5. If you want you can give me your bizarre abstract concepts if it's a problem to you. Also so many Zzevir in a little place like this.
  6. If you have just 4 card then it is not a full deck.
  7. I think I'm using the same sandbox time to time.
  8. Lol no I'm not that tender soul how can be hurt by online bullying. And my colleagues are like a second family.... I don't talk to them if it is not needed. And I avoid ppl as I'm allergic of stupidity.
  9. I don't know him or his manners. But he doesn't look like somebody how was raised in a barn.
  10. Borgia more like. Or present days Alabama.
  11. I was thinking everybody could use a reliable fact source. So reliable that you don't need to check it. That source is me I do the snooping the fact checking. First fact Did you know that ants can smell with they butt. But they don't do it as it makes them barf. Strange but true. Also did you know that in the early plans of the SL viewer had a quick save button. But there was a disagreement abut the look and that's why it was dropped. (There is a rumor of that this is the disagreement why jam doughnut is not allowed in the canteen on Friday's. But I couldn'
  12. Deffenetly don't have you children as a lover.
  13. Don't tell this to my wife. And no I don't break any restrictions I'm happy if I can avoid people.
  14. It's not a blank there is some writing on the top.
  15. Do me, do now. Not like that you silly rabbit (well if you want we can make something about that to). I have some things starting and want to see what's not going to happen.
  16. I don't think she can pay a grand for a set of hands.
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