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How does your avatar look today ?


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9 minutes ago, Cherish Demonge said:

Oh nice, Yeah i used to rock Catwa. They are great, have you tried Lelutka, they have some awesome male heads. 

I have both Andrea and Guy, yes. But since I'm a CSR for Catwa (and Skell is 'my own' Catwa head, as it were) I wear those almost exclusively. :)

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Can I just all the posters in this thread inspire me in my photos and help me push myself further so can I just say thank you for that. :) 

I'm learning paint.net editing skills so with thanks to you all being so supportive and encouraging along with few in world friends; I wouldn't of had the confidence to start posting in this friends so yeah i really appreciate that.  I'm so going to continue this, I am having way too much fun to stop now! :D 

This when I had to dress for friend's early Halloween party a few days back; as she going away and won't be back to November so I made picture and use as current in world profile picture.


halloween profile picture 2019.png

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