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  1. I'm the handsomest dude! I mean, my malt IS handsome. I'm still marrying yours, tho. Amina, don't worry, I'm only half serious about that! I'm more amused that I happen to fail so many of them, as in - how likely would that be? I even fail the one I told about, because I can't -for medical reasons- take the pill, so of course I don't know about brands. Also, yes, not exessive flowery - although it's worse, it's a spin on Sukkubus. Scarmon just sounded edgy. I usually offer people to call me Her Highness the Godempress - beloved by the people, but sadly, no one takes up upon that generious offer. Another pet peeve of mine!
  2. Dunno, but according to ya'lls dead giveaways I'm a guy?
  3. Helmut Kohl, Chancellor Richard Karl Freiherr von Weizsäcker, Federal President
  4. Reminds me of a certain list that flew around the new some time ago, with things on how to spot a male posing as a female. It included such gems as to ask the female what brand of the pill she was taking. I'm still not sure if that was serious advice, or satire designed to inflame.
  5. - I love cats. My current feline companion is from a shelter. She's obsessively in love with me, judging by the fact that I cannot walk anywhere without her following me. She also, quite literaly, sleeps in my arms at night. She hates other people, though. - Much like Beth, I once had a gun pointed at my head. By my back then best friend who -surprise, surprise, tuned out a huuuuuge backstabber. - I draw pictures. Not as much anymore, I did most of my drawing in school, to combat the boredome. Many teachers allowed me to do so, because I still kept track of the class, but when I wasn't allowed to draw I'd just look out of the window and zone out completely. - I read mostly Stephen King and Harry Potter. Multiple times, because why not. - I quit smoking this spring after 20 years of smoking from one day to the other (I'm 33, started very young.) I was at 30-40 cigarettes a day. -once a month, I'll drive 10h by train from near Cologne to Munich to see my boyfriend for a few days. I'll never take anything to read or do with me, yet I didn't die of boredom so far. Sometimes I wont even listen to music. I'm just alone with my thoughts and I like it. - I have an iron will!
  6. Why? Because people are bigots, that's why. I used to play wow for a long time - not since classic, though - mostly doing roleplay and yeah, your reputation suffered when you admitted on doing erp - mainly if you did it for the sake of it, like a random hookup. It was more accepted when you added "I do it to advance my characterdevelopment!!!11" or anything in that vein. Like you had to have a good reason to erp and wheren't allowed to do it because... it's fun? But I guess that has a lot to do with how sex is viewed in rl as well. As in, good girls are pure and chaste, you know? I did what most people did and made another account for erp. At one point, I stopped giving a damn about what people think about me, especially when a LOT of those flying-of-the-handle- people do it themselves.
  7. I super dislike it when games are developed with console in mind first, because on PC that means you'll get artifically limited in some ways, due to the very real limitations consoles do have compared to PC's. Or with strange menues - I'm looking at you, Skyrim and Fallout4. Not usre if I'd enjoy it then - I'm an absolut altaholic, heh. And I don't really do endgame stuff at all. I raided because I wanted to try it, and kept doing it for a while because the people in my guild enjoyed me very much and wanted me to come with them. And I don't have the patience to deal with once a week stuff - I tend to just not do it, because, well. I'm difficult, lol. WoW was my longest running mmo - I still miss playing it sometimes, but I know I'd nag at it after a week again. I don't have much experience with housing, I never played DAOC, or the LOTR mmo (that also had housing) - I mainly know Wildstar and ESO. I dislike the itemlimit in ESO - that, OF COURSE get's doubled with eso+ - I think it's too little, but I know they keep it that way so more people feel the need to get eso+. I agree about the Petpart. The main problem this, or any game has, is it's gamers letting them get away with way too much. And the absolut greed. I am at a point where I do not want any gamedev to be successfull anymore, because every dang time it starts the same crappy downward spiral. Because if they get bigger, in come the people with the suits, who do not see gamers or the game, but numbers. But that's not the worst. The worst is, when a company gets big enough to get the psychologists in. But I'm ranting. I should not do that, lest I blow up this thread, lol.
  8. I'm really torn about Wildstar, actually. I did enjoy it mostly, it was fun, but I wasn't much into the gameplay itself - aestethics, humour, general presentation was really good. The housing was awesome, I wish other MMO's would adopt to it. I played WoW for a pretty long time, but not since classic. I have more characters on lvl 90+ than I like to admit, lol (I enjoy creating characters for roleplay, and hate deleting them). Didn't really raid, except firelands (And I'm glad I did, cause that's where I met my now boyfriend.) I'm more of an collector, transmogs, mounts, pets, characters... but I got too annoyed with many changes, particulary with the "mobscaling". Wasn't made more challenging, it just took longer because mobs just got more health. As if the game had not enough timesinks already. I'm currently playing ESO again, but I absolutely refuse to give them money, because lol no. They can shove their predatory itemshop where the sun don't shine. (And I'm playing it only maybe once or twice a year, for like.. 2-4 weeks until I get frustrated again.) I do like the game, I like the aestethics, I find it mostly fun. But I hate how they tread their customers, and like I said, the predatory Itemshop. Man, everyone says the FF mmo is so good, and I never played it.
  9. *sobs* Yeah, I guess that's true, I am pretty harsh to myself most of the time, so this might be no exeption. Thanks!
  10. Thank you! I think I'm doing okay for most conversations, but I cannot convey the same nuances in english as I can in german. I can't even explain if properly, heh.
  11. Attending the Fallen Gods Anniversary every year in october - that's a month full of socialising, dressing up and attending fun events for me. I'm usually utterly exhausted afterwards, but very happy. Also attending the Fantasy Faire - so I got spring and fall covered, heh. FF tends to be a little bit more relaxing for me, as it's not as much socializing. (Seriously, you try being an introvert and attend an 12 hour long party and talk to people the whole time!) Otherwise, my most favorite thing to do in sl - creating outfits/characters. Sometimes it's creating just a new gettup for my main look, sometimes it's a new species, sometimes I create rp-characters and different outfitsfor them, despite knowing I'll never rp with those. I just love it.
  12. Holy crap, that clown is at it again. As for rp-style - I like to keep mine fluid. The more people involved, the less I write. When I am attending events with many people, I probably won't emote at all, because I don't need to add to the already running chat. I'll only post if absolutely nessesary. Same with scenes with lots of action - I prefer to K.I.S.S. in those. Otherwise I am able to write a lot more. However, I will write less in english, simply due to the language barrier - I am not even remotely as eloquent in english as I can be in my native tongue, something that actually bothers me a lot. Depending on my character, I may sometimes post an oneliner - because sometimes, that's how the character would react. I do not believe in adding words just for the sake of filling an unessesary word-quota. Which is also what I see with many self proclaimed elite-para-roleplayers. It's mostly just purple-prose that adds nothing to neither character nor scene, it isn't even interessting to read for others.
  13. Not anger though, it's more like a flash of high concentrated frustration because for a short moment, I'll have gotten my hopes up, lol.
  14. Last time I had a helper who's usually just as ***** about stuff like that as I am, she exclaimed "Oh my god, Suku, you are just too picky" and left in a huff. *sobs* The censoring in this forum is driving me bonkers at some point.
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