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  1. I used to voice a lot with a friend. Actually, that was the first time I ever spoke english with someone since I never really had the opportunity before. We can't talk much anymore though, since neither one of us has that much time and I don't really socialize anymore. Also, even after all that practise, I still misspronounce every second word.
  2. Also, it's how some guys try to save face for themselves. Some... well a lot, actually, people can't handle frankness. Or bluntness. Or anything not wrapped in cotton.
  3. Dunno, not a friend of wishlists for myself. For two reasons - First, I do not enjoy getting gifts or someone paying for my stuff - neither in SL nor RL. However, that's mainly due to my upbringing where gifts would always come with expectations and strings attached. So I dread getting gifts - but I absolutely enjoy giving gifts, either buying people something or craft something myself - my highest gifts are paintings, because they're using up the most time and energy, heh. The second is - I don't ask for things, again, neither in SL nor RL. Mainly because it'd make me feel like I'm begging. But that's another can of worms I should not open, actually. Instead, I'd like to add that while I may feel about that in regards to myself, it does not apply to other people. I do not think they are begging by having a wishlist. How others utilize their wishlist is up to them entirely. I don't really mind, and I understand that (thankfully! )not everyone has as skewed perceptions as I do in that regard. But I do find it offputting if the very first thing I see on a profile is their wishlist, or if it's too boldly advertised. But even then - to each their own. I'd still talk to them like I'd do normaly.
  4. Let's hope the guys falling in love with your avi now don't want to murder you too, though!
  5. I'm not techy enough to know if that'd be possible, and if, how hard it would be to implement, but what about some sort of ability to scale down textures on objects? For example - I have a potted succulent, I really like it, it looks beautiful, but it has 2 textures. 1024 x 1024 for most of it - it's a small plant, I should mention. So that's rather exessive, half of that would be more than enough. The second texture is for the succulents leaves. Which are a small part. Also an 1024 x 1024 Texture, when possibly an 256 x 256 would have sufficed. I like the textures, and would prefer to keep them - mainly because my own texturing skills are meager at best, but also because those are no copy objects. But they're mod at least, so the possibility is there. But it would make things so much easier if I could just scale the textures down to the sizes I want them to have.
  6. 2009 - 2019 No, I absolutely did not hunt for a similiar tattoo and top just to recreate that picture. I need supervision.
  7. Another addition to my collection of mermaids, yay. I really like this one.
  8. Smaller pet peeve of mine - when my favorite creators, who did fantasy apparel amongst other things, stopped doing that and only produce lingerie after lingerie. I mean, I know that sells well, but.. yeah, I'm not THAT skimpy...most of the time.
  9. Gachas where almost everything is a rare except for the one or two most boring, blandest things in the universe you know no one plays the damn thing for. I'll pass, and that says something.
  10. Gonna support Syo with some more of that stylish darkness!
  11. Of course. I learned a lot about myself through my interactions with and observations of others.
  12. The rare moments where Sukubia is not something out of a fantasy-world.
  13. THAT IS ME! No, seriously. That is me. What. lol.
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