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  1. Well, it can be a very hard lesson to learn. However, I do agree.
  2. Then I am going to specify that I believe it's not a concious choice, thus most people having little to no controll over it. I mean, I'd say it's the same with those ...uh, shaolin monks (not sure?) who have amazing controll of their bodies. So it's possible, but they trained long and hard to be able to archive that. Words can hurt - verbal abuse is a thing.
  3. Emotions can get triggered by events. That has little to do with chosing.
  4. While I like the sound of many accents and dialects, I cannot understand them very well. I had a friend from London. Got a bit awkward when he tried to explain Dota to me and I uderstood not even a siiiiingle word. I still feel terrible about it, heh. Years ago, tho, and since then I spoke and listen to a few english peaking folks, it got a little better.
  5. Maybe Static? They made some really nice Fae Wings that where in their store on FF.
  6. I did post here about me being angry about the protests going on. I kinda forgot there was another thread for that, and I was pretty much internaly focused on me feeling pretty angry and sad and disappointed. I didn't look for discussion about the virus, tho, I was looking for sympathy and validation.
  7. I'm hurt and angry, I hate it if people threat me like I'm goddamn dirt.
  8. I might get an answer if you got nothing better to do? Okay.
  9. @Orwar Am I on ignore, or where you simply not up for the task of explaining why it's beneficial for women?
  10. I'm fuming, because here we have demonstrations against the lockdown and other measurements to prevent the spread of corona. Like wearing masks, and keeping distance to others. While I understand it to be annoying, and I'd rather we not had to do all this, I know it is absolutely nessesary. I also understand that buisnessowners are scared to lose everything due to some measurements - but nobodies buisness is as important as someone elses life. And mind you, a lot of those people who go demonstrating are just people who want to have parties with their friends again. They deem that more important than other peoples life. I'm in a risk group, so me getting it would be reaaally bad. I do what I can to prevent that, as in, I don't go outside at all, only once a week to buy food.Which is less then good for my health, mental or otherwise. And without a fail, I see people giving a damn ***** about the rules in this godforsaken city. Busses are still full, so no real distancing, and worse - I see many people not wearing their mask in it, or just having it dangle around their chin. Cool. Really, awesome.
  11. Would you mind explaining how it's benefitial to us?
  12. Thank you! I uh, I hope ya'll are prepared for a lot of... semi-inactivity, lol. I overdid myself with the faire posts, heh.
  13. ...so, if someone disagrees with you, they're mindless and can't read? Nice, thank you.
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