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  1. I do like Halloween, although it's not really celebrated here, at least not in the big way the US does. There's Halloween Parties and in some places, people do the trick or treat stuff, but that's more in suburban places. There's themed discounts, candies and costume sells, but that's basically like any other holliday-sales. I typically hang around the Fallen Gods Sim in October due to the anniversary, and they usually also have some Halloween events I participate in. It's super fun! I also like to do outfits. This year it's gonna be a classic, and I'm very pleased with the result.
  2. I actually don't really have a clue about the difference in standarts/expectations between US and Germany. 😧 Also, I think we all agree that if I got what I deserve, I'd take my baths in a tub made out of diamond. Joking aside, I think the magic triangle of "Quick/Welldone/cheap - chose two!" applies here. And I know "cheap" is already chosen. 😧 No custom anything, they've seen the bathroom a year ago to take a look at what to expect - and told me the tile guy will give me a call in aprox two weeks. He never did, so that's the level of professionalism we talk about here, lol. I still w
  3. I'm anti-royality with a 2m² Bathroom, lol. They propably can only work one at a time in there, maybe that's why it takes so long?
  4. Yeah, it's going to be completely redone, as in, new everything, and most importantly, new pipes, because the old ones are over 40 years old at this point. New tiles on the floor and walls, new shower. I don't really know how long it will take, they gave me a rough estimate of about 3-4 weeks (Maybe they only work until noon or something? I never had a situation like this. ) Also, will have my results friday, and then call them depending on what. If my result is postive it'll be super short notice, but a few people have told me how unlikely it is, so I'm trying to be positive for once. >
  5. Yeah, I got my best friend hook'd. They love creating outfits and characters for roleplays, so that was easy, lol. Other than that, no. I told some friends, but most where like "ewww, you mean that sexgame?" - astoundingly, that came from a guy constantly thirsty and flirting with everything under the sun including the trees people climbed upon to escape him, lol. Oh wait, another friend of mine I convinced to take a look, but it's not really for him. Pretty sure I told my boyfriend about it yeaaaars ago. Doubt he still remembers it. He's neither the type for things like SL, nor does h
  6. Soo.. been to munich, came back, now I got a sliiightly sore throat and my nose is a bit runny. It's not much, but me being me, I'm freaking the f out right now because of so many reasons. First: despite my age, I'm considered high risk due to pre-conditions (which are, in essence, due to malpractise) and I am afraid of dying. Second: I'm notoriously unlucky. I mean, I did all I could to prevent infection. I wear ffp2 masks everytime when I go out, I almost never go out which put an enormous strain upon my mental health up to the point where I wished myself death multiple times a day (ki
  7. Creators that rig for legacy and say they will update for maitreya but never deliver and then ignore me asking... *sobs and grumbles* i really was looking forward to that outfit...
  8. It's exactly as okay as it is in RL. Think about it: in RL, you can kick somebody out of your home/apartment for any reason, including just being gay/of colour/a women. That's the thing about freedom, not every part of it is nice. It does allow for crappy behaviour. It's one of the prices you pay for it. But please, don'T go around like "Oh, racism and stuff is super okay with the peeps here..." because with most it's certainly not.
  9. Not sure if that's a dig at me, because it's a rather simple word, but I meant the word "Affirmation".
  10. I was confused because I misstranslated it in my head!
  11. Is affirmation one of those things where people go in and clobber you with "NO U SHOULD NOT DEPEND ON THAT!!!" when you want/need a liiiiittle bit?
  12. I found that it doesn't have any of those effects on me , actually, because I don't focus on the things that are unfair with it. It's kinda hard to describe, it's like.. they become detached from each other. Injustice and unfairness still happens, naturally, and they still do drag me down - I do suffer from depression after all - but now I those events sometimes don't hit me as hard, or linger as long as before, because I have a reminder that there's still good stuff, and things that I got so used to, that I forgot to see them. But everyones experience with things like that is different. I u
  13. Hrm, yeah, I'd dislike being forced to as well - and frankly, from what I've seen of you this far, you don't really strike me as a person who'd have a real use for it. You don't seem dissatisfied with life, unlike me. But I was a bit irritated at first, I might add, since the notion that I had to be the one gratefull, while life keeps throwing lemons at me, pubed my pride the wrong way, heh. It didn't feel just, in a sense. However, I knew his intentions, so I gave it a try, and it worked for me so far. Even tho I need reminders to write in it, heh. I tend to forget or am distracted. As fo
  14. I actually have that gratitude Journal! It's awesome.
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