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  1. Is it just me or have Rhonda and Clover just disapeared one day?
  2. Hannibal - need to finish it until my trial-month of amazon prime runs out. I very rarely watch series, or movies, and when I do, it's usually that I watch something I've already seen. Same with books.
  3. I only recently ever had anchovies on a pizza, because that's basically the only way he eats his pizza, lol. Minus the pineapple. I'll try that next time, though!
  4. I love pineapple on pizza. Either with ham, or with chicken and curry. Fight me!
  5. I'm doing better now, fever only lasted two nights - still had a real bad time last night, because after not being able to sleep the whole weekend, I finally had no fever, and the pain in my back lessened... and then I could not sleep because the second I lay down I started to have the uncontrollable urge to cough, and if I didn't, my breathing would sound like I just smoked 5 pack's of cigarettes a day for 50 years straight. I literally could not sleep because it was loud, annoying and my goddamn throat hurt from all the coughing. To make matters even worse, when I got up and sat at the desk to do something productive while I waited to be so exhausted that I'd fall asleep in the chair (The only hope of sleep I had at that point), my goddamn leg acted up again. Why is my body such a huge, gigantic, PITA &%/&/$% of a %&/&/%&§. That may sound trivial, or just like, stuff like that happenes when you're sick, but for me, it happens so often, that I'm actually starting to get scared about the possibility that I am experiencing some form of body-dismorphobia (? Yeah I'm not sure), where I do not see my body as a part of myself, but something that is working against me. And that is literally the alst thing in the world I need right now. Yeah, it's 1 AM now, and I absolutely dread going to bed right now, because it'll repeat.
  6. I'm sick - got a cold with high fever, paired with lumbago (I moved some furniture), and the tip of the brown iceberg is the cold sore outbreak. I've never felt so drowsy and exhausted, can't sleep, I'm either freezing to the bone or feel like burning. I just wanna whine a little - not doing much currently, except blankly staring at the screen and watch videos, everything else is too complicated right now.
  7. I expect nothing, really, but I find it acceptable to reveal those details - if the one revealing it choses to, and the one getting that information wants to have it. I think that has a lot to do with consent and the different reasons people are on SL, how they handle it, yada yada. I'd absolutey not expect a person to continue a relationship when they find out the genders don't match. If they do, awesome! But ultimately, that's for the people involved to decide. I think it should be conveyd. Ideally, as calm as possible, but the person revealing should be prepared for the other party to -rightfully- be hurt. The problem, I think, is the 'when'. Some people don't want to reveal that information right in the beginning, for their own reasons. I can understand that, however, I'd suggest in that case they still talk about it, maybe "Look, I'm not comfortable yet to share information about me yet, and if you really need to know and can't work with one possibility over the other, it may be best to halt the train right now!" You know what I mean? Or maybe asking "Hey, is knowing what gender I have/look like important to you?" Demandding information, feeling entitled to get it, and putting pressure on people is what I'm against. I, much like others, don't think people can sepperate between SL and RL in an absolute manner - if you fall in love here, those feelings aren't switched off the second you close SL. And likely, you think about the person in your day to day life. I view those disclaimers more of an indicator about their wishes to continue things happeneing in SL in RL as well. Personally, I don't really give any disclaimer about that, because I do that on a person to person basis, and chose what kind of information they get about me. I have no qualms to tell anyone my name, but nobody here has my excact adress, yet. I'd suggest simply talking about it. I'd respect their wishes, and hope they return that favour. If I want a realtionship in the meatspace, and the other person has "I don't mix!" in their profile, chances are I'll not enter a slationship with them in the first place. I don't assume I'm able to change their mind, and I'm not trying to. I think so, even just because everything is subject to change. Or rather: I never expected it to stay stationary in it's entiriety. For me, it's a plattform I can use to do a multitude of things on. Each person for themselves, I'd say. It highly depends on what you do on here, how you do it, stuff like that. That's why I find debates like that strange. There'll never be one uniform answer. Not good, actually. I do not think most people will find happyness here. There are people who form lasting romantic relationships on here, and even move them to the outside world. And I am truly happy for them. But they are not the vast majoritiy. I know more people who's RL marriage failed due to sl than the other way around, for example. The core problem in my book is that SL is GREAT at bringing people together. But absolutely lousey at keeping them thogeter. Temptations are everywhere. And yes, that's more a problem of the people involved than sl itself, but well, that's how it ist. Also, it's a question on what people fall in love with others in the first place. Because very, VERY few people are -personality wise- the same here as they are in rl. Even if they claim and honestly believe so themselves. It's minute differences, but they are there. We're not completely honest with who we are when meeting strangers in the real world either. Everyone wears masks of some kind. But in RL, you can see them better, they fall earlier. And due to that, people need to go a bit different into realtionships on here, I'd say. Not saying all are liars and betrayal is all you can expect here. But people need to take a little bit more time for things, take it even slower, examine things thrououghlly together. Every relationship is a work in progress by two or more people, and it's never really easy. I'd say it should be to respect others? A TOS is, in my opinion, always just to cover the companies asses. I think some will always be present, also because we're so used to them. Some people have a harder time to let them go, some not.
  8. I made some different experiences in the past, but overall, it's much much less of a thing than it is here. Kinda reminds me how me and my back then best friend got into a raid where upon arrival in teamspeak I got an IM of one of them describling themselve like in some sort of ok-cupid add. That was really weird. Wich also described them as a guild in general real well. That was at the end of MoP and the last time I raided, because they crushed my spirit, lol.
  9. I want people who are close to me to trust me. Being trustworty is an integral part of how I view myself. I pride myself on me being trustworthy. I take others not trusting me as an insult, especially if we're friends or more. Asking me to verify my gender is not trusting me, that's saying I might be lying. I think many of the people who say they are verified are insecure, but it's not meant malicious. I'd just rather have them not feel the need to put that into their profiles, but instead get a higher self-esteem, because ultimately, that'd make them happier, in my opinion. As for the petty reaction: Well, yeah. How would you suggest I handle it? Mind you, I'm not talking about random strangers, they get a "lol no" and I move on. People I am friends with? I'D be very hurt if they'd demand stuff from and act entitled about it. That'd be some kind of betrayal to me, and I do not react well to those, for reasons. I know myself better than to be like "Of COURSE I'd be the bigger person!" when I know I have bad impulse control, especially when hurt like that, and am currently learning to stand for myself.
  10. Ansonsten gab's zumindest früher noch das GNC - German Newbie Center. Das hatte immer eine recht aktive Community. Weiß nicht ob das noch existiert (Bin gerade nicht on), ich selber gehöre zu den Leuten die es lieber International mögen. Ich komme mit meinen Landsleuten nicht besonders gut zurecht.
  11. I'm still certail that "Voice verified!" is a stand-in for "I'm insecure!". I don't need anyones approval of my genitalia, and whomever doesn't trust me enough to take my word for it - their loss, not mine. Demanding me to voice is one of the quickest ways to get an express ticket to crankytown, and will likely cause me to be very petty; like "saying 'Bye!' over voice and then terminating the friendship" kind of petty. I'm happily voicing with anyone on shared terms, though.
  12. True. Was more of a joke, due to that weird obsession with convncing people and not seeing when it's futile.
  13. ALL OF THEM \0/ Yeah, I like them all, for some reason. If I have to give an answer, it would be "grey", or "Greyscale", because neutral, heh.
  14. Depends on circumstances,and people. I talk to very few people on voice in SL - mainly because I am extremely self-concious about both my voice and my ability to speak english/my accent. But I talk with some of my friends on discord, mainly when we game, and once a day a short chat with my boyfriend. In general speaking, I'm okay with both, really. What I am not okay is when people demand it, especialy when they want to verify my gender.
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