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  1. You missed the point, tho. You can ignore as many people as you wish, for whatever reason you like, you do not have to justify it at all. If you want to mute someone because their forumsavatar has the wrong color - go for it, it's your right to do so! I'm just puzzled why someone (not you) who seems to have 95% of the forum on ignore (That's a VERY wild guess :P), would chose to come here. It doesn't make sense to me, I find it odd. But that's about it. In the end, it's not my choice, nor do I want it to be.
  2. I mean, if that's what he wants to do, he's free to do so. Ultimately it's him missing out, not anybody else, let alone me. I enjoy conversations with myself! Some people don't want to, or can't, handle those. I can - to a degree - understand if someone says they don't want to be confronted about things all the time. I really just don't get why going to a place where you are guaranteed to get confronted with it. If one justs wants helpfull answers to clever questions, maybe another parts of the forums would be better suited than the one that is on fire 99% of the time.
  3. I don't understand why, though. If this forum is such a bad place for you, that you do mute almost everyone, then why come if there's nothing to read for you but onsided scraps of conversations. That's like going to a restaurant just to sit there. Oo
  4. Actually, that's my biggest peeve about Tea: to me, it smells really awesome, but never tastes the way it smells, which is setting me up for dissapointment. ;_; I do have Earl Grey here - lose leaf from England even, and do like that. With milk and sugar, lol. I'll try it without milk but sugar, and without sugar but milk, and without booth tomorrow. And then I'll try to get my grubby hands on some Assam und try that as well. I mostly tried chamomille, and fruity teas, and peppermint.
  5. I like to refer to the political parties in the US as "The rich vs the rich", myself.
  6. I see most of the harm done in the manipualtive (!) "Aww, I need money for my rent but where to geeeeet it" comments. Like.. pretty sure people into being sugar daddies don't need to be decieved into that role...
  7. Oh, I tried that. It went okay with coffee - drank it with only milk for half a year, but.. yeah, I do prefer it sweetened. ( I didn't drink any tea or soda in that period either) As for tea, I tried to, again and again, with always the same result: it just tastes sour to me. Especially without milk, it's like the actual tea-taste gets drowned out with sour. My tastebuds are weird.
  8. I drink my tea like I drink my coffee: almost white and sickenly sweet! *leans back and smiles"
  9. I agree with some people in that case. Being challenged with opposing opinions is important for personal growth. Being in an echo-chamber isn't helping me making informed decisions at all, it helps making me think my opinion is the only opinion. And it's super hard to break out of those, I don't use social media as much, almost none at all, but I still struggle with it sometimes. Mainly because so many things use algorythms to figure out what to show me, in order to make me buy into something, usually. Who said I'd have supported Ghandi in the first place? Bold of you to assume I'
  10. I certainly hope there's NO place in the distant future where everyone has the same opinion and same ideals and stuff. O_o What I hope for is a future where different opinions get accepted and respected. I do not wish or intent to let a truck driver over me. I'd simply step aside.
  11. I think the problem is that at some point, people started to only see in binary. Black-or-white, good-or-bad, right-or-wrong. Heated debates are okay, but at this point, any "discussion" I see isn't about, well, discussion, but "I'm right and you are wrong here's why!" vs "NO I am the wrong who is right and you are wrong, facist!". It's some sort of "My way or the highway" mentality I see growing more and more in people. I do rarely discuss with people anmore, because I found, that nobody is open to have their opinions changed anymore. It's.. people are SO set in their thinking, you can a
  12. If I were a sim owner for an RP sim, I'd actually WANT people to tell me why they leave - it's feedback I can use to improve. An owner who thinks his/her stuff is perfect and temper tantrums when people go? Not going to touch that with a ten foot pole. I don't really give a damn about people announcing they're leaving something, be it a rp sim or a forum. If they wanna go, they're free to do so, if they come back later, that's okay.
  13. Downloaded the official SL viewer to take a look at EEP, and holy crap, I've never been so goddamn frustrated. What a unintuitive load of BS. Also makes my materials wonky, which is REALLY nice on stuff that is no mod. I'm not peeved, I'm pissed, because at one point I'll propably have to switch to it no matter what. Ugh.
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