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  1. And that's precisely the problem with that test - it's worded in a way that yes, a lot of types can apply. Kinda a bit like how horoscopes work. That's why I say it's good for a broader spectrum. I can see a bit less or more of myself in almost every type, but there's only one that is 100% spot on. However, I myself am already a very introspective and self-reflective person, with a good native grasp on my psyche. Also, I have the luxury of professional feedback in that regard (aka a therapist), so I can't tell how much or not that influences things. As for dependence on questions rather than answers - I personally think it depends on many things, like your current mood, when taking the test. That's why I say it's not set in stone or absolute. Actually, a lot of professionals in that field I spoke to dislike that test.
  2. This is my life: I had a smoothy-maker, and wanted to make a fruity smoothie, but for some reason, it just stopped working one day. I had birthday, so I asked for a new blender as a present. Wanted to make a smoothie with new blender today. It doesn't work. Why me?
  3. Don't worry, I also feel to awkward to IM myself. *ducks* Or other people, for that matter. Hrm, that's a good question. I think to a certain degree it does. While not set in stone or anything near absolute - sometimes I get INFP, the Mediator, as a result,even though that doesn't fit me as well as the adventourer - it's a good test for a broad categorization of personalities. Also, come to think of, I even have a type - most of my romantic interessts have been INTP's, or at least belonged in the Analyst group.
  4. *Highfives Syo* I'm an ISFP as well. We're awesome. My guy is an INTP. I actually had strangers as roomates when I was a teen, which is precisely the reason why I don't want to share a house with two good friends of mine, who really would like me to join. But I vastly prefer to live on my own. I'd not move in with my boyfriend either, both of us would not like it. I have a hard time imagine that we could ever do that - I'd argue that it'd only be possible if the home had enough rooms for each of us to retreat into solitude.
  5. I'm mostly introverted, although I'm sometimes a little more extroverted, especially at this time of the year - FG anniversary - or when the Fantasy Faire hits the grid. That's when I absolutely exhaust my energy and talk to so many people, lol. Afterwards, I return to be social hermit, and only talk to few people, if at all. In general, I work best one on one, or with a very small group of maybe 3 other people. Everything else tends to overwhelm me quickly. However, I do not really require alone time that much, unlike my boyfriend, who's an absolut introvert, and will start to get grumpy after more than a week of constant company (Aka, my visits, lol) - and I'm already the exception.
  6. ...Ihateyou. Seriously, all my alts (which are a few) got it before Sukubia. I got lot's of 90%, but no matches - people started to root for me to get the skin and brought all their alts to help out. Honestly? That was amazing. I got it, eventually, so all is well!
  7. Also, fun events and nice people around! And you can get a free skin/avatar set at a Fortune Teller!
  8. It's absolutely possible to wear them with or without the earrings. They do have an extensive HUD, and also are moddable. Can't really go inworld right now and look at the skins, but they are easy to match, in my opinion.
  9. I can help with the ears, since I got them myself: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TrapGauze-Djinn-Ears/13543380
  10. I used to voice a lot with friends, actually. Mostly with fellow germans, because I am/was extremely selfconcious about my accent and misspronouncing of literally everything, lol. However, I jumped over my shadow at one point and talked to someone from Maine, who became a good friend of mine. Then I became a social hermit in SL, so no voice anymore. Other than that, I use discord to talk to friends when we game together, and to say goodnight to my boyfriend, lol. I like talking with people, actually. I'm some sort of audiophile, I enjoy other peoples voices a lot, heh. However, I don't like being pushed to voice, and I tend to get pretty petty if someone tries that, especially if they want to confirm my gender.
  11. I think cliques are a two sided sword. I've done mostly walk-up RP in WoW, I know it's ups and downs quite well - I understand the need to keep people out of your roleplay because they could potentially ruin everything. There are many different approaches to RP, and not all of them are compatible with each other. Ignorance about that from one or both parties can lead to a lot of grief and drama, that is what most cliques try to keep out. The unpredictability of people you do not know. On the other side, I've been ignored by cliques, and I've been ignored because I belonged to the wrong guilds. I even got told with some character that the person who played with me for a little while "Won't play with that character anymore when you join *that* guild, even though I really enjoy playing with you." I told her that's childish and moved on - because ultimately, it's their loss, never mine.
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