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  1. Sukubia Scarmon

    Just Ignore and let this one die

    Dude, do you know how much I spend on those nails? Can't have the prettiest claws AND have a real parrot - those costs money as well! Gotta have your priorities right!
  2. Sukubia Scarmon

    Second Life's Alright For Fighting!

    Yeah, virtual fights aren't the epitome of bravery. That's more a sign of lacking social skills, at least in my book. (If used as problem solving, I mean.)
  3. Sukubia Scarmon

    How does your avatar look today ?

    But.. but they have manacakes in wow!
  4. Sukubia Scarmon

    How does your avatar look today ?

    *Vanishes again, whimpering*
  5. Sukubia Scarmon

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Running around pretty simple these days. Oh boy, I can't wait to show all those outfits I made for the Fallen Gods Anniversary in October.
  6. Sukubia Scarmon

    Sex Offenders on SL

    I'm assuming the later, since she's oddly focused on reporting everyone for namecalling when they're really not.
  7. Sukubia Scarmon

    The Home and Garden thread

    I'm never gone entirely! WoW got a new expansion, and I kind of have an habit of playing new things exessively. *cough*Ineedhelp*cough* I know, right? I love 'em - Syo showed me the gatcha they're from, so I picked them up, and now they angrily scowl at anyone coming in! I prefer the cat cleaning itself while all the others watch, though.
  8. Sukubia Scarmon

    The Home and Garden thread

    Time for me to chime in again and present to you... my garden. Which is more gras than anything, I haven'd had any ideas, so I put that together rather quickly, so it doesn't look like an empty wasteland anymore. The gazebo is 67LI, mainly due to the skulpted folliage I smothered the poor thing with. It's not made to stay.
  9. Sukubia Scarmon

    Racism in Second Life?

    I'd tell you, but apparently I am not kind enough to do so.
  10. Sukubia Scarmon

    Racism in Second Life?

    Wtf, so I'm unkind because I tried to explain my point of view? Dunno, but I can't remember that I attacked or insulted you. Thanks, I guess.
  11. Sukubia Scarmon

    Racism in Second Life?

    Huh? I don't think preference for something is the same as prejudice. For example: I prefer white hair on myself. That doesn't mean I have a bad opinion about every other haircolour. It just means I like it a bit more.
  12. Sukubia Scarmon

    Racism in Second Life?

    I'd also say it may have something to do with preference and taste.
  13. Sukubia Scarmon

    Racism in Second Life?

    I like to add, that just because someone doesn't answer anymore, does not nessesarily mean it's because of your skintone. I think there are a myriad of possibilites. Since I cannot possibly speak for everyone, neither would I want to, I can only offer reason why I, myself have stopped answering propably a few too many conversations. I get distracted very easily, it's hard for me to focus on more than one thing at once. Everyone who's ever IM'ed me at the weekly breakfast can possible vouch for that, lol. Also, in the same vein, I'm SUPER forgetfull. I may have read the message, but had to do a thing, so I decided I'll answer in a few mins, and then completely forget. Sometimes I just.. don't have anything to say at all, and I don't continue conversations just for the sake of it. This is especially true if I do not have much in common with the person, at all. So the conversation just dies out, sometimes a little slower, sometimes faster. I don't like the person at all. I'll be polite, but I don't want to talk to them more than absolutely nessesary. That alone can have a pletora of reasons. Hrm, I'm also pretty used to messanger style communication. As in, no need for a direct reply. Maybe I'm the worst person to talk to ever, lol.
  14. Sukubia Scarmon

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Take me with you again next time. Fabulous. That's what my avatar looks today. Alas, I don't have a picture right now, so you gonna have to take my word on it. Also, I'm really humble!