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  1. The rare moments where Sukubia is not something out of a fantasy-world.
  2. THAT IS ME! No, seriously. That is me. What. lol.
  3. Someone in a groupchat said they do use deformers for that now - didn't check that, but sounds about right. However, aren't most clothes that are made for other brands fitted? meaning that if you deform the body, you'll also deform the clothing, thus renderering it useless? If yes, and they don't put the deformers in the demo to test them, then I find that... well, suspicious, to say the least.
  4. The head is from Rosal! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ROSAL-VIRON-M-Helmet-White-FitMesh/6730163
  5. Those people were idiots, not roleplayers. Because I really hope that a roleplayer would a) be able to read and understand the word Roleplay, and b) understand the single most basic principle of roleplaying. Other than that, I really hope they only played as humans with the same job they have in RL - anything other would be extremly hypocritical. If I were in a bad mood when they sputtered such moronic bs towards me, I'd probably ask them why they play as pretty people in that case. In SL, I don't really have experience with using a male avatar. I have a male alt, which exists soley to look pretty for me, and to log into when I, for whatever reason, am unable to log in with Sukubia. My best friend switches genders a lot, although on one avatar, which started out as a male while she herself is female. She usually get's ignored when male, and hit on when female, and that's about it. The only experience I have with playing as a male, is from roleplay in wow, where I sometimes do play a male character. Good enough to get swarmed with ladies who missunderstand rp with a dating app and get super angry because my guys aren't interested in the low hanging fruits, heh. Also, why would anyone be unable to play as the opposite gender. Boogles my mind.
  6. Syo continues to be my spirit-Elf! I used to be a lot more social, but gradually, it became less and less, up to the point where most of the time I only leave my home to go to a sandbox because I need to rez someting with more LI than I have. I spend the majority of my time just outfitting my avatar, modding stuff for it, taking a picture every once in a while or just decorate in my home. I may go out to shop for something, or even go to busy sims to observe people, but I don't really socialise when doing so. There are some exceptions, though.
  7. Sloth and greed! Now I need a break. >_>
  8. And another done, this time it's wrath!
  9. Going to do a 7 deadly sins miniseries. This is Envy.
  10. There's no such thing as an uninteressting person to me - everyone has something that makes them unique and interessting, be it small or large. I don't know you that wellyet , but I can tell that you are an outgoing person with a bright personality. You are compassionate. You have somewhat uncommon hobbies, in which you put a lot of heart and effort. You have your own sense of style. Those are all things that make you interessting.
  11. Haha, really? Scaaary! Thank you, and have a happy anniversary, in that case!
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