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  1. I took yesterday's look, tweaked it a bit, et voilà we have an ebony feather-winged fairy prince of eeehm... darkness?
  2. I did another look with Catwa's Freya head while it's still a gift. That's ending soon (May 24th). I wonder what they'll do with it after that.
  3. Thanks. I try to go for Fabulous whenever possible 😉
  4. Sometimes a colour becomes the inspiration for a whole outfit.
  5. Finally done tinkering with the Catwa Freya "unisex" group gift mesh head (gawd that's a lot of words to describe one thing!) I think I won't be the only one who says that while it's supposed to be unisex, female avatars are going to have it easier to create a great look with this head. Still, I do like a challenge 🙂
  6. Have you clicked the Apply BOM button. I'm showing a screenshot of that in this blog post, if you scroll past the shots of the avatar. There could be some lag. I have experienced an issue myself a while ago and it appeared to be a problem with a server. https://billybeaverhausen.com/2020/04/26/for-a-little-less-episode-4/
  7. It's been a couple of days with the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body for me.
  8. It was time to dust of the Niramyth Aesthetic Enzo body and head and have another go at making a look for it.
  9. I did some looks using the male Classic Meshbody. For those of use that are used to spend some money in SL, it may be difficult to remember that when we first entered this virtual word, we weren't all that quick with whipping out the credit card (or Paypal account). If find it satisfying to be able to say that guys can look like this for L$92 at the moment (while the particular mesh head I've used is a group gift). It's definitely not as good as what you can do with a 10,000 budget, but also quite a bit better than a newbie avatar, no?
  10. I know the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body isn't a popular choice, but I stubbornly keep publishing at least one blog post a month for it. Maybe I have soft spot for an underdog?
  11. I'm a fan of the messy bedhead look.
  12. The combination of the Signature Gianni body and head doesn't get much TLC in SL. Most people prefer to combine the body with a head from another maker. Granted, the Gianni head isn't the most refined in my opinion, but I like a challenge. I went full on redhead this time.
  13. Does anybody else just want to fly off?
  14. In only do one styling exercise a month with the NX-Nardcotix David body and it feels like last month was yesterday. What's happening with time?
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