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  1. Although I think there are already so many "tutorial" type of blog posts out their, reading this is giving me inspiration to maybe start a series (I do several series within my blog) that goes a bit more into detail about putting together the looks. Working title: Getting your sh*t together.
  2. Trying to use the old system layers on BOM mesh body parts often doesn't work out very well, but if you use a BOM skin that has been created more recently, there is no loss of quality at all and it has some advantages. With appliers you always have to figure out on which layer you can apply something without knocking off something else. Say you want a tattoo, freckles and chest hair. That can work with appliers, but with BOM layers it's easier. You just add all the layers to your outfit and then you can easily change the order so they appear how you want them to (hair over tattoo over freckles
  3. The creator call this their Vintage Spring outfit, but to me it just shouts summer.
  4. Time for my monthly fun with the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body
  5. For my latest blog post and the one that will follow it up, I've focusing (not obsessing! focusing!) on short shorts. You know, the kind of shorts that are just a wee bit too short for comfort for a guy to safely walking around it without causing heart palpitations and commotion.
  6. Most of the time my avatars turn out to be 20-something. I don't really plan these things, because there's already more than enough briefings going on in real life. In Second Life I just take a free flow approach to the process of creating a look. This time I managed to create a slightly more mature look. Maybe he's in his 30's?
  7. Wasted no time with that new head and dived straight into the deep end with a second look
  8. I got a new mesh head recently and went for a square-jawded all American boy with a slight 80's vibe (the hair)
  9. I've updated an old look again. That's an exercise I always enjoy. It's also a good way to get reacquainted with a brand you've lost sight of (in this case for the hair)
  10. As I don't see my avatar as an extension of myself, but simply a virtual shape shifter I love to style, I feel comfortable slipping into other ethnicities and thus hopefully show some variety on my blog. This is one of the black looks I recently did. You'll find all the credits in the link underneath the image in Flickr.
  11. Glamping and a vintage look go together like... Two things that go well together.
  12. Thanks. It's always nice to be appreciated. It's not like in real life, where if you go to the gym you get a health benefit (as long as you don't drop a dumbell on your foot or slip on your sweat on the treadmill and fall face down on the contraption while it's still going). Working on ourselves in SL only has the aesthetically pleasing benefits of self-improvement. Although, I do find the tinkering rather therapeutic.
  13. The answer to the question "how does your avatar look today" is a tricky one. I've been tweaking shapes to better work with the latest updated of the Akeruka M01 mesh head, so I've been quite the chameleon the past couple of days.
  14. It was time for another fairy day AND an easter look. Just add bunny ears to anything and a pop of bright colour and basically you've got that down.
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