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How does your avatar look today ?


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2 hours ago, Scylla Rhiadra said:

The Sitting 1

I'm sick as the proverbial dog today, and can't focus on much of anything - which may explain my petulant look here.

Who's got time for this? Where is my chicken soup and ginger ale? PAMPER ME!



Sorry you aren't feeling well, that's the worst. Lovely shot, though!

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I went to a concert with my Sandrine this afternoon.



It's hard to believe we'll have been in SL 13 years in about 5 weeks.  We'll have been a couple 13 years in December and partnered 13 years in January.

I finally got her into a mesh body this week.  She'd never have made the change without Baked on Mesh.  It's the free Ruth Too body but baby steps. LOL

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1 hour ago, Marty Triellis said:

Decided I wanted to look proper mental today



27 minutes ago, Cherish Demonge said:


I expect you both to start posting more regularly.  These are both adorkable as all He**!!

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