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  1. Or just I own a microphone and know how to use it.
  2. I hope the idiot who introduced “catch the gay” into this thread feels very bad about it now.
  3. I never quite got the point of "voice verified". Is it like "I will only sexytime text with you, but trust me I'm really a woman and you won't catch the gay from it"? Otherwise people will probably figure out you sound like whatever you're claiming to be verified as when you start talking. I'm a voice verified Dalek! Woooooo!
  4. I cannot imagine how anyone could possibly come to the conclusion you do.
  5. It's been my experience that Second Life favors Team Green, at least with consumer grade cards on Windows computers. AMD's pro grade cards seem to have better OpenGL drivers than their consumer cards.
  6. It's almost like as soon as the fight against same sex marriage was lost, people moved onto another minority it was still socially acceptable to ostracize, then got a bunch of idiotic talking points from Breitbart to get people to defend straw men.
  7. No, I am not to blame for idiots trying to drag me into a game I have no interest in playing.
  8. I don't hate Bloodlines, it's more like disdain. And it's not delusion, it's experience. The experience of unsolicited bite requests from spampires where they shouldn't be. A bite pest standing it front of a "No Bloodlines" sign sending out bite requests to everyone who teleports in does not give non-players a positive impression of the game. And my impression was set years ago before my block list was full of spampire fangs.
  9. I wonder if this is all just a ploy to draw attention away from Randy Andy. Come with me to the conspiracy corner! From what little I've followed this, it sounds like this is Harry's doing, not Meghan being a harpy. He has always hated the British press, and I think justifiably so.
  10. That clothing budget will go a lot further in SL. I welcome our new king and queen.
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