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  1. YouTube trash. The phony “experts” that anyone in the field can instantly see don’t know what they’re talking about, but since they present it confidently people gullibly swallow everything they say. Bull***** sponsored videos that have two minutes of sponsor ad baked in and still have three ad breaks in the remaining 10 minutes. Sponsored videos that are 100% advertisement. Phony “restoration” videos where it’s obvious the item was broken to make the video.
  2. If you gotta have Mavericks, maybe set up a partition for High Sierra and dual boot.
  3. I'm not positive, but I'd bet that's the problem. I have a MacBook with Mavericks on it I can try, but I don't think I'm smart enough to make it work. The system requirements page is not very accurate and is badly in need of a complete revision.
  4. Well dang. There goes my first suggestion. SL uses a version of chromium embedded framework called "Dullahan Host" that handles all the stuff that's not working on your Mac. A bit of poking around suggests CEF needs at least El Capitan to run.
  5. If you're still running Big Sur 11.2, update to 11.3. The M1 hardware is capable of running SL, Big Sur has been a dumpster fire.
  6. Had the Pfizer vaccine in March. No significant side effects to speak of.
  7. The tiny hesitation before answering the question "do you have the Time Machine backup drive?" that says "i unplugged it to charge my mouse. In 2019."
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