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  1. I thought I did. Look, if you don't like to type, then use voice. No one has fun in text chat sexytime when one of the participants hates to type.
  2. Resident and display names came along right after LL laid off a third of their staff in one day. It's only halfway tongue in cheek that I think last names fell victim to cost cutting. If the only name you have is resident, you don't have to pay anyone to make up new ones. If last names were such a big deal, LL could have brought them back any time in the last nine years.
  3. SL is full of man who can barely write more than "yeah" and "max out your boobs". Not into writing stories? How about writing enough to convince your partner you haven't gone AFK or died at your computer? Those guys deserve every bit of scorn they get.
  4. That's nothing compared to the disappointment when you whip out your Linden.
  5. I liked the list of last names. It was fun seeing what they came up with every time a new list popped up.
  6. Look around SL long enough and you'll find something to bring beast mode PC down, but generally a competent CPU and GPU will run it fine.
  7. This thread is starting to look promising.
  8. I'm sure that happens a lot, and the 32 daddy play groups they're in have nothing to do with it.
  9. The number of people willing to pay for it will be inversely proportional to the amount of time LL spends implementing it.
  10. At All Hallows finally getting my X-Box controller's flycam settings working. Gonna try some filming tonight. I'm excited. This is my excited face.
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