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  1. What women really think of men who use the same come on as the noob pick-up artists in system avatars with a mismatched freenis sticking out of their pants at H****** H****.
  2. I think what’s probably more off-putting is the poorly timed IM. Local chat has a lot less of the I’m hitting on you vibe.
  3. What if it has already happened and you don't even know it?
  4. Lyssa Greymoon


    Linden Lab will send you an e-mail when they suspend or ban you. Check your e-mail.
  5. Try the official viewer for a while and see if it crashes too. Also try the 64 bit versions. Check for Windows updates, and video drivers. As soon as you’re done with the iPod, uninstall all the Apple software. “OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit (Build 9200)” that’s not accurate, is it? Not on a computer bought in 2017 I hope.
  6. Reminding the audience about the tip jar three or four times per song really helps make a great show too.
  7. The Windows thing I meant was the weirdo datacenter long term service branch edition running on a gaming PC that Lillith pointed out. I'm not sure why anyone would run that instead of Home or Pro on a gaming PC, but in any case, I also can't think of a reason that would tank performance in one SL viewer and not another.
  8. I doubt a GTX 1080ti or weirdo version of Windows are going to choke SL. One thing that does stand out is the CPU temperature. 84c seems really hot. Backing off that overclock, maybe re-applying the thermal compound and looking at a better cooler might all be worthwhile. Hit the insides with some compressed air and blow out any accumulated dust. But since it sounds like the Linden viewer is running okay, perhaps a clean install & cache cleaning of Catznip is in order. A malware scan isn’t going to hurt things, either.
  9. If Frank Zappa and the Marx Brothers collaborated on a porno...
  10. No, I cannot see your signature, I didn't even know they were a thing. I was thinking more along the lines of Catznip's system info since it'll have more relevant data about SL on your computer. I'm not interested in blaming your computer or covering for Catznip, but I think the evidence suggests there's something jacked up with the Catznip configuration on your computer. Catznip does work on less capable computers and I'm sure it can be made to run properly on yours.
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