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  1. SL in 4K on an AMD GPU sounds like a recipe for disappointment.
  2. Don’t worry, at the rate Linen Lab updates their recommended system specs, if they put the GTX 1060 on it this year, it will still be there when the GTX 8060 is released.
  3. Violate the laws of physics or we'll stop not spending money for your product!
  4. No, but I don't think expecting minimal effort or investment in SL is asking too much.
  5. Non-gamers seem to have unrealistic expectations of what terrible laptops should be capable of. I'm not much of a gamer myself, but that hasn't stopped me from buying hardware that's at least somewhat fit for purpose.
  6. I gotta know, do people go onto the Steam forums and complain that Doom Eternal won't run on their Chromebooks, or is this a Second Life thing? Second Life isn't even that hard to run. It doesn't have the DirectX 11 or 12 requirements of modern games, so you can run it on ridiculously old, and now very cheap hardware.
  7. My congratulations to eight year old you for disproving the existence of the universe. Well done.
  8. The fact that the universe does appear to exist suggests that it is scientifically possible.
  9. I think that would come down to standards of evidence. Why is belief in God, or let's be generous, any god, a choice and not subject to the same standards?
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