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  1. Says the woman from the Firestorm Viewer Support Team. What a confidence builder you are.
  2. I love Brubeck and I'm glad he's still inspiring people...
  3. How did I not know of this thread?! I've got a lot of liking to do, and hope Rose is back with us soon.
  4. He IS wonderful, and was the one who saw the little devil in me and gifted me the avatar most people know me as (I did accessorize). I'm thrilled for both of you!
  5. I have only one alt that's not listed in my profile, which is the one with a credit card attached, my Sugar Mommy, used only for money laundering. The only alt I use somewhat regularly is Snugs. The rest I very rarely visit and I don't think any of them has ever said a word, except for Dave23, who had an interesting chat with a woman at "The Far Away" who was dining on a plate of octopus. (The weird things you see here!) After a decade away from dating, Covid-19 has flushed me out of the woodwork and I'm once again seeking a relationship. All my dating is done via Maddy, who has a decade long reputation here in the forums. The entire dating experience has been uncomfortable for me, as I find myself dating more than one person at a time. I feel compelled to mention that, but so far have only hinted at it. I realize it may be hard to satisfy one's appetite with a single companion and so I'm okay with my potential companions having others besides me. That doesn't make it any easier for me to contemplate having more than one myself. I won't ever use an alt for a relationship because I am the Maddy I show here. If I'm going to invest in someone, I'm doing it with real Maddy. Stay tuned for the eventual embarrassment this will bring me. ;-).
  6. When I was born, Dad's hair was already snow white and shoulder length, so I've a soft spot for that look. His manly look was not old style though. During times when his hair was my length, he'd sometimes mimic my do. He was five decades ahead of Jason Momoa and was hilarious when he did a head full of sprouts.
  7. Oh, I think I have something you could replace that with! ...digs around in her purse and finds a spare humorus. Maybe just saw off one end?
  8. How do you lose something you don't have?
  9. As a fan of e e cummings, I'm quite willing to let all manner of idiosyncratic writing slide, so long as it doesn't get in the way comprehending a good story. I know the sloppy typer Scylla described and agree completely. I look forward to those missing caps, periods and personal pronouns because they tell me I'm about to read something immensely enjoyable. That poster has a style all her own and it's lovely. Conversely, beautifully formatted prose, absent kindness, compassion and thoughtfulness, leaves me cold. I'm as quick to skip over that as I am to hunt down caps-free gems. I have little difficulty parsing sparsely decorated prose and I do not require more finesse than the situation demands.
  10. I agree. We just had to play the game. My teachers knew full well though that I wasn't willing to accept dogma. I'm surprised i wasn't expelled!!! Maybe because my marks were so high. My parents took me to a pre-school when I was four, following the budding suburban parenting path of the day. It didn't take me long to throw a tantrum because none of the other kids could read. As a result, I was home schooled. It's hard to beat a teacher/student ratio of 2/1.
  11. We're approaching this from two different directions. From my scientific perspective, the how and why are very important. https://www.wired.com/video/watch/neuroscientist-explains-asmr-s-effects-on-the-brain-the-body
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