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  1. Though the years, I've taken so many Myers-Briggs style surveys that I can slot myself into any of the sixteen boxes with ease. I took a survey just a few days ago (I think in response to a thread here) and decided to avoid all the boxes. I got pretty close, scoring within two percent of a 50/50 draw in all four categories, which might be as close as one can get to XXXX. Over years of taking these surveys with NO intent to put myself in any particular box, I have averaged XNXP. Who I am and how I act are two different things, and I'm never sure which is being "measured" by the questions.
  2. Although I show as on the border between introvert and extrovert when taking Myers-Briggs style surveys, that's because I'm a natural introvert who knows the value of extroversion. Very few people who know me, RL or SL, would call me an introvert and are surprised when I make that claim. When I was a child, my parents (Dad really) threw large summer outdoor parties. They were fairly elaborate affairs, starting around 11AM and culminating in a movie shown on a giant screen in the barn and, for the night owls, some time at the telescope. Throughout the day, I'd need to step away from these shindigs for a walk in the woods or on the beach. On one trip to the beach, I encountered another person coming back. I was not the only one in need of recharging from the drain of dealing with the crowd. That other person was... Dad. He too knew the value of extroversion.
  3. There is, I think, a significant difference in perception of "public" encounters between RL and SL. In RL, there are no invisible back channels. If you're not present, everybody knows it. SL is rife with back channels, and all of us are looking, and presenting, through peep show windows into some virtual scene that may barely have our attention (or have too much of it). This is not so much a WYSIWYG environment as WYS/WYS-IWYW. Nevertheless, though I've no idea whether anyone is paying attention to me, other than by what they "say", I still feel a desire to be present in the moment as I want to see it, even if there's little actual reciprocation. It is problematic. We've all encountered (or been!) someone who paid too much attention and was ultimately disappointed to discover they'd over-invested in someone that returned less interest that we'd originally imagined. We're not immune from that in RL, but there are plenty of vaccines (eye contact, body language, etc) to control that imagination. *What You See /What You Show - Is What You Want
  4. When I'm in a group setting, meaning there's more than one other person with me, I'll exclusively use public chat. Although I'm nefarious, IMing someone conversationally in a public setting just doesn't feel right. There are, of course, acceptable reasons to do it, such as to send/accept objects to be used in public and to exchange the associated pleasantries, or to really and truly whisper, as you might to a RL partner or friend when out in public. In group settings I'm usually both gregarious and watchful. You all know my personality. I want to get it out there quickly so I've got time to rectify any misfirings. Watching people's reactions to me and each other gives me (I hope) some small sense of their character. Still, most of my SL chatting is actually done with friends via IM while I'm located far away from them. I think I'm not the only one doing this, as both The Far Away and Ivory Tower Sandox have residents who don't appear to be doing anything at all, and they're not doing it for hours on end. I have scared people away from both venues by addressing them in public chat, in what appears to be a curious inversion of privacy.
  5. I imagined the OP wanted something like an orrery. I tried building one a decade ago and gave up because of the judder caused at each change of the child prim's axis orientation. Every smooth orrery I've seen gets the rotations wrong. Tilted planets have their axes rotating about the Sun rather than being fixed to "galactic" coordinates. I was unable to script even the smallest axis corrections without breaking the smooth look of llTargetOmega().
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