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  1. This won't work worth a damn for anyone I decide to harass.
  2. "Pretty" may no longer be a requirement. I can usually hang out as "Maddy" in a sandbox without attracting attention, but I sometimes get hit on when I'm the Li'l Devil. And yesterday, as I was starting work on a particle avi, I got hit on by two avis, one old, one new, both looking for friendship. Or maybe my sense of style is so bad that Maddy is less attractive than this?...
  3. Hi 9Air, Everyone's online status is available. Some third-party viewers will show online status in a resident's profile and scripts always have access to that information and can forward it to e-mail addresses, as is the case with your ex-partner. There's nothing that can be done about this. Blocking and derendering are good steps. Make sure you never respond to anything she does. She'll feed on your reactions. What people CANNOT do, however, is locate you within SL without your permission. There is no way to query your SL location, other than by being close enough to you to show up on the mini-map or radar. If your ex seems able to discover you wherever you go, I suspect that's because you are going places she knows you frequent, or she maintains contact with other friends of yours who are divulging your whereabouts. Stalkers eventually give up if the search becomes too tedious and the rewards too scarce. Visit new places and make new friends. If you're able to stay happy doing that longer than she can stay happy trying to find you, you win. Hugs, Maddy
  4. I love watching the long coal trains pass though the railroad crossing near my home. Much of the graffiti is banal, but there have been some beautiful pieces. Of the simple text stuff, the Burma Shave homages are my favorites. Some of those are brilliant, with one phrase per car. My town of Port Washington has some bland retaining walls that people are invited to decorate with chalk art. Upcoming free movies in the Veteran's Park Bandshell are sometimes advertised in chalk on a nearby wall by city employees who draw characters from the movies. It's great fun to see their original work embellished by others over the course of a week or so, and I especially love the little scribbles that sometimes show up about two feet off the ground, the clear handiwork of little ones in training to be the next Banksy. The nearby city of Milwaukee, like Scylla's Toronto, commissions, both publicly and privately, glorious murals on otherwise unsightly surfaces. They have anti-graffiti efforts as well, but they try to get ahead of it by building civic pride, as Love describes. As for SL graffiti, I did some in my early days here, by wearing alpha textured prims and striking static poses in front of things I wanted to tag. I often wore an alpha skin so I'd not appear in the image. Ultimately, it was easier for me to work outside of SL, in Photoshop. I have a Flickr gallery of other people's feed images I've modified over the years. I'd manipulate their snapshots, then post a link back to my Flickr version in their feed. My work makes little sense without seeing that I started with, but it's still there. Now I do it to images you people leave for me here.
  5. I don't even have to check a map to know that all of you are equidistant from me.
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