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  1. What are you listening right know.

    And original swing!...
  2. Racism in Second Life?

  3. Types of people on the forum

    From the Devil's DP Dictionary... recursive adj. See RECURSIVE.
  4. Since none of the actors required to populate your judicial fantasy can (by dint of ToS and RL privacy laws) actually be identified, how can you be sure that I wouldn't be all of them? And so... I think your idea has merit!
  5. Types of people on the forum

    Most of the important code I wrote over my career had a caveat like that at the top.
  6. Forum for non-SL games?

    No, I think you can make this work. If you have a washing machine in the car, you never need more than two sets of clothing, the set you're wearing and the set in the washing machine. My next dishwasher will be one with two drawers. I'll load one drawer with a day's worth of silverware, and transfer that to the other drawer as the day progresses and I dirty everything. At bedtime, I'll start the dirty drawer washing. When I rise, that'll be the clean drawer for the day. This way I can free up the silverware drawer for more junk. I sorta do that now, but sometimes forget where the line of demarcation is between clean and dirty, and only figure it out when the fork is in my mouth.
  7. Forum for non-SL games?

    Ford Windstar concept, from the 2000 Toronto auto show...
  8. Types of people on the forum

    Sounds like my family. I might say something like "I don't like being the smartest person in the room" and someone will respond "I can't believe that's ever happened, you must be thrilled."
  9. Types of people on the forum

    I knew it!
  10. Types of people on the forum

    Yes, we understand things differently, and we might correct a misperception when someone credibly clarifies their intentions. But it's also helpful to understand that our intentions might be misperceived, and hone our communication skills so that clarification isn't necessary. There's also the case where nefarious intentions are misperceived as honorable. When that happens, run with it! ;-).
  11. Types of people on the forum

    What you believe and what the rest of us believe can be entirely different things. We all differ in our ability (and desire?) to understand that. From my vantage point, I would not draw your conclusion. One can give the benefit of the doubt without actually giving up the doubt. I'd have been the first responder to this thread, but ultimately discarded my reply because I didn't feel good about expressing my doubt by categorizing you. Fortunately Ceka came along shortly after to put a big smile on my face. \o/ Others then came along and expressed doubts similar to my own. For me, each post you craft digs you deeper into the category I think you mistakenly listed twice, under different titles.
  12. Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

    Yes, the Friday the 13th version...
  13. Viewer shows moving water as red.. is it a graphics setting?

    There were better ways to make fire at the time...