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  1. One of the reviews I read indicated that throttling on the MacBook Air wasn't nearly the issue it's been in the past. The Mac Mini review stated that the entire Mac Mini drew less power from the wall socket than the Intel/AMD CPUs chips (which were apparently in motherboards that allowed power measurements) alone, all while besting them in the benchmarks.
  2. Your doubts seem to have been misplaced. Gavin Hird reports that the SL viewer runs fine on Apple's M1 Mac Mini (under Rosetta), offering 3x better performance than his two year old Intel Mac Mini. That should have Apple's entry level MacBook Air challenging my three year old i7 quad core MacBook Pro. Geekbench and Cinebench scores for the M1 Mac Mini place it about equal with my eight core Xeon/Radeon Vega 56 iMac Pro. If that's a backfire, I'll take it. ETA: The Cinebench results are probably overly optimistic for SL comparisons, as Apple included significant acceleration hardware
  3. Neither the Pfizer nor Moderna vaccines contain the virus, in any form. Each vaccine uses messenger RNA to instruct your body's cells to produce a single spike protein found on the surface of the Covid-19 virus. Your body then mounts an immune defense against that spike protein. Should you be exposed to Covid-19, your immune defense will be ready for it. This is, I think, the first time we've made vaccines without using the actual virus as a scaffold. In the past, we've damaged the target virus to the point it's no longer, or minimally infectious, yet remains recognizable to the immune sy
  4. I think this is because people don't take their masks off to shop, nor do they spend significant time in close proximity as they might in an office or at a hair stylist.
  5. I first heard Tig on an episode of "This American Life" and instantly fell in love with her...
  6. Fear of Clowns? They're people too, Gopi...
  7. I look forward to @Zara Meriman's report. Benchmark results for both CPU and GPU suggest the M1 is faster than the Quad Core i7 + Radeon Pro 460 in my top end 15" 2016 MacBook Pro. Emulation will probably knock that down some, but native apps should be quite zippy on the new Macs.
  8. Arson, flames, immolation, really energize MEEEE!!!
  9. Really? I'm grateful humor transcends SNARK! Grrr, damn you Lindal!!! Fortunately, late arrivals may enter AGAIN!!!
  10. My arson, directed deliberately, yields amity?
  11. Dad made a little "monster door" at the base of the wall in my bedroom when I was quite young. It opened to reveal a small space before a black wall intended to give the impression of an endless void. I really can't recall how it all started, whether I ever believed there really were monsters or if I always knew it was Dad on "the other side". Dad told me all kinds of stories about the strange creatures that lived there. They loved Snickers candy bars (as did Dad ;-), so I'd open the door and place one inside before going to bed at night, then eagerly check to see what they'd left me in the mo
  12. I was raised to believe Santa was an action, not a person. To this day, the pleasure of making and giving gifts far exceeds that of receiving them.
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