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  1. She may be referring to this, which has revealed a thoroughly biotic explanation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eugene_Island_block_330_oil_field
  2. I see crackpot blogs in your future. Perhaps. I do sometimes gain understanding from seeing how others misunderstand. Here are the two claims Arielle made, for which I requested supporting evidence... Though I await a response from Arielle, Desiree Moonwinder produced a citation, presumably in support. Here's the conclusion from that article... The reality is not that we are "running out of oil," but rather that we are transitioning from a period of easily-accessible oil at low prices to an era of increasingly unconventional production, which has higher costs. Compa
  3. Did you read the quote I wanted citations for? If you did, now on Earth did you think your citation has any bearing on it. If you didn't, why are you here?
  4. If all fossils were laid down over the last 6000 years, so was all fossil fuel. That shifts the decimal point on production rates over several places. The specific condition of creation is sufficient to explain anything.
  5. It's curious that you ignore CO2 as a "trace gas" but worry about "real pollution" that generally happens at levels far below that of atmospheric C02. Is CO2 not an industrial waste? There's a pretty nifty correlation between atmospheric CO2 levels and... the industrial revolution. While it is likely the Earth's climate will continue cycling, it's also increasingly likely that those cycles will exit our zone of habitability sooner because of us. What's particularly worrying to me is that climate physics contains a few positive feedback mechanisms that switch the climate between modes. Alb
  6. I did see Ant Man. It's a lot of fun, Garnet. I can forgive a lot of science BS if there's a good story. The Marvel folks are good storytellers. I'll certainly miss seeing Stan Lee cameos in future movies. My childhood (and perhaps my adulthood) is sorta like a stroll through a giant KiwiCo store, except I usually make some little working gadget by making a bunch of bigger gadgets stop working. If you ever have children, don't have one like me.
  7. I've never understood why ignorance loves to advertise itself so. Is it a mating strategy?
  8. I'd love a spherical little parcel. I'd name mine Asteroid B612.
  9. They're easy to keep straight. Iceland is green, Greenland is covered in ice*. *Not entirely true, but true enough for meeeee!
  10. Inhabitable = habitable. I think you meant uninhabitable.
  11. Without looking deeply into Dr. Lawrie's claims, or Innula's yellow card reports, I can think of one explanation for a substantial difference in perception. It's only a guess, but I suspect Dr. Lawrie might be making the mistake of ignoring the background level of adverse outcomes. The yellow card reports will not make that mistake. It's human nature to elevate the anecdotal beyond reason.
  12. The idea that Pfizer can stop the entire planet from discovering the value of ivermectin requires cooperation from intensely competing interests. The Russian and Chinese governments would stand to gain greatly from the revelation that US pharma companies are sacrificing millions of people for profit. China is, I think, the primary supplier of raw materials to India's ivermectin producers and India is the world's largest producer of ivermectin. Narendra Modi seems to have no problem playing hardball with Pfizer over indemnification at the potential expense of his constituency. If ivermectin wor
  13. The longest break I've taken was five weeks, and that was after quitting forever. I'd have returned sooner, but Brenda Connolly bet L$20 I couldn't stay away for even two weeks. I added three more just to rub in my victory.
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