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  1. I'm a lout. In January I'll bury you in snow. I'm actually still burning fires in my RL fireplace, as it's yet to break 70F in my yard. My furnace kicked in a few nights ago, to bring the house back up to 68 for breakfast. My crabapple bloomed six weeks later than last year and I still can't leave my Mandevilla plants out overnight because it's dropping into the 40s. This is the coolest spring I can remember.
  2. I make up my own terms for lots of things. When I walk up to the window at a drive-in and ask for one scoop of ice-cream in a "pointy cone", they look at me like I'm from Mars. "Do you mean a waffle cone or a cake cone?" "How on Earth do you make cones out of waffles or cake? Those are both softer than the ice-cream you'd put in them. I want the cone that's pointy because I've found they are less likely to break in half while I'm eating them. Your cones sound a mess." "I don't know what you're talking about." "Good grief, what kind of schools do you have around here? I very much doubt you make cones out of waffles or cake, just show me what you have and I'll pick." She shows me the two kinds of cones they sell. "Just as I thought! Neither of those cones is made from waffles or cake, and that one is clearly pointy!" As I walk away shaking my head, she walks away, shaking her head. I'll let you decide if I'm pedantic or didactic. I already know I'm annoying.
  3. I've posted this before, but it's worth repeating. Here's how you do it without needing anyone to compare against...
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