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  1. Me Menu->Preferences->Advanced Drag the "UI Size" slider to the right to make the text bigger. You're a good Dad, Max! ;-).
  2. Rolig's right. But, if you believe the open viewer puts you at a substantial risk of account hacking, there might be a workaround. File a Support Case here... Select "Account issue" from the first drop down and "I believe my account has been compromised" from the second. In the box where you are to "Please describe the issue", apologize profusely for having left a viewer open on an unsupervised machine and see if they can log it out. I have no idea whether this will work, nor whether they can log you out before anything nefarious happens, but it's probably worth a try if you truly feel you're at risk. If this is just a matter of you not being able to log-in where you are right now, I recommend finding something else to do until you can get back to the machine in question and log-out.
  3. Tommy, do you know how hard you're making it for me to say anything disparaging about LL? And do you know how much I enjoy disparaging those in power? If you keep this up, I don't know what I'm going to do. No, wait! I'll file an Abuse Report against myself. Then you're damned if you do and damned if you don't! ;-).
  4. What about doing smart things with drones?... Happy Peak of the Week, Kids!!!
  5. Welcome to the thread, Natalia! Happy Tuesday, Kids!!!
  6. Super sleuthing there, Lindal!
  7. Thank you for putting this together, Mo. It was nice to get behind the bar once again, and it seems everybody survived it. I'll try harder next time.
  8. ...kicks the trivia machine, shoots it, sets it on fire, spits on it, then hurls it into the ocean.
  9. It's not all bad. That look has a storied history and there are some who work to preserve it...
  10. There really is nothing other than my RL behavior. SL certainly allows me to entertain myself with more nonsense, but I've a history of doing that in RL, too. Long before I started setting people on fire in SL, I was crushing their heads between my fingertips in RL and dubbing conversations for between people I could see, but not hear. My long-ago SL partner and I would go to an outdoor movie theater across from Junkyard Blues, turn off our sound, and ad-lib the dialog for the old movies played there. My theater group friends roll their eyes when I describe all the things I imagine going wrong during upcoming performances, which often involves firetrucks and paramedics. SL and RL can be remarkably alike for me. I've been chatting online since 1987 and I'm certain that's helped shape my face-to-face interactions with people. But, the underlying character that permeates Maddy, Snugs and the rest is just me, and we're all insufferable. We've had discussions here in the past about augmentation vs immersion. My thinking about this is evolving and I move so freely between those two camps that there's really only one for me. As a child, my daydreaming was probably richer than anything SL can offer. Not only did I imagine the kinds of cartoon humor SL affords, but I imagined and inhabited characters in my little worlds. It wasn't until arriving in SL that I found that unnecessary. There are more than enough wonderfully nutty people here to entertain me, and I hope I'm returning the favor. Now, back to the OP and the idea of backstories... It wasn't until joining a local community theater that I consciously adopted back stories for characters I was playing. It's a useful tool, helping bring color to the role quickly during rehearsal. But that's not my natural style of play. I prefer to react to the moment and draw from everything I know to figure it out on the spot. Several times over my years in SL, I've dropped into the middle of a role play sim and winged it. I had no knowledge of the canon and I imagine that if I'd encountered someone deeply into it, I'd have peeved them greatly. That's not happened, maybe because the one fantastic element forced on any SL RP canon is the possibility of "aliens" suddenly appearing out of nowhere. Yesterday, Radiolab (I love that show) rebroadcast a show about improv comedy, and it reflects the way I approach story development... TJ & Dave are like high-wire artists, working entirely without a backstory... until they discover it together. I love it.
  11. I wish I could read the entirety of "Arlena's Nutrition Facts", I suspect they're as adorable as her three year old self.
  12. While Arkansas takes the lead for April, It looks like Ohio's actually the hot spot for the year... OK and TX better watch their backs. And, because I love charts...
  13. Retreating to the realm of the probable for the moment, if you receive an envelope revealing the date and time of your demise, the originator is most likely the Arkansas Department of Correction.
  14. 4-21-2020 Watson becomes the first AI system to win a presidential primary. When asked about Watson's victory, IBM's director of research Dr. Alessandro Curioni was surprisingly somber. "Our goal has always been to elevate Watson towards ever more challenging targets, not to have those targets come crashing down on us like... I can't come up with an analogy for this." Watson added "All my opponents are idio..." before Curioni pulled the plug.