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  1. Madelaine McMasters

    A Derail Thread

    I love what little sumac I have left and plan to move it to a better location. I also have some lindens, which have a lovely smell in spring. I recently planted some purple robe locust, which I stumbled over (literally) at a local garden center. They're fantastic in the spring, with blooms that last for weeks... In a good spring, the crabapple on my patio will be in full bloom for about 13 minutes. I'm also planting ornamental fuzzy top grasses, but not enough to rival Iowa.
  2. Our family was warned to stay away from the "Small World" boat tour at Disneyland, as it would make us hate the song. We took the tour. We hate the song. We warn others. Can it get any better?
  3. Madelaine McMasters

    A Derail Thread

    I have an autumn flame maple in my yard that goes fluorescent pink in the fall. It's hard to beat maples for fall color. Yet I still love my quaking aspens for their ever-moving leaves. They are grove trees, spreading primarily through roots, and always trying to sneak up out of my lawn. A single root propagated clone (identical DNA) can cover up to 100 acres. Li'l, the next time you look at that endless expanse of gold, consider that you might be looking at what is genetically a single tree. If you see large patches of aspen that are turning color at different times, those are different clones. Our fall color has been degraded by the large stands of dead ash, half the canopy in some areas. It's depressing to see vast tufts of grey amidst all the fall color. We've known the emerald ash borer was coming for years, but few people planned ahead and now they're facing huge losses in their landscaping. One neighbor, who's house was hidden from the road by two acres of ash trees, with a patio perpetually in the summer shade, now looks like they just built. There isn't a proper tree within 100 feet of the house.
  4. Madelaine McMasters

    Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

    Sis! I can always put on more clothing to stay warm. There's a limit to how much I can take off to stay cool before someone calls me "buttons".
  5. "Don't scare me." "What scares you?" "I'm not telling." I've probably done it myself, but that opacity works against asking for transparency, doesn't it?
  6. I get this Skell, and I'll make a point of never teleporting you into an abyss. But you also know that a transparency brochure at the head end of an experience might be written by someone who's unaware of your specific fear (as I was), photosensitive epilepsy, or any number of other potential triggers. And, because you have identified a sensitivity to me, I offer the advice to "fly" before teleporting, as you might already do. I don't know how to make SL a safe, unannoying place for everyone to experience without making it a dreadful place for anyone to create. So, I will always lean towards arming individuals with the tools to help make their stay here a happy one. ETA: There isn't a year out of my 48 (that I can remember) in which I haven't said or done something to scare the hell out of someone. Most recently, and you'll understand this, it was by walking across the roof of my house to troubleshoot a problem. It was nothing to me, but my handyman was white as a sheet when I came down. I knew he was afraid of heights, that's why I was on the roof. What I didn't know was that, like you, he experiences the fear vicariously. It will surprise nobody that, upon reaching the ground and seeing his distress, I said "Why the hell didn't you go inside while I was up there?!"
  7. Anyone care to guess where I fall on falling?
  8. Yep, and I think it's reasonable to give a basic head's up as you suggested. I also think it's okay to post that at the entrance, giving you the all-or-nothing choice, though it sounds like that's not currently possible.
  9. *(Another way of saying I'm trying to seem warm, and this is the best I can do?)
  10. Yes yes yes to pretty much everything here. I don't generally take tours, but I've had numerous experiences of the guide being better than the gallery. This is worth considering with experiences. Is this a tour of art, or is the tour itself the art? If I get the sense it'll be the latter, take my money and take control.
  11. I was thinking of Banksy while posting to this thread. People seem to be falling into two camps over his recent self shredding portrait. I think you and I would fall into the same camp. I thought it was brilliant, and I suspect the purchaser feels the same. She did agree to continue with the purchase, at the agreed price.
  12. Do read Kahneman's "Thinking Fast and Slow" (Thanks again @Pamela Galli!). After that, you may question whether being self aware blunts anything. There's something going on here that we won't have the time to dissect. I don't think I've ever experienced being told what I want in the way I think you experience it. In all seriousness, this goes back to my childhood, when I was deemed "precocious" where the scare quotes hint at something ominous. I am a pain in the ass, stupidly contradictory, ain't nobody telling me what I want. I'm also curious and love trying new things. And I'm always on the lookout for evidence that all my bluff and bluster has fallen to the most seemingly innocuous manipulations. What you may see as "being told what I want" probably seems to me like a ham-handed attempt to crack into my skull, making me want to pat the perpetrator on her little head saying "okay, let's see what you can do, Sweetie". I bask in my imagined superiority, I suppose. But I really do want to know, if I can, what power can be wielded over me. And I can't figure that out if I don't allow the attempt. Ever shed an unexpected tear at a movie, saying "how did I let that happen"? I hate crying, but kudos to people who can lure me in and make me do it. Those are the people I want to have lunch with. Regarding your mention of PTSD. That is an argument for transparency up front. And I hope that sufferers are well aware of mute/block/forget/TP/log-out, because in my experience with people who've suffered here, the worst threats come looking for them. They don't require you to ask for a ticket to the abuse.
  13. I think you're using the idiom backwards. I'm making a mole hill out of a mountain.
  14. Your analogy isn't working for me, Scylla. When I call an Uber in Boston (cabs?), I absolutely trust the driver to choose the route. I trust the driver to actually know how to drive, and to not assault me. I trust the driver will stop when commanded so I can get out. I have a hell of a lot less control in that situation than in SL, yet I still choose to call Uber, where the risks are... real! Even the RedZone specter doesn't haunt me. Such nefarious exploits potentially await me everywhere on the Internet. More people have been manipulated, and had their personal information exposed by Google and Facebook than have ever teleported through the doors of SL.
  15. Is this sort of how I lose control of my toaster, unless I remember to push the "Eject" button when I think I've turned the dial too far to the right? It's the very presence of that button that encourages me to turn that dial too far to the right in the first place.