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  1. ..And then..they emoted..

    ...buys Sylvannas a glass of Geritol, on the rocks.
  2. ..And then..they emoted..

    Grrr, I should learn how to work the forum.
  3. ..And then..they emoted..

    ...sees Love, lost in concentration, running his finger despondently around the rim of his plastic whisky glass. Instinctively sharing that despondency and wishing to banish it from both of their psyches, she gently walks up behind him, purses her lips, plants them firmly on the back of his neck, blows a tremendous raspberry, and then runs like hell.
  4. Too Many RL Questions

    ...sets you on fire. Hasn't that been clear?
  5. Too Many RL Questions

    That you think so argues against the truth of it. And bink/bint is hardly proof of anything, other than that there are a few of us who value odd things.
  6. Too Many RL Questions

    Where I come from, a "moistened bink" is a child's pacifier, coated in spittle. A "moistened bint" however is akin to a "watery tart". And I am hopeful that a bunch of us will rise from the swamp (with #2 pencils instead of scimitars) to deliver a mandate from the masses, deposing a certain "man who would be king", after which there will be spanking... and "the oral 'canoodling' ". ;-).
  7. Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

    ...would never report a fire. Happy Peak of the Week, Kids!!!
  8. Change Two Words in Sentance

    Kevin Bacon of "Bacon & Ebbe" poured Bacon Salt on Francis Bacon.
  9. What are you listening right know.

    As I watch Dorito sized snowflakes fall on my patio...
  10. Change Two Words in Sentance

    Justin Bieber got angry when I dumped all over his followers. (in solidarity with Rhonda)
  11. Change Two Words in Sentance

    My heart sang along when I emptied myself creating organic fertilizer.
  12. How does your avatar look today ?

    Whenever I see a Jeep like yours, I wonder if the owner sees the same dead eyes I do, and if that entered into the purchasing decision. One can hope. (And in an admission of my general cultural cluelessness, I had to do an image search to verify that "Carol" is a character from something involving death. I now know that there is a TV series called "Walking Dead". And further, I shall now respond to every appearance of a Jeep like yours with "Oh Hey! There's Carol from Driving Dead!")
  13. How does your avatar look today ?

    Yes. ETA: I have, since childhood, seen facial expressions in fronts and backs of automobiles. My friends would say "You're nuts, Maddy". I felt vindicated when human-centric design guru Don Norman published this book... Since then, I've been on a crusade to get people to see faces in everything around them. Nowhere have I been more successful than with Mom, who now can't look at the back end of a Jeep like yours without wondering out loud "why anyone would design tail lights like that, I feel like we're following death". And, of course, that just makes me grin (and think of Christmas Story).