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  1. You and my ex-hubby. I leave enough room in my A cup bras to hold those chicken breast things I use to pad myself up to... an A cup. Yet you can walk around Lake Mendota with your top off and I can't? Pfft!
  2. Would you care if the artist was animating the pin-up girl in real time, for your pleasure? Do you see the two situations as completely different, or as two different places on the same scale?
  3. Tolya's too cheap to pay out, but I might be willing to waive my usual fee...
  4. I've got better places to do that, Lindal. It's only recently that I've been taking her to McDonald's, as none of her girlfriends are able to drive anymore. You do remind me of this however, which happened while she was at McDonald's and I was at home...
  5. I don't believe I've ever had fried chicken, much less KFC. I rarely eat out, and even more rarely eat at fast food places. When I do, I look for small local eateries with character, like Wayne's Drive-In or Smith Bros Coffee House. I do take Mom to McDonald's every week, where she gets an ice-cream cone and we sometimes share french fries. Once she's gone, the only reason I'll have to eat fast food is to avoid guilt over using the restrooms while on road trips.
  6. The walls of my woodworking shop still display pin-up girl art left behind by my father. I imagine a lot of fellas got pleasure from those images over the years. Do you think they wondered whether the girls were drawn by Alberto Vargas or Joyce Ballantyne?
  7. You've hit on something I haven't seen in the little reading I've done in this thread, The Law of Unintended Consequences. While I understand both sides of this argument, I wonder if the reason there are two sides is because of that law. Absent malice, I suspect that much of the hurt resulting from mismatched relationship expectations results from things getting more serious than at least one party expected. How many people set boundaries for themselves, only to eventually discover they'd put them in the wrong place? ETA: To expand on the "cost" idea, I think it's pretty common for our assessments of the costs and values of things we have and do to change over time. This makes any kind of calculus fraught with peril.
  8. Since developing tinnitus after head trauma (a f'ing loud concert years ago) I've noticed that some voices can trigger a crackling sound in my left ear. This happens more when the voice is recorded. I don't understand the mechanism, but it's annoying as hell. Not only do I not use voice in SL, but I rarely turn on sound at all. It's a game for me to watch local chat at music venues and try to guess what's playing from the commentary.
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