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  1. Even if this coming Monday looses 99% of its gloriosity, it'll stlll be the most glorious day of the week. Start preparing! Happy Friday, Kids!!!
  2. Dres! How the hell are ya?
  3. We do, and we wonder why Alameer would arrive in SL six days ago, partner with someone (an alt?) who arrived five days ago, then post under two female alts that arrived two days ago.
  4. And when that goes wrong and requires a $50K helicopter rescue, who pays for it? ;-). ETA: Can we at least require the climber obtain insurance?
  5. Yep, but normal is not the same as sound or healthy. (I had a long post written, but the Forum gremlins ate it.)
  6. Hang on Clover, I'm coming!...
  7. You're trying to get me to stick my tongue in the mixer. It won't work.
  8. I don't accept compliments well. I've been working on that for a lifetime, but I've hopefully got a long long long way to go. ;-). Appreciation of a compliment is a gift. That's hard for me to remember. It's easier for me to remember Groucho, who said (paraphrasing) "I would never join a club that would accept me as a member."
  9. I probably haven't nearly the experience you do, but what experience I've had with the BDSM community is completely different than you describe. I found them to be intelligent, curious and amusing. I even spent an afternoon with a para-RP Gor group who near exhausted me with their style of emoting, but were enjoyable nonetheless, particularly in OOC IMs. Yes, I've encountered a few duds, but they're so terribly easy to avoid I wonder why your view of the world is so different from mine.
  10. I do? You're right about that. I had a hard time resisting satirization of the odd form of worship I received as High Priestess here some years ago. Surely there's a better kind I could receive, deserving of a better kind of satire? ;-).
  11. Okay, now I've heard of someone! ;-). Here's the story... But, out of 7.5 billion people, I think there will few such stories, and that there's not a lot of moral ambiguity in them. Had the victim chosen a slightly lesser form of abuse, which didn't result in death, both men would have ended up in prison or under medical confinement. Dr. Jack Kevorian, who had much different motivation, helped people (who also had much different motivation) end their lives prematurely, and ended up in jail for it. There's plenty of moral ambiguity in Kevorian's story. I think, in another post, I did add the caveat that I'm talking about mentally sound people, and even then I think I allowed that "mentally sound" is probably open for discussion. And yes, it is a great discussion topic.
  12. Again, I don't think that's a problem of lowered standards, but of mismatched (or changed) expectations. I wonder how online dating services like Tinder fare against the old fashioned way of meeting future spouses at church picnics or bars. In all those cases, the expectation is that the relationship will be "real".