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  1. Totally confused about land holdings

    Based on a L$250/US$1 exchange rate, figures in US$. Premium: $72 Signing bonus: $4 Stipend: $1.20/wk, $62.40/yr Annualized premium = $72 - $4 - $62.40 = $5.60 If you game the system by retiring and creating alts to take perpetual advantage of the signing bonus, and take those alts premium during promotional periods, you can maintain that rate or better indefinitely.
  2. Five word Story Game

    stays in with Liquid Stitch™.
  3. Orange blob

    After being here nearly 10 years myself, I'm not sure that being here 11 is something to celebrate. Nevertheless... Happy Rez Day, Love!
  4. Orange blob

    I can't believe I'm coming up to ten years here. SL was supposed to be a way to pass a little time until I found a special someone. Damned place distracted me so much I forgot my plan.
  5. Just Ignore and let this one die

    ...knows when she's been beat. Sniffle.
  6. Just Ignore and let this one die

    Because I'm cute?
  7. Orange blob

    Yeah, Ctrl-R went dead with Server Side Appearance, sometime in 2013? Where the hell have you been, Li'l?! ;-).
  8. Orange blob

    Re-baking isn't something you can actually do anymore, and wearing another outfit might not work if your inventory isn't fully and correctly loaded. The problem you're suffering is still called bake-fail though, and this page has some ideas... As Orwar says, you'll have better luck in a quiet sim. The page I linked lists a couple. Smith and Pooley are good choices, too. Good luck!
  9. Five word Story Game

    up and mustard is enough
  10. The VaNiTy ThReAd

    You people say the silliest things.
  11. ...logs in as Snugs.
  12. Yes, probably.
  13. I didn't. I really never would be convicted in RL. If we could do in RL what we can do in SL, the world would belong to the fastest draw. If that's not me, there will be no conviction, just my execution. If it is me, there will be no conviction, just their execution.
  14. Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

    You're a kitty, remember?
  15. What can I do about a stalker?

    Evidence says otherwise... SL concurrency seems to have stabilized. There are currently, on average, 80,000 last legs propping up SL. And there are equally obvious ways to prevent that, like turning off media. Unfortunately, I find your complaint to be both familiar and unconvincing. SL's privacy tools, coupled with a modicum of care in avoiding easy traceability (Alwin gave suggestions), make it fairly easy to lose stalkers.