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  1. If pictures you post to Flickr are set to be publicly available to Earth's nearly eight billion inhabitants, it's reasonable to assume that the licensing lingo will be widely ignored. The only teeth in the license are yours. For all practical purposes, if you don't find any violations, none have occurred. Nasty people are perfectly capable of doing things with your erotic pictures behind locked doors without copying them. All I'd have to do is bookmark your Flickr page. I've seen your work in the forums. You needn't worry about me. Let's look at this the other way round, too. What ki
  2. Here's to Eve, the mother of our race; Who wore a fig leaf in just the right place. And here's to Adam, the father of us all; Who was Johnny on the Spot when the leaves began to fall.
  3. Rowan, do you mind if I take your other people's assumptions that you use SL for nefarious reasons? That's my only reason for being in here. Thanks in advance!
  4. Great! I never liked you anyway.* *Reverse psychology never worked on me, but it's till worth a try. Oh, and learn how to spell, K?
  5. I have no interest in manufactured scarcity. I have finite time and mental capacity. The difficulty of doing anything in SL already burns more of those two resources than I'd like. Adding further limitations seems counterproductive. Rosedale might simply be experiencing the desire to shed things after a life of accumulation. That's not an argument for limiting resources, that's an argument for self control.
  6. I've seen videos of Bhutan as well. I'd summarize it as "A nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there." That says as much about me as Bhutan.
  7. Well, I don't either. Nevertheless, the idea of American Exceptionalism is still very much ingrained in the American psyche.
  8. Are we? Bhutan's government officially targets "Gross National Happiness" as a goal. I think the concept dates from the early days of the EU. I've been fascinated by it. Although happiness is a prime focus of the Bhutanese government, Bhutan ranked 95 out of 156 in the 2019 World Happiness Report. The US ranked 19th that year. Finland was #1 (also in 2018 and 2020). Finland's Covid-19 infection rate is 500x higher than Bhutan's. Ain't nuthin as it seems.
  9. The OP proposed an incubator for investable businesses. I've been involved in those in RL, where the success rate is perhaps 1% (10% get in the door, 10% of those fly out). I did not get the impression the OP was intending to pretend to incubate, pretend to invest, and pretend to succeed. If the intention is real, the economics must be real as well. There are creative people who can work within the economy of SL to make a RL living (Anshe Chung), but I challenge you find even one who's business was birthed in an SL incubator and obtained public or private funding from actual investors, who wil
  10. The US is a nation of cowboys and cowgirls. I don't think we're likely to develop the Bhutanese sense of shared sacrifice any time soon. Once again...
  11. Were they started in incubators and funded by investors? Did you read either the OP or my response?
  12. I'm talking about reality. The Delaware costs outlined in the video you linked are higher than those of my home state of Wisconsin. You do yourself no favors by providing examples that bolster my case. No matter, reality won't budge for you.
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