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  1. It actually goes the other way, Cheri. I inherited that deeply disturbing sense of humor from Dad. Mom was first exposed to it (and him) 23 years before I was born, but was thoroughly immune right up until he died 61 years later. It wasn't until his passing that she became infected. It's been a slow process of succumbing that blossomed after her stroke. Though I'll miss Mom when she goes, I'll still have my emergency backup kid, who was infected by Dad shortly after being "adopted" by him. Mac has already offered to save me (read him) the cost of a funeral by rolling my corpse down the bluff into the lake when I die.
  2. We don't know exactly what happened to Mom late last week, but she moved a step closer to the end and wound up in the hospital. They stabilized her and I took her back home where she crashed a few hours later, forcing me to return her to the hospital at three in the morning. She was moved to hospice care Monday. Though still suffering the effects of her 2018 stroke, she's doing pretty well cognitively. She struggles for words, but the ones she finds are fantastic. Last night, I asked her if she missed me. "Nope, nope, not at all." Sometime during her sleepless night, staff have her a "magic bean" (some kind of sleep aid) that produced a wonderful hallucination at breakfast. Her French toast, delivered on a plate in pre-cut quarters, was apparently created from human body parts. The first piece tasted like bones. She set it aside. The second piece was made entirely of legs and wiggled too much. She set it aside. The remaining two pieces were just right. She ate them. She recounted all of this to me just a few minutes ago, during our goodnight FaceTime chat. At the end of the chat, the nurse gave me an update on Mom's day. Apparently, after hearing Mom sputtering on about the horrific French toast, the morning nurse apologized profusely and offered to take it all away. "No no no! My daughter will love the wiggly legs!" In addition, Mom's been telling everybody of my relentless offers to run her over with my car, ensuring a speedy death. Now they all want to meet me. She's been declared good enough to return home tomorrow. They said that last week too, but I'm hoping they won't be wrong again. I'll get to see her for the 20 minutes it'll take me to drive her from the locked-down hospital to her locked-down retirement complex. I hope she saved the French toast for me.
  3. I did the same with the 30-odd N95s that were stashed in my shop, some went to the wife (a nurse) of the fella helping me remodel my bathroom (a project on indefinite hold), the other half to my new neighbors across the street (she's a nurse and a new mom).
  4. I could send them incinerated treats. Thank you so much for the idea, Beth!
  5. Everybody in my neighborhood has been baking/cooking things for other neighbors. I've ordered pizza delivered to my next door neighbors and they've had their kids bake me cookies in return. The most fun part of all this is taking the hygiene guidelines over the top. I took my 16ft pole pruner out in the woods to meet the girls as they walked out with a little brown paper bag of freshly baked cookies. I gingerly extended the pole so they could harpoon the bag on the end of the pruning blade. I then carefully backed out of the woods, wiggling the pole to tempt the bag to fall off. The girls found my over-acted display of caution to be very funny, and went running home to tell their mom that the crazy lady next door is crazier than ever. I've just worked up a tiny mesh bag for my drone that I'll send over soon for a treat exchange.
  6. I wish my viewer had the ability to run without crashing. I've had that wish for 12 years.
  7. I'm with ChinRey on this. That's an alpha channel problem and probably caused by a glitched setting in the particular instance of each plant.
  8. I'm pretty sure my partner has alts, but I'm sure not gonna press her on the issue. Our relationship is tense enough as it is.
  9. I don't know the etiology of Ivermectin, so I can't answer that. Antiparasitics, antiviral, antibiotic, etc drugs derive from need, and those needs are usually first expressed in poverty stricken areas with poor hygiene and rudimentary food distribution systems. It may well be that whatever Ivermectin does to ward off parasites is somehow related to its SARS-CoV-2 antiviral properties. It might also be a happy accident. Regarding wet markets, while they're certainly a vector for transmission of zoonoses, we're also inviting more contact with other species via destruction of their habitats. We needn't invite bats into our homes in bowls of soup to risk our health. If they set up shop in our eaves because we've bulldozed their habitat, they're gonna make us sick. There's so much information flooding into view because of COVID-19 that I can't possibly keep up. I can only hope that, when the dust begins to clear, we are able to learn something from all of this.
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