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  1. It is. But I do not think it is what you think it is. Would you feel better knowing that it works for me too? There's a risk this discussion will lead at least one of us to conclude there's no such thing as free will. So... Did you get rain today?
  2. I know, I Googled "greer stick it high and hard" and found nothing. Just as I Googled "those who can't" to find out who first said it, only to discover that I've been paraphrasing the quote all my life. I don't think I've ever read Shaw. And this could start a whole 'nother discussion about how, with the advent of the Internet, we're all getting stupid as we believe we're getting smart.
  3. ...swoons.
  4. Let me get my sneakers on before I start quoting Shaw. ... ... ... Okay, ready... "He who can, does... ... starts running.
  5. Oh yes, "innocents" coaxing the "wise" into self-destructive behavior has long been a fantasy of mine. I'm not the only one here who puts Scylla's innocence (or my wisdom) in scare quotes.
  6. Send me their contact info?
  7. Online status is only available from friends. And only those friends who haven't elected to hide their online status. There are mechanisms for determining the online status of anyone, but that's often the first step on the stairway to drama.
  8. As an atheist and an engineer, I can't follow the logic of your "consideration". Let's say I'm a member of your police force and I'm called to the scene of a spiritual kidnapping. The victim exclaims "Scylla says my dead aunt lives in a place called Heaven (also known as Toronto) and I probably won't get to see her after I die unless I give 10% of my earnings to help the Crisis Clinic!". I don't believe in souls, so who do I arrest, Scylla or the man who's telling me the irrational story of being told an irrational story by Scylla? Our local jail is already overflowing with "criminals" convicted of irrationality. Construction of a much larger facility awaits passage of a referendum increasing property taxes to 10%/yr, from their current 2.2%. I exercise my best judgment and hand the man a complimentary baseball card bearing my visage in blue and wish him a good day. The very next day, Scylla arrives at my door and tells the previously purported story via a "pamphlet" she wrote herself, weighing fourteen pounds three ounces. The story reads like a drug fueled fantasy, mixing interesting observations of human behavior with antiquated notions of how the world works and significant conspiracy theorizing. Though I remain unconvinced by her pamphlet, I rub my strained shoulder and hand her $14.19 for the Crisis Clinic. I reason that it's better to hand her $14.19 once than to hand the tax assessor 10%/yr. Scylla walks away thrilled, having got more out of me than she expected. Her perfume (Johnson's Baby Powder?) has barely cleared my foyer when the door bell rings again. This time it's a little doe eyed girl, selling a hedonistic lifestyle of cookie debauchery. Rather than ply me with fourteen plus pounds of drug fueled fantasy, she shows me box after box of sugar fueled reality and walks away with $48 and a hefty tip. I spend the next two weeks gaining weight, fighting off 4AM cravings, and checking my insurance to see if diabetes is excluded as a "lifestyle choice" disease. Face it Klytyna, life is full of perils... and people. Oh, and please do give generously to the Crisis Clinic, they need all the help they can get... ETA: My use of "Scylla" here should not be construed as revealing any opinions I have about her. Had I actually done that, she'd have been the girl scout.
  9. Nope, you're invincible, remember?
  10. Just don't drop those li'l black and white dots of partially digested victims on the floor. I hate trying to clean those up.
  11. How do we know you weren't lurking in the old one?
  12. The very (worryingly?) few times that's happened to me, it's been more amusing than annoying. SL affords tools for addressing unwelcome behavior I can only dream of in RL. Using them can be a blast. When I hear an "every 10 minutes all day" claim I wonder how that happens. And maybe that's why neither of us carries a chip on our shoulder. Giving the benefit of the doubt usually works pretty well. Even if there is room for a little doubt here, men don't own all the enthusiastic awkwardness. I suspect you and I have proved that... and still have potential.
  13. Are you suggesting that lubrication would make a difference. Where's your evidence?
  14. I'm breaking into a sweat just imagining this.
  15. The official SL viewer has no means for blocking group chat, but you can disable the pop-up opening of a chat window when it happens. Go to Preferences->Chat and set "Group chat:" to "No action". That will, of course, stop any group chat from popping up windows. Firestorm has more precise group chat controls, described here... http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/preferences_chat_tab