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  1. I wish you was my cousin. Are kids could have gills.
  2. Ditto sugar mom to me as well. Or two you can part sugar me.
  3. Believe if you want (btw Harry never was the prince of Wels) But see how much more money and freedom she (they) have after they left. There is nobody telling them what they can do or not see Orphan interju . And than why he is still using his tittle Why they used the HRH after they left ? Nobody forced them? And btw this is where I stop reacting to this topic and adding the troll op to my block list.
  4. Just what I wanted to say. Or becouse he turned his back to his family, country, responsibilitys and married a gold digger? Of course he is trying to use his titles that what's make him interesting.
  5. Two It guy chatting: Did you see that Disney movie about the five Dalmatians?
  6. I really liked your name. Always made me chuckle.
  7. Do you want to look like your rl self? Yes :go for it. No: stay for your fantasy look. This is so easy. For me why should I look like my rl self when I can look like this?
  8. I found it. (I did a more adult version as well. With a more rampant rabbit but I don't want to get banned.)
  9. Well short version. A "celebrity" shared on his fb that the mask + our breath + the bacterias in the breath making tread worms in the mask. And he has a lot of falowers. Spelling is 💩 as I just finished my night shift and can't go to bed.
  10. I found something what is sad, funny and al kinda wrong but I would need to translate it. And I just can't. I spare you all from the brain rot.
  11. Bugger me sideways I look tasty like a snack.
  12. I identify as a skyscraper so I'm kind a tall, but on the up side I have pigeons.
  13. OwO that's what the doctor prescribed for me (not really it was higher dose of valium)
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