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  1. but then I just gave up that as well. As so many things in sl what I started and failed. But the main thing is see you later alligator. Maybe a few weeks or month or next year. (Ohh know I will back don't worry.) Not that I will be missed but that is not a problem. Nobody is missed how is gone from this forum, not really. (End this was the happy optimistic version.)
  2. This one is free but you get what you payed for... https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Loki-Avatars-Ruthus-FREE-EDITION/14728884
  3. That's why it's ripped out? The first is a mmmm the rest is a bit scary.
  4. Zzevir

    Mesh mash

    Scrooby I think we need more clue to found out how is behind the glowing ghost.
  5. I would say no. Well maybe some guys if you looking for a sugar daddy maybe. Personally I imed. A few people from the forum but nothing really happened after a few ims.
  6. OK so I decided that I will stay out from this game as my unique sense of humour (it's just sh!t really) will offend somebody what I don't want to do. I almost managed to do already but we talked inworld and thinks are smooth as gravy.
  7. When I get home I will ad you as a friend even if you like it or not. And I will be there for you. No
  8. First I need some ppl on my list to be able to remove them. 😁
  9. Becouse I have horns? That is not nice... but why the hell not.
  10. I have a bad news about the internet for you. I'm not sure you want to hear it.
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