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  1. It's looks like somebody already ate it. And puke it back. They live in a cave? How the f. get a li zard on the ceiling. We have flies maybe on the ceiling not lizards. Also the back half has the bum hole maybe that's why.
  2. This is the point when I shut the door.
  3. So I just came across this genre and I'm kinda hooked. IS there any place in sl for this?
  4. How about like this: " Sorry to start with this banality but a conversation must tart somehow. So Hi! I saw you across the sim and I liked your avatar look and I checked out your profil and I see that you have x.y palce in your profile. And I heard a few thing about it but l I never was there and I was thinking if you have some time you could show me around or just tell me a bit more about the place." or alternatively 'Hi! . . . . . xex?"
  5. no it's not, believe me when I'm saying that
  6. I don't understand why is wrong wearing your underwear outside. Madonna was doing it always and just look how famous and rich is she.
  7. BTW I'm not jealous because of her success. I'm happy as my last info about her is she died in a rear heart condition. So compared that this is an excellent news.
  8. Canned Raspberry Emitt Pure Evil CIDER
  9. Well I realized today that my childhood love is an internationally recognised artist and I'm doing a job what is not getting automated because it's to inhuman even for robots. Also she is still looks stunning me on the other hand ... time wasn't graces with me let just say that. So know I go out buy some chocolate (maybe some cider as well) and destroy my diet. Then I go to a cinema sim and throw popcorn on young couples. be grumpy as I can. (Good cinema LM-s welcomed.) Life is sh!t.
  10. Some tramps randomly asking you Minge
  11. So I run across this comic book and the title page I think quite similar to @Rhonda Huntress -minus blood. https://readcomiconline.to/Uploads/Etc/11-1-2019/21776343071367.jpg And the comic book: https://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Roku/Issue-1?id=163233
  12. " Yes I did murdered my husband. Just joking technically it's classified as an accident. "
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