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  1. After a few no response I stopped writing around 2 weeks ago. So I went with option one. I think she tried ghost me but I was to stupid to realize until now.
  2. Or just send them a d..k pic
  3. Just tell them you are a man called Bob
  4. My vote is that is a black kitsune tail.
  5. There is a joke in my head with riding and also one with carrot. But I keep it to myself. Nice avatar.
  6. The best Canadian food is with out doubt is Hawaiian pizza. Discuss.
  7. Imagine the slurping noise when it's slide out and the splash noise when lands on the plate.
  8. One of my peeve is when a topic is derailed with food discussion.
  9. That's a hot dog not a mic. And no littering pick it up.
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