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  1. 100 K is a big number lett me help you out a little bit. K Here you go I just gave you one K.
  2. I'm getting better to avoid pointless internet arguments. Also I'm starting on a new department what makes me happy but i don't know how that will change my me time.
  3. Not being a women or lesbian don't like being dominated not in the US. And this are just from the top of my head. Well I'm older then 90 days. So that's a check.
  4. I was send by my wife to do some organised panic shopping before everybody else do it. We'll she dines that it's panic shopping but it is.
  5. Yes it would be great if things could be sorted with a light jog in the park, but I know it can't.
  6. I didn't said anything I just asked a question from quriosity. Noting more noting less.
  7. Hello my little muffins! Did you ever tried physical activity to relive your dark mood? Or to escape it ?
  8. I love you all and hope you get better and I don't want to offend nobody. But cluck me I'm the normal one here. That's don't happen to often.
  9. https://www.nhs.uk/using-the-nhs/nhs-services/pharmacies/electronic-prescription-service/ https://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/help-nhs-prescription-costs/electronic-prescriptions You don't need to go to your GP every month. " If you’re on eRD, you: don’t need to ring your GP or order a repeat prescription – your medication will already be waiting at the pharmacy for you when you need it"
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