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  1. As someone who had problems with alcohol I would say it's more worrying then weird. Be cerful.
  2. That I don't have OSD as today shift is really messed up and even I'm on the end of my patience.
  3. So many inappropriate thoughts which one should I choose.?
  4. PP when you try to be nice with someone and the person ask what is your motivation with this? Nothing ffs I just try to be nice as you are my social interaction with the world. Well you was.
  5. Well I'm one of those bad person and that's why I keep myself to myself. You all welcome.
  6. Well until it is preventing the simptom of being dead I think it is fine.
  7. I just got something from the nationalefservice (?) or whatever. Needles to say it went strait to the bin. Don't buy me nothing. I will bin everything.
  8. Well first they look like cute bumblebee but they turn out to be the killer hornet.
  9. A relationship in sl is fun as licking a bee in Rl. First your heart will pump whit excitement but in the end it will f.cking hurt.
  10. Well I tired all 3 link all said that I don't have access for the sim so f...it I can live my life without it.
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