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  1. Unfair ban from a region

    You IM'd an advertisement to someone who does not like to be IM'd with advertisements. Anyone with ban rights can ban for any reason. So, your action led to their reaction. Easy!
  2. Unfair ban from a region

    Yep, it's like the difference between Hot Topic, and Hot Pockets.
  3. own stories

    It's probably best if you divorce in-between!
  4. July’s Marketplace Fixes

    HAVOC vs. KAOS. Calling Agent 86!
  5. Hmm..remember the old bug where a friend showed offline until you IM'd them, then they would show online suddenly? I wonder how many times she mistook that bug for friends "hiding"?
  6. If your date ever says, "Give me some sugar", that's not what it means.
  7. harassed verbally by owner of a public spot

    Phil, terrible misquote of you! Oh, you were making a funny.
  8. Wait, this has to break some kind of rule, at least if you're straight.
  9. Probably have a meltdown, I'm emotional that way.
  10. I want a sugar-daddy too!
  11. Auction page not populating

    So that means it's in "open beta", like Sansar.
  12. Thanks UK!

  13. How can i play SL with OUT Viewer ?

    I've known cutsey (twee) real life people who said "tank 'oo".
  14. How can i play SL with OUT Viewer ?

    This is really cute, never saw it before. Thanks!
  15. Could Someone Explain About the Ears, Please?

    Perhaps it is similar to how "pig's ears" are commonly sold to be used as dog treats.