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  1. I thought this topic used to have "viewer deploy plans" and updates - like the Server topic still does. Yes? No? If no, where do you find viewer updates in the Forums?
  2. abuse

    Don't forget to BLOCK the persons bothering you.
  3. It's almost as if they (whoever "they" are) are trying to hide something! I guess you have to experience it for yourself.
  4. Nothing wrong with that.
  5. Maybe someday I will get an alt. I think all my avatars are lions and neko-lions.
  6. Confusing question and thread. To me, "avatars" means "number of distinct avatars that I wear or use". Most seem to be answering this assuming the OP meant "Alts".
  7. Didn't this equation get updated after Pluto was decided as not-a-planet?
  8. Now I want to buy his free dances, hope they don't get removed! I like free things.
  9. I have many happy memories touring SL years ago and shopping with friends, and wish that many of those same stores were still around! Maybe I should start a thread about stores/creators that I miss. I could check before posting if any of the creators are still even in SL.
  10. japanese mesh head

    So much blush, maybe because she's embarrassed it is so many L$!
  11. I read the bug to learn about it - found it interesting. It would have been nice to do something (such as show a "default texture" in the spot where the objects can't be drawn), so that the user knows there is a problem. (Rather than "viewer would crash, too many triangles, tl;dr, resolved.")
  12. i would love to, but used all mine to test at Phil ... Awesome! I assume Phil will send it back.
  13. Can the rest of you send you test money also? I'm worried that if I don't test my money, it won't work.
  14. I feel like those chairs should wobble back and forth, and randomly launch people at unexpected intervals!
  15. The elevator I used before (although I only used it for up/down) had a problem where it made your avatar "crouch" as it moved. I guess this was SL's attempt to cause your avatar to change position in response to being "moved" up or down. I assume the "walking" is similar, perhaps it is as if the avatar is being "pushed" along? In my case, it would probably not be hard to fix with AO because "crouch" is not necessarily an animation I am already replacing. (Crouch is overrated.)