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  1. "Please consider forbidding off-topic politically focused threads on General Discussion." ..consider it considered!
  2. When I was a kid, you could only buy normal Slime. Nowadays, kids can buy Unicorn Poop and eat it!
  3. Next time he references the German Death-Metal scene, I will!!
  4. Watch "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane", a nice study in "too old for but wore it anyway" for clothing and makeup.
  5. You only get your toys back if you put on pants! Those little cars are sentient toys, like from the "Toys"/"Cars" movies.
  6. I think it's technically called a "baaaakini".
  7. I would suppose that for even "complete avatars", we need to edit in little mustachios. Like Dali.
  8. I'm a go be nekkid in front of Patch's house and peek in the window!
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