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  1. Animesh Beta testing is HERE!!

    Flying snake is flying.
  2. What's your favorite season IRL

    I'm partial to Thyme.
  3. "If sex doesn't feel dirty, you're doing it wrong." - Anonymous
  4. Racist 'Bots' Impersonating Me

    Thank you!!!
  5. Racist 'Bots' Impersonating Me

    I'm shocked that such things are being randomly posted on unrelated posts. SHOCKED, I tell you!
  6. No One Cares

    Topic is sad attempt at reverse psychology?
  7. Do people make clothes for non-mesh bodies...?

    From a Furry perspective: I have many more prim (lion) bodies than I do Mesh bodies. The peer pressure from other furs to switch to Mesh is silly IMHO because I LIKE my prim (lion furry) bodies better.
  8. Learn to be the Best

    I think your post would be easier to find if you used more tags. </s>
  9. Unable To Post Events? SL Errors?

    Sometimes, programmers are too lazy/busy to remember to code EVERYTHING to allow for special characters.
  10. Abuse, Griefing & Destory my Full SIM! :-(

    You may be using rezzers and "locking" object positions but not selecting the object that deletes the rezzer script from the objects/buildings. This would allow anyone who had a "compatible" (or hacked) rezzer script to move your stuff using their own script.
  11. Abuse, Griefing & Destory my Full SIM! :-(

    An object should not be able to delete other objects..the exception being rezzers, of course. So technically, if you rezzed all your objects using a "rezzer box" and someone somehow put an object down that used a similar script, it could tell all the other objects (with rezzer scripts stil active) to delete themselves. Now, if I am correct - you can prevent this by 1) after you rez your objects that use a "rezzer box", tell the box to "delete rezzer scripts". 2) This will physically remove the rezzer scripts from the objects that were rezzed, so no separate or griefer script can move or delete them. Just a thought.
  12. Submit Ticket

    Why not also pin the (current) instructions for creating a support ticket in one of the forum categories? Just an idea.
  13. Here we go again

    No Shrek ears unless they actually break something and accept responsibility, sorry!
  14. llHTTPRequest changes

    Good job!