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  1. Why would they fillter out "assplay"?!? *Edit* This is a joke.
  2. Not sure if Chinese spam is more annoying, or less annoying due to inscrutable nature of Chinese.
  3. I like this.
  4. I like Innula Zenovka's answer.
  5. To be bitten by a vampire in a mall, and have one's soul thus taken, surely would make one indistinguishable from other denizens of any mall, in any city, whether in RL or SL?
  6. That worked, thank you! Handy if you actually notice the "Activity" option and have a clue, not so handy if you don't.
  7. Useta be, clicking on "Answers" showed newest-first questions. Now they are all stuffed in categories! Is there any way to see "Unanswered" questions newest first without respect to category (i.e., not making you "dig into" the category to see the questions)?
  8. You mean the Chinese spam?
  9. llsleep()

    But OP said "but don't want to prevent event queues from mounting up during this time-period"..
  10. Explore..create..build..learn..
  11. I like these approaches, like a "flight feather" but opposite.
  12. Won't this only work if you are sitting on it, and it is non-physical?
  13. No liking is for haters, and a haters' gonna hate. DO NOT LIKE
  14. There's a trick I've seen where people can attach stuff and just squat, and make it look as if they have a house and land but really they are just sad, sad squatters pretending. Go do that! :-)
  15. "lulz give me munneez" - said every n00b, ever.