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  1. Real mayonnaise is just egg and oil, you can make it yourself. That's not "highly processed".
  2. I haven't taken it since 2004 or so, luckily.
  3. Exactly the side effect I got, usually towards the end of the day (5pm maybe).
  4. We don't call them "American" here. And this is what you will get here at a "Pancake house" (like IHOP). The menu items for "pancakes" looks like this. But, some also sell crepes (like IHOP).
  5. Did you have to hitchhike home in a bikini? That's hot!
  6. The HTTP Request header must meet certain format requirements. There are forum threads on it, raised by @Oz Linden.
  7. Mad Magazine did a nice sendup of Charly when I was too young for the book or the movie. Think I read / saw both in later years.
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