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  1. ¿Are Spanish-style leading and trailing question marks acceptable? The leading one is a nice "cue" that the sentence will be a pregunta, I mean a question.
  2. Will there be a release that is the equivalent for all existing heads, or will some of us need to change looks (new head new look)?
  3. Free Pearl! *waves a sign* Ya can't keep all that pearl-ness locked up!
  4. Darn, I hoped you were advertising in-world friendship! 😻
  5. We should sell them "the best" avatar, then use them as a spokes-person. Win!
  6. I think this means Scooby is actually a 'Roo! He says, "Ruby Ruby Roo!!"
  7. Does the Bellisseria cat have its nuts?
  8. I saw "ejected a Republican" and thought it was a toilet joke. My bad! 😹
  9. Any curses are probably redacted to ** before Linden Live support personnel see the text.
  10. Is a "Snoberry" like a Schnozzberry?
  11. Can us Premiums chat with the bot when we are bored / lonely, or is that abuse? Asking for myself.
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