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  1. SL a California based virtual world

    “Right Wing” America is more in the news because of politics which does NOT represent the majority of the population, and the media talking more about it to get attention.
  2. How to add mirror to SL?

    This gives me excellent ideas, thank you! What do users see if they have Advanced Lighting set to “off”?
  3. A Derail Thread

    I listened to these in stereo (BT in car), quite intense.
  4. ..And then..they emoted..

    /me kisses the lump on the totes adorbs koneko to make it better.
  5. ..And then..they emoted..

    /me is confused, hearing what appears to be OOC voices, or maybe it’s just the alcohol he drank before the “Maddy Incident”.
  6. Intruder alert! Intruder alert!

    When the roof is on fire, things get pretty hot up there.
  7. ..And then..they emoted..

    ..feels what he thinks might be a kiss on the back of his neck, then jumps at the raspberry, drink flying everywhere, and plastic cup landing upside-down on his head, an ersatz Dunce cap. If Love wasn’t a sloppy drunk before, he is now.
  8. ..And then..they emoted..

    /me is utterly alone, so pours himself a drink and nurses it, reflecting on his Second Life choices.
  9. GDPR is coming, and it affects you

    Are you guys talking about Phil?
  10. Too Many RL Questions

    I almost missed this reference! I saw it once in the theater where they had not cut these lines.
  11. Too Many RL Questions

    We called them “binkies”, never saw it shortened to “bink”.
  12. Bloodlines Revenant

    Helpful Lion is Helpful. The info at the link looked VERY complete for different “what if you’re..” scenarios. Eyes crossed trying to read it.
  13. Bloodlines Revenant

    ZOMG!!1! tldr;
  14. GDPR is coming, and it affects you

    They can block websites if they have control of their internet.
  15. Thanks for all the fish...

    It’s the same as my new car lease payment.