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  1. I think it would be cool if there were “detectable food”, and if you leave it out, critters such as bears come after it! Similar to a zombie thing, but more like RL.
  2. I was pretty sure the ZX series used variants of the 6502.. On Apple 2 series, you entered the mini-assembler with “call -151”.
  3. Hmm..that seems less efficient memory-wise, as each UTF-8 char is at least 2 bytes. But thank you!
  4. Will there be camptown races? Doo-dah!
  5. Just remembered. I had a mysterious memory leak before, which only corrected after I compiled the same code in a new script! In other words, the issue was somehow with the “compiled” code and memory, even if I recompiled there was no effect until I copied the code to a new script.
  6. Example use-case: First four bits: Command class 0001=Load 0010=Store 0011=Move Next 3 bits: Register 000=n/a 001=Accumulator 010=X-reg 011=Y-reg 100=Mem location (heap list) etc. Next 3 bits: Mode 001=Value 010=index X 011=index Y 100=indirect indexed 101=indexed indirect Next 3 bits: Type 001=int 010=float 012=string etc. Next int following command is value or location to load..
  7. Lets say.. 50 commands. Aren’t Unicode strings at least 2 bytes per character..?
  8. Bitwise yes, just like how old assembly language commands and modes (indexed, accumulator, etc.) by bit.
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