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  1. When I was very young in 1969 or '70, I listened to the Beatles' "I Want to Hold Your Hand" a lot, the single!
  2. I made one of those, it was fun!
  3. Awful that it happens "here" (in the US), let alone anywhere.
  4. I make no assumptions about your beliefs, now that I know about "Just a Question". For me personally, that makes it all more entertaining, in an otherworldly terrifying way, of course.
  5. Because the gummint won't let them drink bleach or use bright lights as cures. I'm sayin'!!
  6. You know, or rather I believe, that if a hospital parking lot was full of triage tents, body refrigerator trucks, etc. you can bet that would be in the news (and often is).
  7. Nope, just a coincidence. When I wrote about "wagging", my mind was on "tail wagging the dog" but I messed up the post.
  8. The problem is when you ask people about how they determined that someone had a tail and they said, "Well, a German lady said Dieser Mann hat einen großen Schwanz and I looked up the translation." How weird is this, I dated 2 different guys consecutively, by coincidence, who happened to have vestigial tails. So I know for a fact that sometimes the "tail don't show"!
  9. I am enjoying your post. Sadly, these are not the people I would choose to be nobbled by.
  10. Could it be, that some of the in-thread people complaining about "can't get HCQ" were fooled enough to beg for it, and their smart doctor said "no"? Gotta be someone smart in there, somewhere.
  11. The exterminator uses the equivalent of sugar, but adds poison.,
  12. Impossibru! But, I've noticed that a certain factor seems to use DuckDuckGo a lot. So yeah.
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