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  1. Maybe email group is a victim of social distancing, or whoever "owned" the list is no longer with LL.
  2. You remind me of the hymn, "Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear"!
  3. Ring my bell properly once, and I'm good for many months..
  4. Dark Theme is great on phone, but almost unreadable on PC (google chrome).
  5. "You can wind my watch" doesn't have the same "ring" to it as, "You can ring my bell".
  6. Perhaps "pocket-watch" is akin to "pocket pool", a game played solo by males world wide. Those with pockets, at least.
  7. Either "post pics of gingers" or it's a trick, the original poster is hunting gingers ("because they have no soul", etc.)..
  8. Is it a shadow maybe? Try turning off shadows and see if you can reproduce?
  9. For some of us, it's "Bi Time" all the time.
  10. I'm guessing just their nipples.
  11. All this talk of breastsss and nipples..is it getting warm in here?
  12. Does "nip inequality" mean L is differently sized / positioned than R?
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