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  1. Love Zhaoying


    I read that only left-handed people are in their right mind..
  2. Thanks. Still working on crate-training the boy. But now, I can try “doggy daycare”, take them to my own vet for a checkover, and begin “training”. One is close to understanding “Sit”. The other wants to stand on my chest and smother me, luckily the smaller one.
  3. It’s final, they are mine!
  4. Today is adoption day!
  5. Love Zhaoying

    A Derail Thread

    @Callum Meriman hey, come play with us!
  6. Love Zhaoying

    Memory Usage - from the Wiki

    At compile-time or runtime?
  7. Love Zhaoying

    Memory Usage - from the Wiki

     which is a very good observation. Thanks for this.
  8. Love Zhaoying

    Memory Usage - from the Wiki

    The implication is, the parameters are pushed on the call stack (if indeed Mono uses a call stack) as integers, and the called function determines their type. Or, they are converted to floats before being pushed on the stack, but the fact they are integers prior to that saves memory. Either way, sounds legit.
  9. Are those poe—TAY-tos or poe—TAH-tos?
  10. Love Zhaoying


     and promptly get ejected and banned for conducting combat in a safe zone. Reenact the movie “1941”. You’ll need for defense, a tank and a Ferris Wheel.
  11. Love Zhaoying

    Linden Homes Preview

    Prok’s example house is small. The other example house is not. Can we move on?
  12. Love Zhaoying


    Solution is short draw distance?
  13. Love Zhaoying

    How to make other people cant Inspect our items?

    Good idea, like only wear rare gatchas.
  14. Love Zhaoying

    Stopping necro-posting

    We should post in this thread again, say in 3-5 years.
  15. Love Zhaoying

    A Derail Thread