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  1. CHEATING(?)

    Rest assured, someone will disagree with your personal opinions because they are clueless. Even though personal opinions are neither "right" or "wrong" by definition.
  2. Question

    I have an SL "friend" who jokes about Jews, Blacks, and AIDS - I finally stopped talking to him. Apparently in his country such jokes are part of everyday conversation.
  3. Earn Unlimited Linden(every 3 minute 20Linden )

    Possibly -- but the person writing COULD be doing a completely legitimate and legal job FOR the same (obviously not so legal) employer :D. Then, a whistleblower!
  4. Earn Unlimited Linden(every 3 minute 20Linden )

    Admitting this makes you an accomplice.
  5. Reminds me of the Steve Martin short written piece, "Cruel Shoes".
  6. Which is how we knew Paul was a zombie! I bet Zombies would have trouble walking in heels!
  7. how do you make tiny kemono avatars ?

    With tiny design tools! And a magnifying glass!
  8. Sansar Vs Second Life - Discussion

    Having trouble caring here, too!
  9. Script Warning/Error message

    It's awesome when a question from more than 4 years ago helps someone out!
  10. Ooohh!! Without the full word, "Necro" is just a dead prefix! :-)
  11. Maybe heels aren't the best choice!
  12. Is "Necro" like Velcro? Or Neko? I had to think it is anything necro- because dead people don't need shoes!
  13. Can someone explain how L works?

    That's horrible! I wonder if only "LindeX market players" use that. Whenever I want to buy L$200,000 I want it now! Nao, plez!
  14. Can someone explain how L works?

    I don't disagree. I think the thing most people miss if they are not experienced is that the "buy now" feature is the only way to get your L$ NOW.
  15. Can someone explain how L works?

    L$ works very poorly, unless you just go buy some using the "BUY $" button. I only say that because of all the people who try to buy using the "market" and end up posting here because they don't understand how it works, never get their L$, etc.