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  1. I was thinking: Have the shuttle send the sign a message (on a channel using llRegionSay(), or llRegionSayTo() if the train knows the clock's ID) when it starts the journey. If the trip time is "always about the same", then it should be pretty accurate. This way, you would not need additional sensors and scripts along the way.
  2. Can you bury your used-up subs on the beach when through with them?
  3. I liek teh way yew tawk!
  4. *essplodes at multiple conflicting commands!*
  5. *squats politely* Now what, miss?
  6. Adults?
  7. I assumed, there was a hint of playful sarcasm in my statement.
  8. Confusing your SL scripting problems with your RL coding problems. When you sit at work planning SL scripts instead of working on your RL coding job..
  9. Hmm, us fur types (I'm a neko) DO tend to wear less clothing.
  10. Not the best suggestion in my opinion ("derender all outside parcel"). Derender selectively would still leave landscape, etc. while hiding your neighbor's ugly shack/hovel/giant building/spite fence.
  11. ..when you try to solve complex scripting problems in bed as a way to relax before you fall asleep..
  12. It would be interesting if someone were to meet these banned individuals and see if they are somehow spammy (scripts, particles etc.). Perhaps the "land ban" and the "horse disappearance" are unrelated? IF (note caps) the creator has a way to "make your objects disappear" after purchase, that is an awful way to create items.
  13. "I'm in your forumz, rezurectin' yer threads" - Zombie Jeebus
  14. Need a "report conspiracy theory" button.
  15. My lordy, it must take you hours to get dressed!