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  1. I assume she saw how awesome it made her boobs and she’s never come back.
  2. I think there was downloading the viewer then immediately having to upgrade it to login. Messing with ridiculous purple system hair before someone clued me in to prim hair, and gave me a pretty decent skin. The much more thorough orientation, and the first object in my inventory from there: "Torch!".
  3. "Okay" is what I use by default, if I've switched to using "k", that is exactly what it means.
  4. If you're getting single digit frame rates everywhere, the problem isn't Linden Lab letting people put things in SL, its your computer. It's either broken, overrun by malware or just not up to the job. You can do something about those problems. And no, this does not mean buying a $3,000 gaming desktop. Remove malware, de-crap your Windows, install an SSD or a new graphics card. Don't expect Linden Lab to tear down SL and rebuild it for people with broken or completely inadequate computers.
  5. Well, I just started a club called "Second Life's Most Exclusive Club". Anyone may apply, all will be rejected.
  6. Keys need to be set to start movement instead of chat in general preferences.
  7. I have a system with an A4-5000 in it (the BGA version of the AM1). It's clocked slower, so the 5350 is probably about 30-40% faster. Unless you have very low standards, I don't think you're getting a useful SL experience out of one of these without a different GPU like a passive GT 1030.
  8. I think it would be good if they also implemented name change at the same time, or if the name change feature proves to be technically impossible. The only downside to doing both is for the lab, people won't be forced into terrible Resident names they'll want to immediately pay to change.
  9. I know you have a deep investment in that one minute old account with a crap name, but suck it up and make a new one. To the people who actually have something invested in their Resident accounts with crap names, get name changes done. And the people who made "Resident" accounts 7 or 9 years ago probably aren't the ones stuck with crap names.
  10. You know what’s really burning people? Bringing back last names as a paid feature and leaving Resident as the only name available at registration. Followed closely by not being able to actually implement it and leaving Resident as the only name available at registration.
  11. You could drive to Vegas to login to SL skill gaming regions, too.
  12. Talk about outkicking your coverage.
  13. Aside from IT policy or the ethics of using your computer for something other than purely academic pursuits, getting your computer off the WiFi shared with every malware infested, f'd up laptop in your dorm will only help things, so yeah, do that even if you never run SL again. It's not going to fix your computer's other problems though.
  14. Like the kind of dingbat who would finally break down and get a mesh body because they didn't read the description of a L$50 outfit that won't work with their system avatar. Photo taken at the delightfully creepy Pendle Hill.
  15. Coffee. Pumpkin spice coffee now. With some soy milk, but I'll bet pumpkin spice egg nog would be great in it. No snacks.
  16. That's just 30 days, the OP will have to try harder. I can think of one really good way to get the Lab to reconsider their decision not to permaban him, but I'm afraid if I post it they'll permaban me.
  17. Yeah, because I can go outside a skybox without puking all over my keyboard. SL is quite usable at frame rates that are half Oculus's minimum requirement.
  18. Not an attack, but I think the frame rate issue is valid. I'm running a Xeon workstation with a GTX 970, and still get frame rates dropping into the single digits at times. The places you're most likely to want it are also most likely to tank your frame rate.
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