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  1. Yep. It's more for people who read this thread and come away thinking they can overclock their PC through power management, and that doing so will burn down their computer. It also gives me another chance to take a shot at the crazy minimum system requirements because they're stupid and wrong. Don't take that list into Best Buy and ask for a computer. They'll all laugh at you.
  2. You can't buy a minimum requirements PC at Best Buy unless your other car is a Tardis. It won't run SL and the whole question on enabling ultimate power mode on it is moot because it won't do that either. A minimum spec PC is closer to graduating high school than getting ready for kindergarten. No modern game will run on that. That's a jalopy. Second Life will work on every PC and Mac Best Buy sells today. It may suck on most of the ones that cost less than about $500 (which, excluding Macs seems to be about the average price of the in stock computers at my local Best Buy), but
  3. If a jalopy computer is prone to self-destruction from changing power settings you shouldn't be trying to run Second Life on it.
  4. The Mac Mini has a fan, the MacBook Air doesn't. Apple has a history of being optimistic about the thermal performance of some of their computers, notably the 2020 Intel MacBook Air, which has a fan and could really use two.
  5. What I'm concerned about is a half-assed vaccine released under an emergency use authorization. It's not a big deal to me since I'm not in one of the groups that would be anywhere near the first in line for it. By the time it's available for general use I think we'll have a better idea how safe and effective it is. If we aren't up to our ears in dead paramedics next spring, mandatory vaccinations is an idea worth considering. The evidence suggests that leaving public health measures up to individuals has produced sub optimal results.
  6. The kind of idiots who don't realize how monstrously stupid and immoral achieving herd immunity through infecting everyone is. But that's the kind of thing we should expect from a government whose pandemic response is run by a young earth creationist, a bugchaser and a president who checked out months ago.
  7. Leave the Intel graphics on, SL is using your FirePro so having them on should make no difference. In Firestorm go to the graphics settings and in hardware settings enable lossy texture compression and OpenGL Vertex Buffer Objects. In the Rendering tab check Restrict maximum texture resolution to 512px.
  8. When I find a dead landmark, about as often as not the place has moved. Either searching for it or checking the owner’s profile usually brings up the new location.
  9. Yeah, those spikes can look pretty bad until you read the scale. Japan's "spike" is about the size of Arkansas's. South Korea's is comparable to New Hampshire's and Vietnam is close to Perry County Ky.
  10. Peeve: Businesses that pretend to adhere to the county's mask mandate but don't. If you aren't wearing a mask we'll just assume you have some sort of medical condition that prevents it, yet leaves you healthy enough to walk from your car to the store, and shop for half an hour on your feet the whole time. Or work an eight hour shift. If you really had some kind of medical condition so dire it leaves you worse off than 300 pound guy on oxygen riding around in a wheelchair and talking through an electrolayrnx but still wearing a mask, you should really consider curbside pickup. Or a trip to the
  11. I have one on the way too. Guess it's time to install Xcode and see if I can follow read and comprehend the instructions for building a viewer.
  12. Congrats on getting a handle on it in whatever country you’re in. It’s completely out of control in the United Stares.
  13. A few other people have reported similar issues, open a support ticket.
  14. Does it run my stuff? Does it run it better than the last model? If the answer to both of those is yes, then no, it doesn't really make much difference to me what's under the hood. Not sure I'm getting the locked into the walled garden thing. It's not like the App Store is the only place anyone can get stuff for a Mac.
  15. PowerPC wasn’t closed, and Apple moved away from it because of performance and thermal issues. Especially with laptops where PowerPC had hit a brick wall.
  16. How hard is it to compile the viewer on a Mac? I'm more interested in seeing an M1 native viewer than seeing it ported to the iPad.
  17. Then you need to do it yourself. Not just to get it working properly, but because the next thing your computer is going to do is stop working entirely. The first thing you need to do is back up all your important stuff to a USB drive. Without knowing why your computer is going into safe mode, it's tough to say what to do to fix it. The easy way is probably to boot into your computer's recovery partition and restore it to factory settings. Then upgrade it to Windows 10. If your computer can run 7, it can probably run 10 and you really shouldn't be on 7 anymore.
  18. Apple is ditching AMD too and bringing everything in house with their own ARM based processors for everything. They announced the new Mac Mini, MacBook Air and 13" MacBook Pro today. They're replacing the weakest of the Intel Macs, and the least capable of running SL. So maybe it'll be better, I hope so. I'm a little hesitant about the real world performance of ARM CPUs running Intel code, but I don't think anyone is going to miss the Intel graphics hardware.
  19. Everything SL needs runs on the Apple Silicon, so it should. I guess we'll know for sure in a week or two.
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