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  1. I can, but only on voice, which I don't do.
  2. Candy? That's an entire ham on a stick, so heavy that you have to wear a back brace to lift it. The cat knows.
  3. I just surveyed my alts. None of them RP. They say I'm the only one of us who does. Liars, all of them! Since it seems none of me can be trusted, you'll have to listen to Selene.
  4. Oy, I'm gonna need a vorpal sword to cut through that gobbledy***** Unwinese, Skell! ETA: Okay, we've learned another naughty word. And now this...
  5. We (half) Irish do it differently. I love to wear jean shorts under a sundress at summer parties, which gives me the opportunity to hike the hem over my head and proudly proclaim "Look! I'm wearing big-girl pants!"
  6. Welcome to Second Life, bees knees! Though it looks like you may have wandered off, I will add something that every other poster in this thread has, for some inexplicable reason, neglected to mention, even though it's the best thing SL has to offer... You can set people on fire!!! ...sets you on fire.
  7. No Apology needed for me! Search for "Carsie Blanton love yourself". Or, if you want to dial the cursing down a little and the enthusiasm up a lot, I'll post this again... For those who actually listen to what I post, I hope you caught (and enjoyed!) the incongruence of my last two contributions.
  8. Show me an example of a Mac owner here who's viciously denied... well anything? I highlighted in red a magnificently quick and efficient self contradiction. You do know how to make an impression! I've been using Macs since I "borrowed" my Father's in 1984. I spent the bulk of my professional career running engineering software on Windows, often custom building the hardware for my specific needs. I still run Windows via VMWare on my Macs. Each environment has proved useful, but one is consistently more pleasing, even when I'm not using it. My personal preferences are just that. I very rarely make computer recommendations to anyone else. I do not purchase tools of any kind simply for the performance they can achieve. I purchase them for the performance I can achieve while using them. Performance is enjoying what I do while bringing delight to those I do it for. By that metric, Apple products have been my preferred computing tools for more than three decades. I've a neighbor with a new Porsche Roadster, another with a new Corvette. I have an old Miata. We've all swapped seats, just to confirm that we haven't accidentally bought the wrong car. So far we are all happy with our choices and happy for each other. It's been fun learning about our differences in taste, though the two boys still think I'm nuts for driving all winter with the top down. To each their own. It's all good.
  9. I have several RSI problems, going from my right hand all the way to my neck, from nearly 40 years at keyboards. At my low point, I was taking half a painkiller at breakfast to tamp things down until I could get engaged enough in my work for my brain to not care about it. I tried ergonomic mice and keyboards, keyboard trays, trackballs, vertical mice, trackpads, pads with pens... you get the idea. When Apple introduced that flat, buttonless Magic Mouse, I thought it would be horrific. When I replaced my soccer ball iMac with a new aluminum model, that worrisome Magic Mouse was included, along with a very flat, low travel keyboard that looked equally evil to me. I gave them both a try. It's been a decade. Today, I love my Magic Mice. I love my even flatter, even less travel keyboards. I take no painkillers. I can type all day. RSI and workspace ergonomics are highly intertwined and highly personal. I would not recommend my setup for anyone else, even though it's working wonderfully for me. I imagine I could have found other solutions to address my RSI, but Apple dumped a pair of ergonomic nightmares on my desk that have, once again, made spending hours at the computer, interacting with people who think my setup must be the work of the devil... a pleasure.
  10. I recently had some dead/dying trees cut down. As I do, I took the opportunity to inquire about and play with the machines they brought to do the job. After years of plucking labels out of the mulch I get each year to landscape around my home, I thought I'd try a little experiment. I tossed a couple old books into the shredder, just to see what would happen. As I suspected, they survived the ordeal far better than the trees. If I'd dropped a pile of the resulting tree/book mulch into your hands, you've have been hard pressed to determine what kind of trees had participated, but you would have quickly identified the book pages, and probably the nature of the book they'd come from. And, although it's not true, I'm going to claim, for the benefit of @Amina Sopwith, that one of the books I tossed in the chipper was John Norman's "Slave Girl of Gor". It's the least I could do for you, Amina.
  11. That lighthouse is in my purse, under a bulldozer and some seamed nylons. I'll make sure you get to see it.
  12. I love the idea of people sitting in front of screens, watching their second selves sitting in front of screens, watching...
  13. Oooooh, I get to quote Wilhelm Stekel twice in one day: The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference. Or War Games for the first time today: The only way to win the game is not to play. Could the difference between Alyona's perspective and yours be that you want the argument to end with two winners? ;-).
  14. ^^ Very true on the bolded part, and I was even going to mention that, LOL. Indeed, for some reason we accept that a skybox is just a closed box. I'm not entirely sure why even (which is why I didnt include it in my post yet). Maybe because we accept the reality of being boxed in, like the crew of a submarine accepts there's no viable outside to go to? I've only built one home with a door (a lighthouse) in all my years in SL, and that was only to the outside. It was intended as an indicator and was scripted to open when I logged out, as a welcome to visitors. I rarely closed it when I was inside. I moved between floors with teleport buttons, saving the space, prim count, construction hassle, and navigation issues of staircases. The top of the lighthouse was an open air dance floor, and there were pose balls on the light beams where couples could cuddle while watching the world revolve around them. Although SL made it possible for me to share that idea with others, it was a very old idea for me. I've been riding beams of light since I was a child and lighthouses have always been objects to see from, not to be seen. Everything else I've built has been wide open to the outside, but with mechanisms to afford the illusion of privacy and/or seclusion. My hut/skybox is wide open on one wall, unless I touch the hut and select "Private". When that happens, the outside of the hut becomes opaque, but the window walls and balcony are still transparent from the inside. If I select "Cozy", the inside walls become opaque as well. If I leave the hut, it reverts to "Welcome". I have another home that is nothing more than a 10m disc that can be made to look like a dandelion clock or the Milky Way Galaxy from above. It can emit dandelion seeds or stars that are caught by the SL wind and blown around in beautiful patterns. It took me quite a few hours to understand the quirks of SL particles, and to make tiny ones that are visible from a great distance. I've never seen anything else like it in SL. That place feels as much like home to me as anywhere else I've ever lived here. It has no doors, no walls, no roof and only the hint of a floor (it's mostly transparent). In my early days, I rented an ultra cheap "isolation cell" skybox like you describe. I put my furniture on the roof. It's not a matter of me accepting a reality that boxes me in, it's a matter of me not imagining beyond it. I'm doing my best... I think.
  15. I once had a jetpack that provided super duper boost, and blew particle smoke in the process. My SL-ex and I had limited success and limitless fun trying to skywrite with them.
  16. .... and set fire to it. A mind is a terrible thing. The closest I've come to burning the place down is when you visited.. . Yet the house still stands...
  17. I was going to say "maybe not", but I can't be sure. I've always had an active imagination, a strong oppositional streak, and a significant ability to keep myself amused. Nevertheless, as Rolig observes, I do need some minimal recognizable framework on which to build. That said, though SL certainly allows me to "do" things I can only imagine in RL, it's nowhere near covering the ground my imagination plows every day. It's a tautology, but I can't imagine a world that could contain my imagination. I'm currently having a good time "realizing" myself as the roiling, boiling, spontaneously decaying fuzzball of moral ambiguity, but it's not a look that will last. It's not a relatable presentation. It doesn't give people enough to judge, and that's what we're wired to do in encounters. While my flights of fancy may go a li'l farther than some of you, I do eventually come home.
  18. ...senses potential discontent with "what happened to the houseboat" and prepares another Molotov Cocktail.
  19. I suppose I've revealed the extent of my self-centeredness by not considering the possibility that someone else would see one my Molotov Cocktails as a thing to drink.
  20. My iMac Pro contains an AMD Vega 56 Pro graphics system, which is slightly faster than the 570. It works fine with SL, but I think people with lesser hardware running under Windows probably get better frame rates. eGPU support in macOS has improved considerably, but that's no guarantee of success with SL. Hopefully there's a good return policy where you shop. NVIDIA is not an option since Apple dropped driver support and hasn't allowed NVIDIA to release their own.
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