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Linden Lab

Livestream Episode 4 - Linden Exchange Tips.png

Class is back in session! Second Life University returns today at 11:30am PT with Second Life’s Tier One Support Supervisor, Spots Linden. Spots will be giving us some very helpful Linden Exchange tips!

Learn more about the LindeX:

Watch it live today at 11:30am PT on the Second Life YouTube channel. We will be monitoring the YouTube chat and answering your questions.

Stay tuned for future updates about Second Life University. Happy learning!

Linden Lab

This week we are shining a spotlight on Sam King-Slain (Dropyour.Knickers), a skilled singer, songwriter, and musician who credits Second Life for assisting his journey in self-discovery. Watch him play live at SL19B later this month!

Front Cover For SL Spotlight.png

How long have you been in Second Life and how did you first hear about it?

I'm 11 years old in Second Life which makes me about 250 in SLife experience. I heard about it after me and one of my childhood friends were playing the Sims. I think we googled 'virtual world' and it was the first one that popped up.

Sam King - SL Spolight 3.png

You are an award-winning musician with quite the talent for songwriting. Second Life and the humorous and perhaps frustrating situations you encounter in this virtual world are the main topic of your songs. Tell us more about your music career and how it all began.

I've always been into writing songs, raps and poetry so it wasn't totally out of character for me. But roughly 5 years ago, myself and a few close friends were hanging inworld at a recording studio and it just struck me how funny it would be to write something about Second Life. I remember saying brb and 20 minutes later I jumped on mic like 'I gotta show you guys what I've done!' 

That was the day I wrote my first song 'TP Me' and the chorus was literally 'tp me, tp me, I've got a platform in the sky' and everyone had it stuck in their heads for weeks! I think we all knew we were onto something and I just knew I could write more so I went away and wrote 'Relog', 'Crosshairs' and 'Prim Love' and with each song just came more laughter and enjoyment. It was those guys that said 'Sam we have to do a concert' and that was when we set up a little warehouse skybox and threw our first show - I felt like a true Second Life Popstar, with my name in lights and it was a hit! 

My friends had made merch and set the stage up and we felt like we had really injected the fun back into Second Life. It ended up with us having a full sim with a Record Label Office and a venue and we started going around inworld to all our favourite spots asking if I could do a show. It was hard to get people to buy into the vision but I knew all I had to do was convince them to listen to one song and they got it.

Sam King - SL Spotlight 2.jpg

Do you play any musical instruments and how do you compose the music for your songs?

I have played the guitar and saxophone from a young age in real life. My song writing process is usually quite simple. I'll feel inspired, go away, and find a beat or play a tune on the guitar and then record and write simultaneously until it's done. It's very rare that I'll step away and come back to a song. If I feel it then, I just have to write something in that exact moment and I have to finish it then and there.

SL Pride - Sam Performing - SL Spotlight.jpg

What genre would you say your music falls in, and who are some of the musicians that have influenced your style?

I would say my genre is varied, like my music taste. Sometimes I rap, sometimes I'll do an acoustic song or something on the piano, and sometimes I'll do something people can dance to. Overall for Second Life, I like to keep my music light hearted, fun and relatable. Some musicians I look up to are J Cole - a lyrical genius, Drake, Bon Iver, Beyonce, Juice WRLD & Lil Peep. I'd say my acoustic music is heavily influenced by Ed Sheeran - gotta keep it in the UK!


One of your songs reveals how Second Life assisted in your journey of self-discovery. Can you share in what ways SL has impacted your life?

Second Life has saved my life in a lot of ways. I'm from a conservative quiet town on the South Coast of England and being myself was pretty much out of the question as a kid. I struggled with my gender identity and Second Life gave me a means to explore that. I met the love of my life (we're back together now 10 years on!) and that taught me things about my sexuality. It's funny because in a game where you can be literally anyone - it has given me confidence to be my true self. I have met so many wonderful people from all different walks of life and it has inspired an abundance of self reflection and growth. I'm proud of my gratitude towards Second Life and I never shy away to say how much I appreciate the game - it really is whatever you want it to be. To some it's just a game but to me it's the place I've expressed my most authentic creativity and made genuine, life long connections and friendships.

SL Spotlight Extra Pic.jpg

June is Pride month and in Second Life many members of the LGBTQ+ community find this to be a safe space to express themselves and feel empowered. You have been very active in Second Life raising awareness in the past, can you share more about that and if there are any activities or events that you’ll be taking part in during this coming month?

Last year I wrote a song "SL Pride" which sort of depicts why pride is so important to me and how Second Life has helped me along the way. I won't go into much more detail than I did above because I'm much better at singing out my words than speaking them. 

Last year I did two big Pride performances - Burrow & Co for SL Pride and Pride at Home run by Tink Hax. Both events were hugely successful and we raised a load of lindens for various LGBT charities with a variety of really talented people. This year I'm booked for two Pride shows so far - Pride at Home and one at a fairly new venue called Eleventh House.


Tell us about some of the other Residents in Second Life that inspire you and whose work you admire.

Someone who believed in me at the start of my SL music journey when no one did is DJ Gracie (Gracie Barbosa). Not only is she one of the most talented DJ's on the grid, has come to every show of mine and performed along side me, she has also created The Little Tokyo Rooftop which is home to the Dream Team - a collaborative of creative artists who bring love and good vibes to the grid. Gracie is very humble about what she has created on SL, but the sim is free for all and she is always making rl donations and sending out school supplies to kids in Africa. Lil Tokyo Rooftop does a Bumpin' Brunch event every Sunday and I'd really recommend dropping down! Check out Lil Tokyo Rooftop's Facebook page

Another collaborative that really deserve recognition is WWBH: We Will Be Heard - Founded by Daisatella Slain, Bars Simpson, November Justice, Pinky Banks, Roshambo Dench. It's hard to put into words what these ladies have achieved in the last couple of years. It started in 2020 with their Black Lives Awareness Event, it was so successful and raised somewhere to a million plus lindens for charity. These guys do a whole month of events, rl speakers, parties, art exhibitions, open mics, museums and raise as much as possible for the chosen cause. Last year was WWBH: Girl Power - Bars Simpson put together one of the most jaw dropping interactive inworld museum experiences I have ever seen - our whole community was involved and it showcased beautifully the issues surrounding women's rights. I was honoured to perform in the closing show. Their next project will be for Mental Health and I am so excited because this bunch pull it out the bag every single time, truly it blows me away and I'd love them to get some coverage for their next one -  I think it's something Second Life would be extremely proud of. You can still check out their first Black Lives Awareness website and the LinkTree to last year's Girl Power where you can find their IG/FB and more.

I know I've talked for ages but I just have to give Tinkers a shout out! Tink Hax has done absolute wonders this year. He's always raising loads of awareness to various LGBT charities, creates a beautifully colourful Pride sim for people to explore at Pride at Home and runs the Pride shop&hop. Tink created Love to Ukraine and I've never seen someone raise so much money in such a short timescale. They raised L$6209987 which ended up being £17,500 - an incredible amount of money which I'm sure helped so many people in such a crisis. What a guy! Check out the Pride at Home Facebook page.

lonely (afk)

Where can people see you perform or hear more of your music? Please share links to your sites, social media accounts, and destinations you regularly perform at.

Inworld: Dropyour Knickers
Facebook: Sam Elliot King  
Soundcloud: Sam Super-Villin 
Flickr: SAM KING (slim) 

I'll be performing at Pride at Home at the end of this month, Saturday 25th June 6pm SLT. I have a good feeling about this one, hopefully see you all there!

Also just want to say although I've mainly stopped doing small occasions/parties, I'm always down for a good cause so I will happily come perform at your event if it's going to charity! 

And Linden Lab, if you ever want me to jump up on stage at one of your big Second Life events, just say the word and I promise I'll keep it PG!

Well Sam, we heard you! Watch Sam perform live at SL19B later this month!

Sam has graciously recorded a PG version of his song, Relog, for us. Watch the music video on our YouTube channel.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about Sam’s many talents and enjoy his music as much as we do. We'll see you at SL19B listening to his live performance!

Each of these weekly Spotlight posts will feature a different Resident to showcase the spectrum of experiences and personalities found in our virtual world. If you have created something inworld that you’re proud of, or have had a deeply meaningful experience that could brighten someone else’s day, please sign up! More info here: https://second.life/spotlight-signup.

Linden Lab

Second Life Destinations - Citadel

Second Life Destinations

Ready for adventure? The Citadel in Second Life offers roleplay and SciFi enthusiasts a place to call home.

Citadel, the Legion Chronicles, has gone through many transformations since 2009, but at the heart has always been a role-play destination for lovers of science fiction. 

Aywin Dragonblood started off her metaverse journey on the teen grid in Second Life, learning how to dabble in the art of roleplay. Moving on to the adult grid, she taught herself how to build with prims, mesh, script, texture, and also design websites, all by getting tips from friends in Second Life and tinkering with things on her own. 

Adding writing to her many talents, Aywin shares “The Citadel that exists today uses lore I spent 9 years writing. It started on a piece of paper, then a notebook, then a computer. Creating the story of a vast galaxy that had fallen into chaos, then rebuilt itself into this scattered and vastly different galaxy in which each world had to adapt on its own, was a lot of fun.”

As to why Aywin created the Citadel, she says “I wanted a place that is a fun, inviting place to roleplay. A place where we all worked together for our passion of SciFi. I wanted The Citadel to operate like a small mom and pop business. I or my admins greet each person when we can and work with newcomers one on one if needed.” 

Encouraging participants to use the destination to host events, shows, concerts, parties, businesses, and more, Aywin has created an engaging community worth joining. 

Video Production by Draxtor Despres

Strawberry Linden

India at Island of Jahesa.jpg
Pictured: India at Island of Jahesa

Grab your virtual camera and explore these photogenic spots in Second Life this weekend!











Don't forget to check our Recently Added category to see all the latest additions to the Second Life Destination Guide!

Got a spot that you’d like listed in the Destination Guide? Make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form. Learn more about the Destination Guide criteria for Editors’ Picks or the Destinations Floater in the viewer, and increase your chances of being featured in those coveted spots!

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Linden Lab

Lab Gab YouTube Thumbnail - Flickr.jpg

Lab Gab is a talk show about the virtual world of Second Life. Join our host, Strawberry Linden on Friday, May 27th at 10am PT as she speaks with Carol Benovic-Bradley, the Director of Community at Flickr.

Launched in 2004, Flickr is a photo-sharing platform that has become an integral part of the Second Life community. Many members of our community find it to be their second virtual home, using the platform to share their digital art and virtual adventures. We’re excited to have the opportunity to speak directly with a representative from Flickr to learn more about their recent changes, hear about some new features they have in store for us, as well as getting some tips for setting safety levels properly. We’re also looking forward to learning more about the segmentation research they recently conducted on our community. 

Lab Gab will be streamed to the Second Life YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, LinkedIn Page, and Twitter.

For full episodes of Lab Gab, click over to the Lab Gab YouTube Playlist.

Linden Lab

How to Customize your avatar.jpg

Class is back in session! Second Life University returns today at 9:30am PT with another pre-recorded video by Second Life Resident Boston Blaisdale. Today, Boston will be showing you how to customize your avatar with hair and accessories!

Here is a glimpse at some of the topics he will cover:

  • Purchasing items inworld
  • Purchasing items from the marketplace
  • Unpacking items from objects folder
  • Unpacking items from "Received Items"
  • Cleaning up "Received Items" after unpacking
  • Searching inventory
  • Wearing a hairbase
  • Wearing hair and accessories
  • Resizing hair and accessories
  • Repositioning hair and accessories
  • Rotating hair and accessories
  • Changing colors
  • Explaining the difference between rigged and unrigged versions

Watch the premiere at 9:30am PT on the Second Life YouTube channel.

Stay tuned for future updates about Second Life University. Happy learning!

Linden Lab

We are happy to announce that we have restored the ability to accept and decline offline friendship and group membership offers.

When a recipient isn't online, offers are stored for later retrieval. Their number and duration of storage is subject to certain limits.

When the recipient does log in, stored offers are retrieved and remain active for up to 24 hours or until the region restarts.  The offers present to the recipient as Notifications.  Friendship offers also appear as Direct Messages from the offerors.

Please note, offline offers can only be acted upon while in the region one logged into.  

The server-side generation of Calling Cards when a friendship offer is accepted has been removed. This feature moved to the Viewer several years ago and now accepting friendship offers creates, at most, two Calling Cards, one for each party.

Please enjoy the return of this feature!

Linden Lab

Second Life Destinations - Lost Lagoon

Second Life Destinations

Wander into Lost Lagoon, home to whimsical waterfalls and just the place for you to relax and get away from it all.

Ever walked around Second Life and found yourself lost in contemplation? The Lost Lagoon is one of those spots where you can indulge in some solitude while exploring all the hidden gems it has to offer. Make sure to turn up your sounds to hear the relaxing waves. 

Alternatively, it can also be a place to meet or rather randomly bump into fellow explorers and strike up a conversation with someone who may come from a very different corner of the physical world than you.

The island is what you make it, just as you do with your avatar. The video proves that humans, furries, and the occasional teddy bear, can all hang out and play together. 

As you explore, find a big hall with an astrology map serving as its roof on top of one of the hills on the island. Imagine the soft sounds of the old piano, slightly out of tune perhaps. Travel downhill to the beach, where strange artifacts from the distant past are overgrown with flowers and weeds alike. Walk the connected wooden walkways that safeguard the visitor from falling into the swampy water - but beware of possible alligators!

Built by Mark Knight and administered by Jana Guyot, Lost Lagoon is a quintessential Second Life destination that brings beauty and a sense of calm. Lose yourself in the serenity of this little island.

Video Production by Draxtor Despres

Linden Lab

This week we are shining a spotlight on Damian Zhaoying, a Second Life veteran that brings a wealth of community building experience and translation services to our virtual world. He also runs the popular Spanish Community Gateway, Ayuda Virtual.

Damian also supplied the questions and answers in Spanish for our Spanish community members. Please keep scrolling for Spanish!


How long have you been in Second Life and how did you first hear about it?

Since December 2006, a little more than 15 years ago. In the middle of 2006 a relative asked me to help her improve her PC with a graphics card and, after doing so, she showed me what the improvement was for. It was SL, she showed me the world, what could be done, and the possibilities to create and socialize. I made an account, but I didn't understand how to
handle it and then I lost it. In December I wanted to try again and, already with this account, I ended up fascinated by everything that can be done and achieved here.


Can you share more information about your Second Life Community Gateway region, Ayuda Virtual, and what kind of support the destination offers Second Life Residents.

Ayuda Virtual is a Spanish-speaking community that is part of the Community Gateway project and we want to help new users take their first steps in Second Life and show them everything they can do in this world. We also want them to feel comfortable in our community, feel they belong to it, have a place to be, talk, meet, socialize, share, learn and teach. In addition, we believe that Second Life is an important platform to spread the different cultural expressions of our users - musicians, painters, poets, and more. We have exhibitions and talks on topics that are of interest to the community. Our teachers teach users different disciplines, such as construction, blender, scripts, English, role play, avatar appearance, and anything that is useful for them.


Have you dabbled in content creation in Second Life?

I have created small, simple, and not so simple things, usually for personal pleasure or to be used in our Ayuda Virtual community, mainly working with scripts.


You do Spanish translations for the Singularity and Firestorm viewers, are translation services something you offer to everyone?

I offer my translation services from English to Spanish to anyone who needs it. In addition, I also offer it to Creators (often free of charge), mainly so that users in the Spanish-speaking community can have products in their own language.


Tell us about some of the other Residents in SL that inspire you and whose work you admire.

I admire several, especially when it comes to communicating news to the Second Life community. Since I have my own news blog in Spanish, my references in this area are Inara Pey and Nalates Urriah. On the other hand, I admire my co-owner of Ayuda Virtual, Córdoba Cluny, for her ability to work and organize, which allows our community to grow and develop.


Where can people see more of your work? Please share links to your sites and social media accounts.

Personal Blog  
Personal Twitter  
Ayuda Virtual Blog  
Ayuda Virtual Twitter  
Ayuda Virtual Youtube  

Watch this promotional video about the Ayuda Virtual community:

We hope you enjoyed learning more about Damian and his quest to educate and provide a safe space for the Spanish speaking community.

Each of these weekly Spotlight posts will feature a different Resident to showcase the spectrum of experiences and personalities found in our virtual world. If you have created something inworld that you’re proud of, or have had a deeply meaningful experience that could brighten someone else’s day, please sign up! More info here: https://second.life/spotlight-signup. 


Spanish translation provided by Damian Zhaoying:

¿Cuánto tiempo llevas en Second Life y cómo te enteraste por primera vez?
Poco mas de 15 años, desde diciembre de 2006. A mediados de 2006 un
familiar me pide le ayude a mejorar su PC con una tarjeta gráfica y,
luego de hacerlo, me muestra para que era la mejora. Era SL, me muestra
el mundo, que se podía hacer y las posibilidades para crear y
socializar. Hice una cuenta, pero no entendí como manejarme y luego la
perdí, en diciembre quise volver a intentarlo y, ya con esta cuenta,
terminé fascinado por todo lo que aquí se puede hacer y lograr.

¿Puede compartir más información sobre su región de Community
Gateway, Ayuda Virtual y qué tipo de apoyo ofrece el destino a los
residentes de Second Life?

Ayuda Virtual es una comunidad de habla hispana integrante del proyecto
Comunnity Gateway y buscamos ayudar a los usuarios nuevos a dar sus
primeros pasos en Second Life, mostrarles todo lo que pueden hacer en
este mundo. También queremos que se sientan cómodos en nuestra
comunidad, la sientan propia, tengan un lugar donde estar, conversar,
conocer, socializar y compartir, aprender y enseñar.
Además, creemos que Second Life es una plataforma importante para
difundir las distintas expresiones culturas de nuestros usuarios.
Músicos, pintores, poetas. Tenemos exposiciones y charlas sobre temas
que son de interés para la comunidad. Nuestros profesores enseñan a los
usuarios distintas disciplinas, como ser construcción, blender, scripts,
inglés, role play, apariencia del avatar y todo aquello que sea de
utilidad para los usuarios de nuestra comunidad.

También tienes un negocio en Second Life, cuéntanos más sobre él y
cómo llegaste a la creación de contenido.

No realmente, no tengo negocio aunque muchas veces he pensado en
tenerlo. He creado cosas pequeñas, simples y no tan simples, normalmente
lo hago por gusto personal o para ser utilizado en nuestra comunidad
Ayuda Virtual, principalmente trabajando con scritps.

Haces traducciones al español para los espectadores de Singularity y
Firestorm, ¿los servicios de traducción son algo que ofreces a todo el

Ofrezco mis servicios de traducción del inglés al español a todo aquel
que lo necesite. Además, suelo ofrecerlo a creadores (muchas veces, sin
cargo), principalmente para que los usuarios de la comunidad de habla
hispana puedan tener productos en su propio idioma.

Cuéntanos sobre algunos de los otros Residentes en SL que te inspiran
y cuyo trabajo admiras.

Realmente no tengo algún usuario relevante que me inspire, aunque admiro
a varios, especialmente en lo que es comunicar novedades a la comunicad
de Second Life. Como tengo mi propio blog de noticias en español, mis
referentes en ese ámbito son Inara Pey and Nalates Urriah. Por otro
lado, admiro a mi copropietaria de Ayuda Virtual, cordoba Cluny, por su
capacidad de trabajo y organización que permite que nuestra comunidad
crezca y se desarrolle.

Linden Lab

Inventory Management and Performance

Second Life University

On the Second Life team we are always talking about ways to improve the in-world experience. Often we hear from the Support team about problems with inventory loading times. We dug into this problem and discovered that many of you have inventories which may partially or never load, and even worse, can prevent you from logging in.  We have identified a couple of ways the Support Team can fix the most common issues for you.

Starting Tuesday, June 21st, Support will implement a process to stabilize only those inventories affected.  For the small group of Residents this affects, you may see a change to the organization of your inventory, but all your objects are still there.  If you encounter any difficulty with your inventory, please reach out to our Support Team https://support.secondlife.com

Why it’s important to organize inventory

You can do your part to make your inventory load completely. Organizing your items into folders with fewer items at the same level can make a big difference:

  • Ease of use: Finding what you’re looking for when you want it
  • Saving money: Not buying something you already have because you can’t find it
  • Saves you time: Do you really want to scroll through thousands of folders looking for the outfit you bought last week?  Or is it faster to go into your Clothing Folder?  The Vehicles Folder?



Start organizing your inventory early
It’s a great idea to create a few top level folders which represent common things you buy such as  Hair, Jewelry, Shoes, etc.  Many people also organized clothing into categories.


Get rid of demos
When buying a demo and trying it out, you know pretty fast if you like it -- and usually if you do, you buy the non-demo version soon after. As a result, search for demos in my inventory and if you no longer need them, move them all in the trash.

Clean your trash out regularly
And speaking of trash, it’s much easier to catch an accidental deletion when you’re only looking through a few dozen folders versus thousands of items.

Renaming Folders
Did you just buy an exceptional item but the folder’s named in a way that it doesn’t identify what it is?  Rename it. Think about naming an item “long lace dress with high neckline - Red”.  Your own name for an item is more meaningful to me than “**~~XX BRANDNAME~~** Tiffany Red”

Clean out Lost and Found 
If things are returned to you or possibly detached, they may appear or get returned to your Lost and Found folder.  Many times it’s going to appear as a Coalesced Object (a collection of different objects returned as one mass, shown with an orange box icon with a bite taken out of it).  


Rezz these coalesced objects and take each item back into your inventory so you can find them again.  Sandboxes are a great place to do this.

Don’t have a Lost And Found folder? That’s great! It means you don’t have anything in it!

Move things out of your Received Items Folder 
You can wear and use items directly from your Received Items section (at the bottom of your inventory window). But it’s not a good place to keep them long-term. Take a moment each time you receive an item to move it somewhere in your main inventory that makes sense to you. 

Troubleshooting Inventory issues

Missing or Lost Inventory? 
Second Life is very large and very complex, but not all missing inventory is truly lost. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Inventory_Recovery_Steps 

Antivirus, Firewall and Security Applications
While everyone should keep their home network and computers safe, sometimes overly cautious applications or settings may interfere with the communication between the Second Life Viewer and our Inventory servers. This could result in errors like “body part missing from database” and in these cases those assets may be permanently lost..

Here is further information about setting up a firewall to work with Second Life:

Too many friends
It is possible to have “too many” friends. Check your Calling Cards folder and remove any duplicates.

New inventory error message
“There was a problem loading your inventory. First, try logging out and logging in again. If you see this message again, contact Support to correct the problem.”

This error message is new in the Second Life Viewer and is shown to let you know that your inventory has problems.

The sooner you contact Support to resolve this problem, the better! Inventory problems may worsen over time if you keep trying to connect to Second Life before getting assistance from Support.

Please note -- clearing the cache and relaunching Second Life will not resolve this specific, new problem that results in this warning message.

Note: We have reports that residents who have changed the “NoInventoryLibrary” debug setting to “True” will see this error message and not be able to load their inventory. That issue has been reported at BUG-231865. The quick workaround is to change that setting to False. If you have changed this setting and are still seeing the error message, you should contact support.

You may contact Support directly at https://support.secondlife.com/create-case. Choose “Submit a Case,” select Technical Question > Inventory Issue, and complete the rest of the form to get assistance. Our amazing Support team is aware of these issues and is on the lookout for these new cases.

Second Life University

Second Life’s Director of Product, Alexa Linden, will be on a Second Life University livestream tomorrow covering these inventory management tips, and more! Watch it live on May 19th at 11:30am PT on the Second Life YouTube channel. We will be monitoring the YouTube chat and answering your questions.

Linden Lab

Art Made in Second Life - JudiLynn India

Second Life Destinations

Our “Made in Second Life” series continues with artist JudiLynn India, an abstract painter in the physical world who has combined her love of art with Second Life. The latter has helped her be more productive as she has fully embraced the identity of digital artist and virtual gallery owner in the Metaverse to her resume.

Trained in graphic design and drawing at the Tyler School of Art, JudiLynn puts her creativity to work on paintings that are both created in ways traditional as well as digital; using brush and paint in the physical world, combining vivid colors with earthy tones, she imports high quality images into SL. JudiLynn does not seem to be afraid - as some in the art world are - to use digital technology to manipulate some images that nonetheless originate in the “brick and mortar” realm to create visceral art that feels both alive and serene.

She tells us, “Though school assignments focused on realism, I later found myself drawn to intuitive painting as I find it more interesting to create what my spirit dictates than try to reproduce the real world.” Her interest in abstract painting peaked when she saw a senior art student throwing paint at a canvas and found it to be empowering. 

In 2009, when she discovered Second Life through a magazine article, her exploration of digital art began. Since then, she has been sharing her digital illustrations and traditional paintings while building relationships within the Second Life art community. “I was set up in a small storefront where I was discovered by 3D sculptor Binary Quandry and introduced to the Life Stream Gallery. I soon met many other painters and visual artists from around the globe,” she shares. “I was offered land, by Luchenpur Darwin, to build a gallery at Center Ground region and have been there since 2012.” 

Creativity runs in the family as JudiLynn’s father, John Staples, was a prolific oil painter and graphic artist himself. And JudiLynn reveals this about her mother: “After viewing the theater debut of TRON in 1982, she called me to say that she could see me combining artwork with computers some day. Mom was clairvoyant.” 

At the Center Ground Gallery of Art you can see digital copies of JudiLynn’s abstract art on the walls, and socialize with other art aficionados at the Alpha Jazz Cafe. Prints of some of her physical world abstract art can be found at judilynnart.com.

Jump into creating your own virtual abstract art with “The Splasher” available for free on the SL marketplace, created by veteran Second Life content creator Arduen Schwartzman who helped envision JudiLynn’s story about her art school days - as seen in the video - with his generous creation. 

Art by others seen in the video inside JudiLynn’s Second Life home:

"EASTBOUND" and "PAISLEY HAZE II" by Erin Ashley 
 "Ashanti" by Karen Dupre 
"2309" by Edith Konrad 
"Swans and Toucan" by Amanda Tomasoa
"Numachi" and "Sundown Serenade" by LuAnn Ostergaard

Video Production by Draxtor Despres

Strawberry Linden

Zen at Astoria.jpg
Pictured: Zen at Astoria

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. If you're struggling, know that you are not alone. I wanted to highlight some destinations that offer support within the Second Life community and a place to find your inner peace because everyone deserves the opportunity to reflect on their mental health in a safe and meaningful way.











Don't forget to check our Recently Added category to see all the latest additions to the Second Life Destination Guide!

Got a spot that you’d like listed in the Destination Guide? Make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form. Learn more about the Destination Guide criteria for Editors’ Picks or the Destinations Floater in the viewer, and increase your chances of being featured in those coveted spots!

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Linden Lab


Class is back in session! Second Life University returns today at 9:30am PT with a pre-recorded video by Second Life Resident Boston Blaisdale as he shows you how to purchase clothing and dress your Second Life avatar!

Here is a glimpse at some of the topics he will cover:

  • Second Life Marketplace overview
  • Purchasing from the Marketplace and trying on a DEMO version of an item
  • Hiding classic avatar (non-mesh) body parts using an alpha HUD
  • Using the viewer's search function to find and teleport to a location in SL
  • Purchasing items inside Second Life
  • Unboxing your purchased items
  • Wearing your new clothing
  • Detaching or removing HUDs or clothing

Watch the premiere at 9:30am PT on the Second Life YouTube channel.

Stay tuned for future updates about Second Life University. Happy learning!

Linden Lab

This week we are shining a spotlight on Jordan Lively (ohhbehave), who started her singing career in Second Life. She just released her first single, and it has hit the main page of Apple Music as one of the Best New Songs!

Photo by Clearstone.jpeg
Photo by Clearstone

How long have you been in Second Life and how did you first hear about it?

I’ve been in and out of Second Life for about 10 years! I first heard about Second Life on the show The Office. I am a gamer and I loved the Sims so I was like, “that sounds funny and interesting, I’m going to check it out.” To be honest I initially wanted to go in and troll, but then ended up discovering that there was live music. I made some genuine connections and it became much more than the “game” I thought it was.


How/When did you first develop an interest in music?

I’ve had an interest in music even as a child. I loved to sing although I was extremely shy and would almost never do it in front of people.

When did you start performing in Second Life, and what venues can people visit to hear you sing?

I started performing in Second Life maybe about eight years ago. There are so many amazing places you can hear me. Ugly Girlz, they are a group of some of the most supportive people in SL that put on hands down some of the BEST events. The Rayne District (I play every other Tuesday) is one of the most thoughtfully designed places with tons of personality and it is home to a lot of talent. Love Kats (I play every other Friday) is not only a venue owned by one of the most genuine and supportive people in SL but is also such a fun, friendly, and inviting atmosphere. Love Kats is a staple to the SL music community. Finally, the venue After Dark is the intimate space that holds literally some of the best musicians on the grid. You know when you play there, people are listening. You know you’ve “made it” when you play at After Dark.

RL SL jams.jpeg

How would you describe your music, and who are some of the musicians who have influenced your style?

My music is honestly my diary. It’s vulnerable, it’s relatable, and my passion is spreading mental health awareness through music. So I openly sing about stuff I go through, good and bad, because I know there are people out there that can relate. Musicians that influence my style…I am not sure any influence my style but there are artists that inspire me: Dean Lewis, Jason Mraz, Adele, and Janis Joplin.


Tell us about your recently released first single!

My first single, SOS, has just been released and is currently on the main page of Apple Music as one of the Best New Songs! It also got placed on two Apple Editorial Playlists!

SOS was recorded in Muscle Shoals Alabama and was produced by another Second Life Resident, Beardy

SOS, while upbeat, has lyrics that have a raw vulnerability to it, and openly talks about struggling with emotions and feelings in life that people can easily relate to. I did this as a metaphor because of how many of us walk around with a smile but are really going through something, struggling with something, internally. It’s more common than we think.

Photo by tea enchanted.png
Photo by Tea Enchanted

How has SL impacted your life?

There are so many ways that SL has impacted my life. The first being that I met an amazing musician, Beardy, at one of the RL SL music jams. Beardy became not only a really good friend but he was also my producer and sound engineer on this song, along with a few others we recorded. 

A HUGE way SL impacted my life is the fact that I wouldn’t even be pursuing music if it wasn’t for this amazing community. I started SL not singing, not playing instruments, not writing songs, until a couple of people heard me sing at open mics inworld and encouraged me to start singing and doing shows in both SL and RL. I then started learning how to play ukulele, guitar, and started playing the piano more. Eventually I started writing songs and once I started, I couldn’t stop. The community in SL is unlike any other: they have encouraged me, inspired me, been supportive of me, and a lot of them have become friends for life. I am beyond thankful to SL for being a hub to meet these amazing people, to create fun one-of-a-kind experiences, and also the way that SL is so supportive of its Residents, it really is just a beautiful thing.

Where can people follow you to know more about your music and shows? Please share links to your sites and social media accounts.

Listen to the song SOS by Jordan Lively on all platforms! If you have Spotify please follow me, add the song to your playlist and share it with friends and family. Those are things that REALLY help independent artists. This is the first song of many coming out and I can’t wait for you to hear them! 

Listen to SOS  

We hope you enjoyed learning about Jordan Lively, and how the support of the SL music community encouraged her to pursue her passion and share her talent with the world. Take a moment to enjoy her incredible voice and soulful music today!

Each of these weekly Spotlight posts will feature a different Resident to showcase the spectrum of experiences and personalities found in our virtual world. If you have created something inworld that you’re proud of, or have had a deeply meaningful experience that could brighten someone else’s day, please sign up! More info here: https://second.life/spotlight-signup. 

Linden Lab

Visit the Lupus Awareness Fair at Blue Orchid District throughout the month of May to see the bright spirit of SL that connects people through troubling times.

The Blue Orchid is run by the sorority Sigma Upsilon Nu, and they have had a presence in SL since 2010. The main contributors to this event are Big Sister Cleopatra Kellman and Shanina Chenaux.

This virtual event raises awareness and makes a real impact with donations. Cleopatra and Shanina tell us, “Since 2010, Lupus Awareness has been Sigma Upsilon Nu's charity of choice. We have unselfishly dedicated our time in raising funds and awareness throughout the full month of May. With the help of our SL sponsors, designers, and supporters we raised $1,766.00 last year. As promised, all proceeds were donated to Lupus of America and Lupus of UK.”

For those unfamiliar with lupus, it is an autoimmune disease in which the body's immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissue in many parts of the body. Common symptoms include painful and swollen joints, fever, chest pain, hair loss, mouth ulcers, swollen lymph nodes, feeling tired, and a red rash which is most commonly on the face. There are often periods of illness, called flares, and periods of remission during which symptoms are less severe or absent.

Research shows that Black women are disproportionately affected by lupus and that they also experience more rapid progression and worse outcomes compared with other groups.

This month-long event is an opportunity for people to learn something new and show support for a warm and inviting community. Enjoy a stroll through manicured courtyards while taking breaks to read posters with information on lupus, as knowledge is the power we need to dismantle stigmas and bring about equitable care for all.
One street is emblazoned with letters that spell out BLACK LIVES MATTER, with each letter bearing a colorful mural that supports the theme of civil rights. It is reminiscent of Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington, D.C. and is powerful to behold.

With a fully staffed restaurant, monthly lupus support group meetings, live poetry night, and many more special events taking place this month, we hope that you check it out.

Video Production Credits: 
Draxtor Despres



Linden Lab

Mother's Day Last Names.png

To celebrate Mother’s Day and all the mothers in the Second Life community, we are releasing new limited edition last names today, only available until May 13th:

Here is the full list of current last names available:


We will continue to make additional updates to the available last name pool, so if these options aren’t for you, stay tuned for future updates. You can also suggest your favorite name on our suggestion form, the new names were chosen from there!

For more information about the costs and how-tos involved in name changes, read the Changing your username FAQ. Click to change your name now!

Strawberry Linden

SS Galaxy.jpg

It’s hard to believe that Second Life’s 19th birthday is around the corner. Over the years, I have continued to enjoy discovering new and interesting places to explore across the grid. However, I also appreciate looking back at some of the OG destinations that have left a lasting impression. Their longevity is a testament to the value of creation in SL, and you should absolutely check them out!

Using the Second Life Origins category on the Destination Guide, revisit some of the earliest and historically significant locations and landmarks in Second Life. Here are just some of my favorites.











Find even more to explore in the Second Life Origins category.


Got a spot that you’d like listed in the Destination Guide? Make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form. Learn more about the Destination Guide criteria for Editors’ Picks or the Destinations Floater in the viewer, and increase your chances of being featured in those coveted spots!

Connect with Second Life on Social Media:
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Linden Lab

We are pleased to announce we have added MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) protection to the Viewer. Recently we added MFA to web login. Now it works with Viewer login as well.

To start using it, you will need to enable MFA for your account on this page: https://accounts.secondlife.com/mfa/status 

For more info about how our existing MFA works, see Introducing Multi-Factor Authentication for your Second Life Account and the Knowledge Base Article

You will need to download and install an MFA-enabled Viewer: https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/viewer/ 

When you try to log in with an MFA-enabled Viewer, you will be prompted to enter a token from your authenticator app. If you have chosen to save your password information, a valid token will be saved for 30 days.  After 30 days your next login attempt will require another token.

For now, if you try to log in with a Viewer that is not MFA-enabled, nothing will change, and you will still be able to log in without a token.  However, if you have opted in to MFA then a token will be required for all Viewer logins beginning in the near future.

Linden Lab

This week we are shining a spotlight on Christion Dinzeo, (Ahlan Wright in the physical world) a DJ with humble beginnings whose passion for connecting people through music took him all over the physical and virtual worlds! 

Christion Dinzeo - 2-2.jpg

How long have you been in Second Life and how did you first hear about it?

Well, I can remember being in Second Life when everything was made of the little square boxes (called prims) that I later learned to turn to different shapes, haha. My oh my, how we have grown. I just had my 15th year rez day party back in February. Wow, saying that makes me think back to when we all just had the same clothes, the same hair, and everyone was so amazed when you could just take a proof script, put it in a prim, and make particles that fly everywhere. Or when the Lindens used to come hang out with us at a nightclub like Blue Linden. What brought me to Second Life? Well, I used to play TSO and I was with an entire family, and one day we were all chatting and we found out there was a new (life) game that everybody was so intrigued by. So one afternoon I installed the game, and {it was back when} we all got to have the same last name of our choosing.

I guess you could say that makes us vintage lol. I remember that anything was possible back then, and even more so now. But most of all, we could create a lifestyle and live a Second Life. It’s giving us a chance to meet, network, and grow with some amazing people from all around the world.


How did you get into DJing in the physical world and when did you decide to bring that into the virtual world and start doing it in Second Life?

Well, I’ve always been in the entertainment business in real life. I first started out doing radio while I was in college. After a few semesters, a couple of my college mates kept telling me that I needed to go out and explore, and enjoy the nightlife, but I was a bookworm and I was studying day in and day out. I’ve always loved playing with computers. (I guess you can say that’s the geek in all of us.) Well, one night my roommate told me that we were going to go hang out at a nightclub. They would not take no for an answer, so I said “Fine, I’ll go,” and I honestly have to say it was the best decision of my life: we went that night and as we went to get in line, this gentleman stops me and asked me if I minded holding the door for him so he could carry some equipment inside. 

I said sure and held the door for him as he started carrying some crates and some really heavy equipment inside this night club. A little bit of time passed, and he hands me $200 and asked me if I planed on going in the nightclub, as he could get us all VIP access. Being in college, money was always tight, so those were two things that any college student would love to have. So we accepted his offer, went into the club, and had the most amazing time. But as for me, I was more interested in what he was doing, watching his hands and how he would take each song and put them together.

09.29.17 - Morgan Page-2807.jpg

Later on at closing time I walked up to the DJ and told him that I would absolutely love to do something like this. He told me that he could teach me, but it has to be more something that you naturally know how to do. So we exchanged numbers and he invited me back the next weekend to be in the DJ booth with him. I started watching what he did, and I told myself I bet I could do this. So after going to the club and watching him a few times, I learned exactly how to take a song that’s on vinyl and mix it with another one on vinyl. It was absolutely amazing to watch him take an instrumental and put it with an a cappella. So I told him that I wanted to try, and he told me if I came back early the next night he would let me practice. Now fast forward a couple weeks, and he really liked what I did, so he asked me if I would be the opening DJ for one hour on the weekends and he would pay me for my time. I was so excited, I ran back to tell all my friends in school that I was going to be DJing at a nightclub and they needed to come out.

They all came out to show support, and after a couple weeks the DJ started giving me a little bit more time each night. One night he called me and told me that he was sick and couldn’t come in, and that I was actually going to play the whole night and that the club would pay me. 

Well I accepted, and again I have to say it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made because from that point on the owner was very happy with what I did. People were dancing all night long, and after a while the other DJ actually left to go work at another nightclub. And so the owner offered me a Friday night, and from there I just started playing every Friday night, and I learned that I had a very good ear for music. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved music but I could actually control the sounds that people were hearing and that was very exciting to me. I eventually graduated with a computer engineering degree, and I wanted to continue to go to school and learn about the art of music and design and create my own sound. And with the help and support of my DJ mentor I did just that. 


I started playing at nightclubs all over on the weekends and going to school on the weekdays, until one night I played at a club called Platforms in Florida, and I found out that I was going to be opening for a major artist that goes by the name of Yung Joc. You might’ve heard of him, his most popular song was “It’s Goin’ Down.” After doing the show they told me that they would love to have me come play on some of his other shows on the East Coast. I accepted and the experience was so great. After that things got even bigger, and I started playing more shows with different artists in different states. As the music changed, people started liking more and more different styles than just hip-hop, and I started messing around with other genres of music and really found a love for electronic dance music. I started playing at a lot of different venues, festivals, and shows all over the world in support of big name artists like DJ Baby Ann and DJ Icey, and then I got to be support for one the the world’s music icons, Avicii. After that show I just started to tour in support of artists all over, from major festivals like Miami’s Life In Color. And the rest is history. I now live in Las Vegas and support many headlining acts in addition to signing on as an artist with a very big agency called Blueprint. Each week is different, and I often work with some of the biggest talents in the world. It’s definitely been a blessing in my music career and I can officially say that I too am an artist. 

I remember this everyday and put it to use in the wonderful world of Second Life. So now back to the story of SL! After doing a few broadcasting shows, I learned that there was a way we could add commercials about the stores or pretty much anything, and we came across a program called Shout Cast. You could use it to stream and broadcast what was being played on your computer. Later, we found out that we could take URLs and put them in Second Life. So I did that and then I was hired for a few nightclubs.


What are some of the advantages or challenges of DJing in the virtual world, as opposed to the physical world?

I would have to say the advantages are that anything is possible, as it has helped me grow and be able to reach out and do things I never thought were possible, like being able to work with some big and influential names in Second Life. 

The challenges would be not knowing if the stream is going to work or if it would coincide with an SL software update, or maybe your internet connection is giving you problems… Lol back in the day that used to happen to me a lot, it definitely was a challenge. But it was one worth putting up with.


What are your favorite genres of music, and what mood do you usually go for when you DJ?

I’m a future bass artist, it’s in the same family of genres known as EDM (electronic dance music), but I have to say I always fall back on my roots and I love some good hip-hop, especially everything from the 90s. I don’t play it as much irl but I definitely enjoy playing it in  Second Life. For the second part of the question, I always love the ha and high energy type of setting, but I love to make people dance and knowing that I can make them dance and move to the sounds that I create is so special to me.


We hear that you may be involved in a new club opening in Second Life, ELEVATE! Can you tell us more about it and when it opens?

Well, I had been gone for quite a few years, because real life had really kicked off and I was away on multiple tours. One day I was sitting at my computer and I received an email saying that a customer had a problem with one of my hats (I also design in Second Life). 

So I log in and send them a new copy, as I had made a custom fit hat for them. And it kind of made me miss this world, as it’s always been a part of me. After looking around and seeing all the different avatars it made me think I was a noob all over again lol. So that night I was on for a crazy amount of hours, as that’s how Second Life works for most haha, but I decided to upgrade and get myself all fixed up with the help of a few friends. 

And then it was almost as if I never left, because all the clubs had opened their arms and invited me back, and I found many other clubs to be a part of. After a couple weeks of being back I noticed that a lot of the clubs were different, and I wanted to take the knowledge I had gained and give back to this world, so after a few days of searching and creating something unlike any other and having the support from my friends and family I created ELEVATE NIGHT CLUB. I was able to find a designer that made the dancefloor lighting go on your body like in a physical club. As you can see in the logo, it has the name of the club as well as a triangle design. The triangle represents important things in my life, the people that have always stood by me, and the person that means the most to me in both worlds. Not only has she been an SL mom to me but we have become very close in the real world as well, and she has always stood by my side no matter what the situation may be, and her name is Savvy Tomorrow. If I had to say anything about her I would have to say that she is my hero and has always supported me in both worlds.

Christion Dinzeo - 1.jpg

Tell us about some of the other Residents in SL that inspire you and whose work you admire.

To start off I would like to thank all the people that did not believe in me and would not give me the chance, because those are the people that just made me push even harder to succeed and be where I am today.

And I encourage anyone who is ever told no to turn that into a yes, no matter what it is in life.

As I mentioned previously about my SL mom, she is definitely at the top of my list, but there are so many people that believe in me and that have supported me, who I’ve supported also, with another being my SL daughter Raine Dinzeo. She is definitely someone that’s been there from day one. Also there’s Havi and a few others that don’t really come online anymore. 

I would also like to add that there was a time when my real life wasn’t going very great and I was not always a great person in Second Life, but since then I have definitely grown up and I’ve changed my ways. Sometimes it still haunts me, that maybe I didn’t think about something before I reacted and that I could’ve hurt somebody’s feelings. But I wasn’t even thinking about it at the time because I was hurting myself. I wanna let the people know that I have changed, I have definitely grown up and I have bettered myself not only irl but also in my second one. To any and everybody that I was rude to, I am truly sorry and I hope at some point in life you can forgive me, and give me a chance to show you that I have changed.


Where can people follow you to know more about your next shows? Please share links to your sites and social media accounts.

I wanna thank you so much for taking the time to include me, it definitely means a lot and hopefully gives me the chance to reach out to everyone that I may have run into at some point throughout my history in Second Life.

For info on our upcoming events | shows follow my Instagram:
Instagram: @ahlanwrightmusic
Facebook: @AhlanWrightMusic
Twitter: @AhlanWright
Soundcloud: @ahlanwrightmusic
I also recently did another interview for the the NFL tailgating committee.

Elevate Night Club’s grand opening is tonight, May 4th at 5pm SLT. Come party with Christion in your black and white attire! 

We hope you enjoyed learning about Christion’s whirlwind journey and the important life lessons he picked up along the way. We encourage everybody to follow their passions no matter what, just like Christion and countless other Residents have.

Each of these weekly Spotlight posts will feature a different Resident to showcase the spectrum of experiences and personalities found in our virtual world. If you have created something inworld that you’re proud of, or have had a deeply meaningful experience that could brighten someone else’s day, please sign up! More info here: https://second.life/spotlight-signup.

Linden Lab

Second Life Destinations: Whimberly

Second Life Destinations

Come experience a perfect spring day at Whimberly, a photogenic oasis where visitors can hang out while admiring the beauty of nature.

Creator Staubi Reilig tells us, “Whimberly was created as a photogenic spot to give SL {Residents} the opportunity to use a {region} for their photos free of charge and without group membership fees.” One lap around Whimberly makes it clear that this place was definitely built with photography in mind; the landscape is absolutely stunning but in an unimposing manner that serves to complement a photo’s subject without distraction. Staubi adds, “The {region} quickly became a popular destination for spending time with my friends too… At regular intervals we switch the design from spring to autumn and vice versa.” So take advantage of the vast field of tall yellow flowers while you can, and be sure to come back later this year!

Whimberly’s layout has a sense of openness, which adds a sense of safety and tranquility. Explorers can find hidden nooks like a set of wooden chairs with a small campfire ablaze, or a comfy swing hanging from a tree. Staubi would like to give credit to Ethan Reilig, who "takes care of the terraforming and the details," as building in SL can be a team effort.

Something extra special about Whimberly is that it was built with user-friendliness in mind at the technical level. Staubi explains that, “When designing, it is important to me that everybody, regardless of the technical requirements, can admire the {region} and feel comfortable. For example, I always build with the windlight at "noon" and without the advanced lighting model switched on, so that I know how everything looks for someone who wanders through SL with low-graphic settings or for new users who don't even know how to adjust their settings.” We appreciate that! (For those interested, check out this video on Viewer Basics.)

Featured in the video is blogger Charlotte Chisolm, who tells us “Second Life is my creative outlet and enables me to explore and learn about photography and photo editing, which I use daily to relax from the grind of real life. SL is a wonderfully social and creative world in which one can become anything they want to be… Some of my closest friends were once random avatars I met while out exploring.”

Visit Whimberly today, whether alone or with friends, as this serene location is truly welcome to everybody. Who knows what you’ll discover?

Video Productions Credits:
Draxtor Despres



Linden Lab

Event Regions



PLEASE READ OUR UPDATED EVENT REGIONS BLOG POST: https://second.life/eventregions

Greetings Second Life Community!

We are excited to bring you a shiny new land product: presenting “Event Regions”!


Have you ever dreamed of being able to hold large scale events in Second Life? Have you ever wished you could keep the lag monster at bay during large events? Perhaps you just want your scripts to all go vroom?  Well wonder, wait and wish no more! Sporting the latest upgrades in grid technologies that have been enabled by our migration to the cloud, these regions have been tested running large events in real-world scenarios such as those really big monthly shopping events, and live performances! Our tests saw nearly 200 avatars successfully able to shop and party in these regions.   

We are really excited to present this new region offering to you today.  Here are the details on the capabilities and what is included with the Event Regions type:

  • A maximum avatar limit of 175 per Event region
  • Up to 30,000 land impact
    *Region will support up to 30,000 Land Impact. During performance testing, Linden Lab has identified a few cases where exceeding 20,000 Land Impact will degrade performance with a large number of concurrent visitors.
  • Extended chat ranges upon request, allowing chat to travel further across the region
  • RaaS: Rollbacks as a Service - Request to restore your region to a previous state as needed. Some restrictions apply
  • IaaS: Instancing as a Service - Request to have your region duplicated to another region
  • White glove Concierge service
  • Over 20% Improved script performance

Pricing Details:

For initial release, we are pleased to offer an introductory price of $599, with no additional setup fee through June 6, 2022. Following the introductory pricing, event regions will have a set-up fee of US$999 (includes first month), and a rate of $899/month after the first 30 days.

Here’s how to order:

image (7).png

If you would like additional information, please contact support and we’ll be happy to help.

Linden Lab


Save the date! This June 23rd, Second Life will be turning 19! The 19th annual Second Life birthday celebration (SL19B) will be held from June 16th to July 5th. This year’s theme for SL19B is Steampunk! Get ready for fun-filled weeks of live music, performances, shopping, and amazing community exhibits! 

The SL19B Shop & Hop event is the official multi-region shopping event of the 19th annual Second Life birthday celebration. This event brings together many of the top merchants across SL for exclusive items and discounts on some of the best creations in Second Life.

Are you a merchant or creator that wants to participate? If so, then please fill out this form by May 8th, 2022. We will be filling in stores as we receive applications so please apply sooner rather than later.

Some important details for participating merchants:

  • The set-up for participating merchants will be held June 3-8 and all participating merchants are required to have at least a 20% discount on all items.
  • All merchants must provide a new and exclusive, for the duration of the event, non-group gift.
  • Items need to be appropriate for a moderate audience.

Over the next couple of months, keep an eye on our blog for more information about the SL19B celebrations!

Shop & Hop Application - Applications close on May 8th, 2022
Volunteer Application - Applications close on May 8th, 2022 (Blog Post
Exhibitors Application - Applications close on May 8th, 2022 (Blog Post
Performer Application - Applications close on May 8th, 2022 (Blog Post
Music Fest Application - Applications close on April 10th, 2022 (Blog Post)  

Linden Lab

Second Life University - Land & Group Basics.png

Class is back in session! Second Life University returns today at 12pm PT with Second Life’s Land Product Specialist, Izzy Linden. Professor Izzy will be teaching you Land & Group basics. 

Here is a glimpse at some of the topics he will cover:

Watch it live today at 12pm PT on the Second Life YouTube channel. We will be monitoring the YouTube chat and answering your questions.

Stay tuned for future updates about Second Life University. Happy learning!

Linden Lab

This week we are shining a spotlight on Gabriel Easton (Wassup.Bruh), who runs Highlife Destinations with his family and takes our breath away with his virtual landscaping. You know someone’s really good at something when they make it look easy! Gabriel’s attention to detail has produced numerous regions that look and feel like absolute paradise.

Gabe photo 3.26 Final 2.png

How long have you been in Second Life and how did you first hear about it?
I've been in Second Life for almost 15 years. I first heard about SL through a friend I was hanging out with, and they heard about it from an episode of CSI. They got curious and made an account and I watched them walk around for an hour. They were walking into people and we wondered why no one was talking… or doing anything for that matter. It was a strange world to us. They eventually grew bored but I wanted to see for myself what it was about and make the most of it. I signed up the next day and did the same thing. Just walked around. I learned to teleport and found some people who actually spoke. They taught me a few things, not much. I learned to shape my avi and got some freebies. I thought I was cute but man, looking back, I was still a hot mess! I rented my first apartment within that first week and met some cool people. That's what really made me stick around longer: the connections I made. Now, here I am 15 years later. I've gone with the flow of things and I'm happy I stayed to see all of the improvements.

Gabe Freemont pic Finalll (1).png

What drew you to virtual landscaping, and what styles have influenced your approach?
My love for landscaping started with another platform where you could design your homes. I would spend more time building the home and decorating than I did actually playing it. The same passion applied here in SL but with more of a learning curve. I always did my own landscaping and I didnt start out good, no one does. But with practice, I kept at it and got a little better. I didn't have it in my mind to make a business of it at first. That came later through encouragement from my Second Life family. I started out doing landscape work for my family and friends only. After I posted my photos, I gained more clients and kept at it. I haven't really defined my own style per se but one thing I will say about myself is that I tend to be a perfectionist. I have my landscaping pet peeves: floating trees, bare undecorated areas with so much potential, and bald grass! I just like for things to be perfect and beautiful and I go the extra mile to make that happen. I take a lot of pride in my work and those who experience it can see and feel that.

Cuban Tropical Land.png
Cuban Tropical Island

Since you work with your family as a creative team, please explain what role each person has, and what exactly your duties entail?
Highlife Destinations is a family company. For our destinations, I create the landscaping, decor and activities. My wife Tye handles the administration part as far as bookings, events, and so much more. Our son Roman does a lot of beautiful decor work on the hotel rooms and administrative work. Our daughter Sage does a lot with spa services, helping with check-ins and much more. Our daughter-in-law Savoeigh is our main check-in specialist. We have a full staff of team members like Jordan, A'storia, Lori, Bunny, Leta, and Angel that do various jobs in our restaurants, spa, cooking classes, and sip and paint classes. As for myself, I bounce around where I'm needed. I help with check-in, I may fill in for a spa here and there but mostly I serve dinners. Everyone works hard to provide excellent and fun roleplay experiences for our guests and I appreciate them all wholeheartedly.

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When building resorts or seasonal regions, what types of activities and amenities do you include to make a visit to these places different from regular exploration, i.e. an actual virtual vacation?
The difference is in the roleplay and immersion. With regular exploration, you go to a place, look around, take photos. Some places are interactive, but most are not. With our destinations, you are really on a vacation. People book for a day or two, sometimes more. They come with their luggage and start out in our airport, where they are greeted and checked in at our concierge just like a real hotel stay. Guests stay with us for their honeymoons, group vacations, or a quick getaway. They get to stay and make lasting memories together. 

Timor Isles Bali.png
Timor Isles at Bali

Each resort will have activities that pretty much match the destination. In Timor Isles @ Bali, we had lots of fun water activities as well as underwater, zip lining and hang gliding. We didn't have a restaurant but we did serve dinner at their bungalows or a private romantic one on a mountainside.

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Winter in NY

Winter in New York had ice skating in Rockefeller Plaza, a Fun Zone arcade, Empire Steak restaurant, and more.

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Ibiza had water activities but it was more of a Nightlife resort with LOTS of parties on the water, in the club, and main pool area. We also had a nice mini golf and amusement park.


The Poconos had lots of winter activities such as skiing down a huge mountain and hang gliding. We also included a hot air balloon ride.

Las Vegas ad.png
Las Vegas

With Las Vegas we have packed it all in! Vegas has zip lining, a hot air balloon, paintball, pools, bowling, sand dunes, a drive-in movie theater, live shows, and more. We put together live shows every other week that feature showgirls, dancers, and singers. We also have a Viva Las Divas Drag show! Our shows have really been amazing and bring so much more to the Las Vegas  experience that you can't get anywhere else. I am honestly so proud and thankful for everyone that has had a part in them. They have worked so hard and our guests see that and have a really great time.

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How many regions is your team currently operating, and what can we expect from you next?
We usually keep our destinations for six months or more and then change it to something else. We are currently running Las Vegas, and it has four regions to explore. For our next destination, we will be bringing Timor Isles back for Bali 2.0! It will be bigger and better than ever before!

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Where can people see your work? Please share links to your sites and social media accounts.
My Flickr  
My Facebook  
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Las Vegas Instagram  
Las Vegas Flickr  

We hope you enjoyed learning about Gabriel and the creative potential of virtual landscaping. Make sure you check out his website and treat yourself to a magical escape!


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Linden Lab

Second Life Destinations: One More Light

Second Life Destinations

Inspired by works like The Great Gatsby, One More Light is a portal to the New York glitz and glamor of the 1920s.

Owner Abigail Lemongrass has been a Resident for years, finding that the virtual world provided accessible relaxation and fulfillment: “I worked long hours as a nurse and getting out of the house wasn't always a feasible option for me. Through pictures and building, SL offered that bit of solace that a weary soul needs. What I have found is a world of people who very much like myself just needed a spot to land and escape the real world for a while.”

Upon landing, visitors are given instructions to rez a stylish classic car, enter the estate, and immerse themselves in the posh atmosphere. There’s nothing like a grand staircase to make you feel like you’re on a luxurious getaway!

Mark your calendars, as there will be an event series at the big Gatsby Mansion from May 5th through May 15th. The One More Light team is hosting this “to raise money and awareness for Relay for Life in Second Life. There will be musicians, theater performances, a gallery exhibit, a kind of Kentucky Derby, {a screening of} The Great Gatsby, and a big fireworks finale.”

Abigail tells us, “We really loved the DRD Hotel when we saw it and knew right away that we'd use it for an event. The whole idea of going back to the 1920's was one we all jumped on because it's so much fun to dress up in Second Life.”

You don’t want to miss this, as Abigail has mentioned “The hotel will be here until May 15th and then we'll be off to a new build. We already have plans on making it an annual event though.” So grab your formal wear and head over for a cocktail at the swanky bar and restaurant before it’s too late!

Abigail wants us to know that this labor of love took a village of brilliant creatives, sharing, “SL offered an opportunity that would not have been afforded to me otherwise… Building {One More Light} was a collaboration of ideas among us all. I had the vision and our designer was able to create it like she could see into my mind.”

Team Members:

Music Credit: Freesound Music

Video Production Credits:
Draxtor Despres


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