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  1. We have a bonus Second Life Destinations video for you this week: let’s take a look at Raglan Shire, a community of tinies in the midst of month long Halloween festivities. No need to worry if you are what they refer to as a “biggie,” as they are welcoming to all. As their land info states: “The original community of fun for folks of all sizes. Many different locales, events & activities for anyone seeking friendship & adventure! Whether you're dinkie, tiny sized or any size or shape, come visit & enjoy!” Every October Raglan Shire celebrates “Shocktober” to
  2. Hi Residents! I’ve come to ask for a favor. We’re in a really exciting time in the history of Second Life. We’re in the home stretch on moving the grid to the cloud. We hit a fun milestone a few days ago, and now there’s over 1,000 regions running in the cloud! Everyone in the Lab is working hard on this project, and we’re moving very quickly. I just got out of a leadership meeting where we went over what’s currently in flight, and there’s so many things moving that I lost track of them all. It’s amazing! The favor I’ve come to ask you for is your patience. We’re doing
  3. This week’s destination is an intriguing and timely recreation of a news studio buzzing with current forecasts in real time as well as a voting booth with instructions for each U.S. state. The creator is a longtime Second Lifer named Duncan who also works in the political field. (His voice in the video is dubbed by voice actor Reverend Quar for privacy reasons.) Built with data pulled from FiveThirtyEight.com, this region runs a simulation of the 2020 U.S. Presidential election based on the latest state-level forecasts once every ten minutes or so. A male avatar in a formal sui
  4. We've added a collection of Halloween themed items to our Official Merchandise store. These designs feature fun and quirky creations from our Halloween Swaginator Hunt and have all the ingredients for the perfect pumpkin spice AHH-tte. Get festive with some autumnal gear today, as these items might not be around forever...
  5. This week Drax spotlights Arietu Kyori, a 24-year-old communications student and Second Life designer in a special interview predominantly in Spanish. Hailing from Mexico City, she is an extraordinary multitasker with an inventory housing about 500 avatars. She also views SL through an analytical lens, writing in a university thesis that “Second Life is all about being able to freely express yourself. Young people can show more facets of themselves than they can in the real world.” One of the ways Arietu illustrates this point is through her brand, Hanzel, which specializes in
  6. Learn how to play skill games for free at the Skill Gaming Fair, held Oct. 10-18 in Second Life. Many of Second Life’s top skill game operators have come together to showcase their latest and greatest creations at this special event, which is held at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds. Skill Gaming Fair The Second Life Skill Gaming Fair runs from October 10th to the 18th on the Belliseria Fairgrounds. There are rides, photo opportunities, and of course skill games! You will even find a limited edition Linden Bear! Come have some fun! Visit in Second Life If you aren’t
  7. (Photo taken at the 2020 Election Simulator) Virtual Worlds Are Made By Real People Just as we are free to create and shape the virtual world of Second Life, we can’t forget the power that we also have to shape the physical world. We are all a part of something, and your voice matters. Register to vote today! To vote in the 2020 U.S. election, you can register in person or online. Voter registration deadlines vary from state to state, with cutoffs ranging from 7-30 days before the election. It’s also important to check if your state requires identification, find y
  8. Happy Wednesday! We’re writing today to remind everyone that we’ll be holding our monthly Web User Group meeting on Wednesday, October 7th at 14:00 SLT in our usual meeting place, where we’ll be discussing our status with ongoing projects such as the cloud uplift and our near future plans for our web properties, particularly in light of the changes taking place in the world around us. As always, we’ll leave plenty of time for Q&A from the community. We look forward to seeing you there!
  9. We have entered that time of year where unforeseen events can occur in even the most tranquil Linden suburbs: this week’s Destination Guide video explores the Halloween Haunted Neighborhood. One of the many benefits that Premium account holders can receive is a land allotment to use for a Linden Home. These neighborhoods have been landscaped to perfection, the transportation is smooth, and the locals are friendly. In most Linden Home areas, waterfront homes are available, as are single-family homes with beautiful yards, and there are plenty of customization options. But someh
  10. 160 participating merchants. Eight shopping regions. Tons of fun. The annual Halloween Shop & Hop is here! Held through Nov. 1, the Halloween Shop & Hop features exclusive and discounted items you won’t want to miss! This year’s event features some of the creepiest and coolest creations in the virtual world from both established and emerging creators -- and each merchant has at least one free item so you’ll want to collect ‘em all! Expect lots of spooky surprises as you shop -- and don’t forget to share your favorite shopping snapshots and haul on Social media. Use hashtag #S
  11. Something spooky is happening in Second Life! As October begins, hundreds of haunted experiences and events are emerging from the dark shadows of Second Life. To jumpstart your jumpscares, we’ve assembled a few Halloween-themed highlights you won’t want to miss. Halloween Swaginator Hunt 2020 The Halloween Swaginator Hunt is back! Can you find all five hidden Halloween-themed gifts? This year’s freebies are among the best ever! To get started, look for the special haunted edition of the Swaginator gift-giving station to grab your free HUD. Once you have the HUD, you can
  12. A big part of the magic of Second Life involves building and scripting objects in real time and playing with prims. Sandboxes are designated areas for Residents to experiment with the art of building in SL, alone or with friends, in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of way. If you don’t own land or your landlord just has a small area restricted to rezzing and finetuning your models, fear not. There are many different sandboxes in SL, and many are attached to helpful groups where experienced builders are at the ready to assist with tips and tricks. In the video we see several sandb
  13. The Halloween season is right around the corner, and this year Second Life brings you not one but TWO Halloween experiences! The Millbank region has undergone a spooky overhaul, with numerous Linden Homes getting a haunted horror theme. Visit the Halloween Haunted Neighborhood and explore the many haunted houses and see the scary sights! Take a step inside the homes while you’re at it: we have such sights to show you... Halloween Haunted Neighborhood The Millbank region has undergone a spooky overhaul, with numerous Linden Homes getting a haunted horror theme. Visi
  14. We heard your requests, and we are very excited to announce the launch of the Official Second Life Merchandise Store, which will be available through RedBubble. The store offers Second Life and Linden Lab branded clothing and accessories, with a very inclusive range of sizes. Don’t worry, we will have both the classic and new logos, so everybody wins. As the store grows, we will also be adding various collections of designs, some of which will be limited time seasonal offerings. Our first collection will feature Linden Bear-themed merchandise, and will have new designs trickl
  15. This week Asiza Wolf takes us on a tour of her floating Islands of Love, a seamless amalgam of her varying cultural interests that features steampunk ships, meditation areas, a concert stage, and more. Asiza’s real life alter ego, Toni Harper-Dunlap, is a former professional singer and dancer who has graced the stages of The Apollo, Carnegie Hall, and Toast of the Town (later The Ed Sullivan Show), so you’d be lucky to catch her perform some impromptu jazz standards here. Asiza says of the virtual world, “Second Life tickles me. It is my kind of thing. I am having a
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