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  1. This is a really old thread, lets allow it to go back to resting peacefully.
  2. I really shouldn't need to remind folks at this point, but here it is anyways. Let's not derail topics with arguments between each other, we have a private messaging system for that, but really we encourage you to just ignore each other if it comes to that point. I am not going to lock this thread, I do however expect that I won't have to return to clean up more posts after this because every post will be on topic, and appropriate in its response. -Tommy Linden
  3. Hey @Adamburp Adamczyk We don't have a Governance meeting tomorrow, as I mentioned in the last meeting, the next one isn't until the 20th. Also, I will be up front with you, in that I am afraid I do not see what the violation is here that would warrant the Governance team stepping in. There is nothing saying that someone, person or bot (as long as the bot is set to be a self identified scripted agent), can't temporarily visit a land. If all they are doing is visiting and then leaving, aside from it being an annoyance, I am not sure what the actual harm is. If there is more going
  4. Hello Everyone, I am sure this comes as no surprise, but this thread is being closed for the unfortunate reason that it went into the direction of discussing the decisions of the moderators here on our forums. I am sure the original poster had no intention of it going in this direction, nor any intention of this thread turning into exactly that discussion, but it has. Also, before anyone asks, the reason threads don't just get cleaned up and left open, is that it has been our experience that more often than not, even if we clean them up, people will come along and do the exact same thing
  5. @animats Hey there! I took a look at the pages you mentioned and they appear to be loading fine on our end at this time. However our support department would be happy to assist you in any sort of troubleshooting to see if we can get the pages to load for you. If you haven't already, please submit a support ticket so we can get this resolved for you. Also, I will note that if you are using any sort of ad blocker, the page you show in the screenshot might not load correctly because of it. So that might be something to try if you haven't already done so. -Tommy
  6. Welp, this thread is now closed. Once again, I am sure you all know why, but just to be clear, derailing a suggestion thread, or really any thread, to discuss the very thing we closed other threads for, is not okay. If this continues to happen, then I will have to start giving folks some time away from the forums, and I really don't want to do that. So please stop, you all know better. -Tommy Linden
  7. Residents are always welcome to submit a feature request!
  8. Hello! It is always nice to see a new face on the forums, however as some of the Residents have mentioned already, this really isn't the spot to start a blog, especially with what appears to be a political, non-Second Life related first post. I would encourage you to browse around our forums, discuss things in regards to Second Life and if you wish to post a blog, research options that are better supporting of one. Good luck in your jouney. -Tommy Linden
  9. Hi! The best way to report these, would be to have the event posting open on your screen in the viewer, and file an Abuse Report with it visible in the screenshot. -Tommy Linden
  10. Hi there! I think you know why this thread is locked. We already know this thread isn't going to go some where good. As I have said a few times over the years, and most recently in another thread. If you feel something is violating our Terms of Service or Community Standards, submit an Abuse Report or Forum Report. -Tommy Linden
  11. Hello! The answer to any concerns/questions regarding this matter is quite simple for us. We expect all of our Residents to abide by our Terms of Service and Community Standards. If you feel something or someone might be in violation of either of those, we encourage you to file an Abuse Report, or if it is here on the forums, a Forum Report. At this time though, since the question has been answered, I am going to lock this thread and take this as an opportunity to remind everyone that this forum is for the discussion of Second Life. -Tommy Linden
  12. Nothing, she is still here and being awesome at what she does!
  13. Hey Adam, I will be running the Governance User group meetings, and will get an update on there soon. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, feel free to let me know. My direct messages are always open as well. However as always, if you are looking to report abuse, make sure you file an abuse report! Thanks!
  14. Hi there! I'm sorry you are having trouble accessing the adult section of the forum. If this continues, please submit a support ticket and a member of my team will be happy to assist you in troubleshooting the problem. -Tommy
  15. Hey Guys, I just want to pop in and say yes, we are working on it. Not me directly, but our awesome engineers and developers. If I tried to fix it, I would probably just make it worse since that is not my area of expertise. Just know, that we want it fixed as much as all of you do.
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