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  1. You are correct, I went back and read the post that was moved to Role Playing, and it certainly belongs in the gaming section where I have now moved it to, so thank you for that. I will make sure the Moderation staff is also aware of that, so that going forward, a post of that specific content is moved to the correct location. As you can see, it does have a home! Also, there will not, at this time, be the creation of a Combat sub-forum. However, going forward, if you feel that one of your current posts, are moved to the wrong existing section, you are welcome to reach out to me, and I can give it a second look and see if it belongs in one of the other existing sections.
  2. My suggestion for topics such as the ones you mentioned, would be General Discussion, as that is exactly the kind of stuff, among the various other Second Life topics, that I would expect to find there. I am looking forward to seeing some of your posts about combat in Second Life!
  3. As a side note, I am moving this back to General Discussion as at this point, it is a discussion, and not forum feedback.
  4. Forum Profile Duplicated?

    You are very welcome! I will make sure Boris hears of your appreciation as well!
  5. The hate on child avatars?

    So here I was, drinking my morning coffee and reading this thread like one reads the morning paper, and then it happened, it went way off the rails like a terribly bad train wreck. Unfortunately due to the nature and extreme direction in which this thread has gone, I am going to have to lock it. At this point, I am sure you all expected it, or at least saw it coming. I really dislike having to close threads, because it had started out as a good conversation. I am going to leave everyone with a few final thoughts on this thread though. You don't have to like someone, but the expectation when participating here, is that your interactions follow the guidelines, and community standards. If you are done talking to someone, for whatever reason, then be truly done, don't continue to egg on the conversation with inflammatory comments, it only gets you in trouble. Please don't make me close anymore topics, its like having the comics section of my newspaper stolen before I can read it and enjoy it.
  6. Wow, you guys sure have discussed quite a bit around this topic, its great to see conversation taking place! That being said, here are my thoughts on the topic at hand; If we made a sub-forum for every community, we would have sub-forum's, for days! If we made a sub-forum for even the most active communities, we would still have sub-forums, for days. We have quite a few large, and active communities. I believe that someone in the first page of this thread, gave the best advice on how to go about posting for your particular interest, and it would be the following: - Games: to talk about combat games - Events: to advertise specific combat games/event coming up - Favorite Destinations: To give note to specific Combat sims Some additional advice, you can start a thread in the General Discussion area, for just talking about Combat related stuff in Second Life, you can make it one massive, long running thread, similar to how Bay City does in the land section and they just post their stuff there. There are plenty of places, and ways to engage the combat focused community here on the forums, without the creation of an additional sub-forum.
  7. Submit Ticket

    Thanks, I think? lol Unfortunately, having them in the individual thread's won't be able to happen, so we put them in the places that we could.
  8. Why a ban

    Hello Al Brunsen, Your fellow Residents are correct in that this is not the correct way to seek resolution to the matter. You are welcome to submit an Appeal via a Support Ticket and it will be reviewed by a member of the Governance team. That being said, it is also highly advised to review our Terms of Service, as well as our Community Guidelines. Fortunately, we have easy to get to links on the right hand side of our forums for both submitting a ticket, and the guidelines! That being said, I am going to now lock this thread, due to the fact that this isn't something we discuss via the forums.
  9. Submit Ticket

    Hmm...I wonder what this link is I see on the right hand side over here...
  10. Submit Ticket

    Link is coming, maybe even tomorrow if I can clear enough time off my calendar to do it! I will now take cookies in the form of payment as a thank you!
  11. Reporting a Community Issue??

    You can make a JIRA reporting any bugs that need to be addressed, if you want to notify me of said JIRA too, I will not complain! If its just feedback, well, the feedback section works great for that!
  12. Up and Down Voting

    I am still watching this thread, as an FYI, this is not a forgotten concern.
  13. Account security

    Hello! Unfortunately, in order for us to assist with an account, we do need to verify you as the owner of the account. Surely you can understand why, after all, what is to stop RandomJoeBillyBob12345 Resident from coming along and saying that they are you. That being said, if you have not already done so, please do make a support case as someone was so kind to mention in their previous post, but just for reference, here is the link again:
  14. Post moderating/editing/moving

    Whew, that was a lot to read! Let me see if I can clear some things up for you all. First, while we would love to be able to read every single post ever made on the forums, realistically, it's just not possible (you all post a LOT, which is FANTASTIC!), so while we do randomly read as many posts as we can, to try and stay involved in the community we also very much rely on your reports to point us towards something that needs our attention. So in that regard, help us, help you. As for people seeking someone to fill a role request, I will clarify with our team, that they do not need to explicitly state that it is volunteer only, that should be an automatic assumption for that sub-forum. Even though assuming is the mother of all....apples (btw, have you tried the new apple pie oreos, they are amazing!). And last, at this time we are not going to create a sub-category for those that wish to advertise their region, even if it is a role-playing region, like all other region types, they must go in designated and correct category, which is ..drum roll please.. Favorite Destinations. We don't give special sub-categories for those wanting to post their photography locations, club locations, museums and parks, etc. so we will not do that for the role-playing ones either at this time.
  15. Those little Reputation / Reaction Thingies

    I am always watching, I don't know if we can add additional ones to be honest, will investigate and run it by the team and see what they say.