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  1. Hey Farthington, I am going to lock your post, but I am also going to contact you directly.
  2. The good news, is that the spam is becoming less, the bad news is, that it is still happening. The other good news though, is that we are going to keep working on it.
  3. @Whirly Fizzle Where? I don't see any? I won't be around much longer tonight but I was watching to see if it blocked them or not. If you see them hit the report and I will do what I can.
  4. @Innula Zenovka Thank you for that feedback, I will certainly keep it in mind, but I would much prefer to just completely put a stop the spam entirely. I am on a mission here. @Whirly Fizzle I agree it would be helpful if it no longer showed them in your unread items, while I do not see this as an option, I will happily submit it as a feature request to IPS.
  5. Thankfully, I do have people around when I sleep! We have made some additional adjustments and will see how they handle and continue to adjust from there. I assure you, I am as dedicated to stopping the spam, as you all are to reporting and posting about it!
  6. Excellent! We are happy to hear that people are finding this feature useful. It certainly helps to empower all of you to place someone on ignore that might be bothering you.
  7. I am always here, except when I am sleeping, unfortunately they haven't figured out how to fix it yet so that I never have to sleep.
  8. Unfortunately with the use of a new system, also comes the use of new settings. I apologize for the spam that everyone had to endure and it at this time has hopefully been fully cleaned up. In our efforts to better protect the community from this sort of experience we will be further adjusting our internal controls and doing all that we can to prevent this in the future.
  9. Hello! I understand that you are concerned about your friends account, unfortunately though due to our privacy policy we are unable to discuss another Resident's account with anyone. If your friend however did get banned and did not receive a message stating why, they can send in a Support case and should at the very least receive a response. Since this should not be discussed further here on the forums, I am going to go ahead and lock the thread following my reply, but as I mentioned, I would encourage your friend to submit a Support case.
  10. forum

    That is correct, once you have reached 500 you will be able to edit your member title.
  11. I once again bring good news, we have been listening to the concerns of the community regarding the short edit time limit and have now increased this to the requested 24 hour time limit. We hope this helps when participating in the conversations around the forums.
  12. Oh look, it is now pinned! No need to file a feature request for this. If its a reasonable request and it makes sense for it to be pinned, then it shall be pinned!
  13. You're welcome! I am glad I was able to assist with this.
  14. @Innula Zenovka I do believe, and hope that I have fixed this. Can you try testing it again?
  15. I think this is an excellent idea to have a topic with some useful tips. I have pinned this thread so that it will continue to stay at the top of the forum.