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  1. @Phil Deakins I know you like when I have a reason to come respond to your posts, but please stop trying to break stuff on the forums!
  2. Tommy Linden

    Locking old dead threads feature request.

    There are some old threads that are still very worth replying to, so unfortunately applying an auto lock feature is not something we are looking to add at this time. We understand that the necroing of old posts, can be incredibly annoying, and a little bit cluttering, but that is also why we have a team of awesome moderators. If you see someone necroing something that you feel shouldn't be, and adds no value to the conversation, please report it.
  3. Tommy Linden

    Constant Issue Group Call (voice)

    It is just basic troubleshooting 101, that is all. I am not saying a 3rd party viewer would be causing issues, but its standard to ask folks to try it on the official viewer as well.
  4. Tommy Linden

    Constant Issue Group Call (voice)

    Inquiring minds want to know, does it happen when you use our official viewer? If so, feel free to drop me your group name and while I can't promise an instant resolution, I can at least have my team take a look at it.
  5. Tommy Linden

    All the Governors Horses and all the Lindens

    I may or may not own a variation of the Super Tom shirt for real, and wear it often, and strike a super hero pose...
  6. Tommy Linden

    Is it me or the event category is basically a dump?

    I will take a look through there and give it some thought.
  7. Tommy Linden

    Recently canceled my premium..

    @Carl Thibodeaux I have gone ahead and made a ticket with you for support, we will get you taken care of.
  8. Tommy Linden

    wasn't this forum "general" ?

    @Fionalein if you could private message me some examples of what you mentioned so I can take a look more specifically at what the issue is, that would be fantastic.
  9. Tommy Linden

    Forum Penalities

    Without going in to too much detail, I would like to point you to the part of my post where I reference that some times, we make mistakes, but that we also work to correct those mistakes.
  10. Tommy Linden

    Forum Penalities

    Hey Guys, You had to go and ask the tough question didn’t you Phil? Well, let me do my best to try and answer it, within reason of course as we can’t always disclose everything that you all may want to hear. So let me start by saying, we don’t want people to be afraid to post, and interact here on the forums. We realize that there have been a lot of changes to the forums over the last few years, and we have been working hard to make them good changes. The Lindens that you have seen participating in various parts of the forum are really enjoying it, and we are hoping over time you will see more and more Linden’s come to join the fun. That being said though, the idea that the forums are separate from Second Life, is not at all true. They are a part of the Second Life service. This is covered in our community standards (https://www.lindenlab.com/legal/community-standards), where we say: “To help promote respect, peace, and an enjoyable experience for all users, this set of Community Standards applies to all products, services, and environments offered or hosted by Linden Lab, including but not limited to, its websites, servers, software, forums, and blogs (as further defined in the Terms of Service, the Service.” This means that behavior anywhere within our Service could lead to some form of disciplinary action against an account. This has always been the case and is not something that changed. However, let me reassure you that an account suspension is usually not the first step (it does depend on the nature of the incident). The staff that moderates the forums do make attempts to correct and educate before actioning. Do they make mistakes sometimes? Sure, who doesn’t, but we work to correct those mistakes as well. As for old posts, we are all on the same page there. There is no need to go and delete posts from the past for fear of them being used against you, but if your current behavior is bad, and continues to be bad, then bad things can happen. Now go forth, and post, but only if they follow the Community Standards.
  11. Tommy Linden

    Thanks for all the fish...

    Hey Ee, I am going to focus on just the hovering signs, did you file an Abuse Report on them when you come across them? If not, please do so! I can assure you that the Governance team looks into those reports and individually reviews each and every one of them.
  12. Tommy Linden

    Regiongs blanking out today

    Hey Phil, It would not have resulted in a quicker response, since the team that handles Abuse Reports, is not the same team that handles performance issues, so the Governance team wouldn't have been able to assist him in a resolution.
  13. Tommy Linden

    Regiongs blanking out today

    Hey Ardy, My apologies for the problems you had with contacting support, and getting the assistance that you needed. We strive to respond to every ticket as quickly as possible, some times we have a ton of tickets though, so on occasion it may take longer for a response. I have spoken with the Supervisor for the team that handles region performance issues though and they will be looking into the matter. As well they have assured me that the correct way to have a region performance issue addressed is to submit a support ticket, so please know you did the right thing and there is no need to file an Abuse Report.
  14. Tommy Linden

    Mike (janboi)

    Hey Janboi, While I can not suggest a specific setup that would work for you (as there are many different combinations of setups and hardware that will run Second Life just as smooth as butter), I can say that some of the advice already given to you in this thread is worth trying. I would absolutely start by lowering your graphics settings, perhaps a good link to look at would be the following: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/How_to_reduce_lag In addition to that, it sounds like the heat might be an issue for your laptop, and while it is great that you elevated it for improved air flow, you might also want to try a laptop cooling pad for it to sit on. Unfortunately I can not suggest a specific one, nor can I promise that it would work and resolve all your issues.