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  1. Hey Guys, I just want to pop in and say yes, we are working on it. Not me directly, but our awesome engineers and developers. If I tried to fix it, I would probably just make it worse since that is not my area of expertise. Just know, that we want it fixed as much as all of you do.
  2. Hey! Just wanted to stop in, and say thanks for pointing this out. It was actually a technical glitch that was preventing it, but I was able to resolve it. I am glad to hear you were able to block as needed again.
  3. Keep an eye out on your tickets Joe, a member of my team will be reaching out to you.
  4. Let's try not to derail this thread too much, I really dont want to have to close it. For what it's worth I am happy to pose for a picture any time anyone wants if they see me out and about. Even if it's in my Linden home, just walk on up and knock on the door! Now let's make sure we are all being nice please, it's the weekend, it's time for fun.
  5. Stumble, stalk, we all have our hobbies. I assure you what I was doing was not super interesting, just a little home decorating. Next time anyone sees me out and about though, say hello, it's far more fun that way.
  6. I think at this point this post has served its purpose and ran its course, and as such, to avoid any further issues with this thread, I am going to lock it. I suggest we leave the Moles to work in peace, they are quite busy ensuring that there are enough homes out there for all of our Resident's.
  7. That sure seems like an awful lot of horses to cram into a home. I can't imagine that is very sanitary, or fun for the horses. I am sure they would love to have room to roam around, enjoy fresh air, eat fresh growing grass. I can think of much better places to have a farm, a small home is perhaps not the best place to raise a large amount of farm animals. In a more serious tone, it would be best to consider how much of a regions resource you use up, before doing so, otherwise you might get an unexpected visit from myself, or one of the many other wonderful Lindens.
  8. Hello! I just wanted to stop in for a moment and apologize that you recieved some wrong information from another Linden! I will work with the team to ensure that hopefully does not happen again. However, allow me to clarify, if you buy your premium membership before the time runs out to pre-pay, you can also make use of the pre-pay option. I hope that clears it up for you, and anyone else who might have been confused.
  9. I am going to head off and dream of coffee and Residents happily logging into Second Life! I am sure I will be seeing many of you in Second Life again very soon! Thanks for the fun tonight folks and allowing me to spend some of our down time here on the forums with all of you!
  10. Thanks for the coffee wishes! I will be sure to share them with all the hard working Lindens!
  11. We are happy to be here to do what we can, Second Life means as much to us, as it does to all of you.
  12. You can slide a cup of coffee my way!
  13. Correct! We will update the Status Grid when we have resolved the matter. It is the best place to follow issues with Second Life.
  14. Well I am glad my soothing presence can be here to help while it can! It might at some point need sleep, but for now, its here!
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