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  1. Another Annoying "Improvement"?

    I am listening, but....we can't remove the click unfortunately, it is not a feature we have control over.
  2. They've made us reactionaries!

    We believe the forcefully being logged out issue is now fixed, please log out, and log back in and if it continues to boot you out, let us know! I was having the same issue, so I absolutely feel your frustrations.
  3. They've made us reactionaries!

    We are aware of the errors and login issues. There is some re-indexing going on in the background but we are also looking into both of the issues as well.
  4. They've made us reactionaries!

    Dang it, you guys spoil the surprises, and here I was going to make an awesome post about hey, we did some upgrades, added these cool reactions, and you went and posted about it before I could get my work day even started! *sad face* But seriously, we are glad to see that people are enjoying the updates, we don't think there should be any issues, but as always with technology something can go wrong, so if you see something that appears to be broken, let me know so we can get it looked at!
  5. Dear LL, please fix the profile feeds

    I don't know if I made enough coffee to share...I only brewed 8 cups worth...and my cup holds 2 cups worth at a really, I only have 4 cups...
  6. Dear LL, please fix the profile feeds

    Hello! I have been following this thread, and while the team that works on it is well aware, I have also passed along the link directly to this thread as well, so they are doubly aware. Can I give you anything beyond that? Unfortunately not. I can tell you though, we hear you.
  7. Don't visit sansar(yet)

    You might have an even better discussion regarding this matter, over here: you should check it out!
  8. Why does Sansar take so long to install?

    You know, this might be a good conversation to have here: You will likely get better responses/feedback.
  9. please start a Sansar section

    Dakota is so focused on Second Life and taking care of our Residents, that is all.
  10. please start a Sansar section

    Wait, could it be.... I think it might be!
  11. Submit Ticket

    I will bring the suggestion to the team and see what they say!
  12. This Thread Is Now Locked

    I am going to lock this thread, unfortunately it does appear to be heading in the direction of the last one. If there are personal differences to be worked out, please do so privately.
  13. Where is my stuff?

    This is unfortunate! LiveReport and I will discuss privately, thanks for pointing them in the right direction!
  14. This topic is now closed to further replies.

    Hey! So as always, I am only human, which means while my intentions are good, and my result is to give you all the best possible experience with Second Life, within reason, that my actions will not always be perfect. That being said, I hear you all. At this time I have moved the thread to the Adult General Discussion section, and within the guidelines of the Community Participation Guidelines, you all can continue to enjoy the forums.
  15. Cats cause bdsm

    Hey all as fascinating as this topic is, I have the unfortunate job of being the buzz kill here and reminding you all that while we love the level of participation in discussions we are seeing from everyone that we really need to try and keep the topics to something involving Second Life. These are after all Second Life forums. That being said, I am going to close down this thread, feel free to boo me, I understand, but I still like you all!