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  1. You all bring up some good points. So here is what we can do, we will get a post setup in the General Discussion forum as a sticky (give me some time to write it), this way all you need to do is link to that post. I think this sounds like a good compromise, what say ye?
  2. Tommy looks around to see where he can find this information and happens to stumble across a link at the top of the page titled Knowledge Base. Clicking into it, not knowing for sure what dangers may be ahead, he is shocked when he realizes he can type in things like "Contact Support" and it brings up an article on how to do so! What kind of strange sorcery is this?!? In all seriousness though, we understand the need and desire to have some links readily available on the page you are already on, however unfortunately after some discussion it has been determined that the best thing to do, would be direct people to the Knowledge Base, which we do have a link for on every page. The search function is pretty simple, and seems to pull up the relevant correct information. The best thing you as members of the community can do (because you are all awesome helpful people), if you have someone you are wanting to help, empower them by teaching them how to search the Knowledge Base, where all the information is right at their fingertips! Or, lead them to the water and then force them to drink it, by giving them a link directly to the specific knowledge base article that answers their question.
  3. Alright, I do believe, it is now as good as it is going to get. I can't take all the credit though, fellow Lindens did most of the heavy lifting, I just let them know it was important to you all.
  4. Man, give an inch and you all want a foot! Tommy wanders off, whistling something to the tune of, hi ho, hi ho, its off to work I go....
  5. You all asked for a quick access link for the Community Participation Guidelines and so here it is! The Community Participation Guidelines are now available in a link on the right hand side of your screen below the announcements.. We hope that this helps make it more accessible to those that are looking for it.
  6. Good thing I got a spare huh! Stop right now, thank you very much!
  7. @Innula Zenovka Let me see what I can do!
  8. Unfortunately, you are stuck with us! Bwahaha! Actually, we are quite pleased to be here and able to assist with the questions that we can assist with.
  9. @Alwin Alcott Are you the one that has reported these? Can you send me the information on those locations please in a private message? And if you haven't, will you personally file an Abuse Report, pretty please? For me? I would appreciate it!
  10. Hey @Geiten, I am sorry you are having some problems, if you have not already done so, the best way to report an issue of fraud would be to submit a Support Case. This link here can tell you the best way to submit a case: If however, you send me a private message with more information, I would also be happy to submit a case for you and transfer it to the appropriate department so that you can get the assistance that you need.
  11. Hey look, you triggered a thing! And others seem to be correct in that there is nothing to distinguish between the two. I would be surprised if this happens often though, but if it does, let me know.
  12. I think I have answered this before, but I might not have been clear in the communication on it. For now, the pinning is temporary. We are working on solutions that make it more readily available, but my pinning it in General Discussion was a quick and dirty fix in the mean time, so that it was at least visible some where in the forums.
  13. You do have time to go and read the rules before engaging in a post here, and because you are typing, you have plenty of time to really think if that is what you really want to say, or even if you should be saying it. Then from there, we give you a full 24 hours to make edits, after you have had time to think some more. We really hope that everyone takes the time to consider the community guidelines before choosing to participate, however if you didn't, we really aren't that mean here, and will likely give you a gentle warning your first time around, ya know, the Mom/Dad look that everyone fears.
  14. Tommy jumps in and strikes a super hero pose. We are already aware of the issue with the account names, and are investigating! A few awesome Residents brought it to our attention. Thank you though for making sure I was aware of it, I appreciate it.
  15. Thank you for the JIRA links, as always, I am not promising anything, except that I will get them discussed.