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  1. Tommy Linden

    How do you change the name of your Rank?

    Clearly you all are reaching it too easily, I should make the challenge harder! *walks away, laughing evily*
  2. Tommy Linden

    A list of ALL accounts

    I think at this point, this thread has perhaps long served its purpose and it might be heading off into a dark tunnel and about to take a wrong turn and get very lost (and I haven't had enough coffee yet to save us if we get lost). At this time, I am going to save us from forever being lost in said tunnel and am going to close the thread. If you have concerns of your privacy being violated, or the Terms of Service being broken, please submit an Abuse Report or a Support Ticket.
  3. Tommy Linden

    A list of ALL accounts

    That is gonna be a negative ghost rider, but we appreciate that you asked so nicely. However, I would be curious to hear why you need such a list, you are welcome to PM me here on the forums with why! -Tommy Linden
  4. Tommy Linden

    Abuse by Linden Employee

    Well, this is certainly an interesting thread! I will admit, I do not know very much about the furry community, except that everyone I have met from it thus far, is quite friendly and great to interact with! I do not work specifically on the marketplace, this did however prompt me to go on a quest to get some education, and I must say, I never expected it to be such a complex subject. Thanks to my fellow Lindens in a furry chatroom on our chat system (yes, some of us Lindens ARE furries) though for helping to answer some of my questions. So, I can put some of your fears to rest, we do not go out of our way to personally flag things on the marketplace. We get so many flags from our Residents, that we are always incredibly busy just reviewing those. I can also tell you, that we hear you, we are listening to your concerns, and feedback. I know Dakota, as well as myself and others have passed along the feedback for need of additional categories.
  5. Tommy Linden

    Profile 'About Me' is Broken

    If I am not mistaken, we actually turned this feature off, as it would require a fair amount of additional moderation on our part. I don't recall this being a utilized feature before, but if I am wrong, and everyone has been using the About Me section up until this point, please let me know. If not, then I stand by my original thought in that it was intentionally turned off.
  6. Tommy Linden

    Delete Notifications?

    Hello and welcome to Notification Purgatory! I have been stuck in it since the dawn of this era of forum software. Unfortunately at this time, we are not able to add an option to delete old unread notifications. I wonder if eventually it will just cap itself out? I am sure I will find out in time. But hey, at least we have cookies here in purgatory!
  7. Tommy Linden

    Dark Theme for forums please. :)

    Hey All! We appreciate the feedback, but at this time we will not be adding a dark forum theme. However as I think someone else suggested in the thread, you can use your browser settings to make that change for you!
  8. @Phil Deakins I know you like when I have a reason to come respond to your posts, but please stop trying to break stuff on the forums!
  9. Tommy Linden

    Locking old dead threads feature request.

    There are some old threads that are still very worth replying to, so unfortunately applying an auto lock feature is not something we are looking to add at this time. We understand that the necroing of old posts, can be incredibly annoying, and a little bit cluttering, but that is also why we have a team of awesome moderators. If you see someone necroing something that you feel shouldn't be, and adds no value to the conversation, please report it.
  10. Tommy Linden

    Constant Issue Group Call (voice)

    It is just basic troubleshooting 101, that is all. I am not saying a 3rd party viewer would be causing issues, but its standard to ask folks to try it on the official viewer as well.
  11. Tommy Linden

    Constant Issue Group Call (voice)

    Inquiring minds want to know, does it happen when you use our official viewer? If so, feel free to drop me your group name and while I can't promise an instant resolution, I can at least have my team take a look at it.
  12. Tommy Linden

    All the Governors Horses and all the Lindens

    I may or may not own a variation of the Super Tom shirt for real, and wear it often, and strike a super hero pose...
  13. Tommy Linden

    Is it me or the event category is basically a dump?

    I will take a look through there and give it some thought.
  14. Tommy Linden

    Recently canceled my premium..

    @Carl Thibodeaux I have gone ahead and made a ticket with you for support, we will get you taken care of.