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  1. Pictured: Hypnotic Romance Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away! Grab your date and head over to one of these romantic spots on the Destination Guide! Hypnotic Romance Hypnotic is a special place for love and romance with couples dances and secluded places to cuddle and kiss. Hidden throughout are special romantic animations. Can you find them? Bring your partner, lover or date...or come alone to meet someone with romance on their mind. Visit in Second Life Love Valley Visit Love Valley for all your romance in a photogenic environment. Take a romantic horse ride through the woods, find the many cuddle places, and discover the secret love caves. Hang out with your lover, or friends, or find your true love at Love Valley. Take a romantic dance in the flower fields, or find the gala venue. Immerse yourself in this nature-themed environment for an experience you'll never forget! Visit in Second Life Love Garden The Love Garden is a German club and romantic garden that offers you live music, shows, and romantic evenings in a wonderful environment that is divided into two regions. On different stages and locations that have been lovingly built, you will be offered exactly what many places are missing. A feeling of coming home. Live concerts usually take place on weekends. Visit in Second Life Crystal Line Romantic Ballroom Crystal Line is a beautiful romantic ballroom waiting for a couple to come spend some quality time here. It's open 24 hours, and once you land, don't forget to turn on the music and enjoy dancing together. The dress code is formal. On the ground, there is an airfield "SLZI". Visit in Second Life Calas Galadhon Escape to the vast estate and nature park of Calas Galadhon, a peaceful, romantic place to enjoy the beauty of the natural world brought into Second Life. Explore by horse, buggy, boat or balloon. Visit in Second Life Or skip the romance and take your date to one of the fun festivals and live performances this weekend! Joshua Vox - SL International Symphony Joshua Vox sings Opera with SL International Symphony Orchestra, on Jan 28, 2023 at 12 PM PT! Joshua is an amazing singer with RL and SL experience! SL ISO features symphonic works and aims to provide a real music experience by creating a real-life concert-type atmosphere, as well as providing a visual feast for Second Life listeners. With Joshua and SL ISO, this is a must-attend performance! Visit in Second Life Burn2 Winterburn Wonderland Let yourself be inspired by the various facets of wonder, the child-like wonder of discovery for the first time. Come to Burn2's Winterburn Wonderland from January 27th to 29th, 2023! Experience BURN2, the annual festival of community, art, and fire that brings the culture and cool of Burning Man to the metaverse. Learn more at www.burn2.org Visit in Second Life SMOKEFEST SMOKEFEST 2023 is an immersive music festival surrounded by the beauty of red rocks and custom artwork. Every Saturday in January is a new mix of artists, singers, and DJs performing on a unique stage featuring dancers and a synched light show. Patrons can also shop festival exclusives, enjoy the waterpark and have fun taking photos at their leisure. More info at facebook.com/SMOKEFESTSL Visit in Second Life And if you don’t have a date yet, get more info about these dating apps and agencies in Second Life! Thundr Thundr is the premier dating app for Second Life users, making it easy and fun to connect with like-minded individuals in Second Life. You can create a profile, browse other users, and start chatting with potential matches. The intuitive interface and user-friendly features make it easy to connect with others, whether you're looking for friendship, romance, or something in between. More info at thundr.info/faqs Visit in Second Life Actually Love Dating Agency The Actually Love Dating Agency is a place to hang out, chill, and maybe meet someone special. They have ad boards, games, and a hangout area. Place your personal ad for L$1 and find the one you actually love! Actually Love is inclusive and LGBTQ+ Friendly. Visit in Second Life Don't forget to check our Recently Added category to see all the latest additions to the Second Life Destination Guide! Got a spot that you’d like listed in the Destination Guide? Make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form. Learn more about the Destination Guide criteria for Editors’ Picks or the Destinations Floater in the viewer, and increase your chances of being featured in those coveted spots! Connect with Second Life on Social Media. Signup for the Second Life Weekly Email Newsletter.
  2. This Veterans Day and beyond, Veterans and their families can find camaraderie, answers, live help, and more at EchoVets in Second Life. Stacy Maracas is a female Desert Storm combat veteran, who is heading up a Second Life operation to help veterans around the world. She tells us more about EchoVet: “Echo Group, a Real Life 5013C, Band of Brothers is dedicated to our veteran community. We currently have our main group in California on the Central Coast and chapters in Arizona, Tennessee, and the Metaverse. We are working closely on initiatives that directly affect the veteran community, such as the Veteran Homeless Crisis as well as the 22 a day initiative. On our sim, we have kiosks providing up-to-date Veteran’s Affairs system information for veterans and family members. We have live classes on Veteran Suicide Awareness Training, PTSD Awareness Training, group camaraderie sessions, and club events at our Club Echo. Numerous garden areas and places to just be and relax, we even have a farm tucked in the corner. And of course our famous aquarium. We are getting our sim ready to become a Gateway in Second Life. Our Veterans will be available via scheduling to aid new Residents, and it will help the veteran earn their red, white, and blue jersey.” When asked what Second Life means to her, Stacy said, “Second Life literally is my other life. I have been here for over 18 years. In my early years after leaving the military, Second Life was a place I could socialize at my own pace. Many people do not understand how simple things like large crowds, noise, and traffic, are serious triggers for some combat veterans. Second Life was a safe space, to start my baby steps to venturing back out into society.” The EchoVets SL leadership team consists of: President – Stacy Maracas, US Army Vice-President – Rave Absinthe, US Navy Executive Officer – Suta Northman – US Navy Outreach Commissioner – SouthernRebelGrl (Teyla) Family Support Ambassador – Marahjean Resident (MJ) Networking/Recruitment Ambassador – Soldier Waverider Veteran’s Affairs Lead Ambassador - Theremes Langdon-Tone Ambassador PTSD/Mental Health Support - Evelynn Evergarden Learn more about Echovets at the following links: Echovets.org Band of Brothers – California - https://www.facebook.com/EchoGroup805 Band of Brothers – Arizona - https://www.facebook.com/echovetsaz Band of Brothers – Tennessee - https://www.facebook.com/groups/391784402943337 If you’re a veteran looking for support and want to be part of a caring community, visit EchoVets today. Video Production by Draxtor Despres EchoVets EchoVets.org Band of Brothers non-profit is a new destination for all Veterans. They have current, up-to-date information that benefits YOU the Veteran, and the Veterans' families! Lots to do and see here! Stacy Maracas is a Female Desert Storm Combat Veteran, US Army, and has the knowledge of the systems in place to help Veterans and their family members. Come to EchoVets for camaraderie, answers, live help, brotherhood, and sisterhood. All Veterans are welcome! Visit in Second Life
  3. Take a trip to Kawaii City, a cyberpunk metropolis where you can gaze at skyscrapers while relaxing at the cafe. Builder and owner of Kawaii City, Naru Darkwatch, shares her inspiration for this photogenic destination: “Somebody asked me what inspired me to build Kawaii City. To answer that question, I must explain some of the background I have had in my Second Life journey. I joined this fantastic world because of the roleplaying environment and the freedom it gave you to create a character almost 100%, just as you want it to be. But as Real Life took more and more of my time, I came to SL more for the friends, music, and to relax with a little building; it started with Kawaii Café so we could all have coffee in the mornings before work and not get yelled at by a GM because we were not all in character. Little by little, a city began to take form as more land became available to buy. The cafe and city have always been open to the public as I wanted to make a home for those who did not have a place to go, where you could be who you wanted to be but still be in a cyberpunk environment and not be forced to roleplay all the time. Eventually, it took some convincing from friends to list it in the destination guide as I’m quite critical of my creations, but many said I should, so now it’s there. Many have asked if I will open it up for RP, but my goal for the city is to keep on building it, improving it, and not to set up rules on who can visit and what to do there.” If you’re looking for a cyberpunk destination to explore without roleplay requirements and other restrictions, teleport over to Kawaii City now. Video Production by Draxtor Despres Kawaii City A photogenic cyberpunk/dystopic city to walk around, eat some Asian food, have some delicious coffee, explore the bars and clubs or find a place with that special somebody and snuggle a little. Visit in Second Life
  4. Pictured: Wild Pack Space Adventure Amusement Park Take an immersive trip into cyberspace this weekend and experience adrenaline-pumping rollercoaster rides at the many amusement parks in Second Life! Wild Pack Space Adventure Amusement Park The future is waiting for you! This full-region amusement park offers the visitor an immersive trip into space. Float through a galaxy at zero gravity, experience adrenaline-producing rides, race a light cycle, land on planet Azura, and take part in Robot Smackdown. Fun for the whole Family. Visit in Second Life Astralia x Hello Kitty Theme Park Visit the Hello Kitty theme park by Astralia in Second Life. With three regions of fun, you can play interactive games and shop. Details on astraliaworld.com Visit in Second Life World Fair Peace Haven Communities proudly presents World Fair, a full region for your enjoyment! Attractions include unique rides, Pandora River Cruise, Wheel of Time, and many old-time favorites. All new for the new year - it's a carnival, it's an amusement park, it's a circus, it's a World Fair! Visit in Second Life Mountain Lion Night Club & Amusement Park Established in 2017, Mountain Lion is a full region amusement park and club featuring Live DJs and singers. There is a shopping mall with lucky chairs, ten roller coasters to enjoy, a ferris wheel, and many fun rides! You will also be able to bowl, mini-golf, play games and so much more! Come explore the ever-changing landscape. It is family-friendly and all avatars are welcome. Visit in Second Life Whimsy Shores - Seaside Amusement Park From roller coasters to carousels and so much more; Whimsy Shores is the perfect destination for a fun family outing or an exciting night out! Visit in Second Life Wonderpark Theme Park Wonderpark is an inclusive, safe, family-friendly theme park experience created for imagination, joy, and fun! There's plenty to see, do, and experience at Wonderpark, a roller coaster and 15 thrilling rides, games and live experiences, prizes and shops, and of course, theme park food! Have a wonderful time! Visit in Second Life MadPea Leveraging the development capability and social interaction of Virtual Worlds, MadPea Productions constantly seeks to create games that are beyond anything currently out there. Encompassing a talented crew of designers, writers, developers, and artists from all around the world, MadPea is creating a premier line of games based around original mysteries. MadPea strives to provide experiences that are as immersive and thrilling as absolutely possible within the parameters. More info at madpeagames.com Visit in Second Life Or if you're looking to party this weekend... Drop by The Wastelands for their 16th-anniversary celebrations running from January 20th to 22nd with music, games, combat, stories, trading, roleplay, movies, game shows, and more! More info on their Twitter. The Wastelands The Wastelands is a post-apocalyptic community almost as old as Second Life itself. Despite their frightening outward appearances, their friendly and outgoing community is the core reason they've lasted so long. Whether you want to role-play, hang out and chat, or play the mini-mmo games they have; everything is free, and opt-in at your own pace. It is also a photo-friendly destination! Learn more at the-wastelands.org Visit in Second Life The party also continues at the SmokeFest Music Festival every Saturday for the whole month of January. Check their Facebook page for more info. SMOKEFEST SMOKEFEST 2023 is an immersive music festival surrounded by the beauty of red rocks and custom artwork. Every Saturday in January is a new mix of artists, singers, and DJs performing on a unique stage featuring dancers and a synched light show. Patrons can also shop festival exclusives, enjoy the waterpark and have fun taking photos at their leisure. More info at facebook.com/SMOKEFESTSL Visit in Second Life Don't forget to check our Recently Added category to see all the latest additions to the Second Life Destination Guide! Got a spot that you’d like listed in the Destination Guide? Make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form. Learn more about the Destination Guide criteria for Editors’ Picks or the Destinations Floater in the viewer, and increase your chances of being featured in those coveted spots! Connect with Second Life on Social Media. Signup for the Second Life Weekly Email Newsletter.
  5. Embark on a spiritual journey and visit Elephant Island, a wildlife adventure park in Second Life! Builder and owner of Elephant Island, Syx Toshi, shares his vision for this stress-relieving destination: “I’ve been in SL a long time and seen the amazing amount of progress with the influx of mesh. It has opened a new world of more realistic builds. In my more recent builds, I have tried to provide people with destinations that provide multiple options to enjoy the environment, whether it is hiking, climbing, scuba diving, kayaking, or just sitting and listening to nature. I want people to really have a sense of exploring. You may have noticed that Elephant Island not only has elephants, but we also have a completely immersive environment down to flies and ants. If you stand in one place long enough, you will see just about everything you would see in RL. My partner Bryn Toshi and I have a few rules for these builds: first and foremost is that there is no music on the region unless it’s coming from an old radio in one of the shacks. Once you pass that shack you will only hear nature. This is important to me because there is so much noise in SL. Even at nature destinations they are streaming music. I think that takes away from the experience. I have been building since day one in SL, but only after I met my partner did I want to build as a team. Bryn’s input is the finishing touch to every build. She has an excellent eye for design. We are a great team and have been for over 10 years. We both love SL for its creative outlet and the opportunity to stay connected in a unique way. We both love creating for people’s enjoyment that’s why you will never see a tip jar on any of our builds. Our hope is that our builds provide an escape for people from the stress of RL. Not everyone has the budget in RL to visit the places we try to duplicate in our builds.” Take some time to escape from the daily grind and enjoy the breathtaking colors of nature at Elephant Island. Video Production by Draxtor Despres Elephant Island Elephant Island is an adventurous destination and wildlife above and under the water is abundant. Come prepared to explore and have fun! Visit in Second Life
  6. Pictured: Warehouse 21 Get ready for non-stop partying this weekend at these popular and newcomer-friendly Music Clubs and Festivals in Second Life! Find even more parties in the Music Category on the Destination Guide and our Community Events page. Warehouse 21 Warehouse 21 is an Industrial/Steampunk themed underground music club. They have live DJs performing every day of the week! For DJ sets and live music gigs, see their calendar: tinyurl.com/yde4hjpy Visit in Second Life SMOKEFEST SMOKEFEST 2023 is an immersive music festival surrounded by the beauty of red rocks and custom artwork. Every Saturday in January is a new mix of artists, singers, and DJs performing on a unique stage featuring dancers and a synched light show. Patrons can also shop festival exclusives, enjoy the waterpark and have fun taking photos at their leisure. More info at facebook.com/SMOKEFESTSL Visit in Second Life Peak Lounge Established in 2014, Peak Lounge has been providing a fun and relaxed place for Residents that enjoy music and dancing. Peace, love, and music is their motto! There are live DJs from all over the world playing a variety of music from different genres. Come by and make new friends! Visit in Second Life Exhale Dance Club Exhale Dance Club features live mix DJs 24/7 from all around the world. There's a variety of music genres including EDM, trap, hip hop, electro, techno, house, and trance. Exhale provides music shows and special themed events including DJ battles. These DJs bring everyone together for the love of music and the social experience. Visit in Second Life Voodoo Dance Club Voodoo Dance Club is a fun and friendly EDM Dance club with nonstop live DJs, hosts, and VIPs from around the world 24/7. Join real people and make real friends! Visit in Second Life Cafe Musique Welcome to Cafe Musique, where friends meet and new friendships are formed. New and established artists as well as the passionate staff work together for tips only. Music for music lovers by music lovers! Cafe Musique has been helping new artists in SL since Feb 2015, at no cost to them. Visit in Second Life KPOP Island KPOP Island is a community-based tropical getaway that brings the ultimate idol experience inspired by the BTS Island Game. Enjoy the best DJs at Club Cypher with tribute concerts and events! Visit in Second Life Totally 80s Club A warm cozy club where 80's music reigns all the time! Chat with the DJs, staff, and other fans of the 80s music in this fun club filled with dancing and other activities. For more info, visit: www.totally80sclub.com Visit in Second Life Club D-Block Club D-Block is one of the hottest clubs on the grid with a variety of DJs playing the best in Hip-Hop, Dance, and twerk music! Visit in Second Life Big Daddy's Rock Club Big Daddy's Rock Club has been bringing good music and good times to Second Life for over a decade! Visit in Second Life Furzona Furzona is a community based, cyberpunk-themed hangout with multiple areas to explore, including a Cyberpunk themed skybox known as The Mainframe, with holo-deck like simulations available to relax in. With Live DJ's and Hosts, Furzona specializes in live video displays and laser shows, showing off the capabilities of Second Life's engine. Visit in Second Life Don't forget to check our Recently Added category to see all the latest additions to the Second Life Destination Guide! Got a spot that you’d like listed in the Destination Guide? Make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form. Learn more about the Destination Guide criteria for Editors’ Picks or the Destinations Floater in the viewer, and increase your chances of being featured in those coveted spots! Connect with Second Life on Social Media. Signup for the Second Life Weekly Email Newsletter.
  7. Love knows no boundaries, and neither does Second Life! Your dream virtual wedding awaits at Costa Bella Weddings. Costa Bella Weddings is a full-service wedding provider with four beautiful and very different venues to choose from: Country, Winter, The Beach, and Black Tie Affair. You also get a choice of three full-region honeymoon locations: Brampton Island, Las Brisas Island, and Isola Dell Amore. With a capacity of 100 guests and an average of 30, celebrate big or small. At the bigger end of the spectrum, the wedding of Kacee and Fang featured at the start of the video had 75 people attending. Longtime resident JenJen Sommerfleck, a photographer for 14 years, has been working at Costa Bella for the last 2 years. She and her team provide all planning services, including rehearsal, ceremony, photography, officiant service, DJ, and more. Jen shares her personal story in the video with us - as someone who can not have children in real life, she adopted kids in SL over the years and even had a pregnancy and is now caring for a Zooby baby. In regards to her job and the history of the wedding business in SL, Jen adds: “In my 14 years of experience, I have seen the industry grow and evolve in many ways. From simplistic, rudimentary setups of yesteryear to the complex, gorgeous productions of today. While still enjoying the hands-on of the wedding process in many aspects, my most enjoyable role is as manager here at Costa Bella. I have the great privilege of working closely with our amazing owners, Robin and Ian Moonkill. They operate Costa Bella on the premise of seeing people happy and in love, not as a money-making venture. That is something that is rare in the wedding industry. I love what I do here and I love how it ties into the most important part of my SL: family.” Celebrate now, with loved ones near and far. There are no post-party regrets in the virtual world! Video Production by Draxtor Despres Costa Bella Weddings Costa Bella Weddings is a full-service wedding provider. They walk you through the wedding process from beginning to end. They provide planning services, pre-ceremony coordination, rehearsal, in-ceremony coordination, photography, officiant service, DJ, and Venue choice of one of their beautifully decorated locations along with a choice of three full region honeymoon locations. Their services are provided from the heart because weddings are their passion. They look forward to creating the wedding of your dreams! Visit in Second Life
  8. Pictured: Cloud Edge Get rid of the winter blues and have your virtual camera ready as you explore these photogenic destinations in Second Life this weekend! Cloud Edge Cloud Edge is a high-ground environment based above the clouds, surrounded by mountains. A place to escape, relax and enjoy the views. Add your photos to their Flickr group: flickr.com/groups/bananabuilds Visit in Second Life Kawaii City A photogenic cyberpunk/dystopic city to walk around, eat some Asian food, have some delicious coffee, explore the bars and clubs or find a place with that special somebody and snuggle a little. Visit in Second Life Green Story Green story is a beautiful, calm, and peaceful place for everyone. It's a place to relax or have a romantic time with a loved one. A perfect place to take pictures and create memories. Visit in Second Life Elvion Enjoy beautiful vistas while exploring this magical paradise. From stunning ocean views to fantasy scenes. Elvion is an ideal place for photographers, bloggers, and couples. Visit in Second Life Chateau de Chantilly Palace by TONAL The Château de Chantilly has had many names over its lifetime. This beautiful display of craftsmanship and passion is now open to the public for exploration, photography, events, vacations, dining, equine lifestyle, and exploration. Visit in Second Life The Hanging Gardens of Babylon The Hanging Gardens of Babylon is an amazing estate filled with magical places that will amaze you. Created by Patch Thibaud and adapted as a residence, this is a true work of art. Majestic beyond words, you must experience this to fully appreciate it! Let the gondola guide you to your arrival then explore this romantic creation. Visit in Second Life Pillars Of Hercules For over five years Scottie Menges and Caleb Bruun ran the first Pillars Of Hercules open from 2009-2014. Now after ten months of building, Pillar of Hercules returns in 2022 as a public park open to anyone looking for a romantic and neoclassical fantasy destination where you can learn about Greek and Roman mythology. Visit in Second Life Lyric Lyric is inspired by the Caribbean Islands of St Vincent and the Grenadines, where the architecture of different eras meet the uniqueness of the Island's natural landscape. It is composed of three regions streamed together to offer its residents and visitors an opportunity to sail between them. Come live, love, and play! Visit in Second Life Don't forget to check our Recently Added category to see all the latest additions to the Second Life Destination Guide! Got a spot that you’d like listed in the Destination Guide? Make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form. Learn more about the Destination Guide criteria for Editors’ Picks or the Destinations Floater in the viewer, and increase your chances of being featured in those coveted spots! Connect with Second Life on Social Media. Signup for the Second Life Weekly Email Newsletter.
  9. Start your 2023 by enjoying the sea breeze at Butter in Second Life, a rustic little seaside town where you can relax on the beach or add some adventure to the new year by going camping, hiking, or more! Owner of Butter, Mona Molinaxil, shares her motivation for creating it: “My motivation for Butter is watching other people's creations and then feeling an urge to actually create something myself. I started adding all the things I like in the region first: Food, puppies, coffee, good music, dances, clutter, and rustic buildings. All with a bit of quirk to it. Butter is by no means a finished project. Things are always changing. New items are added, and areas that I get tired of or don’t like are changed. Being limited by LI limits forces some choices to be made. And that is not a bad thing, really. If you want something new, you might have to remove something old. Currently, a part of the region is closed off for construction. One day it will be and it will be open to the public again. I did not want private homes or rentals on Butter, because one of the most annoying things I know when exploring SL is to run into ban lines and being kicked out by security systems. I wanted furnished and decorated houses where people could hang out and explore without feeling like they are trespassing. And by the way: visitors can change the music stream and group members can rez their photo props. Basically, Butter is made to be a place where I would like to hang out myself. I just hope other people like it too.” When asked what Second Life means to her, Mona says: “I have been in SL for many many years. I did leave at some point but came back (Who was I kidding? I have made great friends and I have always been creating something.) I want my SL to be relaxing and fun, not a chore. SL is where I can escape, relax and do some low-key socializing when I have free time, like going to live concerts or special events around the grid. With a full-time job, I have never had the time and energy to learn how to make my own mesh but creativity is one of the big perks in SL for me. And I can still be very creative by designing regions like Butter. Both the opportunity to create something of my own and watching other people create things, and getting inspired by them, that is what SL means to me. There is something for everyone out there.” The start of a new year is a time of new beginnings, so why not take some time to check out Butter in Second Life? Video Production by Draxtor Despres Butter Butter is a rustic, little seaside town. Relax on the beach, go camping, hiking, or dancing. Visit the docks or the farm to meet the locals. There are plenty of places to eat, drink, and hang out. Refresh your pixels at the spa and don't forget to bring your camera! If you look a bit closer there are also several cozy hideaways. Visit in Second Life
  10. Spend time with friends in Second Life and enjoy winter activities at Grey Magic this holiday season. Grey Magic is a photogenic destination in Second Life that changes with the seasons. It is owned and run by Kimma Rayna and Dan Grey, who also offer rentals for those that want to make it a home. Dan shares how he feels about Second Life and his purpose for creating Grey Magic: “My first avatar is from 2006. I can hear you wonder, 16 years SL you must have seen it all? Yes! I have seen it all and yet Second Life is still a great place to be. Over the years I made many (RL) friends from all over the world; Ireland, USA, UK, Italy, Jordan, Germany. These friends I call my family for real. The realness in this Second Life world is what makes me want to stay in SL. And having your own sim of course too. My passion for Grey Magic lies in creating the feeling of home. I love when people can relate to this home feeling and to create the perfect one for tenants is the cherry on the pie. Grey Magic is for everyone to enjoy. There are always public houses for people to enter and parks to hangout. Kimma and I are not interested in traffic, we are interested in people that want to explore and feel welcome.” Kimma feels that Second Life’s name suits it well: “One of many passions Dan and I share is our love of creative spaces. Dan is hands down, the genius behind Grey Magic. As I’ve joked before, he is the Picasso and I happily clean his brushes! Having friends from all over the world is a gift you can only have in a place like Second Life. How could you not be drawn to it and return over and over again? I would be lost without the connections I’ve made through the years here. Second Life is actually a great name with real meaning. For so many of us, it could easily be called Blended Life as it bleeds into and blends with our real or first lives. How lucky we are to have such a magical place to share with others!” Experience the magic of the season at Grey Magic. Residents featured in the video: Haley Golightly Grey Linealrise Jana Guynot Legolas Baxton Meihel Baxto ᐺĖNUϟ ᐺӨṈ  ĐẸĖP Nᴀᴀɴᴀᴀ Gʀᴇʏ-Cᴀᴘᴇʟᴏ Video Production by Draxtor Despres Grey Magic Grey Magic is the perfect place to skate or hang out in one of the public houses. Or maybe a nice visit to the friendly pub? Catch the train and come to Grey Magic because it's snowing and Christmas is around the corner. Add your images to their Flickr group: flickr.com/groups/14698900@N23 Visit in Second Life
  11. Pictured: Under the Northern Lights Make the most of this festive season at incredible winter destinations in Second Life. Under the Northern Lights Lemon Fox Estates welcomes you to a Winter under the Northern Lights! Grab your friends for some holiday-themed mini-golf or challenge them to a board game while you sit nestled by the fireplace. Explore the vast, snowy outdoors, stop by the tree farm, or put on your ice skates and visit the rink. Enchanting Dome rentals are also available with amazing views of the Northern Lights. Visit in Second Life Stillness Of Heart - Winter Winter is the perfect season. You feel like a child again, look with your heart, feel, relax and enjoy. Have a look at this Winter themed spot. Come alone or with your loved ones. Enjoy the games, the cuddle areas, enjoy a dance, or friendly conversations. Have a joyful holiday season and add your images to their Flickr group: flickr.com/groups/14820866@N20 Visit in Second Life I'll Be Home For Christmas Inspired by the nostalgia of memories long past, I’ll Be Home For Christmas is a winter destination that captures a fondness for the holiday season. There is an ice skating rink, a tobogganing and snowboarding hill, a Santa sleigh tour of the region, a Christmas Village with eight holiday stores (each designer providing a gift to visitors), a winter neighborhood with twenty-three uniquely decorated homes, and more! Visit in Second Life Flyte at FlyGearZ Beautiful vistas await the visitor at every turn and include spots that are ideal for quiet moments as well as more community fun-oriented spots. Steampunky by nature, Flyte doesn't end at ground level, instead, visitors will be encouraged to take the Flyte Tour upon arrival where they will see the entire region can be skated, and that there are cocoa stands, and many photo/cuddle spots. Visit in Second Life A Who-Christmas "Every Who down in Whoville liked Christmas a lot, but the Grinch, who lived just north of Whoville - did not." Whether you're Team Who or Team Grinch, you'll have fun exploring "A Who-Christmas!" Experience the magic and joy - wander the town, scale Mt. Crumpit and visit the Grinch's cave, stop by the tree farm and take home your own holiday tree! Inspired by childhood memories of Christmas jammies and Whoville. Visit in Second Life Winterset Hollow Winterset Hollow is a Frogmore Christmas Region. A vintage Swedish village with charming tiny shoppes, warm winter cabins, and glowing holiday fires, surrounded by a deep snowy valley. Everyone is welcome so come for the views and stay for the hot cocoa and Christmas treasures. Group members have rezz rights so bring your cameras and create amazing holiday memories. Visit in Second Life Coeur Lac d'Annecy Ski Resort The Coeur Lac d'Annecy Ski Resort has two slopes for timed skiing. The scoreboard on the western slope shows your best 3 runs, while the eastern slope scoreboard tracks up to 8 skiers at a time. There is a ski lift to the summit or take the cable car in the lower lodge to the ground for cross country skiing or ice skating over 6 regions. Visit in Second Life Winter at Four Bridges Project It's Winter at the Four Bridges Project and the air is cold. Not to worry, there are fires aplenty to warm you, and activities galore to distract you. Come get your skates and enjoy one of the many rinks or do a little downhill skiing and sledding. Whatever you do, bring your friends, or that special someone, or come alone and explore, enjoy, and find some peace. Grab the HUD from the landing point and away you go! Visit in Second Life North Pole Sleigh Ride Adventure Celebrating their 12th year, The North Pole Sleigh Ride Adventure is back with all of the magic of Christmas! Experience an SL winter tradition! Sleigh ride, skating, sledding, shopping, restaurants, Santa, and more! Come celebrate Christmas! Visit in Second Life And stop by for a snowball showdown on Monday! Linden & Resident Snowball Fight Get in the winter spirit for the most epic snowball fight in Second Life. Come with a group of friends and meet new people - either way, you're sure to have a blast as you toss snowballs at other Residents and even Lindens! The annual Snowball Fight event will be held on Monday, December 19th at 10am to 11am PT and another one at 2pm to 3pm PT. Visit in Second Life Don't forget to check our Recently Added category to see all the latest additions to the Second Life Destination Guide! Got a spot that you’d like listed in the Destination Guide? Make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form. Learn more about the Destination Guide criteria for Editors’ Picks or the Destinations Floater in the viewer, and increase your chances of being featured in those coveted spots! Connect with Second Life on Social Media: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Flickr | Pinterest | TikTok | LinkedIn
  12. Hang out at Jet No Mori, a gothic-themed garden, complete with monsters and a vampire princess at the top of a tower! Created by Miss Jetcat Despres for a gothic-themed photo session with friends, Jet No Mori was made public for all to enjoy. Jetcat hails from Japan and joined Second Life when she saw coverage of SL on Japanese TV in 2007. She says, “Back then, they presented it as a game where you could fly and swim, and they called it the Metaverse.” Jetcat did step away from the OG Metaverse for almost 10 years as she got busy in the physical world, but she says she just could not forget about Second Life and became more active again about two years ago. Jetcat now runs a blog and has a little plot in-world which she calls her garden. In fact, she herself identifies as a gardener, changing up the looks of her public land to go with the seasons. Jetcat shares how she feels about Second Life and what her future plans are in this virtual world: “Second Life is a place where anything is possible and anything can be created. This world is full of beautiful things, all created by people with their own ideas. There are many ways to enjoy this world, to explore it, to play in it, to be what you want to be. I'm going to keep enjoying it! It is after all a game where you can fly and swim! And it's still very very meta today. It's like the times are repeating themselves, aren’t they?” Jetcat’s friends who participated in this video include: SaraUsami Ruby O'Kelly Noa Cloud Video Production by Draxtor Despres Jet No Mori Jet No Mori is a gothic party that was created for you to have a great time. Now it is a garden with monsters who enjoy the gothic atmosphere and party every night. Watch out for the vampire princess on top of the tower! Visit in Second Life
  13. Bundle up and explore the many winter destinations filled with snowy surprises this holiday season in Second Life! We’ve featured a handful of beautiful winter destinations in this video, but you’ll also find close to 100 more in the Winter Attractions category on the Second Life Destination. Here is more information about the destinations featured from the creators themselves: Forever Winter The creator of Forever Winter, Hailey Ayashi, shares the reason for her creation: “Designing and decorating has always been a passion of mine which sparked the idea to start creating themed sims. Around November I thought of creating Forever Winter as my first project. I wanted to have plenty of picture spots along with activities that can be enjoyed with friends. This whole experience has given me such great appreciation for all those who take time to create wonderful spaces for everyone to enjoy.” Forever Winter SHI Entertainment presents Forever Winter, where you can find beautiful winter scenery with lots of picture spots. Enjoy a sleigh ride, an ice rink, a ski slope, Santa's workshop, dancing, games, and more! Visit in Second Life Winter Wonderland at Lam Winter Wonderland at Lam was created as a safe place by Clair Wolf Takeda: “In Real Life I care for my daughter and autistic son. He has his own world. In Second Life I found mine. What a place to refill the energy that I need for my family and spend time with friends without needing to leave home. This year my dream to create a magical spot where other people can find a safe and positive place came true. Me and my friend Eddie Takeda rented a space and until the 16th of January 2023. We are here to share the Christmas spirit.” Winter Wonderland at Lam Experience a Winter Wonderland on the Lam region, created by Czech and Slovak Residents where you can enjoy the wonderful feeling of Christmas. All are welcome to skate, explore, have some cocoa, and more! The destination is open until January 16th, 2023. Visit in Second Life 8th Annual Christkindl Market & Advent Calendar This is the 8th year that Dina and Didi LaVega have created a nostalgic space: “We are from Germany and started our Second Life in 2013. We had always missed a traditional German Christmas market in-world: The unique flair of the decoration, the lights, and the special food, so we started to build our own items and share them. This is now the 8th annual Christkindl Market. Our Advent Calendar features a brand new build every day and you have to collect all 24 parts to complete.” 8th Annual Christkindl Market & Advent Calendar What would the holidays be without a visit to a traditional German Christmas market? You are invited to a merry stroll through the festively illuminated Christkindl Market. Come and enjoy roasted chestnuts, hot chocolate, traditional handmade Christmas decoration from the Erzgebirge, or a ride on the Christkindl Express, more than 65000 m² to warm your heart with the spirit of Christmas. Visit in Second Life Snowy Monverdun Yoyo Collas created a peaceful place for all Residents this holiday season: “Winter is one of the most beautiful times of the year. I like to build, so I decided to build my own version of winter. I have built this winter landscape so that people can enjoy it during the Christmas season as a peaceful place where they can forget the problems of Real Life, even if just for a brief moment.” Snowy Monverdun Monverdun is a small city that is dressed in winter outfits. The Christmas market has opened its doors and spread the smell of fresh pastries and hot mulled wine. Visit and explore this beautiful winter wonderland. Visit in Second Life Winter Love Valley Evely Heartsong brings her artistic talents to her Second Life building adventures: “Winter Love Valley all began with my own venue as an SL musician and performer. I had built The Blues Rock Cafe back in 2017, and every winter season I added a special seasonal setting. Then in 2020 I went bigger, focusing on the winter theme, and noticed that when I was finishing the sim, more people than usual were at the sim. It felt like opening up a theme park. I am an artist in Real Life as well, I draw, paint and do photography, so I love to share the feeling you get from walking in the snow with the colors and the lights and in SL have added some extra magical feelings to it with special effects.” Winter Love Valley If you are looking for that magical romantic winter feeling full of joy and lights, then you need to visit Winter Love Valley. Come hang out with a friendly community, or bring your friends or lover. Come skate on the ice, snowboard off the hill, horse ride in a romantic setting full of cuddle places, or just come for some winter fun and joy at Winter Love Valley. Visit in Second Life Snowy Peaks Red sends an invitation to all for some winter activities at Snowy Peaks: “I like Second Life as a getaway from my own. I can live out what I can't IRL. There's a lot of people I have met on SL, and we talk and hang out, and for this season I welcome them to Snowy Peaks, a winter-themed Christmas experience. You can ride with Santa on his sleigh to our dining and dancing location, or make a stop at his house. You can mingle with his elves, or maybe take a spin on the ice skating rink. You will probably find me by the cozy fire, chatting with my friends. Come join us.” Snowy Peaks Welcome to Snowy Peaks, a winter-themed Christmas experience. Ride with Santa on his sleigh to the dining and dancing, or make a stop at Santa's house. Mingle with his busy elves, or maybe take a spin on the ice skating rink. Finally, come sit by the fire. Visit in Second Life Grab a sweater, and perhaps some mittens, and head on over for some snowy fun! Video Production by Draxtor Despres
  14. Enjoy the last days of Autumn in a fall-themed café with a pumpkin spice brew as you listen to the soothing sounds of November Rain. November Rain was built by SEMINΛ, a live musician who has been playing gigs around the grid since 2016. SEMINΛ has an interesting way for the virtual world to boost her creative output in the physical world: as she works on new music in the physical world, she finds it comfortable to "park" her avatar at a Second Life destination that's inspiring. It helps spark creativity to surround herself with a certain environment. She says, “Pre-COVID meant visiting a lot of places and traveling in RL so it was quite comforting to find a little part of what was missing in RL at the moment, right in front of you, on the screen.” SEMINΛ explains that November Rain actually came about on a warm midsummer night: “I was tired of the heat and couldn't wait for pumpkin spice season so I thought, let's create it then! Me and my bestie Aurelia von Troubles wanted to open a little place of our own for the longest time where we could host different types of events. Our friend Ƶąȼƙ happened to have some leftover land so we thought, why not? I wanted to create a poetic place with some of my favorite things. Autumn, cozy cafés, the forest, gloomy indie music, sprinkled with a little bit of rock n roll (Guns’N Roses - November Rain), and of course: the sound of the pouring rain.” SEMINΛ says to her there is a lot of beauty to be found in the gloomy darkness of things: “It doesn't always have to be sunshine and rainbows for something to thrive in a good or positive way. I do read a lot of books and while building November Rain, I imagined this to be a place where a modern Jane Austen would come to relax. I'd sit in the corner of the café, secretly looking up at her from the lyrics in my notebook. She wouldn't notice me though…I'm a typical extroverted introvert and as much as I love the social part of SL, I also like to curl up alone with a hot drink at an autumn café in the woods, listen to music and the sound of … November Rain.” Teleport now and find your inspiration at November Rain. Video Production by Draxtor Despres November Rain Explore the autumn-themed café: November Rain. Grab an umbrella, take lots of pictures and meet new friends. Curl up with a hot drink in the Café and listen to live music and the sound of autumn rain. Visit in Second Life
  15. This holiday season, take a trip back to the 80s at Le Chateau, a retro community in Second Life! Creator Victoire Sire shares the inspiration behind Le Chateau: “In 2021 a friend suggested that we design a typical American motel. But as I'm French, we don't have motels in France or they are super rare. After some investigation I thought it was a great idea and that's how the adventure started. We had to find inspiration for the colors, the design and especially a global theme to create this idyllic resort. So we went for the goofy aesthetics of the 80s and 90s, inspired by Miami, GTA Vice City, Scarface, Synthwave, Vaporwave, South America, French Guiana and two French TV series: OVNI(s) (a kind of French Stranger Things taking place in the 70s) and 3615 Monique (the debut of the phone sex on an early internet made in France known as Minitel). Why French Guiana you gonna ask? Well, I simply wanted to make a French-inspired destination without actually being in Europe. Imagine being in the late 80s where technological and social evolution happened. The Plaza was also heavily inspired by yuppie culture, movies such as The Wolf of Wall Street and skyscrapers like the Tour Pleyel in Paris and the original World Trade Center design. But also the "Message a caractère informatif" - a French comedy TV show based on old corporate films from the 1980s with modern funny dubbings. Here we are in 2022, bringing the 80's back to the community! Le Chateau is a virtual tale of luck, grit, know-how and the magic that arises when an assortment of eccentric characters comes together to live in this 80's island paradise. It's not just a shady motel by the roadside anymore, it's a whole lifestyle. We also offer rentals in the estate. long-term motel rooms inside skyboxes, short-term motel "romantic" suites for daily usage, "lodge" suites with private gardens, premium villas at Le Chateau Vice Island, and so much more. We have a full waiting list available in the small Le Chateau Vice Island gazebo building. The office tower is still under construction but so far we don't offer any rentals in it.” When asked what Second Life means to them, Victoire responded: “I am 25 now. I've been in SL for a very long time (my first account is from 2009), at the time I was using SL on PG sims for teens, I did a lot of roleplay. Those are really my best memories. Since then I have found my passions: Decoration, modding, landscaping, designing sims , photography, making SL videos for myself or for my clients and role-playing. Second Life is for me THE most amazing metaverse experience you can currently have. As an autistic person, social life in real life is difficult but in Second Life I can be who I truly am and it is so much easier to communicate.” Grab a cocktail, slip into an iconic retro swimsuit, and dive into a neon-filled 80s vacation! Video Production by Draxtor Despres Le Chateau - A Retro 80s Community Do you like vacations and hanging out while drinking an exotic cocktail by the poolside? Then Le Chateau is the place for you to be! With their kitsch and cheesy atmosphere and non-stop flowing exotic cocktails, a mix between French and American "80s'" culture atmosphere, they offer a wide variety of services, from the jungle-like airfield to the arcade room! Take your pick! Visit in Second Life
  16. Pictured: Where our Journey begins - Snowtide We're only in mid-November and the snow has already started to hit the Second Life streets. We've dusted off our Winter Attractions category so take some time to explore some of these sparkling snow-covered destinations. Where our Journey begins - Snowtide Winter is so calm, serene, and white. As white as purity itself. Let us all welcome this beautiful season with our hearts wide open and a mug of mulled wine. You will find photography opportunities, a Christmas Market, ice skating, horse riding, cozy spots, cuddling areas, events, and much more. Enjoy your stay and add your images to their Flickr group: flickr.com/groups/whereourjourneybegins Visit in Second Life Echo Ridge It's that magical time of year at Echo Ridge. Fires are lit and cabins are warm as the snow starts to fall on the evergreen forests. Hear the ice sing under the setting sun and make a wish upon a shooting star. Skate, Toboggan, and explore before snuggling under a blanket beside the campfire while sharing stories over a mug of hot chocolate. Experience Echo Ridge in its winter guise, relax, and enjoy this peaceful retreat. Visit in Second Life DayDream Believer Everything starts as somebody's daydream! Welcome to DayDream Believer, a place between consciousness and semi-consciousness where our minds wander. Currently in a winter setting, enjoy daydreaming at this destination and share your images in their Flickr group: flickr.com/groups/14757153@N25 Visit in Second Life The Northern Trek at LeLoo's World Stepping onto the frozen landscape you can feel the snow and ice crunch under your feet while off in the distance there are sounds of icebergs breaking apart. The clean, crisp air is frigid, and it blows snowflakes up into your cheeks, stinging them as you explore. Welcome to The Northern Trek. Grab the free snowshoes for your hike across this frozen landscape. Have fun getting in the winter mood! All are welcome to this PG event! Visit in Second Life Winter Love Valley If you are looking for that magical romantic winter feeling full of joy and lights, then you need to visit Winter Love Valley. Come hang out with a friendly community, or bring your friends or lover. Come skate on the ice, snowboard off the hill, horse ride in a romantic setting full of cuddle places, or just come for some winter fun and joy at Winter Love Valley. Visit in Second Life Astoria Astoria is a Dutch destination with winter vibes. Enjoy the snow, the skating tours, and the snowboards. Make new friends while drinking hot cocoa sitting by the fire or bring old friends to have a great time enjoying the snow. Put on shared environment if you don't see ice. Visit in Second Life Let it Snow! A snowy, winter setting with lots to see and do including ice-skating, dancing, a lighthouse, a planetarium, a coffee shop, a cave, and more. Everyone is welcome! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Visit in Second Life Winter Wonders of Cornelia Street You'll find the perfect combination of all things yuletide and more on Cornelia Street! Stroll the snowy cobblestone, stop at the bookshop and Christmas tree lot, then warm up with a hot toddy from Toe Beans Cat Cafe. Brought to you by The Nature Collective! Visit in Second Life Snowy Monverdun Monverdun is a small city that is dressed in winter outfits. The Christmas market has opened its doors and spread the smell of fresh pastries and hot mulled wine. Visit and explore this beautiful winter wonderland. Visit in Second Life Sainte Rose Sur Mer Sainte Rose Sur Mer is inspired by the Mediterranean French villages by the sea. Listen to live DJs throughout the year at the Bardeco le Club and explore the winter mood at this photogenic destination. Visit in Second Life Don't forget to check our Recently Added category to see all the latest additions to the Second Life Destination Guide! Got a spot that you’d like listed in the Destination Guide? Make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form. Learn more about the Destination Guide criteria for Editors’ Picks or the Destinations Floater in the viewer, and increase your chances of being featured in those coveted spots! Connect with Second Life on Social Media: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Flickr | Pinterest | TikTok | LinkedIn
  17. Dive into a world of new possibilities at Leviathan Bay in Second Life, where a city once thriving, was hit with a mysterious disaster and is now flooded and taken over by sea life! Ziekling Bunnyhug started this community over 8 years ago and tells us more about it in her own words: “Our community can be as hard to define as Second Life itself. It's not exactly a place to role-play, but it has a story. It's not exactly a dance club, but we do have musical events with DJs and live musicians too. I've been taking inspiration from RL cities that I've been to, places I would like to see, places I've explored in other games, and mashed it all together. We also have a lovely little art gallery in the center of the city, run by one of our own long-term staff members, Apple, showcasing her real-life artwork. Meanwhile, our original builder HG will be hosting her own Groovi Movie which is a drive-in theater up the road, with its own sunflower beach and community area. Under the water, we have the sunken city and if you explore the subways it will lead you to Leviathan's Lair, sometimes even featuring Cerberus (who owns the region) himself!” When asked what Second Life means to her, Ziekling tells us: “Second Life is my creative outlet, it's a mirror I look into that reflects my dreams and desires, but the most important thing it has been for me is a home. I've moved a lot IRL, to different cities, states, and even another country. It is hard to make friends just to say goodbye to them shortly after. In SL I am able to keep meaningful relationships close no matter where I end up physically. Creativity was always a part of my life. I was into drawing, painting, the typical art forms you learn in school, lots of doodling, and lots of daydreaming. I always had a world inside my head and in SL it's not only a way for me to enter it, but I can bring other people to that world too.” Meet the other members of Leviathan Bay that make this community thrive: Matti Shylarei Mykie Sol Amiee Maxwell Video Production by Draxtor Despres The Leviathan Bay The Bay returns in its new form. Jump into the future where a city, once thriving, was hit with a mysterious disaster, flooding the lower half and taken over by the mermaids and sea life nearby. Only a small portion of the city remains, where the people rebuilt. There is an entire area full of life with a thriving art district and many restaurants on the main road, as well as a theatre for special events and many venues for entertainment. Perfect for hanging out, exploring, photography, or on a date with someone special. Casual RP is welcome but not required. Visit in Second Life
  18. Pictured: The Deep Woods Don your best elven look and explore these fantasy destinations full of magic and adventure. Find even more in the Adventure & Fantasy category. The Deep Woods - Brought to you by Spark "And into the forest, I go, to lose my mind and find my soul." Go on a journey between light and dark, good and evil, reality and fantasy. Explore the Untold Tales of the Faerie brought to you by Spark Project. Visit in Second Life 80Days - AMON DUIN - An Elven Realm The sea brought you to AMON DUIN, a fictive, Elven realm. Follow the illuminated paths through a golden, autumnal forest while listening to the cheerful songs of the birds in the trees. Find your inner peace. Photographers and bloggers are welcome! Visit in Second Life Neverending - Touch and Fall Neverending is the storybook of an artist, whose drawings come to life through his magical pen and paper. His first book was Mad Wonderland and now he has released his 9th book of Neverending "Touch and Fall" Explore with him and share the magic. Learn more at neverendingsl.blogspot.com Visit in Second Life B sori B sori is a peaceful and dreamy destination. "B" is what you want to be and "sori" is what you want to sound. Share your beautiful memories of B sori in their Flickr group: flickr.com/groups/14812520@N23 Visit in Second Life The Elvenwood Wander amongst the trees and be surprised at the delights of the Fairytale Forest (can you find the hidden treasure chest?) Discover the Ballroom of the Mermaids and walk with trepidation through the Dark Wood. Travel to distant Asia to the island of Enoshima or back in time to the classical world of Delfai (and have your prophecy read by the Oracle). And mostly come for peace and tranquility. Visit in Second Life Cerridwen's Cauldron Visit the fantasy world of Second Life artist Elicio Ember. With an aesthetic style drawing influences from Art Nouveau and Celtic culture, the use of bright color, fantasy plants, and soaring temples make these floating islands well worth exploring. Visit in Second Life AS Eleven Fairy Waterfalls Land Lose yourself in this magical fairy waterfalls garden that is full of adventure and fantasy. It's the perfect place to do Taï Chï, take pictures, meditate, sleep in a giant flower, and chat with new friends. Visit in Second Life The Forgotten A magical swamp born from sorrow, lighting the way for explorers to follow. A castle in ruin, gardens left to despair. Eyes of lost statues left only to stare. Whispers of sadness from voices long gone, dancing fairy dust left to sing its last song. Visit in Second Life Fairy Tales Let your footsteps follow the colorful sparkles leading through the magical forest. Near the river, you can click on the barrels and set yourself adrift along the riverbank to be dazzled by the fantasy creatures dancing the night away. Visit in Second Life Storybook Welcome to Storybook, a fairytale forest dedicated to your childhood bedtime stories. Find your favorite fairytales, take pictures and explore! Visit in Second Life Don't forget to check our Recently Added category to see all the latest additions to the Second Life Destination Guide! Got a spot that you’d like listed in the Destination Guide? Make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form. Learn more about the Destination Guide criteria for Editors’ Picks or the Destinations Floater in the viewer, and increase your chances of being featured in those coveted spots! Connect with Second Life on Social Media: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Flickr | Pinterest | TikTok | LinkedIn
  19. Take a stroll through Roqueblanche in Second Life, a quaint virtual village and paradise for lovers of French culture and history. Professional landscaper and interior designer, Albane Claray, shares her story and inspiration for Roqueblanche: “My name is Albane and I am a girl from the south of France. I was born 26 years ago and grew up in a small village, raised by my grandmother. A few years ago, when I discovered Second Life, I was immediately amazed by the talent of the creators who, day after day, bring this not-so-virtual universe to life. I watched, I learned, and I, too, began to draw pixel landscapes. It has become more than a hobby, it has become a passion. Each new empty lot is a blank canvas for me and I have so much fun painting and creating. I am happy to share this passion with all those who give me the opportunity to create for them, and who trust me to give life to their dreams, their desires. I will always be an apprentice, a student as this universe offers possibilities to our creativity. We have no limits, no boundaries. My story and my origins helped me build Roqueblanche, this little piece of my country. I find there the colors and smells of my childhood, the paths traveled so many times, the light of this end of the summer day, when the stones scorched by the sun are covered with shadows, when the old people of the village go out and sit in the square, in the shade of the old trees. I wanted to share these memories, to offer people around the world a trip to Provence, the land of sun and perfumes. Roqueblanche is my cradle, my heart, and my sharing with the inhabitants of Second Life.” Explore Roqueblanche today, and should you feel inclined, make it your next home. Video Production by Draxtor Despres Le Village de Roqueblanche Roqueblanche is a french village nested in the Provence. Fields of lavender, vineyards and Mediterranean sun are there for your enjoyment. Come take pictures, visit the village and enjoy its places, café , and old trees. The countryside offers you amazing promenades along the paths. Visit in Second Life
  20. This Halloween, explore The Crone in Second Life, a puzzle-solving game with multiple jump scares to get you into the spooky spirit! “I have done it again,” says Second Life veteran and self-described polymath of creation, Loki Eliot, with utmost confidence. And that self-confidence is warranted indeed: just in time for Halloween weekend, Loki has opened “The Crone”, an utterly scary and truly immersive puzzle game, on his home island of Escapades. For a nominal fee of L$100, the player becomes an investigative reporter, searching an abandoned cabin for clues to find missing townspeople … and the horror begins to seep in quickly: a dark and vast labyrinth of underground mines has to be explored, with only a torch as aid … or weapon against a ghastly occupant perhaps? Beware of the crone wandering the cave system, guarding what can only be described as the most horrible secret Second Life Residents might be able to imagine … but if you or your fellow explorers should find it: do not spill the beans before the big day of October 31st … or the crone might be none too pleased! Will Loki Eliot stop working his imaginative magic in Second Life anytime soon? A legitimate question, as he is often seen wandering other worlds, not unlike the protagonist of his current game. Fear not, he says, because SL is very special to him indeed: “People are still finding new ways to do things because there are so many options in SL and I've been here for over 15 years and I still don't know all the options. You can still do really cool stuff!” Teleport over this weekend and try your luck against the crone. Video Production by Draxtor Despres The Crone - A Short Horror Game Local kids tell of an old lady who lures children to her cottage never to be seen again. Dare you venture into the dark woods to investigate whether there is truth to the tales? WARNING: This a creepy game with simple puzzle solving and occasional jump scares. A Game Pass costs L$100 to play, which is a single payment and you can play again and again. The game length is approximately 20 minutes. This is a part of Loki Escapades Experiences. Visit in Second Life
  21. Home to the Transylvania family for 18 years, the Transylvania destination is a safe haven for those with an interest in a vampiric lifestyle in Second Life. Established in 2004, Transylvania is not solely focused on role-playing, and is instead a darkly gothic environment built for mood and atmosphere with a strict no-combat policy. Walking the streets of Transylvania you’re sure to find the Vampires and Lycans who call it home, but be prepared for other unusual visitors too. There are four Transylvania Royals who own and run the day-to-day operations of Transylvania. Three of those royals are Transylvania Vampires: Willow Raven Paine (who is also the mother of Transylvania,) Noirran Marx, and Sabbian Paine. The 4th Royal is Joytou Timeless who is a Transylvania Lycan and their pack leader. Sabbian shares more of the inner workings and upcoming events: “Transylvania has always been about the family as a whole working together as equals or as the family refers to as "One Blood." To join the Transylvania family as either a Vampire or a Lycan, there is an application process and you need family sponsorship. You can find a notecard dispenser for either Vampire or Lycan in the grand hallway in the castle as you first walk in. After careful consideration, the final decision is made by the Royals. The Transylvania community is not just made up of family members but its visitors and residents as well. We host DJ parties in the evening, and monthly themed events especially around the birthday in August and Halloween where the Transylvania family will host 5 days of events starting on October 28th with a Zombie Sock Hop, Scary Monsters, and Super Freaks, Evil Clown event, Halloween Party and a Dia De Los Muertos celebration.” If you have a penchant for the dark, attend some of the upcoming Halloween events at Transylvania and consider sending in your application to join the family. Family members featured in the video: Vampyres: Kloe Kidd, Hollow, Meka Indigo, Ados Oldrich, Tomaso Franizzi, Wyndiva Magic, and Zarabella Ming Pockets Lycans: Sheena Oldrich, Raeyn Sirnah, Petra Paderborn, Chopper Gurbux Video Production by Draxtor Despres Transylvania Established in 2004, Transylvania is Second Life’s oldest gothic, vampire, and lycan lifestyle community. With nightly DJs, art exhibits, discussions, shopping, and residences, it continues to thrive as Second Life's oldest community for those with a penchant for the dark. Visit in Second Life
  22. Spend this spooky Halloween season in one of the most vibrant virtual communities in the metaverse! It’s The Great Trick-or-Treat Event, Bellisseria! Creep or crawl over to Bellisseria this Halloween season to snag some candy and win prizes! This is an interactive event open to *everyone* where Residents living in Bellisseria can host Candy Buckets on their parcels. You don’t want to miss the paranormal partygoers and creative costumes throughout Bellisseria during this virtual Trick-or-Treat. Plus, there are prizes to be won for all who participate! Read Patch Linden’s forum post for all the spooky details and teleport over to one of the following locations to pick up the HUD and start trick-or-treating! The event starts on Tuesday, October 18th! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Millbank/205/38/23 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Campwich Forest/118/101/24 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Randelsham Forest/150/112/70 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Muehlenbach/158/120/37 2022 Halloween Premium Gift! Our Halloween gift for our Premium and Premium Plus members is this spooky cabin fully furnished with cobwebs and all! Pick it up at one of our Premium Gift Collection Spots on the Destination Guide. Halloween Haunted Neighborhood Once again, the Millbank region has undergone a spooky overhaul, with numerous Linden Homes getting a haunted horror theme. Visit the Halloween Haunted Neighborhood, grab a red balloon, explore the many haunted houses, and see the scary sights! Halloween Haunted Tour Our classic Halloween Haunted Tour is back again for a limited time. Are you brave enough to enter? Hop in a coffin and enjoy the wild ride through the twisted mind of madness! Halloween Shop & Hop 2022 The annual Halloween-themed multi-region shopping event continues through November 1st. If you haven’t had a chance to pick up free gifts from over 320 participating merchants, head over now to complete your spookiest look yet! Check the 2022 Halloween Shop & Hop guide for a list of all merchants with direct slurls. Halloween Last Names Celebrate the Halloween season by switching to a creepy new username. These last names are only available for a limited time! Haunted Destinations Explore even more haunted destinations listed on the Destination Guide where ghosts, goblins, and other scary surprises lurk around every dark corner. There is so much to do this Halloween season, so grab a costume and hit that teleport button now! Happy Halloween!
  23. This Halloween, explore the creepy 13th Cloud Hotel, a destitute and broken-down asylum in Second Life. The mysterious 13th Cloud Hotel is a collaboration between friends Lil Brat and Roxksie on the RoxkStudios region. Lil shares her inspiration for this haunted exhibit, “I wanted to try a floating asylum idea I had a few years ago, and we went for it. I love reading about all the spooky aspects of world history, in this case, asylums. Roxksie found the project to be a perfect addition to her art region, “Lil approached me knowing that I make art installations in Second Life while owning and managing an art region so I offered her some space. Once the first part had been installed, I mentioned the idea of creating a maze with the hope of making something interactive to explore. This installation is a vehicle for telling the story of times gone past. The older medieval practices that doctors would perform on patients thinking that it could or would cure them of illnesses. Instead of understanding the science of what causes illnesses, they would use things like electric shock to “cure” the ailment or leeches.” When asked what Second Life means to them, Roxksie shared that since joining SL at age 18 back in 2006 “... the world has become an addition to my real life, where I can do the things that I cannot afford to do offline such as take a weekend to sit on a tropical beach (I live in the UK so there isn’t a lot of tropical beaches to go to). In recent years I have learned to use Second Life as a medium for expressionism which is an addition to my offline real-world artwork. I enjoy creating fantastical immersive art displays and creations that others can interact with and explore.” You can see more of Roxksie’s interactive art on the Roxkstudios region. Lil Brat also shares her feelings towards this virtual world, “Second Life means a lot to me. It’s a place where you can play with and show your creativity, hang out with friends and explore. There is so much to do and see and it really is an amazing place. Some of my best friends I met in Second Life.” Lil Brat’s other work can be seen at her Dollhouse Forest. After completing work on the 13th Cloud Hotel, Lil and Roxksie invited friends Squizzle, Echo, and Monki to assist in the 2nd installment of the asylum, called The 700's Labyrinth. This is the horror maze where inmates from the asylum were released into a final realm. Explore if you dare! Halloween is the perfect season to do all of the above in our virtual universe: create, express yourself, hang with friends, supplement RL with tropical surroundings and, if you dare, creep people out by visiting an old spooky asylum, in the clouds! Additional help for 13th Cloud Hotel was provided by Ramisaa Gothly (Scripting Assistance with the Asylum), Solace Tigerpaw (maker of the famous TeaCup Carousel), and Finn Zeddmore (Narrative ideas) Video Production by Draxtor Despres The 13th Cloud Hotel Welcome to the Asylum! Explore the tale of the destitute remains of a broken-down madhouse. Once a place for care with doctors, the patients broke loose from their medication and ruined this establishment. You are invited to explore these ghastly terrors. Produced by the Doll's House & SLRandom ArtCrew on the RoxkStudios region. Visit in Second Life
  24. Pictured: Halloween Shop & Hop - Snapdragon Region Halloween is fast approaching, are you prepped for the season? Explore our Featured Events category for a full list of Halloween-themed shopping events, pick up some spooky decor and fun costumes, and go trick-or-treating at all the haunted destinations! Halloween Shop & Hop - Forsythia Celebrate Halloween with your favorite Second Life Creators at the 2022 Halloween Shop & Hop. With sales galore and gifts for everyone, the event will run from October 6th to November 1st. Visit in Second Life Salem Designed to evoke the tenor of the 1692 witch trials, Salem returns to the grid featuring your favorite brands and their thrilling creations! Dive into Salem's macabre market and connect with artisans across the grid, selling autumn-themed goods! Just in time for Halloween, Salem opens on September 24th to October 22nd and promises to bewitch you! Visit in Second Life Satan Inc. 2022 Satan Inc. is a shopping event run by Novel Events and carries clothing, accessories, and decor for Halloween! With an innovative gifting system and mystery boxes, they add a lot of fun to your shopping adventures. The event runs from October 5th to November 1st. For more info, visit shopnovelevents.com Visit in Second Life The Guild HALLOWS - Aftermath A full harvest moon illuminates the quiet town of Conviction and the grave-site nearby. This place, stuck at a moment in time where life is tranquil and eerily pleasant calls to you. But where has everyone gone? Visit the Hallows graveyard this October and stock up on treats at this year's spooky Halloween event! The event runs from October 1st to the 31st. The tricks come later for the retro Halloween Halftime Hunt, beginning October 15th! For more info, visit: theguildsl.com Visit in Second Life Mysterious Halloween Event It's a frighteningly good time at the Mysterious Halloween Event, filled with different haunted areas to explore by candlelight, including a junkyard, haunted house, escape rooms and portals to who knows where! Shopping and a hunt also offer up some one-of-a-kind Halloween goodies. You'll want to use the shared environment and join the experience to get the full effect! Enjoy and good luck! The event runs from October 3rd to November 4th. Visit in Second Life Necrotize Deep in the caverns of a world beyond our own, lies a nest filled with unspeakable horrors. Should you venture too deep, you may never return as you were. Necrotize is a yearly science fiction horror event featuring terrifying goods from the best designers on the grid. Presented by Second Life Syndicate and CerberusXing, and housed in an homage to H. R. Giger. The event runs from October 7th to November 7th. Visit in Second Life The Main Event Presents Fall-O-Ween! The Main Event presents their 3rd Annual Fall-O-Ween festival! Complete with a pumpkin patch, farm, coffee shop, haunted forest, corn maze, and more! You can also shop 80+ designers at their Shop & Hop full of Halloween goodies and discounts. They have everything to get you in the spooky spirit! The event runs from October 1st-31st. Visit in Second Life Don't forget to check our Recently Added category to see all the latest additions to the Second Life Destination Guide! Got a spot that you’d like listed in the Destination Guide? Make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form. Learn more about the Destination Guide criteria for Editors’ Picks or the Destinations Floater in the viewer, and increase your chances of being featured in those coveted spots! Connect with Second Life on Social Media: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Flickr | Pinterest | TikTok | LinkedIn
  25. Discover a hauntingly beautiful region of lost dreams and surreal landscapes at What’s Lost Spirits in Second Life. Long time Second Life resident, Stabitha aka Sam, has created a nightmarish place, a place of surreal art to explore, and a space where one can maybe confront one’s own anxieties? Sam explains: “What's Lost Spirits is a mix of RL experiences, such as the entry point and the mansion, and the recurring nightmares that followed those experiences. I have and have had, very lucid and vivid dreams all my life. I visit the same variety of places over and over again in those dreams, the feel of the places never changes but the buildings do over time, as well as the people. It is because of them that I decided to build What's Lost Spirits. I have a whole world in my head and Second Life gives me the perfect canvas to get that out. Eventually I will have stories that will go with the areas and characters and I plan on hopefully making them into a graphic novel of some sort. That will take years though. So for right now it's an ongoing work in progress.” Sam has indeed already written two short stories, although she is not sure they are quite finished yet: “The first one is called ’Sam's Story’. The main character has the same name as me. Coincidence? Maybe. It is about how the nightmares started, it is a real life experience. The second is called ‘Terror’. It is a short story that has to do with one of the nightmare characters.” If you like Sam’s style of visualizing her dark thoughts in the virtual world, we recommend a visit to her store which features some hand-picked (and hand-crafted) imaginative items, perfect for the season. Happy Halloween! Video Production by Draxtor Despres What's Lost Spirits Explore a region of lost dreams, an ongoing project based on a series of vivid nightmares. Visit in Second Life
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