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About Me

  1. Hello! We are looking for roommates to join our small RP. We live in a 7 bedroom house and still have some rooms available (House is still a WIP ^^) Basic Plot: We are supernatural creatures living in hiding from humans. There are hunters looking for us, so we are living together in a safehouse. - We require you to be active in the house, since keeping empty rooms hurts the RP and makes it hard on other roommates. - We would prefer RP characters to be between 20-30 years old, but some exceptions are allowed. (Ofc vampires/hybrids/etc are al
  2. hi guys! i roleplay as 14 year old and on the fox hollow family roleplay sim. I pararp and sometimes one line. I'm hear because i'm looking for a mother or farther that is willing to rp with me. I want a specific storyline that goes with my character Ariana's background. Let me know if interested msg me inworld Aestheticprincesstingz.
  3. Hi All, I Am trying to be brave by putting it all out there. I am woman who enjoys Roleplaying in sl. How ever I find that more enjoyable with a partner. Not just roleplay but Sl in general. Its gets lonely roaming about Sl world alone. With no one to tp home to. I Like to think I am simple. I Am a woman looking for a partner here in SL. Yes I do like rp so I would need someone who enjoys that as well.... I Also am Open to having an SL personal Family. Meaning if you want a baby I would enjoy that so long as its a partnership.. How ever, I have been down this road before. So it will
  4. You've been thinking of joining an MC (motorcycle club), but not sure where to go or which one you want to talk to or possibly join.. Then let me help you, let me be your guide and let me introduce you to the best MC you will find in SL.....Black Dragons 1% MC With Black Dragons 1% MC, you are family!! We believe in honor, respect and loyalty. Disrespect any member of this family or any supporter of this family and you will feel what it means to cross a Dragon. The founder and President is a retired marine, as are a few of the fellow members....so the sense of brotherhood
  5. "Discussion post please keep in mind the guidelines for the forums." Hello there I've been in Bloodlines for two years almost three, I have seen people mostly when I am interested in roleplaying with them tell me no Bloodlines play (Which is fine with me) but I don't see the problem with Bloodlines besides the attacking can get annoying and when I asked some people it varies from being an annoyance to keep up with the RP system Bloodlines has or not really fun for them. I'm not saying Bloodlines is bad because it has some perks in recent months with new things added but what is everyone's
  6. Thank you for your interest in a Giano Properties. We strive to make this community a place that is fun for everyone. Tired of "Lonely Island Syndrome"? Come check out Giano Properties. We offer family style roleplay in a friendly, modern, New England setting. Whether you are looking for a starter town home, the latest mesh family home or an XL large parcel to rez your own home we even offer homesteads your very own private island; you will find we have something for all family sizes and budgets. Friendly staff and residents No premium account needed Protected b
  7. Hello. I am wanting to start my own bloodlines clan. I used to be a king/queen of a clan but I left sl for a long time. I don’t really want to do it by myself as I work a lot in rl, and quite frankly, it can be expensive to run a clan. I’m looking for someone who may be interested in being my counter partner. We would split tier for clan land and split responsibilities. We would def have to get to know each other first to see if this would be a good thing. Please message me here or in world if interested. **PS** my clan would not just be another basic bloodlines clan. I want the RP
  8. No Voice Verification Required! Must have a fully mesh avatar and the ability to emote. Here at FDE we are an open and accepting environment for all to enjoy. LGBTQ+ and Ally Friendly as well as Furry Friendly. You will be at home here at FDE. Now Hiring For all Positions at FDE. Dancers, Text, Voice, Dominants, Switches, Submissives, and Metaphysical!! We have a home for EVERYONE!! Pay and Benefits The Rhoxy, The Fox Den, Silence, Verse & U'topia •Non Exclusive (2 Hour Minimum) ₪ 85% Tip Pay Out ₪ $10L an Hour ₪ Free Ad-board Rentals •Exclusive S
  9. Hello! Is there any horse focused sims that either do roleplaying or provide homes for feral horse avatars? Or even have a system where human avatars can adopt or own horse avatars or something? Cause lately I only see animesh pets.
  10. Little Yoshiwara is a Japanese town, in the Bakumatsu era. In Little Yoshiwara, you can rent a beautiful house, visit the onsen, fight in the dojo, find the ghost, do some shopping, go to geisha school, just to name a few activities! It is a great destination for a family vacation and also a marvelous place to live, with rich culture. Everyone is welcome! However, we do ask that you keep things PG13. Also note that geisha are not sex workers, but artists. While we encourage you to explore the sim, please respect the privacy of our residents and do not trespass on people's homes.
  11. *Delete if not allowed* Since this forum is quite big anyone want to show off their RP characters within the guidelines of the Forum? This photo is of an edit in my little Skybox of my avi (Male demon) with a friend of mine. I want to see others RP characters and Avatar to see how creative everyone is.
  12. So recently I came across in a new SL viewer update of skies, days and cycle settings. This works for my RP scenery but which one do you use? I use Falling out SL (Fallout game), Dusty or Foggy for a roleplay scene depending on where I am at for the genre. This is something I never used before this update and wonder what do you use for the scenery settings? Picture is of Falling out SL scenery for the personal lighting in Firestorm viewer.
  13. Can anyone tell me about an RPG here related to mafias and etc? I know bloodline which is related to Vampires and etc.. And some other RPGs.. But i prefer this.
  14. Hello, I'm looking for a roleplay chef, host and waiting staff for an upcoming heavy roleplay restaurant! We can discuss pay and further details if you're interested! Send RosaFrescaEats or Merciless Mercury an IM!
  15. I'm fairly new to SL but am having a REALLY hard time finding rp in world due to my kinks and rp style. I'm used to regular typing rp via kik or telegram and something that brought me to SL was the more physical RP style with animations and emotes. i am literate and never use abbreviations when i RP. can anyone recommend a few good limitless rp groups or sims? ill provide my likes and dislikes upon request. thanks!
  16. Hello there! I always wanted to roleplay in a prison. Getting arrested, trial, handcuffed, court, cells, etc. I want to experience this but I can't find an active prison roleplay place where I can do this. I've seen some older prisons as the AJDC, Morelock and others but since they are gone I hoped that there would be a small but active place where I can experience and play as an inmate. If anyone could help me with this, please let me know. Sincerely CookiezGirl1
  17. Hi All, I have been RPing in SL for almost 3 years now, and RP is what takes up my most of time inworld, However at various points I find people annoying during a Roleplay.... Say, I am in a shopping area and I got friends with a guy there, and then we started some RPs together like Partying on beach, we didn't had anything sexual till then, But out of nowhere one day, he started me to have sex with him and forcing me for it... Or Say, sometimes during a RP people are just asking you questions even not waiting for your reply, that irritates me... So what's that irritates you
  18. Hello, I'm a big fan of The Elder Scrolls Video games and I have not been able to find a medieval / Elder Scrolls Themed sim to fit for what I have for a RP character. Would anyone be interested in building a team and making this RP sim happen in the next few months to a year? If anyone is interested please feel free to let me know I would really like to have this Sim be a good RP for everyone to enjoy.
  19. Hello, I'm looking for ANY vampire-themed roleplay; does anybody know ANY vampire roleplay communities, in any setting or era that focuses on roleplay, particularly vampire-focused roleplay (not Bloodlines) and not live music events?
  20. Welcome to Prim River National Forest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Prim River/72/231/35 Prim River National Forest and Campground is a Family RP roleplaying sim with camping sites and vacation home rentals. Take a walk along the trails and smell the fresh air while viewing the beautiful picturesque mountains. We offer; weekly events, hiking/cave exploration, swimming, 7Sea Fishing, horseback riding, boating, Skeet Shooting, Krafties, paintball/LOST, zip-line, playground, LIFE/Xeolife enabled showers & restrooms, picnic area, dining hall, game-room
  21. Hello everyone, I'm not sure how many people will see this, but I have been interested in exploring pregnancy and family roleplay. I have a partner, so I'm not interested in finding someone to do that with, rather, I would like to have information on what others have done before me. What draws people to this type of roleplay and what do people get out of it? I spent some time inworld trying to answer these questions for myself, and I've run into some roadblocks. Is this still a thing in SL? Have I missed the bus?
  22. Hello there! I'd like to start a roleplay family witch a family of witches. Can also be human or non-human as long as its not furry. (Nothing against furries, I'm a furry cx) I go by Alexander Jace Calix (Aj) or Blair Rae Calix (I'm genderfluid). I have a twin sister named Ophelia Rue Calix. My IW: Xyrii Ophelia's IW: Vulpere If you'd like to start this journey with us, please message us here on the post, DM us, or message us in world or even on our Instagrams! @xyrii.sl , @vulper.e , @vulpere.sl We like demons, elves, witches, vampires, a
  23. Thank you for your interest in a Giano Properties. We strive to make this community a place that is fun for everyone. Tired of "Lonely Island Syndrome"? Come check out Giano Properties. We offer family style roleplay in a friendly, modern, New England setting. Whether you are looking for a starter town home, the latest mesh family home or an XL large parcel to rez your own home we even offer homesteads your very own private island; you will find we have something for all family sizes and budgets. Friendly staff and residents No premium account needed Protected by covenant
  24. THURSDAY DECEMBER 10 ,,, 6-8PM SLT ,,, at the Playdolls Historic Relaxation SIM! Club Pink Kink has been refreshed with an upscale ocean view and stunning dance floor. DJ Storm and the ladies of Playdolls Magazine will be presenting our ViPs with an experience to kick off the holiday season with club music, style, & a bit of whoopee lemee let my hair down! Attire is club casual. Door Prizes from BBX Boats and Heart and Soul Toys Get your limos ready now!!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Relaxation/58/231/21
  25. "In your area!" Bringing K-POP group Blackpink to SecondLife! We are a new team looking for people who can play as the real-life members of Blackpink here in Second Life. It will be like a tribute band here in SL. This includes dressing up our avatars to look like the members of Blackpink as close as possible. Our goal is to preform concerts for people in SL. We will dress our avatars and using animations to dance on stage for audience. Needed: Blackpink member Jennie, Rosé and Jisoo. ❤️ (Lisa has been chosen already) Possibly someone who has their own stream to
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