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  1. Hello, everyone; As much as I love weapons in Second Life, making weapons and I think they're awesome and look really cool, I've been wondering, what exactly is the main purpose of weapons in Second Life? I'm talking about functional scripted weapons, rather than unscripted props. In medieval combat communities, everyone carries around weapons such as swords and bows and uses them against each other in combat, and it adds to the look of your avatar when not in combat, thus adding to the roleplay experience. Weapons are an integral part of life in the medieval community. I would imagine the same is true for modern weapons, such as pistols and assault rifles, and the look of a police officer for example is not complete without a handgun, taser or a baton. The same could be said of soldiers, whose weapons complete their look. I was part of some military and police groups, and we not only did combat, but we shared our interest in weapons often - different brands, types, settings... They were used in drills and other light roleplay. In these settings, weapons make sense. But how about outside these settings? Is there a role for weapons outside of military/police settings? The only other setting I can think of is the mafia or criminal settings, but this I would imagine is mostly roleplay, rather than regular combat. And not everyone is interested in combat, who carries weapons. Does every person who purchases weapons, ideally or in reality, use them in combat, with the meter/system they are scripted to be used for? Are there large numbers of people who just carry around weapons without caring which meter or combat system the weapon is scripted for? If so, for what purpose? Is it just a fashion accessory or a dedicated roleplay prop? The last time I ever saw someone use a weapon in a strictly roleplay setting that didn't involve combat, they took their gun out and shot a single round into a barrel as part of a story. Another is when a corrupt security guard unholstered their rifle in a menacing way, threatening to shoot someone, as part of a roleplay. Other than that, I have never seen a weapon in SL play even a somewhat significant role in being a roleplay prop, even if there are weapons scripted with "roleplay mode" or "roleplay ammunition" just for that purpose. How many people even use the "roleplay mode" or "roleplay ammunition" on their weapons? Roleplay without the use of weapons seems far more prevalent for weapons to be a common roleplay prop. If weapons outside of combat settings (not too many people within the main population are into combat in SL) are not used often enough in roleplay settings (not that many people in the wider roleplay community uses weapons as an important element of roleplay) then it would seem that's not the purpose that people are mainly using them for. I think that leaves competitive shooting and hunting in Second Life as the remaining legitimate purpose of weapons. It's obvious that the main purpose of weapons in SL is not to be used as a griefing tool, even if taking your weapons and using them in non-combat and threatening ways outside of where it's welcome in roleplay settings and outside of roleplay settings entirely would immediately be unwelcome, considered griefing and be grounds for abuse report. This is very tempting and done easily for someone who owns weapons, and they are readily available, but the responsibility lies with the user of the weapons. So, are there groups of people that take their weapons out at shooting ranges and hunting sims in SL and just have a good time shooting? It may be competitive; however this would not count as combat, and it is not a form of roleplay. But I would imagine these people are few and far between, compared to those who engage in combat or roleplay. So, what are the main purposes of functional weapons in Second Life? In what ways are they used the most, that would justify there being so much demand for them, so many of them sold in the marketplace, and scripted for a particular meter/combat system, and with a "roleplay mode" included?
  2. Viper's Estate is a new hangout for adults over the age of 18 to enjoy. We are not a club but a Harem that offers many various things. Nude Beach Massage / spa area BDSM areas with a dungeon and cage area Slave area along with jobs slaves can do Roleplay for those who enjoy roleplaying (public roleplay only) Finding a BDSM family that allows poly / open relationships LGBTQ friendly Events of all sorts will be made that will be from game nights, music etc. Skyboxes will be open in the sky to rent for those who wish to live in a skybox. If interested please contact xxVi3perxx or visit us here at our landmark! LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sweetest Sin/36/37/23
  3. Hello I am looking for an urban type roleplay that is like GTA style. I have role-played at Crack Den and other role-play sims. If I can't find one I plan on making one myself if anyone wants to help.
  4. If you are looking to adopt or be adopted, Adoption Options is the place to go. The minute you walk in you get the feeling of being home. Adoption Options is run by Valerie and Jordin Shepherd and these are 2 of the most dedicated people I've ever known. They are both there, day after day, all day, into the night, barely taking breaks so that they know the kids that come there are in a safe space. They have rules yes, strict ones and they enforce them - all because they want each and every child who comes there to feel welcome and secure. They go above and beyond in all the things they offer. Carnivals, story time, festivals, parties, game tables, dance parties for kids, movies - it's a sim dedicated to the kids. They made a promise years ago to keep their panels at 1L and they still hold true to that promise. There are sections for different ages to be adopted, the parent section, even siblings/grandparents/godparents don't get left out. They are personally involved with each family that goes in and out of their doors. They want everyone to find the child or parent who is right for them and they are dedicated to that mission 100%. The Shepherds and their amazing team of staff and volunteers continue to work tirelessly, day after day, to help that dream come true for every child.
  5. Join us and become part of our family. We currently run a Vacation Resort, a full-service fine dining restaurant, and a wedding venue/planning company. we are looking to fill the following paid positions for each: Vacation Resort - Event manager/adventure planner/guide- If you have a gift for guiding adventure-seeking guests around our vast estate, please apply for this position. You must be entertaining, and highly engaging. You must have customer-service experience, and activity planning experience. The right candidate will have strong skills in self-motivation, marketing, and promotion. - If interested, send your resume to Stephanie Northman inworld. Restaurant - Server - If you have got roleplayed service in your blood this is a position for you. This is a service position in a fine-dining full-service roleplay restaurant - You must have para roleplaying skills, be witty, and entertaining for the staying on the resort, or just enjoying a night out. - If interested, fill out the application linked below: Weddings - Customer Service Reps/Sales - If you have interest in becoming the face of the company this may be the job you are looking for. Sales reps are the first people to greet ne clients and the ones to give the first impression to any visitor. Sales reps greet visitors, show venues, and book wedding packages to our elite clientele. a time-requirement is a must for this position, so if you do not have a minimum of 4 hours a week available, please do not apply. - if interested, please fill out the application linked below: Coordinator/Planner - The coordinator position is highly involved. Coordinators must check and fill-in the Wishlist. They must create Save the dates for their clients, so creativity, and ability to use photo-shop or some other photo editing software is a must - They will set poses and go over the details during the wedding rehearsal and "host" the wedding and reception. The right candidate will be highly organized and able to "run" things on a clear timeline. This is NOT a position for someone looking for an easy paycheck, however, the commission is excellent if the work matches. - if interested, please fill out the application linked below: Photographer - If you are the kind of person, who feels more comfortable in social situations, behind the camera, this might be the position for you. The right candidate for photographer will have an eye for detail and understand the subtle nuances that go into shooting weddings. You have got a million couples and group poses and you cannot wait to try them out, and you just know, that you are the perfect person to shoot that next big wedding party. - If interested, please apply below: DJ - If you have the top playlist, and a gift for talking on the mic, we could be looking for you. Wedding DJ's play a specificized playlist provided by the bride and groom in most cases, get on the mic and announce those special moments for the happy couple, and most of all, entertain. the music and dancing are what a reception is all about after all... right? - if interested in DJing weddings, please apply in the linked application below: Marriage Officiant - If you have a way with flowery words, and can write a ceremony, from the heart, then perform it at just the right time, then we are looking for you. - Officiants, write and perform the wedding and event ceremonies that are so special to us. If interested in this position, apply using the linked application below: Restaurant Application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfvqrZFbWg7pVpvQSUUjb59vK0GUvpOc5nn7so0m1ZSV6yPnw/viewform Wedding Company Application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeMxpnIaZYMVASmHo5OqgEs9NI3hJGz56kfuayaX6KcjHW7pQ/viewform
  6. so i know nothing about pregnancy in second life but we want to try it so which pregnancy system should i use?? :c i just know venus but only what i read on the marketplace so i'm still not sure about it thank you
  7. Bayside Medical Clinic is looking to hire nurses, midwives and doctors. We are preferably looking for people who can work between 2-6pm SLT. To apply please follow the link below: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdhepcoLVZG0yUCs0grKHExsExDETy3SbO_qxyclSLZEnA2vw/viewform
  8. Hello my name is Viper, I'm a role-player that is actively in the BDSM lifestyle as well as Poly lifestyle. (4 years poly experience in real life). I am seeking female partners whom are active to explore the lifestyle together and will be on a trial basis based on how active we meet with each other a few times a week. (I'm always open to having connection on Discord if you can't be on here). The partnerships for people are to be open with poly relationships and open relationships. This means you are allowed to have freedom to have other partners but make time for us both. (I'm always online everyday). This partnership will be a roleplay relationship but I am already partnered with someone on my profile since she is my main relationship but is busy due to her real life. If anyone is interested in being with me for a partnership feel free to contact me on SL or here in the forums. I can discuss everything else in other details in messages. P.S. I don't really have any other partners besides my main partner. This partnership will also be involved with my castle roleplay as well as other role-plays together. Feel free to contact me anytime you wish.
  9. Looking for role players for in world magazine. Staff and models. Also, people interested in being part of a crime family. Would help if you have a Flickr account.
  10. SAIMYA ESTATES Move in special PAY 2 weeks get 1 week free Waterfront Land Control your media and other land abilities Privacy in every home Furniture may be used or return Security may be used in all homes Television for movies and youtube in all homes Group invite sent when rental unit is paid. Access to sail able waters at some locations Excellent Customer Service Skyboxes Fully furnished, however furniture can be returned Television for movies and youtube available Affordable prices Adult skyboxes available Security may be used Group invite sent when rental unit is paid. Have access to sail able waters. AVAILABLE LISTINGS BELOW Available places from Saimya Estates choose and TP: https://www.casperpanel.com/rentals/2OlnqUQd1TOO2LTq/available OFFICE TP: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Whitemud/208/179/2017
  11. Hey there and first of all, I'm not looking for a group, family, partner or rp sim. I just wanted to tell you that my character created a mech/tech base for herself in a timeless zone. (did that icly.) So if you have a character who fits in this like cyberpunk, or time travel, or anything can be related with this... Feel free to send me an IM to do a scene. You can come for any body upgrade, healing, hacking, hiding, or even to sell some materials, imagination is up to you tbh. And I want to say this again, its not a rp sim or community invitation and all I'm offering is roleplay and I would like to do para-rp. I care about stories too much, if you are a player like me and your story fits with the theme, as i said, feel free to send me an IM to have some scene together! Icly, you character may heard the N Base from rumors or directly old customers(npcs) but feel free to find yourself about how they find. ((Any races are welcome, I don't follow a specific lore or rules about it. I only care for stories and creating good ones together. That also means your characters can't come just for a drink))
  12. Hello Second Life! My name is Exalos Halestorm. I'm looking for a fun environment to earn some lindens to pay for my expensive lifestyle. I have business and manager experience in IRL but here in Second Life I'm still learning but will to work hard for that money. I'm open to work as long as it doesn't cross some of my hard limits. I like meeting new people and excited for the second life experience. Thank you, Exalos
  13. Rolemancer Rolemancer is an inclusive community of creative Roleplayers. Writers can utilize the variety of channel types on the go or from the comfort of their PC. Connect with likeminded Roleplayers or optionally share your creations! Why join? 🏳️‍🌈Inclusive community 📁Detailed forums with image support and coding. 🎭Writer's corner which offers live writing sessions, journal entries, character stories and more. 🗄️Sub servers to avoid the infamous channel clutter. Users can optionally claim their own sub server for private RP and communication. Interested? Join here.
  14. Hi! "I'm Violet, I'm 27 and I live in Fox Hollow, Jasper County. I have a beautiful baby daughter Aria, unfortunately her father left just after I got pregnant. We live in a lovely 2-bed house in the suburbs of town, and I work at the local hospital." I'd loooove for Violet and Aria to have some family to share their lives with...I'm looking for; - Parents - Siblings - Aunts/Uncles - Cousins I'd also really like to have that special guy in my life and am looking to date too! I'm on UK time, so my usual online times (SLT) are 11am-2pm Mon-Thu, 11am-3pm Fri, 1am-4pm Sat, 1am-2pm Sun. If you'd like to meet in world and get to know each other a little, please drop me an IM or reply to this thread my contact details are: SL: Violet Hexem Discord: Violet Hexem#0666
  15. Hey everyone, Do any of you know of any active communities that do rentals, as well as have active community events? Me and my partner are looking for places like this to potentially look into housing, as well as events to attend. Preferably ones that hold events often, with an active community.
  16. Requirements; Disallowed: ❌ Under 18 in RL and SL RP. ❌ You can not wear a starter SL avatar. We want everyone to be themselves/unique. ❌ Avatars height must not be under 5ft. ❌ You must not resemble an animal, teen, child or even minor. 100% human adult avatars are accepted only. Accepted: ✔️ Atleast 2 week/14 day old avatars. ✔️ Male or female. Extra Info; For Dancers: ⚪ Voice is not required, but you are welcome to use it. Keep in mind though, all thanks for tips must be via text/Emoting. ⚪ We have a sign up fee: it will be L$50 per applicant/dancer to join our Dancer Group. This is for security reasons and to ensure applicants are seriously wanting to join. There will be no refunds if you have been working over 2 days, or have been banned for misbehavior. ⚪ We are not an Escort Club! That being said, if you wish to Escort with Clients who ASK YOU FIRST, you may set your own Escorting rates and use a private room here or TP away. We do not have any furniture that is designed for Escorting/Sex within the club. ⚪ As you are applying as a Dancer, you will be expected to strip for certain rates. ⚪ For this role you will earn 85% of your tips made. For Hosts: ⚪ Voice is not required, but you are welcome to use it. Keep in mind though, all thanks for tips must be via text/Emoting. ⚪ We have a sign up fee: it will be L$50 per applicant/dancer to join our Dancer Group. This is for security reasons and to ensure applicants are seriously wanting to join. There will be no refunds if you have been working over 2 days, or have been banned for misbehavior. ⚪ We are not an Escort Club! That being said, if you wish to Escort with Clients who ASK YOU FIRST, you may set your own Escorting rates and use a private room here or TP away. We do not have any furniture that is designed for Escorting/Sex within the club. ⚪ Events Staff are not expected to Strip when tipped. ⚪ For this role you will earn 85% of your tips made. For DJs: ⚪ Voice is not required, but you are welcome to use it. Keep in mind though, all thanks for tips must be via text and optional Emoting via DJs. DJs as they have a play-list, optional requests to focus on are not required to thank via an Emote as this can be distracting. ⚪ We have a sign up fee: it will be L$50 per applicant/dancer to join our Dancer Group. This is for security reasons and to ensure applicants are seriously wanting to join. There will be no refunds if you have been working over 2 days, or have been banned for misbehavior. ⚪ We are not an Escort Club! That being said, if you wish to Escort with Clients who ASK YOU FIRST, you may set your own Escorting rates and use a private room here or TP away. We do not have any furniture that is designed for Escorting/Sex within the club. ⚪ Events Staff are not expected to Strip when tipped. ⚪ For this role you will earn 95% of your tips made. ⚪ DJs must provide their own stream. If you wish to apply please come visit in-world and pick up an application! These are very straight forward, easy to locate upon landing. When complete just drop into our application mail box and we will contact you when we have read. Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you. Please make sure to get the Welcome Pack from the Greeter for our guest/VIP Rules! SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rosehaven%20Falls/41/154/901 See a preview of our club via the attached photos. ♥
  17. ** CLASSIFIED - In Character information ** =^= U.S.S. Sentinel - NCC-22502 =^= The U.S.S. Sentinel was the third Crossfield Class starship to be manufactured by Starfleet following the Federation-Klingon War. It shares the same design as it's predecessors, including it's classified Displacement-Activated Spore Hub Drive. It was deliberately isolated and shrouded in secrecy from the U.S.S. Glenn and U.S.S. Discovery by Section 31. The Sentinel had learned from the mistakes of the Glenn and utilised the same means of Tardigrade DNA as was used on the U.S.S. Discovery to achieve full Spore Jump capability. The current stardate is 2257. Throughout the grueling months of the ongoing Federation-Klingon War, the Sentinel jumped to and engaged countless Klingon attacks to Federation outposts and bases. After the U.S.S. Glenn was destroyed, it became one of two ships with an active Spore Hub Drive. Whilst the U.S.S. Discovery was on their way back to Earth with the algorithm that would neutralise the Klingon cloaking capability, they entered the Mirror Universe, swapping places with their mirror universe counterpart: the I.S.S. Discovery. The I.S.S. Discovery was destroyed by Klingons after their arrival, which led Starfleet to believe the U.S.S. Discovery had been destroyed in the attack. The Sentinel was dispatched to investigate, however for some unknown reason the Spore Hub Drive was no longer working. The Science and Engineering teams aboard worked hard to understand why this had happened but to no avail. The U.S.S. Sentinel resorted to more traditional forms of propulsion using its Warp Drive. Unfortunately, this meant that its usefulness had become limited. The Sentinel was assigned to work with Section 31 to attempt to diagnose and fix the Spore Hub Drive and work on other projects to aid in the War. Without the algorithm to detect cloaked Klingon vessels, the Federation suffered greatly and Federation space had been all but pushed back to the Sol System. It wasn't until the U.S.S. Discovery returned that the Spore Hub Drive came back online again. It was revealed that the Discovery's crew had thwarted the Terran Empire's hold on and decimation of the Mycelium Network and had removed the blockage to the network. The Sentinel had Spore Drive capability once again. The Sentinel continued to work closely with Section 31 and worked on a series of classified research projects towards the end of the war and although an official armistice was declared following the appointment of the Klingon Chancellor L'Rell, there were still pockets of Klingon groups that needed to be dealt with. The Sentinel continues its mission of protecting the Federation at all costs from threats. ====================================== ** Out of Character Information ** =^= The Sentinel Needs You =^= We are now looking for crew members to join the crew of the U.S.S. Sentinel. We are currently reviewing our RP times so we are pretty flexible right now and open to suggested times. We will be aiming to conduct at least one 2hr RP session per week. As a full crew member you will be provided with a Star Trek Discovery era uniform and equipment. You will also have access to the full ship 24hrs a day. On the ship you will be assigned a fully furnished quarters. You can use this as your home point should you wish and you will have a limited number of prim allocation to display some items in your quarters. This environment is a 24/7 RP experience. If you are on the sim you will be expected to act "In Character" even outside of scheduled RPs. Should you wish to speak "Out of Character" please do so through private IMs. =^= Available Roles =^= We have roles available in the following areas: - Command (limited subject to extensive vetting) - Operations - Security & Section 31 - Engineering - Science - Medical We are not accepting Civilian roles at this time. To apply please fill out this form here and we will get back to you: APPLY HERE To visit the ship, beam up here: BEAM ME UP *=Disclaimer=* This Roleplay experience is unaffiliated with any other Star Trek RP within Second Life and is intended as a non-for-profit live action roleplay group. We are not endorsed by Bad Robot, Viacom, Paramount Pictures or CBS and is intended for entertainment and group roleplay only. Star Trek®, in all its various forms, is a trademark of CBS and/or Paramount Pictures and any other Star Trek related items are registered trademarks and/or copyrights of their respective trademark and copyright holders.
  18. Hello! I am apart of the Zahur Family in SL. We are looking for more family members to be apart of our little family. You can join in as uncle, sister, whatever! Your age doesn't matter! We are a family that tries to be diverse, but we are all black and would like for anyone to join! We do activities as a family all the time such as vacations, games, movie nights, builds, all type of things. We just wanna make the SL experience more fun for those that have nothing to do. Even if you want to be a family friend, that is okay! Here's a video of us! Please feel free to contact me IW: DonicaDee ❤️
  19. Make Cedarbrook Creek your winter haven from the trials and tribulations of life this Winter. This up and coming sim is sure to be one of the hot destinations over the coming month, designed by Chris.Vortex and Anna.Starlight. The design and decoration of the sim is amazing. With a very careful eye to design and aesthetics, the Blackwolfes have truly created a marvellous estate. The houses are large, beautifully landscaped Onsu designs with generous prim allowances and reasonable prices. The owner's attention to detail is legendary. The sim boasts a medical centre, large fire station, modern police department, civil services depot, shops, arcades, diner, outdoor movie studio, and much much more. At Cedarbrook Creek, you can expect a warm and loving community with a customer service-oriented management team. They are professional sim owners and managers, so if you are looking for a new home and community, I highly recommend Cedarbrook Creek. Contact Chris.Vortex or Anna.Starlight inworld for landmark and opening date. Thanks, Jennifer
  20. Hi All, I Am trying to be brave by putting it all out there. I am woman who enjoys Roleplaying in sl. How ever I find that more enjoyable with a partner. Not just roleplay but Sl in general. Its gets lonely roaming about Sl world alone. With no one to tp home to. I Like to think I am simple. I Am a woman looking for a partner here in SL. Yes I do like rp so I would need someone who enjoys that as well.... I Also am Open to having an SL personal Family. Meaning if you want a baby I would enjoy that so long as its a partnership.. How ever, I have been down this road before. So it will take time for me to get there again and to feel safe. Trust is a think that needs to be present, and not forced.. If we work out and both our needs are met I can be the most loyal and fierce partner you can imagine. My biggest pet peeve, claiming you want a relationship but then not putting fourth any effort. I Am not one that trusts simply what you say, actions speak volumes. I Am also smart enough to know that if a relationship is what you want then you will show that and act as such. Lying is also another issue for me. Please dont lie to me there are no reasons, be honest. Dont be cruel. I Also ask that you put fourth effort into your avi. I Put work into mine, so it would only be fair too ask the same thing from a partner. Anything else please ask me. I Am Eastern time zone, and on pretty late daily. I Am looking for a strictly Sl thing. And I Do not enjoy voice, but I have no problem proving I am a woman. I Just will not voice, I come on sl to escape rl not to get more involved in it.. If you are interested please Message me inworld. Rabecka0956 Resident
  21. Welcome to your home, business, event, roleplay, club land! ———————angel EXE Estates——————— ——————Visit Our Office:—————— http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/AFK/247/241/1001 Quickly view The Land List for availability: Heart [Unit Y2] – 16384 sqm 1/4 7,500 primhttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Heart/180/160/36 Holy [Unit H2B] 8192 sqm 3750 primshttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Holy/222/160/21 Holy [Unit H4] 16384 sqm 7500 primshttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Holy/191/64/22 Beauty [Unit 21] – 16384 sqm / 7500 prims http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beauty/115/200/37 Beauty [Unit 22] – 16384 sqm / 7500 prims http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beauty/201/198/37 Beauty [Unit 24] – 16384 sqm / 7500 prims http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beauty/232/63/37 💛 For support, copy and paste: secondlife:///app/agent/792ce02c-c686-4087-b510-3f4eab165ead/about in Second Life Nearby Chat to message angelexe. 💛
  22. Hello there! My name is Eli and as the title suggests, I am poking my nose around to see if there are any interested in acquiring a maid/nanny for roleplay. While I have no formal maid training, either in SL or RL, I am professional, thorough, and dedicated, and I come equipped with several different skillsets which could benefit the right household. I am... ♥ A long-time resident of SL...I have been in SL since December 2006 ♥ Partnered & Married in RL - No ulterior motives. ♥ A decent roleplayer who enjoys detailed and fun interaction. ♥ Well-groomed and up-to-date in appearance... Mesh, BOM, quality designers etc. ♥ Professional in appearance and demeanor. (Not interested in providing personal/sexual services, thank you) ♥ Happy to voice, or not. Up to you, I am comfortable with either. ♥♥ Proficient in Farming systems such as: DFS, beYOU, and AURA ♥♥ Excellent with children - both zooby and avatar-played: happy to care for either, and roleplay naps, baths, lunches, homework, etc. ♥♥ Excellent with animals - Breedables and avatar-played: Happy to help organize breedable nests/store if you have one and remind you when food is low. Also happy to roleplay caring for an avatar animal as well...feedings, baths, and of course the pats and snuggles. I require no payment whatsoever, nor do I require my own space in your home, unless you would prefer otherwise. I am happy to wear the standard black/white maid uniform while in your service - if you prefer that I wear one which I do not already own, that is fine; I will not expect or ask you to purchase it for me...but I do require said uniform to be of good quality. A good maid should compliment the household for which she works, in my opinion, and should always look her best. As a bonus, and only if you prefer, my RL husband has shown interest in being a butler when he is able to be online. His roleplay skill is eloquent and detailed - puts many to shame, in my opinion, and like myself, he is very professional and detail-oriented. He does work 8-12 hours a day, 7 days a week in RL, however, so you will likely see me more than him. I realize there is likely not a great need for those of us wanting to be maids or butlers, but I figure I would take a shot anyway. If you are interested or have further questions, please reach out to me in-world! Thank you! ♥
  23. GUARDS WANTED ________________________________________ WE ARE NOW HIRING. Squid game is looking for new guards to join the team. If you are enthusiastic about the game, want to wear that red suit, into roleplay and more importantly have a good aim, then apply NOW. Details below. Please contact xqueenvictoria for more information on what the job entails. (⌐▀͡ ̯ʖ▀)︻̷┻̿═━一-
  24. BEE REAL ESTATE SINCE 2007 For 12 weeks --> 640m - 219 prims - L$3,499 Ocean Front at Gramela 2,048m - 703 prims - L$499 Grass Hills at Mavora 2,048m - 703 prims - L$499 Grass Hills at Klaatu 4,096m - 1406 prims - L$899 Grass Hills at Klibert 4,096m - 1406 prims - L$899 a week Grand Moat at Titian 4,096m - 1406 prims - L$899 Grass Hills at Klaatu ALL PARCELS ARE FULL PERM - NO RULES - YOU RULE !
  25. Jasper County Court is Hiring Whether you are experienced or new in the legal domain, Jasper County Court offers an opportunity for you to engage in meaningful legal work, while contributing to the overall development of the community. We are currently Seeking: Judge District Attorney Public Defender District Attorney Investigator Assistant District Attorney These (paid - small linden sum & 10% rental discount on a single rental) positions will allow you to learn more about the judicial system and participate in the community life at Fox Hollow. Please fill the following application : https://forms.gle/To4ZXsqQiwBe8hZSA Any questions can be directed to Isabeau Baragula (District Attorney) or Imogen Atheria (OOC Management), inworld.
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