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  1. **ACTIVE FANTASY RPERS PLEASE** **DO NOT REPLY; IM IF NEEDED** Forms are at the bottom but it is VERY important to read everything as to what you are signing up for! More info ARE on the forms for sponsorship (as in costs, rewards, rental, etc) as well as job roles (what you do, experience, etc), so make sure you read those too! A Discord link to the sim are on the forms as well for extra planning and socializing (like you know, getting to know people and just having fun~). Anyways! The idea pitch to gather interest!~ \o/ ~~~ This project is to be able to open up a fantasy roleplay sim incorporating a sense of entering into another dimension, summoned by The Goddess, named Osari in the year 2540. This dimension is Lunairis, one full of magic and clean air, compared to the dystopia of Earth, now ravished in chaos and despair, humanity on its last breath. First, you customize your character (character sheet will be given along with details) and you start your journey in what is the hub for newcomers who have been newly summoned and have been working on figuring things out. Of course, for extra story, there is a looming threat of The Overlord trying to take over Lunairis and spread chaos and despair through demonic creatures of all kinds... And perhaps he too, has summoned adventurers from dimensions to do his bidding? There will be locations such as a gem mining cave, a largely populated city (where the IC 'HUB' is at), and a small town in a fae-like forest for extra. Some other locations may be planned out, depending on which sim size is chosen. (Perhaps a Mer area?) A region HUD is planned to be implemented for XP, spells, dice, and other things, such as a IC currency. There are options to change your look through IC currency (hair color, eyes, skin, any extra added cosmetic features) and perhaps there will be options such as stats or weapon enhancements that give you a special spell. I wish to give a free-form of character customization like a game, with extra MMO-inspired combat but with dice (as that is a fair form of combat to me). However there are limitations and rules, just like any other sim. Restricted races and rules, of course, but the character's appearance is freely chosen by the player unless changed ICly with the IC currency to do so. Currency will be in gold only. 1G is USD 1$ equivalent. ~~~ **MORE INFO TO COME UPON FURTHER PLANNING** **WELCOME TO IDEAS** ~~~ Form for Sponsorship! - https://forms.gle/JM3bReHAAc2vZ3n9A Form for Admin / Moderator / Mentor! - https://forms.gle/ikZTjnEzK73MgBbe8
  2. Phoenix Tavern is looking for staff and roleplayers. We are in a medieval-fantasy themed RP sim, and we are looking for: BARTENDERS WAITERS HOSTS DJS MUSICIANS DANCERS We offer a friendly and drama free environment, and all the positions are tips based. We also require basic RP skills to help the SIM develop and increase traffic. If you want to apply for any of the above, please feel free to fill the form: https://forms.gle/dAT7inGiog1cY5Da6 We are also looking for experienced GAME MASTERS who are skilled in Medieval fantasy games. If you think this position is for you, please send a notecard to AlyaVRose inworld with all your needed information.
  3. Are you looking for a fun place to work in SL? We have great news! Eclipse Restaurant & Events is hiring!!! We have several positions opened currently. Please complete the application here - Eclipse Job Application ** Be sure to read the application fully, and complete only areas that apply to the position you are applying for. We cannot state this enough. If you do not fill out the application properly, your application will not be considered! ** https://xalassrax.wixsite.com/deviantsims/eclipse
  4. I'm returning, but still new! My best friend and I joined SL a couple years ago, but we were quickly overwhelmed and dropped it before we could even build proper avatars. Now we're giving it another shot, and with huge thanks to all the christmas gift events, I actually managed to put together an avatar this time. I'm hoping to find some friends on here because my friend and I haven't run into anyone yet. I don't know much about SL, but there's a lot I'm interested in. I love games, alternative fashion, all things cute, dark, and fantasy, and I used to love RPing on forums so I want to try out Second Life's RP scene too. I would say I like anime but I kinda... don't watch it anymore. I'm still a fan of the art style and culture, if that counts. Aside from that... - My avi's mostly human (except for stuff like horns and bunny ears) but I'm friendly to all kinds of avis, furry or otherwise. - I'm a guy and I go by he/him even though my avatar is pretty feminine. - My timezone is Mountain Time (MT), but I keep odd hours because I'm a short sleeper. - I prefer text chat over voice. If I ever do voice chat, it'll probably be on Discord. - and like I said in my original introduction, I'm LGBT so anything under that umbrella is a bonus!
  5. Haiii all! We are going to be having a soft opening during the day today! Come on over and check the place out! We are also still hiring for all positions! You can also drop an application in while you come over. Applications are by the bottom of the stairs once you walk through the first set of doors. TP: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sensual Fun/145/159/21 Hope to see y'all there! Much love, Management and owners ♥
  6. Application will be in the right side where the cake is: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sunflower Meadow/153/160/21
  7. Fort Freyview is looking for Rental Team Members, Marketing Team Members, Event Coordinators, and Government Moderators. Learn more on these job descriptions and hit apply on the site: https://bit.ly/joinfortfreyviewmanagement
  8. *OPEN FOR RECRUITMENT* Gor, GE, Raid, Combat, ZCS, Roleplay, Master, Slave, Adult Themed Content Located Southeast of Ar Based on the books by John Norman Adults only http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Evil Happenings/145/149/24
  9. Application will be in the right side where the cake is: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sunflower Meadow/153/160/21
  10. Seeking SL residents that enjoy playing a VTM clan of their choice, and wanting to casually RP and get with others who have the same interest. Message me In World.
  11. Hello, my name is Blaze Rodriguez (xxVi3perxx) I'm a role-player and a Nonbinary Lesbian. I use a male avi since that is what I'm most comfortable with. My pronouns are They / Them / He / Him. I play video games mostly sims 4 on PC and for Xbox i play GTA V, Minecraft, Batman ETC. I'm looking for friends and all sorts of relationships. If you don't mind me being a role-player and looking for a friend, I'm always open. I'm on almost every day Central time 1pm - 10 pm. If you want to be friends feel free to message me on SL.
  12. Eye clamps - Those things that hold open your eyelids open... has anyone made one in SL before? 😜
  13. Join Meela Vanderbuilt, the Monarchy Dancers, and the Bayside Community for an afternoon of style, fashion, and amazing prizes! Stop by the Monarchy Mall and hang out with Meela as she showcases her favorite Secondlife designers and enter for a chance to win gifts, outfits, and cash prizes! WHEN: Sunday, 9/25 @11am SLT Join us in-world: TAXI TO MONARCHY MALL Tune in on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/MeelaVanderbuilt See you there!
  14. **REQUIREMENTS TO NOTE BEFORE APPLYING** - Must be 18+ - Account must be at least 4 months old - Must be able to roleplay/emote - Must have payment info on file - Must have discord to communicate. - Must be able to work between the hours of 6-9 SLT APPLY HERE: https://forms.gle/gcoLpL5U2mSRt8rg7
  15. I'm looking for a job in SL! I have a loud at home environment, so voice tends to be out of the options here, but I'm willing to do just about anything else (except escorting or anything of that nature). I need something flexible and only during certain weekdays! My irl life is a little busy, but I'm able to put in time from 9am-10pm during weekdays, weekends really depend. For ideas: I have 2 irl kiddos so I have maternity/pregnancy/birth/etc experience. (Also, why my home is loud so I refrain from mic use) I can do some kind of interior design; I just don't know how that works here. I am a great roleplayer (over 10+ year of experience)! I have worked in customer service before and wouldn't mind that again. I can do art and have done many commissions in the past on other platforms including digital portraits, business logos, custom pieces, etc. (I lost all business logo art pieces due to a system malfunction in my iPad, so sadly I cannot give examples) Just message me IW with offers or whatever info would be helpful! IW user: Softiie
  16. Hi all! We're looking for any experienced persons who may be interested in taking on a leadership position on our roleplay sim: The Lost City of Dwarka. Dwarka is a new medieval/fantasy aquatic roleplay sim comprised of two whole sims (of land and sea) and a beautifully intricate build of different regions. We are soft opening at the moment and are looking for people with experience of long-time roleplaying, moderator, mentor, or admining in an RP setting to help out. If interested or have questions, please IM/NC Ìռɖɨɢօ (kei.kawanishi) . Thank you. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Faerie Tale/173/149/1002
  17. It's all going down tonight! Join us for Games and Growlers at The Batcave! Prizes for each game won. ALL Ages Welcome to play. • When: Thursday, August 18 at 7 PM Where: The Batcave in Port Dominion Who: EVERYONE! • Superheroes and Villains alike have landed at Fox Hollow's very own comic book-themed bar & grill. Hang out in the comfort of what locals have dubbed "the cave" for a specialty themed libation of your choice and grab a bite to eat from the small fares offered. Daily drink specials, themed events, and welcoming staff makes this neighborhood bar the place to be. Stop in for a drink, stay for the fun! The Batcave is located at 405 Wayne Street in the City of Port Dominion. • Port Dominion is a urban based roleplay community. #sl #secondlife #slcommunity #slroleplay #roleplayaccount #secondliferoleplay #slfamily #secondlifefamily #slpd #secondlife #secondlifeblogger #secondlifecommunity #secondlifedesign #secondlifeavi #secondlifeworld #secondlifestyle #secondlifefamily #secondlifeevents #secondliferoleplay #secondlifeteens #secondlifeavis #secondlifekid #eventsinsecondlife #secondlifebetterlife #cityofportdominion #portdominion #roleplay #community #sldestinations #slevents #secondlifedestinations
  18. Roleplay at New Frontiers, a SciFi community set in the year 2822 CC on the world of Onia! Whether you are a roleplayer or just a casual explorer, New Frontiers invites everyone to join their community, create a character, engage in combat, or just wander around and explore a foreign and exciting world. Via their Discord, community members keep in close contact and share ideas, lore, as well as resolve conflict the old-fashioned way, should armed combat fail to achieve the desired results: through diplomacy. The vast world of New Frontiers, with its myriad of different races and classes, is governed by clear rules and a comprehensive HUD system. According to New Frontiers management: "New Frontiers is a passion project. An attempt to deliver the science fiction roleplay experience we've always wanted to partake in. To give our players a place to tell their own stories. To signal boost and show off our amazing content creators. To provide the community of a giant bunch of nerds with material to argue the differences in faster than light technology until the early hours of the morning. New Frontiers is not the work of any one person. Nor any single team. It is the blood, sweat and tears of dozens, if not hundreds of players, staff, artists, and photographers who all have come together to tell stories in a random, eclectic world where on one day you can be raiding some ancient tomb, the next you are going for a walk in the park." Explore today and be fascinated by the level of work, detail, and community that has gone into creating this world! Video Production by Draxtor Despres New Frontiers New Frontiers is a sci-fi roleplaying region set on the final frontier, a hostile planet in distant and unfamiliar space. Start a new life in the White Belt! Discover the mysteries of precursor civilisation out in the frontier, fight in a sprawling shadow war or enjoy your free time in a seedy undercity bar. Learn more at newfrontiers.co Visit in Second Life
  19. Hello everyone, We are a big community with a trio of sims currently, with residential and commercial plots and homes for rent. We offer custom builds and homes of your choice that don't impact your prim count! We are Adult and moderate friendly, and all species are welcome! We have huge parks, arcades, roleplaying elements including trains and trucking, with some First Responders fun as well! Hit us up for more info or visit! RyanFoxy Clary (Farley Sim) Aiden Zhichao (Tidwulf Sim) theirishguy86.skytower (McAlplane Lake Sim) Farley Tidwulf McAlplane Lake
  20. Bitsy Boop Productions is looking for a female vocalist for a very unique opportunity here in Second Life. Please send all inquiries to this post and we will be in contact as soon as possible
  21. Valiant Wrestling is a Second Life based furry wrestling federation that brings high octane live action wrestling to the grid every Wednesday. Co-founded by CEOs Dylan Mattel and Charlie Covfefe, Valiant Wrestling offers plenty of fun and excitement at their weekly live events as well as a great community for longtime wrestling fans. Residents looking for a way to live out their wrestling fantasies in the safety of an online community, can find this form of wrestling roleplay both rewarding and interesting. CEO Charlie says, “I have a slight heart issue so I can not pursue a wrestling career IRL. But here in SL I can live out my dream!” With over 20 furry wrestlers currently active in the federation, the fights include ring announcers, referees, and sometimes even agents that play a part in the proceedings. It is a fully immersive roleplay experience! This whole endeavor is a team effort with photography, branding and public relations made possible by Ring of Fire Productions. Says Helios Eusebio, who creates all the custom posters and graphics: “We need new posters every week and new graphics whenever there's the possibility of a title change or new contender. And when you average 100+ photos of all the matches, that adds up to quite a bit!” The wrestling choreography is directed by a sophisticated HUD system, made by Team Wildfire with Kenia la Gatita Escarlata at the helm. And the colorful merch (nail extension for special furry paws, hats, shirts, banners and posters, ringside gestures, ice cream bars) is made by, among others, Lyra Phoenix, Revel McLochlan and Paradox H. Fade, and can be purchased on location. See a lot more of the action on their YouTube channel and Twitter and grab that teleport on Wednesday at 6pm SLT to be present at their next show! Video Production by Draxtor Despres Valiant Wrestling Valiant is a wrestling federation with a world-class roster of diverse male and female furry wrestlers giving you a new wrestling experience in Second Life! Attend their events every Wednesday at 6pm PT. Visit in Second Life
  22. Hello Future Vixens & Readers! This post is for people 18+ ONLY! The Velvet Vixen Lounge is opening it's doors to more Lovense, RP Dancers, Escorts, DJs and Hosts. We are a primarily furry NSFW venue, however we welcome our doors to all avatars! We believe diversity is important and that everyone likes something! Our mission is to keep a completely non-competitive, fun, safe, friendly and caring work environment for NSFW workers in Second Life. It's quite the mission but we don't lack the drive for it! We also work with all of our staff for hours as we know how busy RL can get and how issues come up! All genders and sexualities welcome. Promotions are available based on hard-work and dedication. Get paid up to 85%! Non-Exclusive. We get it, you go where the cash goes or wanna be somewhere else too. Nothing wrong with that! Work multiple clubs while you work with us. Professional Staff & Management. Get FREE adboards when you become Staff. No hour cap on how long you can work. We teach our Staff how to properly market themselves to make the most in SecondLife. Payout Percentages & Hour Requirements - Freelance - 70% - No hour requirement - Part-Time - 75% - 2 hours/week - Full-Time - 80% - 4 hours/week Owned by: Nia Foxpaws Executive Directors(General Managers): Alice(Peaceey), Silver Moonpaws(rukebluerose) Directors(Managers): MokaHoshiii, Kyrius(sebastianmichaels) Grem(aresthedon.dismantled) Scampyy, HopDevil. https://forms.gle/KMKBqpZjFiqnHAyHA <----- Lovense, RP Dancer & Escort Application https://forms.gle/Jj7dfftJ48x41TBX6 <------ DJ & Host Application https://forms.gle/K9tCQdGbmdFnRaW49 <---- Freelancer Application Our Management team typically responds within 24 hours of applying. Please be patient. ^^ In-World Lounge Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Onoras%20Paradise/32/195/23
  23. Euphoria Spa is currently looking for spa specialists who can give detailed role play. this is a PAID job. Must be willing to be trained and committed. Please apply by clicking on the link below or contact xqueenvictoria in world or on instagram https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfOcKs8K4g3dcU1sBqiOtKujzz_wdQLZKh6FQWmSfQ2h6b1iQ/viewform
  24. Euphoria Spa is currently looking to hire spa specialists who can roleplay in great detail and are willing to be trained. It is a PAID role. Only two people are needed for this role currently so make sure you do not miss out! Please click on the link below to apply or contact xqueenvictoria in world or on instagram if you are interested. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfOcKs8K4g3dcU1sBqiOtKujzz_wdQLZKh6FQWmSfQ2h6b1iQ/viewform
  25. The Blue Orchid District is a sim created for fun, dine, & shop - a truly unique atmosphere that combines our nature to shop and enjoy live music and poetry. The Blue Orchid District provides our patron an enjoyable roleplay dining experience that is perfect for a romantic diner while enjoying our beautiful landscape. Each month our owners host a Live Poetry Slam that includes some of the best spoken word artist in the community and is open for all of SL. In addition, residents can ride the trolley over 12 different roleplay communities or travel via our air balloon. In the spirit of diversity we at the Blue Orchid welcome everyone to be who they are while respecting individuality. If you're seeking a favorite spot in SL that focuses on a good time without judgement, a place to shop, relax or just chill, The Blue Orchid District is definitely the destination for you!
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