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NatureCon 2022 is Now Open and Lab Gab will be Live there this Friday!

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NatureCon 2022 is a two-week virtual conference seeking to unite and inspire collaboration between Bellisseria and Mainland organizations under the shared goal of promoting exploration across the grid. This celebration of nature and connection will run from August 18th to the 31st. 

There will be many activities and events happening these two weeks. Pick up a collectible event booklet in the Info Pavilion close to the landing spot which will include a map and highlights about the event. As you walk around the regions, look for an art hunt with collectible paintings and a ladybug hunt with themed camp items. Boats, horse rezzers from Teegle, and submarine rezzers are just some of the things available to ride around the event.

Activities start today with a live DJ event from 12pm PT, and then at 4pm PT an opening speech from the organizers of the event, Yukiko Yeshto and Soull Starlight.

Along with numerous contributors, our very own Moles have donated their time and talent to create Bellisseria landmarks at this event, including a lighthouse and Mermaid grotto! In tomorrow’s upcoming Lab Gab, we will hear the story of how the Moles got involved.

On Friday August 19th at 2pm PT, you can watch Lab Gab live at NatureCon with host Strawberry Linden interviewing many of the organizers and collaborators for this event, including Yukiko Yeshto, Soull Starlight, Ayame Kintsugi-Moon, Georgina Rowley, Zoe Foodiboo, Becca Ordinary, Bryce Sun, Cranston Yordstorm, and Zen Swords-Galway.

Lab Gab will be streamed to the Second Life YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, LinkedIn Page, and Twitter.

For full episodes of Lab Gab, click over to the Lab Gab YouTube Playlist.

See you at NatureCon!

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